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  • posted a message on dinosaurs and enrage synergy for commander
    Real shame they didn't turn Ashen Firebeast into a Dinosaur. If you can cheat it into play with Gishath it's a pretty awesome Enrage enabler.

    Caltrops and Powerstone Minefield could be good ways to keep token decks in check while triggering your own dino's. After that you're already looking at Subterranean Spirit or Fire Ants. I thought it would've been much easier to find abilities like that!

    Now to go look for good toughness-boosters/Indestructible-givers. I really want those Ranging Raptors to stick around, and who would want to kill such a cutie as Raptor Hatchling?
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  • posted a message on Has there ever been a Commander set with such a color imbalance?
    Has there ever been a Commander product this color-imbalanced? No. But check out the Planechase sets, those were pretty lopsided.
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  • posted a message on Mtg: Hot Or Not???
    4/10. The blank eyes kinda creep me out.

    Cloud Pirates
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    There's a lot of good EDH cards in here, but actually very little that is a must-have for me. The ones I'm thinking of buying are:

    Oh, and I'm getting Ramunab Excavator. I don't have a place for it now, but it will be useful somewhere along the line, and I'm not expecting it to be reprinted any time soon.
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  • posted a message on Mtg: Hot Or Not???
    8/10. Would love to hear how that outfit stays on!

    Steward of Valeron
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    I don't know if there are enough white 'walkers for him to work as a Commander. But any Superfriends deck could use him. First seek out Venser, then keep getting more!

    EDIT: "With Eyes Open" translated to "Geläuterte"? Interesting.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    The Scorpion God means I've finally got a place to put Kulrath Knight and Necroskitter! I love it when another one of my old 60 card deck can finally make the transition to Commander!
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  • posted a message on Deckbuilding with unique handicaps
    I'm almost done making a deck for every color combinatin. I did have to dip into a few handicaps to keep them all distinct and interesintg. My Alesha deck is all 3 mana or less, Karlov only uses cards that are Orzhov flavored or non-guild aligned Ravnican, Darigaaz only uses cards from the Weatherlight era (Weatherlight to Apocalypse), Sen Triplets is creatureless.

    I originally wanted to make a Palladia-Mors deck that only used white bordered cards, but then bizarrely a friend of mine made that exact deck with that exact commander! And when I thought I'd switch Darigaaz and Palladia's gimmicks (using Rith and Vaevictis as commanders) it turned out that another one of my friends had already followed that first friend's example with Vaevictis! So I've given up on that theme for now. But who knows. Maybe I'll end up building a 33rd deck with Arcades Sabboth and only white bordered cards. If nobody steals the idea from me this time Wink
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  • posted a message on Commander 2017 announcement -- Only 4 decks, based on popular tribes, not color wheel!
    I hope that we will get a few "modular" tribal legends. Things like Kaalia, who can lead 3 different tribes, or a legend who just has you choose a tribe to support when it enters the battlefield. Obviously the "face" legend of each deck will be specific to a single tribe, but modular secondary commanders will make buying these decks more appealing even if you don't really care about that tribe.

    Oh, and my dream commander would be something like this:

    Velis Vel Incarnate - white mana blue mana black mana red mana green mana
    Legendary Creature - Shapeshifter Avatar
    Creature cards you own that aren't on the battlefield, creature spells you control, and creatures you control have Changeling.

    Chuck all the coolest tribal cards into a super derpy deck that suddenly starts working when you cast your commander :p
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  • posted a message on Fall 2017 set named Ixalan & changes to pro tour schedule
    Sounds a lot like when "Warlords of Khanar" became "Khans of Tarkir".
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Harvest Season is extremely potent with Convoke mechanics and/or Cryptolith Rite, mana after mana.

    Or just some tokens. You don't even need to get combo-y to make it work Smile

    Despite it being really good, I'll probably only get one for my Tana/Ravos token deck. Baru, Fist of Krosa will be sad that he will not get to play one of the best big ramp spells in years, but since it's best played after combat it's a bit of a nonbo with him.
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  • posted a message on Just for Fun: What are your "auto-includes?"
    I recently went through all my decks to see what cards I needed/wanted to upgrade them. Turns out I have to buy like 6 Pathbreaker Ibexs :p
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  • posted a message on Could Moag be Elspeth's home plane?
    Also, Moag was invaded when Urza and Xantcha were planeswalking together during the Ice Age. Would there really be any regular humans left after 1000+ years of Phyrexian rule?

    I'd say it could be that Elspeth is from Moag, but it is highly unlikely.
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  • posted a message on A Vorthos Guide to Magic Story
    Thank you for the kind words Smile
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  • posted a message on The Current Timeline (Of Post-Mending Story Points)
    Oh, Sorin's appearance was certainly meant to tie into the release of Dark Ascension. But if they had actually intended for the comic to happen at that time they deserve a slap on the wrist for bad continuity. Malfegor's appearance guarantees that the story has to happen much earlier. Sorin's appearance is weird, because you'd think that he would immediately notice Avacyn is gone, yet he doesn't mention this at all. To make this work, I like to think Sorin was just keeping his calm, suave persona in front of Dack, while inside he's going "crapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapcrapWHERE'S MY ANGEL!?".

    Actually, Sorin realizing this early that Avacyn is gone might explain why he went back to Innistrad after Rise of the Eldrazi instead of immediately running to Tarkir to contact Ugin. I imagine that if he didn't know about Avacyn, and thought everything was a-okay on Innistrad, containing the Eldrazi would be priority number one for him. Instead he first heads back to Innistrad, then gets involved with Garruk and his curse, and only goes to Tarkir well over a year later. But if he knew about Avacyn disappearance, I could easily see him selfishly thinking "Avacyn being gone is a threat to Innistrad now, the Eldrazi are a thread to Innistrad in the long run", and thus deciding to essentially sacrifice Zendikar in order to buy some time to deal with Avacyn's disappearance. (Making the fact that Avacyn becomes Emrakul's tool in the sequel rather ironic)

    So I was supposed to writing a review of Mercadian Masques for my own blog this week, but this thread got me interested in the modern timeline, so instead I took a stab at placing a few more stories on it. Here's what I came up with. First I looked at the order of events:

    • Jace joins the Consortium (Earliest event outside of backstory/origin stories)
    • Chandra's Ultimate//Fuel for the Fire//The Purifying Fire (These stories all overlap, and Jace is with the Consortium, so it has to happen during the AoA flashbacks)
    • Agents of Artifice, the present day stuff (Liliana does not yet have the Chain Veil, so this has to happen before Hunter and the Veil)
    • The Raven's Eye part II -> The Hunter and the Veil -> The Veil's Curse part I (The Raven's Eye part II happens directly before Hunter/Veil, and Veil's Curse part I happens directly after it. Both this story and Alara Unbroken have to happen post-AoA, but there is no indication when they happen in relationship to one another. However, there is most likely a significant gap between Veils' Curse I and II (more on that below), so I like to keep these stories prior to Alara (Which is also when Hunter/Veil was released) and the rest of Veil's Curse after it (Which is when it has to happen due to Sarkhan's appearance))
    • Alara Unbroken//Flight of the White Cat//Honor Bound (White Cat part I happens a bit earlier than AU, though probably not much. Parts II and III are adaptations of events we see in AU, and Honor Bound happens at the same time as the book)
    • The Veil's Curse part II and III (Here we see Sarkhan of a lackey of Bolas, placing it after AU, and we see Jace learning about Zendikar, placing it before the stories of that block. Note that if you read Veil's Curse, part I ends with Garruk going to Ravnica to get info from Jace, and part II begins with him confronting Jace. It thus seems like the story continues without any gap. If you read it that way Part I, Hunter/Veil and Raven's Eye II all have to move after AU. This is possible, but I prefer to keep them before. After all, Ravnica is huge, and Jace is a secretive dude at this point (Not yet the Living Guildpact), so it most likely took Garruk quite some time to find Jace. AU would fit nicely in this gap, and it would allow us to keep both Hunter/Veil and the bulk of Veil's Curse in release order)
    • Journey to the Eye//Awakenings//Enter the Eldrazi & The Wild Son (The first three comics show the initial release of the Eldrazi, so they have to happen shortly before In the Teeth of Akoum. Wild Son doesn't have anything to do with anything, and fits anywhere between Veil's Curse and Innistrad, but it was released between Journey and Awakenings, so that's where I would put it. I prefer to keep things in order of release where possible, if you hadn't noticed yet :P)
    • Zendikar: in the Teeth of Akoum (Picks up a few weeks after Enter the Eldrazi, if memory serves)
    • The Raven's Eye part III (Part I is a flashback to Lili's origin, and part II to just before Hunter/Veil. Part III, like Wild Son, fits anywhere between Veil's Curse and Innistrad, but it was released between the Zendikar stories and the Mirrodin stories)
    • Test of Metal (This thing has been retconned out in so many different ways by now, but if you still consider it canon it happens directly before Quest for Karn)
    • Gathering Forces//Scarred//Dark Discoveries//The Quest for Karn (The three comics are a lead in to/adaptation of Quest for Karn, so all fit together. In the comics running up to the release of the Eldrazi we also see Nicol Bolas rebuilding Tezzeret. ToM/Dark Discoveries (whichever you consider canon) shows Tezz had some time between his rebuilding and his appearance in Quest, so the Mirrodin 2.0 story has to happen after the release of the Eldrazi)
    • Innistrad (The Savor the Flavor articles and the first Uncharted Realms story) (At this point the comics were no longer published. Since those had a lot of character overlap, it thus suddenly becomes harder to put the stories in order. Innistrad, Return to Ravnica and Duels 2014/Magic 2014 all have to happen post-Rise of the Eldrazi due to the appearances of Sorin, Jace, Gideon and Chandra, and the timeline of certain events places Innistrad a good long while after Mirrodin 2.0 (more on that below), but we don't really know when these events happen in relation to one another. I've kept them in order of release, but as the timeline is about to become really cramped, it could very well be that RtR and M14 happen at the same time as Innistrad, or even before it, in the Mirrodin 2.0-Innistrad gap.)
    • Return to Ravnica (Uncharted Realms stories and The Secretist I, II & III)
    • Duels 2014/Magic 2014 (Chandra's run-in with Ramaz was referenced in the Checking in on the Planeswalkers articles, so presumably that's canon. I have my doubt whether the specifics of the campaign, and certainly that of the expansion in which you fight Elspeth, are supposed to be canon)
    • Jace vs. Vraska (The Gorgon and the Guildpact story) (Jace is the Guildpact, so it has to happen post RtR. Other than that I'm going by release date again)
    • Duel 2015/Magic 2015 (The game and the Uncharted Realms stories) (Yes, I just skipped over Theros block. The reason for that is that Kiora appears in the UR story Home Water directly after her appearance in the story Drop for Drop, but that comes straight after her appearance in Godsend. In other words: Theros has to happen simultaneously to Battle for Zendikar! But Duels 2015 has to happen prior to Battle due to the appearance of Jace and Ob Nixilis, and Takir has to happen prior to it due to the appearance of Ugin. So Theros has to be moved forward from its release date.)
    • Tarkir block (UR stories. I guess only the ones from Dragons count, the rest is either in an alternate timestream or in the disant past)
    • Theros (UR stories and Godsend I & II) AND Battle for Zendikar (UR/Magic Storyline stories)
    • There must be some time between Theros/Zendikar 2.0 and Release for Ajani to walk the land. This gap makes the timeline even more cramped than it already is, but it must have happened. Luckily Theros is pretty small, with apparently only 4 cities, which saves Ajani some time.
    • Release, the flashback portions (The story itself places it 5/6 months before Kaladesh, but after Theros)
    • Shadows over Innistrad block (Magic Storyline articles) (Tamiyo goes to Innistrad during the Release flashback. The start of the Kaladesh story says the imprisonment of Emrakul was 3 months ago)
    • Kaladesh block (Magic Storyline articles)

    The IDW comics are harder to place. As I mentioned above, the first three have to happen prior to Alara Unbroken, though I have no clue how much earlier. The fourth one involves a visit to Theros, but doesn't really give a clue to when it happens in relation to the main Theros story. I expect that plot thread to be picked up upon when we return to Theros, so maybe we will get more information by then.

    This gives us a placement for a lot of stuff. We can only date a few of the events, but the nice thing is that since a lot of stuff happens so close together, you can actually get some pretty decent dates just by looking at when the surrounding stories happen.

    What we know for definite is that the imprisonment of Emrakul happens at Kaladesh -3 months, the Release flashbacks happen at Kaladesh -5/6 months, and Jace vs. Vraska at Kaladesh -1 year. From Ajani and Tamiyo talking about Tezzeret in Release we can put Quest for Karn at Kaladesh -2.5 years, and the conclusion of AoA at Kaladesh -3.5 years, which in turn puts Jace's enrollment into the Consortium at Kaladesh -6.5 years.

    Slightly trickier is the placement of Innistrad and Rise of the Eldrazi. "Stone and Blood" and "A Gaze Blank and Pitiless" put the destruction of the Hellvault "one year ago". But one year ago from what? We got Emrakul's imprisonment at K -3 months, but surely the Shadows over Innistrad story needs a little time for Jace to find all his clues. But the story can't start before Tamiyo has dropped those clues, and she leaves for Innistrad between 5 and 6 months before Kaladesh. So I would put the destruction between K -1 years, 3 months at the latest and K -1 year, 6 months at the earliest.

    Building on that, in "Stone and Blood" Nahiri goes to Zendikar and learns that the Eldrazi were released "Last year". But as you point out that is a very vague descriptor. If it has just been new years day it could mean anything from last week to a year ago. If it is about to be new years day it could be anything from a year ago to almost two years ago. So... anywhere between K -2 years, 3 months to K -3 years, 6 months. Luckily we can narrow it down a little: because of that one scene in Enter the Eldrazi where Tezzeret is being rebuild, we know the Eldrazi have to rise prior to Mirrodin 2.0. Also we know that AoA happens at K- 3.5 years, and that AU has to happen between AoA and the Rise. Since AU's time span could run into months (though I admit I haven't yet re-read the novel to check), I imagine the Rise happens somewhere between K -2.5 years and K -3 years.

    The funny thing is... we've got a very cramped timeline, yet between Quest for Karn (K -2.5) and Innistrad (K -1y 3m/5m) we have an entire year, maybe even longer, in which nothing happens! Before Quest we are cramming 2 blocks and all the Chain Veil stuff into a single year, and after Innistrad we've got 4 blocks and 2 Duels/Base Sets in a single year! To ease things a little bit I would suggest moving RtR and M14 into that gap, but there is no real evidence for it.

    That's all I have for now Smile
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