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  • posted a message on Puca's Recall
    Cool ideas guys, thanks!

    I was also looking at Otherworldly Journey as a potential replacement for Turn to Mist, as the creature comes back with a +1/+1 counter on it Smile

    Also I forgot to mention that I built the deck with playing standard in mind...but I guess that won't last very long, haha. Right now Im just playing it online but when I make a hardcopy version of it, I won't stick to standard or what have you as my friends and I don't pay attention to that stuff.

    Also I feel like Clone could really fit in well somehow...
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  • posted a message on Puca's Recall
    Hi, Im relatively new to magic and I was just looking for some constructive criticisms for this deck that Im working on. I've play tested it a bit online and I think the concept is sound, but it needs some tweaks and perhaps new cards. This is a budget deck (in its current format) you could say...but doesn't necessarily need to remain one.


    Sideboard I haven't really sorted out.

    Core Combo:

    Using Puca's Mischief swap control of your permanents with opponents. Using Turn to Mist, Unsummon or the abilities of Mistmeadow Witch and Flickerwisp return your creature or permanent to your control and possibly re-triggering an "enters play" ability of Cloudgoat Ranger, Wistful Selkie, or Farhaven Elf.

    Explanation of cards:

    Seaside Citadel - Its a blue, white, green deck.

    Rupture Spire - To play spells and abilities of captured opponent's permanents if they have black mana or red mana costs.

    Farhaven Elf - Mana excel.

    Wistful Selkie - Pickup.

    Cloudgoat Ranger - Offense/Defense. Fits well into core combo.

    Flickerwisp - Has an effect much like the instants but the added bonus of being a flying permanent and being able to exile any non-land permanent rather than only creatures.

    Mistmeadow Witch - Built in ability identical to Turn to Mist, and does not require tapping but twice as expensive. Useful late game.


    Puca's Mischief - The bread and butter.

    Oblivion Ring - Early game control. Dealing with creatures with higher converted mana costs than 5. Also has the added bonus of being 'swappable'.

    Turn to Mist - Returning your swapped creatures to play under your control with the bonus of re-triggering their 'comes into play' abilities. Also can be used simply on your own creatures to re-trigger these abilities. Also can be used as early game control.

    unsummon - Same as above but more emphasis on early game control and in the late game returning your swapped creatures to your hand. Can also be used to force opponents to re-spend mana on permanents with casting cost 5 or greater.

    Win Condition:

    Thats where this deck seems to fall short a little. Cloudgoat Ranger can become tremendously useful towards a win, producing many Kithkin Soldier Tokens and has the ability of becoming a 5/3 flying creature. The other win condition is simply taking control of the opponents permanents and using them against them.

    Some Issues I've Noticed with the Deck:

    - Early game control is tenuous at best.

    - Combo can kick in only on turn 5 (at the earliest) with the possibility of swapping only permanents with converted mana cost 3 or less.

    - Mana gradient (or whatever its called) isn't ideal. No 1 drops, which isn't such a big deal. There are 3 permanents with converted cost of 3. The only 4 converted mana cost is Puca's Mischief and you don't want to swap that unless you can somehow trigger Flickerwisp's ability.

    - Deck can struggle against decks wich do not rely heavily or at all on permanents/creatures.

    - Cloadgoat Ranger is a must to win it seems and obviously without Puca's Mischief out in play, the deck is uninspired.


    Thats it. Its a really fun, casual deck to play with when it gets going but Im looking for some constructive criticism to make it better. I've thought of a few potential solutions but wanted to hear some outside thoughts.

    Thanks very much, this seems like a really great Magic community.

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