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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on SCG Indy Standard Open -- 10/3-4
    Sweet now other colors can play siege rhinos.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Nardraug »
    Faerie Miscreant eh eh?? lol
    That said, it is a Rogue too

    Im so angry about that card on so many levels.

    Quote from Be_lakor »
    Sygg River cuttroat can draw cards and is in the colors. Military Intelligence should be easy to trigger with Bitterblossom in play.

    okay you are too deep.

    serum visions
    think twice
    thought scour
    are all way better i really beleive serum visions is good in this deck
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    In other news
    Complete Disregard looks like its 1 mana away from being THE REAL DEAL in the melira company matchup (for 3 it should be a strictly better murder at higher rarity...but the restriction isnt weird just weird on a 3-mana spell just makes it ike sb maybe), but are there any other situations besides protection from black and graveyard targets that we would want to test this for as is?

    Etched Champion
    Kitchen Finks & Persist
    Geralf's Messenger & Undying
    Voice of Resurgence & "dies" triggers

    Yeah i agree i feel if it was 2cmc it would 100% be in the discussion.
    If you have a niche meta full of Etched champions and Voices etc... then im sure you could play it.
    It's another one of those not quite good enough cards.

    Quote from CptCameo »
    Hey guys,

    Just copying my Legacy deck and trying to port it straight into modern pretty much lol

    It's just the cards i'm assuming will be decent for modern (new to the format)
    Just wondering if White would be a better colour choice for path to exile and other sideboarding options

    Legacy is not Modern play for a bit and you will see why.

    Quote from Berwald »
    I will try to finesse both Oona's Prowler & Morsel Theft for my creature heavy deck.
    Comments: On paper, both cards seem like a great idea to obtain aggressive tempo. It is not without drawback.

    Oona's Prowler is a card that gives you a 3/1 flier on turn two.
    Against a delve deck however, you may be giving them the edge by discarding their hand for a big turn.
    My thoughts are that there isn't a large pool of Delve decks. And having them discard is only to our advantage.
    I understand that it is their choice of discard.

    Morsel Theft can swing life totals around to help against the life lost from a Bitterblossom.
    The potential for life-gain and card draw for 2 mana is very good. Very conditional however.
    Also, it will hurt mana-wise if there is no rogue on the field.

    Any additional comments?

    In a void they both seem awful need to see the rest of the deck.
    I wouldn't cut anything for them.

    Outside of BB tokens effect 4 mana sorcery gain 3 life draw 1 card opp lose 3 life does not excited me much. We could play Cryptic or a sword in that slot and basicly do the same thing

    Quote from nabazuki »
    Is Dark Confidant playable in this deck?

    Play him find out???
    I didn't like him when i played him most other decks running him have cut him as well
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    it's hard to talk about certain things with so many other quotes in people comments so im just breaking it down.
    Quote from darktutor »

    Swords vs Scions:

    Scion and Swords are not that of nonbo. I used to play 4 Scions and a sword and never had troubles with it.
    These are the scenarios I had to face when playing that combination of cards:
    I had the sword before the Scion so I could attach it before giving Shroud
    I had the Scion before the sword so I attached the sword to the Scion
    I had two Scions in play, so I didn't even care about the sword (In the sense that I was not the one worried about dealing with board state)
    I never drew the sword (often)
    I never drew the Scions (rarely)
    I never drew the Scions nor the swords (almost never)

    i agree with this

    The scion + sword interaction isnt that big of a problem at worst she uses as it as protection from removal
    I like to use swords as one of bullet for the meta game something to give certain matchups a bit higher % i really wish i could fit all 3 in the SB for each of the different matchups but i think that's asking wayy to much

    Struggling playing against BG(r) or heavy BG(r) meta or you just want add a bit higher % of matchups SoFaF
    Struggling playing vs Abzan and other white black decks or heavy meta or you just want add a bit higher % of matchups SoLaS
    Struggling playing vs Merfolk or other zoo decks or heavy meta or you just want add a bit higher % of matchups SoFaI

    Most of the time they don't have answers for it and if you connect once it really swings the matchup and if they sb hate for a single bullet hey it's winning without even being played.

    I believe Lili is a great way of dealing with games, especially those ones where we fall behind. She's a great card against Burn, Aggro, Control, Bogles, Combo and Tron. Every time you draw a card and wish it was something else, lili takes care of it by symmetrically discarding a card from both players hand, while growing in loyalty with a game winning ultimate. She also forces to change the angle of attack (not just combat phase, but the changing the lines of play) of your oppponent. She is another 'must answer' card in the deck, and she works pretty well there.
    Jace Beleren works symmetrically as well with his +2, though drawin cards is something we don't want our opponents to do with our resources. Yes, in theory he will draw you 3 cards for each card your opponents draw, but more often than not it will be a 1UU 'each player draws a card' sorcery and then eat removal or get crushed by creatures. We don't play combo and we are not fast (in the sense of aggro) to close games, so I wouldn't play him. When Beleren was good in faeries Lili didn't exist, neither did Ashiok. So, a 3CMC planeswalker that drew cards was more than just good.

    Ob Nixilis Reignited seems like a maybe sideboard card. It requires a lot of effort to get there, but he should be able to win you the game on his own. His synergy with lili is strong too. 5CMC is steep though.

    EDIT: So much commenting made me forget about the cards I wanted to discuss:
    Soul Manipulation: I don't think this card is optimal or super flexible but it's neither a bad card. It's an Essence Soul with recursion attached, you might say. But I see it as a recursion card with the possibility of getting a 2-for-1 against other decks. I counter your creature and buyback my V Clique/M Clique/ Stutter/Snapcaster/Whatever you play. I don't know if I would play it MB or sideboard. But it looks good against BGx and Zoo/aggro, where we have to chump block a lot and our creatures get killed easily.

    Glen Elendra Archmage seems like a good card to fit even in MB nowadays. The 2-for-1ness of the format atn is undeniable, and is another card that can help us get there, while keeping up the Faeries count. I'd play 1/2 in the 75.

    We have a lot of work to do here if we want to rise again.

    I don't think any scenario outside of mana flooding would i want to discard a card from my hand for theirs especially when we run almost 0 card draw and almost no form of graveyard card advantage and once they are in our GY we almost no use for them unlike other decks. Our cards are most powerful is when they are in our hand. at least jace is CA engine he draws you a couple of cards or eats a spell or attack.

    Now for Ob Nixilis Reignited for 5 mana in this format you better be amazing or just be a straight hose to certain decks bribery hell at 6 mana they can just straight win the game primeval titan
    5 mana and takes 4 turns to ultimate isn't going to be modern playable
    5 mana draw a couple of cards or kill 2-3 creatures isn't what we want to be doing we want them dead or dead on board at 5 mana
    what deck would you even sideboard him in against?

    Soul Manipulation
    i don't even want essence scatter at 2cmc why i would i want it at 3cmc? i dont like 3cmc spells snice im mainly using that turn to protect BB or stopping their turn 2 play i think the deck is really strong at abusing 2cmc and 4cmc spells
    1cmc = discard dispel pierce disfgure dismember cards that are use when you are on the draw when you cannot stop their turn 2 play
    2cmc = BB counters and removal
    3cmc = your special cards like clique/sicon that can be played EoT to gain board advantage or just useing 2cmc card and playing just a tapped land to make sure have you have 4mana up next turn
    4cmc = 2cmc play + 2cmc spell or your backbreaking spell: Cryptic Command, Mistbind clique

    Glen Elendra Archmage
    full on amazing in the meta 1-2 in the 75 is probably mandatory

    edit people posted in between when i was typing this out

    Quote from Premaximum »
    Again, people are looking at Quickling wrong when they're analyzing it. Look at the card, and then remove "creature" from it's type line. Quit looking at it like a creature, and look at it like an Instant that reads: "Save target creature from Abrupt Decay."

    Abrupt Decay is the single biggest enemy to this deck, and Quickling and Mistbind are two of the only things we can play that will counter it. Mistbind is too slow, but has the added benefit of saving your Bitterblossom as well. Quickling has the added benefit of letting you re-use an ETB, and also interacts in very interesting ways with Mistbind Clique itself.

    Abrupt decay can only be used on BB BBtokens SSP and clique/sion

    of those; 3 of them are 1/1's 1 is a token...
    vendion already did her(?) job when she etb
    scion is already used as a counter vs Aburt deacy and forces them to use it on her if she's already on the field to get to any other creature/bb

    pretty much if they are casting it on anything but BB you should be pretty happy....

    quickling is just a bad scion

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Cody_X »
    If we're the best tempo deck in this format, then tempo isn't a deck in this format.
    I'll post my list here again, it hasn't changed much, but I still feel its the best direction to take.

    currently playing without any tarpits because I kept getting that at the worst possible time (when I needed an untapped land) not sure if they shall stay.

    I think this style of deck, with a good 1 drop, would be very powerful.
    As it is, the deck is somewhat slow, but you can often lock people out enough to still win.

    few odd choices that i would like to be explained.
    Faerie harbinger and quickling but no cryptics?
    Even snap caster would be better with all the spells you run.
    Pierce over leak and remand? how do you stop anything above a 3 mana creature ever?

    I firmly believe Ghost quarter is better than edge because it can actually hit bloom/tron etc before/as they go off while sometimes edge can be played around
    also upside sometimes it is a wasteland against certain decks
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from Nardraug »
    Yeah, those cards are terrible for modern lol, oh forgot that terrible 2 mana discard too. But those are the closest thing to playable from this set. Sad Wish they'd just give us something new to mess with... Too bad Silumgar's cmd ended up being so high costed, we could have used a good blue/black cmd...

    Yeah BFZ wasn't helpful at all. and im not holding my breath for Gatewatch to be any better.

    Shame Simgur cmd isnt good at all. and i doubt it would be played even at 4cmc.

    Quote from Mitorah »
    Quote from Nardraug »
    But if people use Familiar's Ruse, why not Quickling?

    The difference between those two cards is that the other is ETB trigger and the other is additional cost. The moment you use Familiar's Ruse, the creature is already in your hand. If Quickling would use the same mechanic, then it would see play. It's just that Quickling is potential 2-for-1 against you, which is something people don't want to play.

    I wouldn't play either in this format.

    Alot of people are trying to slow this deck down by playing more controlling cards like lili and ash. if i was to play a PW in this deck i would play jace b.
    I dont think that's the way to go anyways.
    i think we should be more of a tempo deck (i believe we are the best tempo deck in the format since the ddt/cruise bannings killed delver).
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from majiger »
    It becomes a scary counter as the game progresses because of how much we can abuse etbs

    i could see it as 1 of or a max of a 2 of. i wouldn't play the full set of 4
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    i agree with some points and disagree with others

    Tasigur is not optimal in faeries, as our sorcery/instant/fetch count is so low, almost all of our high impact cards are permanents. I wouldn't run more than 1 delve card. I rather run Snapcaster, since we will be binning discard, counterspells or removal and reusing them is awesome.

    I willing to 100% talk about this with others i honest don't know which one to play they are very close. i agree with 1 delve anymore is pushing it.

    Opponents creatures are 90% of the times better than yours, larger and harder to kill (except you drop in a scion).
    Our creatures are better tempowise, but not better in the value they hold on their own on the battlefield.
    BTW: You wouldn't be using T3 to pay for the pact, but T4.

    100% disagree there is no creature i fear outside of the creatures that are part of combos. gofty arguably the best creature in modern (rhino is 4 mana and should never resolve) dies to everything in the world and can be chumped blocked by tokens/SSP for days.

    mistbind clique is a 4/4 flyer that timewalks
    glen elendra is beyond dumb in this format

    He said turn two BB AND SP and i rather have spellsutter spirte, scion, vend, or any removal or other counter or really anything up.
    Protecting BB is more important than any stupid cmc<3 creature (that isnt a combo piece)

    I agree SoLaS is the best sword available and SoWaP is also really good, but at this stage I'd rather use Wurmcoil Engine, even in MB.

    war and peace is a weird card i can see where it's a massive beating i can also see where it's just just trash

    Wurmcoil is interesting card to think about i think having 6 mana and not having any ETB effects makes it's really hard to use in this format and getting to 6 mana is tough.

    Scion doesn't give Hexproof, it gives shroud, it's not the same thing.
    T1 discard, T2 Discard, T3 Scion -> This is not countering anything, as there isn't anything to target on your side of the board.
    Scion doesn't provide 2-for-1s, even less 3-for-1s. if they try to kill something, you cast scion, and then they kill scion it's a 2 for 2, as the first removal also resolves with a legal target.

    I find Scion of Oona a really interesting card, as it can counter Abrupt Decay and give awesome Alpha Strikes for the win. It's an average card that can either overperform or underperform in the same matchups, so it depends in your playstyle and deckbuilding processes if you want to include it or not.

    First of all why would you cast scion on a empty board it's just like spellshutter sprite very rarely do you just throw them out there and if you do you are in a great position anyways.

    With scion you are basically demanding them have both cards in there hand at the same time and the right colors to cast said spells and the fact run 5-6 discard spells makes this extremely unlikely Sure sometimes they will have the nuts but what else could you do?

    UB Painless faeries is good, but not good enough for the format. At least not now. Disregarding color splashes doesn't help to improve the deck, it just limits it.

    I 100% disagree splashing completely ruins the deck and makes it worse if you want to splash red you are basically playing a bad version of a much better deck.(grixis is like tier 1-2ish)
    You cannot run fetches/shocks with bitterblossom in this format. that's not me saying that's what PV said.


    Ok seems fine

    There's just no room in the deck for this, I believe we all have tried this in the past but no one came with a practical inclusion.

    you can easily run 4, 3, or 2 card draw spells in this deck no problem.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Zbraith i agree alot with what you are saying.
    i want to get into a discuss

    I have been playing tasigur as a two of, and i have been loving it. its never a card i am disapointed to see in my opening hand or even topdecking it it has definitely won me games just as a 4/5 monster for b or 1b. i have never even used its card drawing ability and thats just icing on the cake. all of that being said, i want to use snapcaster. i see the value inherent in its ability/body and there is a reason it is the most value blue creature in modern, the same reason it is 50+ dollars. plus it is basically a faerie just trapped in a human body. i dont believe i will be able to run both tasigur and snapcaster because they have conflicting actions, one delves/exiles gy and one flashbacks gy. Im wondering if anyone has has any success running both snap and tasi or if anyone has any opinion on which one is more effective in this deck. im asking this now because im considering buying into two snapcasters for this deck.

    For me i have 1 slot for delve it was between Tasigur and Murderous cut and i honestly have no idea which one is better.
    i agree with your points about snapcaster you can't run him with the other GY cards. there just isn't enough in there for both of them for me Snapcaster feels so weird using 3 to 4 mana to basically kill a creature and in this deck 4 mana is asking alot. and most of the time the other creatures are weaker than what we are playing or cant just straight up be ignored and chumped for days. And honestly i have no idea what to cut for him.

    SLAUGHTER PACT!!! have you guys been running this? ever since i put one into this deck everytime i draw it im so happy to see it. turn one discard turn two BB AND SP can just be so overwhelming for my opponents, that i am considering running more than one. it is just so good!!!

    see the above about my take on removal the opponent's creatures just aren't as good as ours. i rather use t3 to protect our BB since if they can't answer it we just win.

    SWORD OF F+F. i might not necessarily keep a hand with this card in it depending on obviously the other cards. but topdecking this and dumping it onto a token or VC or mistbind or even god forbid tasi can just be devastating for an opponent. i have noticed a lot of the lists on here not including it and i just think its too good to not include at least as a SB for grindy matchups or GBx ones. making them discard, proBG, untapping your lands is so ridiculously good, and youre going to say Kcommand and abrupt decay but in my experience and with six discard MB/counters it has just not been relevant. im considering running two.

    i was 100% on SoFaF train till kolghans command came out and lantern and robots became so damn popular it's just too much of a hostile environment for it right. I tested it and i rarely got to hit with it. However i really recommend Sword of Light and sword it's amazing vs a lot of even decks that don't run answers to artifacts the pro white and black is massive it's dodges nearly removal in this format but Bolt. also it's amazing answer to Lingering souls. I think SoFaF is really good it's not in my 75 and it's easily right on the edge of my SB/MB if the meta ever shifts it's coming back.

    Finally SCION OF OONA. i have not found this card to be effective whatsoever. if i have BB and one token on the board turn three i am generally not going to want to play this card. it feels to me as they say "winmore" i will be wanting removal or countering , and i find its +1+1/hexproof effect to honestly be lackluster in comparison to other possible plays. it seems really good when i look at it, but in my play testing it has just been a game loser for me, i even try it as specifically a counter target spell targeting my faerie but honestly i would rather play redirect if thats what im playing scion of oona for.

    I treat it as a spellstutter sprite 5/6 the 2 for 1 value is so massive. jund or any midrange deck really can't come back from t1 Discard t2 discard and t3 scion as a counter is so much ******* tempo. even if they kill it it still forces a 2 for 1 so sometimes it's even a 3 for 1 and in this format 2-1 are beatings and 3-1 are blow outs.


    You're Goddamn right.
    If you want to splash go play esper/grixis control
    Painless is required
    IF you think discard isn't tempo Mulligan and see what happens. You can literally win the game on t1 with discard and smart play.

    I do like most of your list and i really wanted to try out Spreading Seas so how has it been? that's another card that sitting off the sideboard ready to go in.

    Question For everyone Pick 1. Dispel, Negate, Spell Pierce.

    I highly recommend people run some form of card draw either thinktwice or visions.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from spellcheck »
    Played a win-a-Modern Masters box tournament this weekend. Six swiss rounds with top8. Lost in semifinals. In my way, lost 1-2 to Grixis Twin, won 2-1 against Affinity twice, 2-0 against Jeskai combo and 2-1 against 8-Rack before ID'ing into top8, where I beat Burn 2-1 and lost to Collected Naya 0-2.

    This was my list:

    nice im impressed you beat affinity twice with no dedicated artifact hate
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    I actually like 2 ven clique 1 scion 2 more in the sb, so a third scion wouldnt hurt against midrange (you want to become the beatdown here every time) but the list looks fine. Serum visions feels underpowered in my testing, but I hope they work for you (I play 2 snapcaster 2 equipment here)

    serum has been amazing it fixes mana flood and mana screw and helps set up plays 2-3 turns down the line
    as for vendilion shes been terrible i started with 3 and slowly been cutting them down
    scion i started with 4 and cut them down to 3 and still found 3Mb to be too much against some matchups i really want to play a 3rd in the board but i have no idea what to cut

    Monastery siege has been great in nearly every game it can be use when you are the beatdown and want draw or protect your creatures or just extra draw vs midrange /control is really good
    Non Pain lands have saved me so many times it's nuts

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    Quote from coolkid »
    Hi so I've loved the faeries deck ever since its time in standard so I wanted to build it in modern. Now my list is sort of budget in a sense meaning when possible I'd like to avoid super expensive cards but I'll still buy them eventually. I just wanted advice on what to get and how the list looks. Thank you!!

    So yeah nay help on refining the deck would help as well as coming up with a sideboard. So far the decks I've seen in my meta are 2 Collected Company Elves, 3 Sliver Decks, Mono-White Aggro, Mono White knights, BW Tokens, infect, White lifegain, RG tron, and a shadowborn Apostle Deck.

    So yeah any and all help appreciated, TY!

    mutavault, Cryptic, thoughtseize, and IoK, are pretty much core needed cards in order for the deck to work. get them asap
    The problem with modern and other older formats is the gulf in power level between similar cards are too big to be competitive with.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    IF you want to play grixis you prob are better off removing your fae core and just more commands and play std grixis control imo
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    What matchups are we splashing for? and why
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