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Ravnica: The Living Guildpact
  • posted a message on I ate yogurt!
    Blarg, curse you!
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  • posted a message on Best/Worst Protagonists
    Arg, I found the ChK book almost unbearable as I felt the plot was a little out of context regarding the actual cards. All in all, I enjoyed the earlier heroes, such as Urza and Gerrard better than Glissa or Toshi. Kamahl was pretty awsome I have to admit. Though I love the little goblin sidekicks, Squee and Slobad. And Bosh. Bosh is cool as well (I know they arn't main characters)
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  • posted a message on ... Last Page)
    I dunno, I'm not terribly bothered by it, but it would be nice to at least know how many pages are in a thread.
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  • posted a message on The Post to talk about Magic- I
    Champions crappy? Far from it. i loved chk! I hope betrayers can even compare with champions!
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  • posted a message on The Post to talk about Magic- I
    I just think that Mirrodin was too central minded around artifacts. Fifth Dawn, while still very narrow minded, was a lot more fun for me. Dunno why... just was.
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  • posted a message on I came, I saw, and nobody cared
    Yeah, I went to EssentialMagic forums and found my way here. Used to love MTGnews but never used the forums. Did some reading, and found out this is the place to be. Long live Salvation!

    PS-I dunno about the typing thing, just... when you think about typing it... just think it correctly I guess.
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  • posted a message on I came, I saw, and nobody cared
    Hey all, Forcystus here. This is probably my first web forum, so I'll try not to be a big idiot. Nice to meet you all.

    Okay, just so everyone gets it right, it's pronounced WISconsin like in SWISS cheese, not WESconsin like in WEST, as many people so wrongingly(is that even a word?) like to pronounce it (even people here say it wrong, and it annoys me to my very core!).
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