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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Faeries (Aggro-Tempo)
    Yes, finally a new playable faerie! Will definitely be testing this card. Makes Spellstutter Sprite and Quickling better.
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Faeries (Aggro-Tempo)
    Quote from Borachon »

    What's people's thoughts on Moonring Island? Is occasionally checking the top of their deck (e.g. before a V-Clique) worth making one of the sixteen islands come in tapped in a mono-U deck like this? Is that more or less useful than, say, a Faerie Conclave, which doesn't count as an island?

    I think the effect is way too limited to warrant play in this deck. You're better off playing Mutavault/Faerie Conclave/Pendelhaven//Ghost Quarter/Tectonic Edge (in that order).
    Quote from brendaxmodern »
    Renier can I ask why you are running Faerie Imposter? I've always thought it was just a much worse quickling.

    It's a remnant from the original list by SaffronOlive: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/articles/budget-magic-98-18-tix-modern-mono-blue-faeries That said, until now I haven't regretted drawing or playing it. It comes in handy and is sometimes to be preferred over Quickling because of its mana cost (mana can be tight sometimes, you want to be able to do multiple things).
    Quote from Bluesy_92 »
    My current list:
    My toughest decision was putting in the Aether Vials and Ninja. I like Quickling being protection at any time, and the ability to be buffed by Scion, so didn't want to cut them completely, and went from 3 to 2 to fit in 1 Ninja. As far as Aether Vial, I dropped the land count to 21 from 22, and dropped a pestermite. While I like the ability, I feel a 2/1 for 3 isn't powerful, even in the sense of Faeries. I'm not sure I made the right cuts, as 2x Quickling seems low, along with 21 lands. I haven't been able to playtest the deck in this iteration yet, so I'd like some feedback from anyone more experienced with the deck Smile

    I've played with Aether Vial, but not necessarily in this deck. I don't like it in mono blue faeries, because on turn one I want to play Faerie Miscreant (so I can t2 Spellstutter) or keep mana open for Spell Pierce. And playing Aether Vial in later turns is just bad. But I'm interested in how they play out for you, maybe my hypothesis is wrong. What I do know is: either a deck has 4 Aether Vials or it has none. Concerning Ninja of the Deep Hours: my feeling is that it will mostly hit once and after that it's a dead card because it can easily be blocked. Card draw is nice to have, but it's secondary to the strategy of this deck (tempoing out your opponent). Drawing cards with Miscreant and Remand is gravy, but not vital. Tempo decks win by amassing virtual card advantage; quote from Wikipedia:

    Tempo is a non-intuitive way to gain card advantage, which aim to gain card advantage by using their cards faster than their opponent. If a player loses the game with cards in their hand, those cards are "lost", similar to losing them through other more conventional forms of card advantage like removal or discard. Therefore, if one spends their cards winning the game before the opponent can spend their own, they have gained virtual card advantage in the process. In Magic, this is typified by the "Burn" archetype, which uses cheap spells like Lightning Bolt to damage the other player directly, instead of affecting the board state. The burn player is effectively taking an 0-for-1 every time they do this, seemingly generating card disadvantage for themselves, but because they end the game before the other player's cards can affect the board state in a significant way, none of the card advantage their opponent may have had matters. Similarly, a spell like Remand does not generate card advantage one way or another; the tempo player and their opponent both spend a card and replace it. However, if the tempo player has a stronger board (perhaps because their creatures are small and aggressive), this enables them to retain the status quo for longer, shortening the game's length and indirectly gaining them card advantage.
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Faeries (Aggro-Tempo)
    Hey Renier, cheers for the write up!

    Last time you said you were going to try Spell Pierce over Spell Snare. How did the Pierces perform?

    I was quite pleased with them. Against combo and control, I wouldn't want to miss them. Against creature/aggro decks they have use in protecting your creatures from removal. I haven't encountered a situation yet in which I would rather have had Spell Snare. For now, I am sticking with Spell Pierce, and will continue to monitor their use.

    Against the UR Gifts Storm did you side in Relic of Progenitus? I am as yet to tussle with the deck but part of my plan is to side out creature control for counters and Relic in order to stop Past in Flames shenanigans. What do you think?

    Yes, I did side in the Relics. In the third game I had a Relic, but was tight on mana, so I couldn't counter a spell AND keep mana open for its second ability.

    Glad to see the deck going well. I reckon you should chuck in a Pendelhaven though, it's great Wink

    I'm planning to buy and try it soon. Smile
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Faeries (Aggro-Tempo)
    Played a small tournament a week ago, went 3-0-2, made top 8, but lost in the semi-finals. I played the following deck:

    The only difference with the list I played before was: 3 Spell Snare were cut for 2 Spell Pierce and 1 Void Snare (should have been 1 Unsubstantiate, but I didn't have the card at the time).


    1. 2-1 versus Grixis Breach. First game I lost because I didn't know the deck I was playing against. Held up mana for Spellstutter Sprite for X=3 or X=4, but my opponent played Through the Breach for Emrakul. Should've kept 3 mana open and cast Vendilion Clique. Won the other two games, because I have counterspells (incl. Dispel out of the sideboard).

    2. 2-1 versus Mardu Aristocrats. Held key parts of his deck at bay and managed to out-tempo him most of the time.

    3. 2-1 versus Green Stompy. Tough match, really had to fight to stay alive. Important to know 'who is the beatdown' (it wasn't me), so played the control game. Dismembers out of the sideboard worked well.

    4. 1-1 versus UWR Control (non-intentional ID). So much removal, so hard to stick a threat around. Loved the Spellstutter Sprites in this match-up (esp. against Ancestral Visions). Dispels from the sideboard, also Spreading Seas (against 4/4 manland), out went the Vapor Snags). Didn't have enough time for the third game, but was favored to win, opponent also said as much.

    5. Intentional ID.

    Top 8

    1. 2-1 versus GW Company. First game I lost because of mana dorks + creature overload + Gavony Township, went too fast. The other two games he had slower starts that I could exploit. The third game was tight nonetheless, had to think really hard with sequencing my spells, to avoid him assembling a combo of Vizier + Druid + Recruiter.

    2. 1-2 versus UR Gifts Storm. I had no counters in the first game, enough counters in the second game (+ pressure obviously), and too little counters and too little mana in the third game. You have to be able to counter two spells in a row against the deck in order to survive.

    Conclusion: still satisfied with the deck and its performance! Smile Something to share: I find that mulliganing with this deck can be quite rewarding, especially in the second or third game. If you're playing against a creature-heavy deck, you'll want removal in your opener, if you're up against combo, you'll want more counterspells: don't be affraid of mulliganing your hand, even if it has a good land/non-land ratio!
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Faeries (Aggro-Tempo)
    Cool to see more activity in this thread as of late!

    I haven't been playing much Modern lately, but when I did, I played this archetype. This weekend I entered a small tourney with it. The deck I played is relatively unchanged since my first post in this thread (http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern/deck-creation-modern/726603-mono-blue-faeries-aggro-tempo?comment=8). The deck I played:

    Match 1, Grixis Shadow, 0-2
    - The first game I should have played more conservatively (holding back more blockers than I did). The second game was tougher, my only 'removal' spell (Vapor Snap) was discarded by Thoughtseize. In hindsight I think my deck should stand a decent chance at beating the Grixis Shadow deck: lote of tricky instant speed stuff going on, he/she can't go too low in life total, enough small stuff to throw in front of a Shadow.
    [sideboarded in: 2 Dispel, 1 Echoing Truth, sideboarded out: 3 Remand]

    Match 2, Grixis Control, 2-0
    - Both games were extremly tough. I never got him below 10 life in both games and he had control almost all of the time, I didn't get to squeeze in a threat and protect it. The second game I was reliant on manlands for a while; when they got killed I got screwed on land at the same time.
    [sideboarded in: 2 Dispel, sideboarded out: 2 Vapor Snag]

    Match 3, Mardu Tokens, 2-0
    - Both games went pretty well, partly by him getting mana screwed in the first game and mana flooded in the second. Still he got some annoying stuff down, like a Young Pyromancer that produced 6 tokens (first game; problem solved by racing and producing bigger blockers via Mistbind Clique of buff by Scion) or a Spectral Procession + Intangible Virtue(second game; problem solved by double Vapor Snag).
    [sideboarded in: 1 Echoing Truth, 2 Dispel, sideboarded out: 3 Remand?]

    Match 4, Eldrazi Tron, 2-1
    - First game I managed to tempo him out before he found extra land beyong his fourth mana (screw). Second game was tough, he got to put early pressure on with Eldrazi Temple and multiple Matter Reshapers and Thought-Knot Seer, wasn't able to gain a favorable position. Third game I was able to counter his important stuff and he was left with a lot of lands (litle flooded) and Expedition Maps and little business spells (Vendilion Clique helped give me the info), Ratchet Bomb didn't help him enough.
    [sideboarded in: 3 Spreading Seas, 1 Ceremonious Rejection, 2 Dismember, sideboarded out: 3 Spell Snare, 2 Vapor Snag, 1 ???]


    As I wrote earlier, I haven't been playing a lot of Modern lately, so some decks/strategies/cards I played against were new/altered. For example: the addition of Fatal Push to the format. A good card, also against us.. Gets me thinking about adding 2-3Spell Pierce to the main deck, probably instead of X Mana Leak/Remand/Spell Snare.

    It's been interesting to read some of the stuff that has been posted here in this thread. A few things I want to indirectly respond to:

    (1) the addition of Smuggler's Copter. Seemed interesting at first. But I agree with an earlier post that made a strong argument against this card: not instant speed, not a faerie, dependent on another creature (risk of tempo loss), you don't want to spend your second turn on it, etc.

    (2) I like FlabcasterMage's techy use of Pendelhaven and Minamo; do you still use these two cards?

    (3) Like some other people, I have been pondering over Snapcaster Mage for a while. Great card, but possibly of limited use for the deck: not as much spells as in other decks and not that awesome spells either (like Lightning Bolt). I think it's wise to skip it.

    (4) Adding blue all-stars like Cryptic Command and Ancestral Visions. Sure, the deck could benefit of some extra card draw, in addition to the conditional ones in Remand and Faerie Miscreant, but I have doubts about Ancestral Visions: late game it's nearly dead and what if (a) you are on the play and you have it in your opening hand together with Faerie Miscreant? or (b) you are on the draw and have it in your hand together with Spell Snare? Cryptic is too slow for the deck, I'd rather play Mistbind Clique.

    (5) Ninja's. I've read mixed reports on the use of these. Firstly, I would only consider Ninja of the Deep Hours, but even that card I have my doubts about. It's negative tempo: would I play this AND Quickling in one deck? Also, it will probably only connect once, after which it's a dead card, for the opponent's board will by gumming up (we will be wanting to fly over it).

    (6) Can people elaborate on their experience with Unsubstantiate? I've seen some people mention it in their lists. It's flexibility draws me to it.


    [quote]This is exactly why I love the deck. Being able to discern who's the beatdown is imperative to playing this deck well, and it really is capable of playing both when required. I like the way you can change gears in a game depending on the game state and transition from control to aggro or vice versa. You can turn the corner really quickly and without your opponent having much chance to respond thanks to the deck playing basically at instant speed. I just wish Merfolk wasn't a thing :p

    Just wanted to say that I totally agree! Knowing when to switch gears is hard but can be rewarding. It's one of the more interesting features of playing this deck.

    Also, I read another thread on Spell Snare: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern/777328-spell-snare It does confirm my suspicion that the stuff we want to counter isn't necessarily at 2 mana anymore (but probably at 1). Will be testing with Spell Pierces instead.
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Faeries (Aggro-Tempo)
    @D90Dennis14: Thanks for responding to my post and sharing your ideas.

    I went to GP Lille and eventually played the following deck:

    Friday results

    1. Robots, 2-1 (won the first game with a mul to 5, lost second game due to flooding, won the third at 20 life (he had a bad hand)).
    2. Bant Eldrazi, 0-2 (didn't stand a chance).
    3. Jund, 2-0.
    4. Robots, 1-1 (tense games).


    Saturday results

    1. Big zoo, 2-1 (first game got smashed by Loxodon Smiter, second game was tight (I won at 1 life), won third game because of opponent's mana screw).
    2. UWR Nahiri, 2-0.
    3. UWR Nahiri, 1-1 (tight games, didn't get to play the third)
    4. UWR Control (Nahiri?), 2-0.
    5. Abzan Company, 0-2 (didn't stand a chance, he had good hands with mana dorks, I didn't have the tempo).
    6. GR Tron, 2-0 (first game I kept him off tron, second game went even better with Spreading Seas).
    7. GR Tron, 2-0 (first game he didn't manage to get to tron in time, second game he had tron and 30 life, but I managed to Mistbind Clique-lock him).
    8. Bant Eldrazi, 2-0 (first game I tricked him with Scion of Oona and beat down, second game Vapor Snag helped a lot and I drew 3 cards from Faerie Miscreants + Faerie Impostor).
    9. Robots, 2-1 (first game I died to a quick Steel Overseer, second game I got to cast Hurkyl's Recall (twice), destroying his Glimmervoid, third game he had a slow start and mana problems).


    Sunday results

    1. Abzan, 0-2 (had a lot of trouble versus Lingering Souls, second game I Remanded Lingering Souls and even had Echoing Truth, but his Tarmogoyf went all the way).
    2. Zoo, 1-2 (managed to beat him first game, second game was very tight (I died with him at 3 life), third game I never got into it).
    3. Jund, 1-2 (first game I died never seeing a third land with 3 Pestermite in hand, second game I had enough tricks, third game was tight and I unfortunately wasn't able to draw a creature for a few turns to take his 4 last life points, although manlands did a lot of work here).

    0-3 drop

    Some conclusions

    • Playing this deck was awesome! Lots of tricks, lots of tempo plays, it fits my playing style perfectly, wasn't tired of playing the deck at all.
    • Opponents don't expect some cards or even know our cards, which gives the deck an edge.
    • The deck seems favored against UWR Nahiri and Tron and seems to have game against a lot of other decks. I didn't get to play against combo decks like Ad Nauseam or Scapeshift, but my guess is that this deck is favored. Tough match-ups seem to be Bant Eldrazi and Abzan Company. Against the quick decks like Zoo and Robots it could go either way, is my estimation, but after sideboarding the Robots-matchup seems favorable. Also, I didn't get to play against Dredge.
    • Maindeck: I wouldn't know what to change after this weekend, I was quite pleased.
    • Sideboard: I would've liked Rachet Bombs and/or Dismembers to deal with the tougher match-ups.
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  • posted a message on Mono Blue Faeries (Aggro-Tempo)
    Some time ago I played a U/R tempo/fae deck quite similar to Jeff Hoogland's: http://www.themeadery.org/b/jeffhoogland/read/urx-fae-primer/ I loved playing the tempo game and casting Spellstutter Sprites! The article and video's by SaffronOlive (in the opening post) got me interested in this deck. A mono blue version of faeries looks to be viable (and fun to play of course).

    For now, I have the current deck ready for playtesting:


    I'm starting with 3 Mistbind Clique. It's possible I will tick that up to 4 copies if I find myself needing one every game. Will probably cut a Pestermite for it, if that's the case.

    I'm not necessarily interested in playing a budget deck, so I am also considering playing 2-3 Snapcaster Mage, although they are less powerful in a deck without Lightning Bolt. On the other hand, Snapcasters can be reused via Quickling-shenanigans..

    Another point I was contemplating: playing Cryptic Command. Obviously, it's a bit mana heavy for the deck and performs better in dedicated control decks, but how do others think about this card as a 1- or a 2-of in a tempo deck like this one?

    Furthermore: Ghost Quarter.. I replaced this card with a playset of Mutavault, for obvious reasons, but I've seen the card do some good stuff in the video's by SaffronOlive. Is it worth considering running a few copies? Or will 6-7 colorless land be too much? Or will a playset of Spreading Seas solve the issues in the post-sideboard games?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver

    I've tested a little with a similar controling/tempo version (with counter magic) and wasn't fond of Bedlam Reveler, even as a 2-of. Was playing with Grim Lavamancers as proxies for Bedlam Revelers and wished they were real Lavamancers every time.
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  • posted a message on Splendid complication... How do I get more of this?
    Complicated casual deck?

    I have a mono-multicolor deck. That means Gloryscale Viashino, Pillar of Paruns, Bloodbraid Elf, Sunforger and ALL of the muticolored charms: the old Planeshift ones (Rith's Charm etc.), the Shards of Alara ones (Bant Charm etc.) and the guild charms (Selesnya Charm etc.). Playing twenty Charms, and having three different effects on each of them means a lot of decision making and remembering what cards can do (when using Sunforger).
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  • posted a message on [Event Discussion -] GP Beijing and GP Phoenix
    Apparently, Wu Tong made top 16 with a mono green aggro aggro deck? I'd like to see that list, as well as the list of the Hidden Strings/Agent of Fates deck.
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  • posted a message on Share Your Hidden Gems [First post contains a master list of all Hidden Gem suggestions.]
    Quote from MRdown2urth
    It's BS that they errata'd GT to be an activated ability (and therefore taxable and counterable).

    Heh, didn't know that. Until now I assumed it acted like Exploration.
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  • posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.
    Last wednesday night I ultimated Ral Zarek (how often does that happen?) and got to take two extra turns. In that same turn I cast a Rite of Replication (that card does the craziest stuff) on my opponent's Timberwatch Elf. In my first extra turn I animated my Faerie Conclave, pumped it for 5x7=35 and smacked opponent #1 for lethal. In my second turn I did the same to the remaining opponent #2. Cool
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  • posted a message on [Deck] I broke standard
    I think Doorkeeper would be good here.
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  • posted a message on Non-Basic Land Hate Is Busted
    I don't run it and will not run mana denial cards. It conflicts with my playing style and my idea of a fun game of Magic.
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