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  • posted a message on Best New Combos?
    cant remember its name but the 1/1 artifact crit for 2 that suspends 4 when it dies and becomes a 4/4 when comes back...that guy seems good with obliterate??? and only a 2card combo to boot...could maybe fit into the rakdos deck with greater gargadon nether traitor war marshal and whatever as well...

    on top of everything else that 1/1 guy can just stall out a game too seem like a descent card in a control deck anyways
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  • posted a message on [TS] buncha new cards (confirmed post 53) Updated Sept 20. New Shatter
    well this is the first time ive seen a 1st time poster that i have 100% faith in as he's been a buddy of mine and i've personally played dc10 drafts with him...and i know he's not the type of guy to make crap up to try to pull something over on you, he may not remember the cards exactly, but if thats what he says that he saw then they are probbably pretty close to what the actual card does.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos deck
    i'm not exactly sure what it is you are trying to do Kijin but what it looks like is very unprofessional almost childlike ranting about how you don't like how this guy built his deck, if you want to give some advise on some card choices that would be cool, but instead you just make fun of the ones he has made. if you're having a bad day and need someone to rip on, take it somewhere else please. as a moderator i'd think that you would have to act in a more professional manner. Seeing a Moderator making fun of salvation members is not only unprofessional but it also makes the site look bad.
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  • posted a message on Rakdos Reanimator
    i like the idea of playing rakdos in ext better where you can run life // death as a 2 mana reanimation spell that doesnt remove rakdos at EOT you can discard it with careful study or putrid imp or hapless researcher and you can protect yourslef with cards like duress and cabal therapy if you can pull it off its pretty hard for any deck to beat a turn 2 rakdos, even if it doesnt have haste.
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  • posted a message on Experiment Kraj [What's good with it?]
    ok so this guy isnt a serious constructed card...no big deal in casual games he should be a blast and where this guy will really shine is in limited (draft/sealed) where a 4/6 for 6 is actually good and the ability to gain abilities can be very gamebreaking, even if its just to essentially have 2 viashino fangtails or pop a +1/+1 on tattered drake and now he regens too and even if he never gains any other abilities in an entire game t:battlegrowth is still a pretty amazign ability for limited...
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  • posted a message on Rakdos (the card) vs. Ebonblade Reaper
    well i personally thingk rakdos is far better than the reaper its quite possibly the best reanimator creature ever printed, turn 1 carefull study discard rakdos turn 2 death targeting rakdos...good game, need i say more? sure if u dont play it till you have 6 mana its not nearly as good, but even then if you back it up with some distress/castigate love as so it doesnt die in combat after you have sacrificed your stuff.
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  • posted a message on Has anyone done anything useful with the "Enchantment Subtheme?"
    the major problem i see with your deck is that its trying to break dousing shamen with the only enchant-auras in the deck are one's that dredge and thus recur themselves...so they seem kinda pointless. i've built an ext deck online that runs off of enchant auras the deck looks something like this:

    4 kitsune sage
    4 bramble elemental
    4 eternal witness
    4 auratouched mage
    2 verduran enchantress
    4 fists of ironwood
    4 elephant guide
    4 armadillo cloak
    3 flickerform
    1 mythic propotions
    1 moldervine cloak
    2 cage of hands
    4 krosen verge
    4 temple garden
    8 forest
    7 plains

    not the greatest deck in the world but a flipped kitsune sage works wonders with bramble elemental and flickerform with the bramble can be just plain dumb.

    as for useing the aura theme in type 2...why don't you try the warp world deck? galvanic arc and fists of ironwood are both very good in it as the both give you a larger permanent count than your opponent...and they are extra good if you play bramble elemental in the deck as opposed to the janky hunted crits that i keep seeing people put in there decklists for warpworld.
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  • posted a message on [GP] Wotc Preview - Skarrgan Firebird
    huh? what's this? a bloodthirst card that is actually good...well i guess not all hope is lost for the ability

    most of the bloodthirst crits seem like overcosted crap that if you can bloodthirst them they become their appropriate size (or very slightly bigger) for there cost...but this guy...wow haveing the self recursion ability makes the 3/3 size not too bad for 6 mana but as a 6/6 its just a giant wrecking ball...one of the coolest cards of the whole set for sure...this guy will be sure to win its fair (or not so fair) number of limited games...and is very likely to find a home in constructed decks as well...
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  • posted a message on Who is going to what pre-release? Version 1.4 - Guildpact
    San Diego
    i'll be wearing a Skinny Puppy t-shirt with a picture of a crucified dog on the front...shouldn't be too hard to spot.
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  • posted a message on [RAV]Best Power Uncommon
    as good as that zephr spirit is...i'm wondering where my Selensnia Guildmage is...i'd take it over all the other choices...heck with the exception of raredrafting a duelland or something i'd take it over every rare and common in the set...
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  • posted a message on Mortify still playable?
    well i personally think that mortify not having regen will actually make a differance so little of the time (like 1%) that it just doesnt matter...i think the downfall of it is that it kills enchantments and not artifacts...i guess enchantments are starting to be better and with the cycle of leylines comeing out...i guess mortify will probably be better that putrify at least in T2
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  • posted a message on [GP] art of the guildleaders (angel, cyclops, dragon) UPDATES post 71, 116
    "It's a good time to grab a mirror, because that's the same face you're going to see whenever you get this guy into play."
    i dunno but it also could mean something along the lines of it may 'clone' itself when it comes into play....would be very fitting and flavourful of a UR card.
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  • posted a message on [RAV] post your Prerelease reports (Dont Post card scans)
    i went to the Sand Diego PR

    i ended up with a nice GWR deck seemed almost everyone was playing GWR or BGU

    only 2 descent rares i got were a Birds and a Char there isn't anything better than haveing a nice brand new black boardered birds, with a bunch of nice shuffle spots =)

    i won my 1st 3 rounds 2-0, in the forth round i got paired up against my brother but to avoid getting screwed out of some packs via tiebreakers if the other 2 3-0s desided to split we descided was better if 1 of us just conceeded so i took 1 for the team and end up with a 3-1 record and ended up with 23 packs between us

    i ended up doing a draft later drafted up a good RW deck destroyed my 1st opponent in round 2 i'm about to win the game and my opponent draws a card and lo and behold its a trophy hunter and he is able to pull the game off without the threat of my fliers and i couldnt happen to find my last galvanic arc so he take it, game 2 i'm almost winning and he topdecks a 1/1 flying sprite the only other way in his deck the block/deal with fliers and the 1 turn the he blocked was enough for his 5/4 wurm to fling enough crits at me for the win...it was the 1st time ive ever lost a draft at the PR...moral of the story, if you are playing fliers hope to never have a trophy hunter hit the board across from you.

    but on the good side i opened up my packs and got a nice shiney RW duelland...it looks so nice...
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  • posted a message on Who is going to what Pre-Release? Version1.3 - RAV
    united states
    san diego, ca
    wearing kmfdm shirt...
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  • posted a message on [RAV] Mindleech Mass
    so this is the big fat choice reanimator card for this set...its kinda just seems like a well stocked up beefy version of the dimir cutpurse...its definatly way up there on cool factor but anything short of reanimating it quik in the game and its just another expencive fatty Timmy card
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