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  • posted a message on Random Cube Card of the Day Thread
    Char goes to the face 90% of the time in my experience, though sometimes you need to kill that Brimaz or Hero of Bladehold. But I think the main advantage Char has over Staggershock is if you topdeck char when the Opponent is at 3 or 4, they don't get another turn, where Staggershock does give them another turn to gain some life or win. Staggershock is nice for spells matter interactions, though.
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  • posted a message on Hybrid Mana and Split Cards
    Does Cemetery Puca do anything cool in cube? I like Mimic Vat and Cemetery Puca reminds me a lot of Mimic Vat except Mimic Vat gets ETBs and Cemetery Puca does not. Cemetery Puca works with Wurmcoil Engine and Thragtusk, and can work with Sneak Attack -- at least if you're sneaking in something like Griselbrand, Woodfall Primus less so. Is there something really nice I missed? Otherwise, I think the lack of ETB means it's not a consideration for cube. It looks like a cool card, though.
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  • posted a message on [M20][CUBE] Rotting Regisaur
    It gets chump blocked all day by anything that can make 1 token a turn -- and there are lots of those in cube -- but it is tempting. It's nice that this is a large threat that an opponent might not want to use a Control Magic on, too. Plays nice with Black's recursive dudes (it's even a zombie for Gravecrawler!), Reanimator subthemes, and low curves. I may test this over Drana.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20]-Cavalier of Flame
    I think you nailed it. It looks like a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none type card. Several archetypes would play it, but none of them are probably happy to be playing it. I could see it in medium to large cubes.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20] Scheming Symmetry
    I'm not cubing with imperial seal and would definitely include that before this, but if I were running grim tutor, I might test this in that place. This + Jace TMS is kind of neat, or just combining this with a cantrip might help a broken deck do something strong enough that the symetrical side doesn't matter. I can't see this slotting into any black deck as easily as Vampiric Tutor does, but there could be some cube decks that want this.
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  • posted a message on This or That discussion.
    Wave if you're trying to support aggro. Wreckage if you're trying to support control. Wave if you want a card that might see play in a variety of archetypes. I'd go with Wave unless you feel Wx Control needs a boost.
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  • posted a message on Print This Wizards (so I can put it in my cube)
    I've been thinking about hybrid options.

    Murderous Intent 1B/G mana
    Target creature gains deathtouch until end of turn.
    Draw a card.

    Bladebrand already exists, and isn't really a cube staple or anything, but being a hybrid might make this a consideration. Ideally, it'd cost B/G mana instead of 1B/G mana , but that may be a bit pushed with the cantrip stapled to it.

    Spark of the Forest 3R/G mana
    Creature - Elemental
    When ~ ETBs, add X mana in any combination of R and/or G where X is your devotion to red and green.

    With all the mechanics coming back in MH1, I was a little sad there was no devotion. Maybe in MH2 or when we return to Theroes.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][MH1] Includes and Testing Results
    This is going to be a pretty big update for me with 21 cards getting swapped. Cards from MH1 I'm including:

    Winds of Abandon
    Deep Forest Hermit
    Good-Fortune Unicorn
    Talisman of Conviction
    Talisman of Creativity
    Talisman of Curiosity
    Talisman of Hierarchy
    Talisman of Resilience
    Prismatic Vista

    Full changes:

    Winds of Abandon in for Journey to Nowhere: I think being able to be a 2cmc removal spell and 6cmc sweeper is going to be a good swap for Journey.

    Deep Forest Hermit in for Biogenic Ooze: Biogenic Ooze played well, and I was happy with it, but it is nowhere near Deranged Hermit, and this looks like it may be Green's best 5-drop.

    Soulherder in for The Grand Calcutron: Calcutron is an amazing maindeck card in one specific deck and an amazing sideboard card against one specific deck. In other situations, it's pretty bad. Soulherder looks very strong in my cube, especially with Clocknapper, so I'm willing to swap out the narrow card for this.

    10 Talismans in/10 signets out: Did a few Vintage cubes on MTGO recently and ran into some of the situations where signets' weaknesses shine. It was a good reminder to help solidify this swap for me.

    Prismatic Vista in for Thorn of Amethyst: Awesome land in, meh artifact out.

    Good-Fortune Unicorn in for Rishkar, Peema Renegade: Without Biogenic Ooze, there's a lot less argument for Rishkar. I've been happy with Persist combo with Rhythm of the Wild, so I'm willing to double-down here.

    Murderous Redcap in for Skinrender: more double-down on Persist.

    Curse of Chains in for Angel of Invention: Trying to balance my hybrid section, this seems like okay removal, and Angel of Invention isn't a huge loss.

    Scarscale Ritual in for Anticipate: I really don't like this swap, but need a UB hybrid, and Nightveil Specter doesn't really feel like a hybrid since I doubt it'd see much play in a Temur or Abzan deck. One-shot Skullclamp seems reasonable? I don't know.

    Firespout in for Bonfire of the Damned: This kind of feels like cheating on the hybrid section since I don't think it'll see maindeck in decks not in both red and green, but my green section doesn't want Tattermunge Maniac, so this is probably the best option I have at the moment.

    Day of Judgment in for Terminus: I like Miracles with Mystical Tutor, Scroll Rack, and Jace TMS, and I'm still including those enablers, but it's probably better to include the card that's always cmc4 over the card that is sometimes cmc1.

    Incubation Druid in for Rattleclaw Mystic: I've been impressed by Incubation Druid in the MTGO Vintage cube, so I'm trying the swap here. Incubation Druid is also neat with Good-Fortune Unicorn/Rhythm of the Wild.
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  • posted a message on Hybrid Mana and Split Cards
    I'm going to be adding one hybrid for each allied pair with the MH1 update. The only one I'm really not sure about is Dimir. I would add all 10, but Orzhov, Simic, Izzet, and Dimir are all lacking good hybrid options. This is what I'm thinking at the moment.

    WU Curse of Chains: I used to run Judge's Familiar but was totally unimpressed by it. This seems like fine removal, though.

    UB Scarscale Ritual: I really don't know about this one. The black half seems better than the blue side with black's recursive critters, but I could also see it making it in a non-black Ux deck.

    BR Murderous Redcap: Persist combo was lightly supported since adding Rhythm of the Wild during the RNA update. Now that I'm adding Good-Fortune Unicorn, having another persist dude seems good. I would like to get Rakdos Cackler back in instead, but this seems more important for archetype support than Cackler.

    RG Firespout: I used to run this when I had 3 cards per guild, but cut it when going down to 2. I remember it being decent, though. My cube's power level has jumped quite a bit since then, but I think this could still be a good add.

    WG Kitchen Finks: Already running this, but counting it as a hybrid instead of a guild slot opens room for Good-Fortune Unicorn.

    I'm also running Figure of Destiny in a guild slot.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][MH1] Vesperlark
    If this could get back a creature with power 2 or less, it'd be a slam dunk for me. I guess they didn't want to encourage some sort of Modern deck where you draw the game by looping 2 of these with no other targets. It's a tempting include at 1 power or less, but there is a lack of good targets in my cube besides the hermits and clones.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][MH1] Vesperlark


    A mini Reveillark. Doesn't get back as many things, and only gets one, but still can recur the Squirrel Hermits, Wall of Blossoms/Omens, and a few other goodies. The Recruiters can find this, and then this can bring back the recruiters when it dies. Reveillark can also bring it back for some nice value.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Lesser Masticore
    It's kind of like a bad Walking Ballista that supports Persist combo and can be a discard outlet in a pinch. I may test this over Hangerback Walker as I'm trying to support Persist, and a bad Walking Ballista isn't tye worst place to be.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE]On Thin Ice
    Quote from kingneb ยป

    Brief threadjack but can someone link a place where the differences between snow lands and regular lands are explained? I want to be informed before I potentially make the switch.


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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE]On Thin Ice
    I've been playing Chained to the Rocks in my Boros section for a while, and have been happy with it. This seems like a nice version for all white decks. Sometimes it leads to a really good Vindicate target for the opponent, but generally, it's a cheaper Journey to Nowhere.
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Goblin Oriflamme
    Yeah, the Rabblemaster clones definitely make this a consideration. It seems especially sweet with Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin.
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