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  • posted a message on Center of the Mage Rings
    No... this is too strong. It's (truly!) strictly better than Ancient Ziggurat which seems more fair, but strong. It was probably pushed a bit. Maybe there is a reason it's a $12 uncommon?

    Yours needs to be Legendary or have some other drawback, like entering tapped.
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  • posted a message on Monowhite / White-Black Deck - Which Standard boosters to buy?
    Oddly enough, for Dominaria, Wizards has a new product you might not be aware of:
    Color theme booster packs!
    (near the end of the article)
    So you can buy white and black ones!
    So... the Pros seem to be that they are all one color plus lands and artifacts, they may have a theme (white rare that cares about auras plus some auras, for one example).
    The cons seem to be irregular amount of uncommons...
    Neutral might be they are only at some Wal-Marts (maybe online?) so if you'd rather support your local game store you can't with this product, but if Wal-Mart is your game store, more power to you.

    For another look, the Professor offers his opinion:
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  • posted a message on 8 New Promos for Magic Online
    Ah Wayne Reynolds... you awesome. A Pirate
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  • posted a message on Happy 25th Birthday Magic: The Gathering!

    Is there a celebration thread?

    I've been a kitchen table casual since Ice Age. Have about 50 decks of jank. Left the game for a few years in early college, but found a group near the end of school. Still play monthly or twice monthly with a smaller group. Never played competitive and usually don't do releases or drafts. My most expensive card is probably my foil Damnation or foil Stifle. My favorite card is probably Oblivion Ring or Shared Fate for completely different reasons! Or maybe even Last Stand... I like to build around themes, blocks, and cards and have some weird decks. My secret to casual is try to have a wide variety of decks with different power levels to help foster an even playing field. I have everything from really terrible Donate decks, to lots of mid-tier stuff, to hardcore UR counterburn, reanimator, and ramp (usually nothing breaking the bank though). You can see a really old list in my signature, sorry, haven't fixed the smiley formatting or updated it in a few years, but maybe I should.

    I've been in the Magic community for a while, back when MTGNews was a thing. I don't post a ton, but I'm usually in the Casual forum or Card Creation forum, and sometimes check in on "competitor" Reddit.

    I'm not celebrating today, but will probably be playing next weekend. I did order a bunch of cards last week through Star City Games. I hope MTG has a bright future.

    I've got a lot of good memories with Magic and the people playing it. Do you want to share any?
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  • posted a message on Weird Spirit Cycle
    These need some discussion...

    Ancestral is strong but probably fine. It is immensely strong if you can pair deathtouch and first strike but at 1/1 it should be mostly reasonable.

    Arcane is unprintable as is because I think it does weird things with global +X/+X effects... besides, what do you mean anyway? Highest power or toughness? Both? But we might be able to use "base" technology (Diminish, for example)...

    This creature has base power equal to the highest base power among Spirits and base toughness equal to the highest base toughness among Spirits.

    This is too good for one mana. Look at Eldrazi Mimic, I guess. That only lasted for a turn.

    Veil is completely broken and format warping at 1 mana. I have no idea what this should cost, maybe like 4 to 6...

    Ire is interesting but I'm not sure. Likely fine but could lead to some degenerate combos.

    Soul... No.

    But, change it to squirrels and maybe you can work it into the next Un-set (Unplugged) in 2024.
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  • posted a message on First Post! Hello All! - "Bloodstained Hurricane"
    While I'm sure there are "easier" versions that exist (agreed the ones you cite are more elegant), I'm not sure it's a math nightmare as you say it is.

    It's all players responsibility to take note of currently "marked" damage on creatures in play. If it was not, then how could any one kill a creature from multiple sources of damage (and -X/-Y effects) in a turn? First / Double Strike? Combat damage, and damage post combat? How would Inflame work? Ogre Enforcer? Etc.

    This would simply double the damage marked on it and add more if the discard effect was used.
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  • posted a message on Browsing the Archives
    Might be best suited for a repost / link in the Custom Card Ruling forum, but the idea seems fascinating.

    How or does it work with cards revealed from your library? Future Sight and similar.
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  • posted a message on Some top-down designs
    These are awesome and seem well balanced. Nice job.

    Staycation is a bit non-ituitive since we've only seen explore tied to a creature, when a creature comes into play or something similar. So... did you mean "target creature explores" or did you mean you explore which would probably change the rules:

    (Reveal the top card of your library. Put that card into your hand if it's a land. Otherwise, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature, then put the card back or put it into your graveyard.)

    The bolded part wouldn't make sense. But omitting it would still work with a rule change, then you would print this reminder text on this card.

    Also, this should trigger once per combat (barring being hit by first strikers) not once per creature, yes?
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  • posted a message on silly theory
    (snicker... heh... makes troll face)

    Uhhh... this? -> https://www.mtgsalvation.com/articles/49713-the-true-history-of-dominaria

    I need to know before I make another comment...
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  • posted a message on Color shifts into blue
    I have some (hopefully) helpful thoughts I think no one has yet touched on, but I don't think I can get to them today.

    I'll be back soon, or you can message me if I forget!
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  • posted a message on Update Magic Set Editor 2.0 to M15

    Have you checked this out? Yeah, I know - another forum I guess you would have to join, and it looks like there is not a lot of activity, but there are some blokes mucking about there.

    Failing that, there is a Contact link to the left.
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  • posted a message on Ten curse related cards
    Something is wonky with Final now. Are you saying if they can't reattach to someone not you, then they lose the game? So if they are the last opponent, they lose? Or if you are playing 1 vs 1 they just lose? No way, no sir or madam.

    The self reanimate clause needs an cost. It's too easy to dump or self mill into the grave really early, and then 4 life is automatic every turn (depending on how you are fixing the above problem).

    Also advice: Try to keep the old versions of your ideas in your posts at the bottom or spoiler tagged. It's always weird to read feedback that doesn't make sense then come upon "changed everything" notes.

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  • posted a message on Very Cryptic Command
    I hate it.

    I appreciate every Unglued, Unhinged, and Unstabled card so far, but I just don't get this one.

    But that's okay... Unstable has been amazing so far!
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  • posted a message on Amateur Auteur
    I don't hate this.

    I hate the Very Cryptic Command.
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  • posted a message on 12 cards
    Quote from FreezingPoint »
    Accelerated Growth 3G
    Double the number of counters on target permanent.

    Inspired by Doubling Season

    Accelerated Growth and Growing have a problem according to Wizards, and that problem is planeswalker counter doubling. There is a reason very few cards since Doubling Season haven't had the clause where it lists all permanent types except planeswalker.

    Is it balanced at 4 mana and an one shot? Yeah, probably. But Wizards wouldn't do it. They seem okay with incremental counters (Proliferate) but the doubling seem to be non-set releases for now... Deepglow Skate for example.

    I would say it can be non-planeswalker and be 1 cheaper like everyone else, or it can stay but be more green or 1 more to cast.

    False Guide I like better as Loyal Sentry.

    The rest seem cool!
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