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  • posted a message on Commander colors cards
    The answers were correct that you cannot run off-color hybrid in a commander deck. I wanted to address the following to avoid any confusion.
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    But...there’s rumors of new rules hybrid being allowed in mono color decks is one of them
    Since when? There's always been people advocating to run multicolored cards in monocolored decks (at which point, it's no longer moncolored, is it?), but where are these rumors? Are they connected in any way to the Rules Committee?

    Less than a year ago, Sheldon said: "It doesn’t matter what the original intention of hybrid mana was, Kulrath Knight is both black and red, full stop (as well as being criminally underplayed, btw). If I cast it using only black mana, it’s still a black and red spell. It’s a valid target for Blue Elemental Blast. I can’t say “BEB doesn’t work because I paid black for it” or “You can’t prevent the damage with Circle of Protection: Red because I only want it to be black.” I get why people want to play hybrid cards in off-color decks, but I’m confounded by any argument that suggest it’s logical. The RC respects the dissenting opinion here, but we are strongly committed to not changing the nature of hybrid cards in the format."

    The official site says: "The RC feels that relaxing the definition of colour identity to allow hybrid to ignore a symbol on the card would make the rule more complex, and decrease deck diversity, for very little gain. We do not expect this definition of colour identity to ever change."

    Please don't spread unsubstantiated rumors. If they ever change the rule, fine. Until then...
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    You could totally make an artifact archetype, but I don't know that you could tie it to Numot. How do you direct drafters to the conclusion that all the good colorless artifacts are meant for one particular deck rather than the other nine?

    About half the dragons suggest a specific archetype, and the other half do not. Perhaps trying to force archetypes for each deck is the wrong approach. Maybe instead, take the more obvious ones (discard, reanimation, tokens, +1/+1 counters, bounce) and also do your tribal idea. You can use the dragons as inspiration for which colors to push certain archetypes into, or for individual card choices, but then as people draft, it will feel more organic and less forced. Otherwise, I feel like you won't be able to balance things. (And I speak from experience here, as I've been struggling for months to address the same issues in my tiny Leaders cube)
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from VariSami »
    Whiptongue Frog
    I'm still waiting to see if these are fake or if it's just a translation issue that made them use an already existing cardname.
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  • posted a message on [C20] Apparently new cards and Merge mechanic; source link in thread

    1. Anafenza would be the fourth legendary creature here (according to the decklist). Reprint commanders have been done before (it not particularly recently)

    Why starting again now after 2015?
    Don't have to go back to 2015 - they reprinted Marchesa, the Black Rose in C17 alongside Inalla, Archmage Ritualist, Kess, Dissident Mage, and Mairsil, the Pretender.
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    If you want a tribal component, I would probably group them by color rather than Commander unless the tribe is wide enough to support a particular archetype. I mean, sure, you could say Elves for Teneb, but is there a reason Treva, Rith, Intet, Darigaaz, or Vorosh wouldn't want Elves? I can see reasons why all of them would like Elves, not least of which is the ability to ramp into the commander. Elves have lifegain, tokens, big mana, +1/+1 counters, etc. And while they are primarily in green, they've also been prominent in black and white.

    You may want to look at Lorwyn/Shadowmoor for inspiration. They had a tribal emphasis on race (elf, goblin, etc) and another on class (wizard, soldier, etc) while also working on the color pie.

    So maybe do Elves primarily in green and secondarily in black so decks like Teneb are more likely to want them. I don't think you want to focus on ten different tribes, but five could be easy enough. If each was in two colors, it would steer certain dragons toward certain tribes while still giving drafters a choice.
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    Using Dromar to reset Adventure and Forecast is a really novel approach; I never would have thought of that.

    The budget concern I totally get, and it certainly helps with card recommendations (might want to include it in the original post in case anyone else enters this conversation). On EDHREC, you can filter a commander for cheap cards (just a couple lines below the commander are options for Cheap or Expensive). For example, if you click that link, it shows Teneb filtered for cheap, and nearly every card is $1 or less, maybe four or five are about $1.50.

    No, two main archetypes per color shouldn't be too many. In my 400 card peasant cube, I support 2-3 main archetypes per color.

    As for the regalia, I've never played with them yet, so I may be totally off.
    - Crowns - I really like these (in theory) and plan to implement them in my tiny leaders cube. Not only does it smooth out which cards you can/can't include in your deck by extending your color identity by one more color, but it also makes the cube environment a more unique play environment - where else could I run Alesha and reanimate green creatures?
    - Scepters - Not personally a fan. It adds extra work and time sorting cards, adding more cards to the deck. I'd rather smooth the draft through card choice and other options so that you go immediately from drafting to deckbuilding.
    - Cloaks - Dislike these.
    - Tattoos - These complicate an already complicated board state and feel like custom Conspiracies. I personally don't like them, but I've seen people run custom cards in cubes, and this is similar.

    In the end, though, it's all up to your tastes. You can always try them out and then decide if they helped or hurt.

    I also noticed that your cube cobra link is up to 401 cards. I'll have to take a look later and try drafting it.
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    Yeah, some of them are easier or more obvious than others. You'll have to find a way to balance them together. Try to find cards that slot into two or more archetypes; these will help support the various archetypes while being desirable to multiple drafters.

    - Teneb, Vorosh, and Crosis all sound good.
    - Intet is good if uninspiring as an actual build-around archetype (I mean, Goodstuff by definition is just good stuff, but that means it runs stuff from all sorts of archetypes).
    - Oros sounds good with aristocrats and death triggers. It's a well-established and well-supported archetype.
    - Rith tokens works - maybe put an emphasis on go-wide pump effects like Beastmaster's Ascension and Tendershoot Dryad.
    - Treva enchantments could work; Bant does well at that. If you meant the actual card Channel rather than some similar effect (like Bear Umbra), be aware that it is banned in Commander. This does not mean you can't run it in a cube - it's your personal limited set and you can run whatever you want. In my Tiny Leaders cube, I plan to run Najeela, the Blade-Blossom, even though she is banned in the format, in the theory that she won't be overpowered in a limited environment without her main support cards.
    - Darigaaz really is a tough one. Maybe just damage and life loss triggers.

    - Dromar and Numot make me worry. You're running a commander cube around dragons that all cost 6 the first time you cast them. Zo-Zu the Punisher is fine - it's just damage, but if you mean land hate like land removal, just explore the consequences. Taxes and Stax effects could break the limited environment or make it very unfun for some players; if your group enjoys that line of play, ignore this. Commander Cube already takes a long time, between drafting, building decks, and then finally playing. Taxes and land hate slow things down even more. Also, these are cards that you simply take in draft either to slow your opponent or to keep them from being played on you.

    The real trick with archetypes now is to figure out how to actually support them and how many to support (too many, and it's like you don't even have archetypes, too few, and there aren't that many interesting combinations). You've mapped out possible connections to the commanders, now map them out to the colors. You might want to pick one or two main archetypes per color and then find ways to spread them into the commanders' other colors.

    For example, Black could support Reanimator, Discard, and Aristocrats/Death Triggers. All three of these revolve around the graveyard, Discard can give you Reanimation fodder, and Aristocrats plays well with Oros's wipe ability and possibly with Darigaaz for more lifeloss/damage. But Teneb is also in white and green, so you could put a few graveyard/reanimator cards in those colors (Sun Titan, Eternal Witness). And Crosis is also in red and blue, so you could add wheel effects. And Oros is also white and red, so maybe find a way to bleed aristocrats/death triggers into those colors.

    Finally, you may want to look up each dragon commander at EDHREC for card ideas that work well with them. If you find cards in common across multiple commanders, they could be good considerations.
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  • posted a message on Banned and resitcted announcement -March 9th
    Quote from Melkor »
    damn these people. none of the bans actually matter to me, but they just keep banning and banning. remember when they used to UNBAN stuff? the most common thing used to be to ease the sting by giving something back, now they just take.
    And this is why I'm glad Wizards doesn't control Commander.
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    If you need card images, Scryfall has them all. If you need to print proxies, I believe discussion of that is against mtgsalvation rules.

    Cube archetypes are a bit hard in a commander cube. Do you build them around the commanders' abilities? Do you build them regardless of commander? How many archetypes can you reasonably support? In my tiny leaders cube, I leaned towards multiple commanders that support specific archetypes (artifacts or counters) but with slightly different approaches. Your cube is forcing specific cycles of dragons, so you can't choose commanders to match archetypes; you either need to match archetypes to the dragons or build archetypes while ignoring the dragons.

    We can at least look at the dragons and see if they suggest certain archetypes:

    Stronger possibilities:
    Crosis - Discard
    Dromar - Bounce
    Teneb - Reanimator
    Vorosh - +1/+1 Counters, Voltron

    Weaker possibilities:
    Darigaaz - Burn?
    Intet - Goodstuff
    Numot - Stax
    Oros - Control?
    Rith - Tokens
    Treva - Lifegain?

    All of the dragons contain the words "Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player," so you should work toward making that possible. Rogue's Passage, Whispersilk Cloak, Suspicious Bookcase, Infiltration Lens, etc. This also leans toward supporting Voltron, something at which Vorosh excels. You could include Bastion Protector, Bloodsworn Steward, and even Thunderfoot Baloth.

    One intersting thing to note is that Dromar bounces all creatures of a chosen color, including your own. You can support ETB effects/blink or use it to clear part of your opponents' boards.

    Are there any archetypes you want to run?
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    80 sounds fine. I've seen people do 50, 60, 100 - it's more a matter of how much variety you want and how long you want the draft to take.

    Even with separate mana packs, I'd recommend doing more identity-free fixers than fixed-identity (remember the 30%/60%/100% usefulness ratios).

    Do you have any specific concerns or questions? Anything that isn't working out for you?
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    Ok. Two dragons in each first pack means each player will get to see at least three, possibly more, which is good. Four player free-for-all is pretty ideal for a Commander game, and the draft should ensure decks are of a fairly similar power level.

    How many cards will the final decks be? 50? 60? 100? If each player drafts 90 cards, you hope 50-75 match their color identity, but they may want to cut some rather than run every on-color card. Add lands, and you should have a target deck size.

    When it comes to color identity of mana rocks or even other cards, there are a few things to keep in mind. At the end of the draft, each player will have a three color Commander; maybe they lock into one early or maybe they wait to see what comes along before finalizing which Dragon to run. So let's consider what percentage of decks the following groups of cards can go in (and sorry they're not tagged, I'm on my phone):

    Two-Color: Azorius Signet, Coiling Oracle, Rakdos Guildgate
    These cards can only fit in 30% of 3-color decks before breaking color identity. With four players, that often means they are only useful to one drafter and are wasted slots for the other three.

    Mono-Color: Marble Diamond, any 1-color card, any 1-color utility land
    These cards can fit in 60% of 3-color combinations. Again, with four players, this means possibly three will be able to play the card.

    Colorless Identity: Darksteel Ingot, Arcane Signet, Wayfarer's Bauble, Terramorphic Expanse, Burnished Hart, Swiftfoot Boots
    These can play in 100% of decks. Now it's just a matter of whether the player wants that particular card, not whether they are forced into or restricted from playing it.

    I will make a special note regarding utility lands - Mono-Color or even multicolor utility lands can be interesting assuming they produce their colors (like a man-land), but when every deck is forced into being three colors, I would be very cautious of including lands that only produce colorless and can't fix or fetch the colors you need.

    As for too many pips of the same color, increasing your fixing can make them more playable, but you may actually need to play to find the right balance. You can even provide each player a Command Tower, Evolving Wilds, and Terramorphic Expanse with their basics if you want to improve fixing without burning draft slots. It's all up to how you want to run it.

    As with any cube, start playing it as soon as possible to see what works and what doesn't. Don't wait to craft the perfect selection before playing. Proxy if you need to, but get some experience with it and see how close it comes to your expectations.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Question regarding CubeTutor vs. CubeCobra. How many of you have switched or are considering switching? Any arguments for or against? Any viable options other than those two?

    I mean, obviously, you could maintain lists on multiple platforms, but that requires updating in twice the places.

    I love CubeTutor, and one of the best features for me is the Top Picks/Bottom Picks; I use this constantly when looking for cards to cut. CubeCobra apparently doesn't have this yet.

    But when I wanted to update my Un-Cube earlier today with cards from Unsanctioned, they weren't on CubeTutor. Not to mention it has never shown the right versions of Garbage Elemental, Sly Spy, the Killbots, or even tokens in my Peasant Cube (Oketra's Monument shows a token missing Vigilance, and Tidal Wave has never shown a token). I started looking into CubeCobra and found it was all there, so I started an account.

    And I found cool features like building custom drafts. Granted, the interface has some issues, and there are some important features missing (like setting a default pod of less than eight players for smaller cubes), but they are actively improving instead of stagnating.

    And yet I feel guilty for considering leaving CubeTutor.
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  • posted a message on Cube that I need help on
    Need more info. Your description says 360 cards, but the list only shows 145. How big is the cube really? How many players? Do they draft the Dragons first and then the cards? Or Dragons with the other cards? And the biggest two questions: What type of play experience do you want to cultivate, and Do your players have a good time? (That last one is the main one that matters).

    I do have a couple concerns, but I don't want to discourage.

    With the card selection as is, I worry about your players' ability to consistently cast some of the spells - it's a three color deck, yet you have cards with triple blue/black/red pips. They could have nine land on the board but only two of a given color, leaving a dead card in hand.

    If you are sticking to actual Commander color identity rules, you'll also have issues with your mana-fixing and multicolor inclusions. All those Keyrunes and Guildgates help with mana-fixing, but they also add to color identity. For example, Azorius Keyrune can go in Treva, Dromar, and Numot (30%) but not Crosis, Darigaaz, Rith, Teneb, Vorosh, Oros, or Intet (70%).
    And Naked Singularity has a WUBRG identity, so it can't go in a three color deck.

    There are some options to resolve this - either throw out color identity or include Crowns like Brandon Sanderson does (as featured in Game Knights). If you throw out identity all together, though, you change the game significantly; Intet plays all the goodstuff, etc. I really like the concept of Crowns, as it stretches color identity without completely breaking it, and I plan to use it in the Tiny Leaders cube I've been working on for a couple months.

    I'd like to see where this goes and how your players enjoy the experience. Like I said, I'm building a Tiny Leaders cube, and it's proven far harder than my other three cubes to balance. I'm always looking for insights that others have gained from their Commander cubes.

    Also, minor nitpick - the title should be "Here there be Dragons," not "Here their be Dragons."
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  • posted a message on Obscure cards
    I'd like to nominate Telim'Tor's Edict. It's pretty obscure, only in 64 of 137854 decks on edhrec, and it isn't good in most decks, but man is it fun to play in Yasova. Oddly enough, not a single Yasova deck on edhrec has it, and I've never seen any one else play it, but for one mana, you can permanently exile something you've stolen and draw a card. Or if an opponent Briberys something from you, one mana, and it's gone while drawing a card.
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  • posted a message on Introducing Jumpstart
    Quote from buffntuff »
    Quote from buffntuff »
    You're talking about printed pieces of cardboard, not gold. You can't eat them, you can't use them to procure food or cure an illness. You can't build shelter with them. The only value they have is entirely 100% completely arbitrary. You can't pay taxes with them, or buy a sandwich with them either so they don't even reach the minimal use value that paper money has. All you can do is hope you can trick some other sucker into trading something with real value for them.
    Ironically some old magic cards are worth more than their weight in gold, many times even.

    Any card worth more 93$ is worth more than gold (magic card is 1.775 grams, gold price per gram is of date $52.94).

    No, they aren't. They're only as valuable as you can trick someone into paying for it, and magic cards have an extremely small market compared to the market for gold.
    But that's true of gold, too. Gold has no inherent value - it's just a shiny metal. You can't eat it or cure disease with it. It's a terrible building material for shelter. The only value it has is 100% arbitrary because people are like magpies and like shiny things. All you can do is find someone who has already been tricked into thinking it has value to trade you something of real value for it - like food, shelter, or clothing. The only reason gold has value is because people agree that it does. Same with Magic cards - they only have value because people agree that they do.

    And, incidentally, I have traded Magic cards for a sandwich before.
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