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  • posted a message on Noob with dumb questions (be ready!)
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    1) What is a commander deck? Yesterday I was in a game shop buying boosters and a guy asked if they were having commander tournaments ? (I could be wrong on the wording as I was really looking at the boosters and not really listening to them but the word "Commander" was used for sure).
    Commander is often considered the main casual format of Magic the Gathering, and it is one of my favorite two formats to play. As Rezzahan said, it is a 100-card singleton format where your deck is built around a legendary creature. The format allows nearly every card in the game, with the exception of a very small banlist.
    You can find the rules here: https://mtgcommander.net/index.php/rules/.
    You can find content on lots of youtube channels, including these (just organized alphabetically, not by quality): The Command Zone, Commander's Quarters, EDH Deckbuilding, EDHRECast, The Eddi-H Channel, Jumbo Commander, Tolarian Community College.
    I do need to one minor correction to the previous answer.
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    The games start with 25 life
    Starting life in Commander is 40, not 25.
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    2)Why does MTG has some identical cards from sets to sets? It looks like easy money to me.[/card]There are several reasons. For rotating formats, like standard, it allows cards to remain or re-enter the format, and it allows a player's old cards to become relevant again. For non-rotating formats, like Commander and Modern, it helps keep prices in check, making the game more affordable, which helps both established players and new players alike. Additionally, all formats need a balance between threats and answers; reprints allow these to be printed in a set without having to make a card with a similar function but a different name. This benefits the rotating formats by bringing in cards with an established power level, and it benefits non-rotating formats by limiting over-saturation of a card/name complexity. After all, imagine a deck with four copies each of cards like Lightning Bolt but each with a different name.[quote from="Vaindioux1 »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/magic-general/823976-noob-with-dumb-questions-be-ready?comment=1"]3)What is drafting? Lots of cheap lots on Ebay are advertised as "Great for drafting".[/card]Draft is a format where you select cards from a random pool, build a deck, and play it against others.
    - Booster draft uses sealed booster packs - you pay at the beginning, and you keeps cards after the draft.
    - Cube draft is different - one person curates a collection of cards intended to be drafted together. When everyone sits down to draft, they are given randomized "boosters" and draft just like a booster draft. There is no cost to play, and at the end of the draft, all the cards go back into the cube. This is my other favorite format to play, and I have four cubes, each designed to deliver an entirely different play experience. The best part is that you can do away with filler cards - in booster packs, the majority of cards are not actually cards you want to play, so you will often open a packs and maybe want 1-3 cards from it, while in cube you often have to make much more nuanced decisions because there will be several cards you really don't want to pass to your opponents.[quote from="Vaindioux1 »" url="/forums/magic-fundamentals/magic-general/823976-noob-with-dumb-questions-be-ready?comment=1"]4)60 cards are a deck right? I don't understand much about these cards but can't a player just grab the most powerful cards in the game and kick ass?
    In some formats, a deck is 60 cards. For draft, it's 40. Most constructed formats (Standard, Modern, Pioneer, Legacy, etc), it's 60. Commander is 100. Prismatic is 250 cards.

    Rezzahan gave a great answer here:
    Quote from Rezzahan »
    It's a pile. A deck has an actual plan, how to win the game, how not to lose the game, what to do early on, what to do later, how to deal with what the opponent is presenting, etc.
    Once you've determined what format you are playing, you build a deck according to the rules of the format (what sets are allowed, what cards are banned, how many copies are allowed (singleton vs playsets of four vs draft, where you can play as many copies as you pull)), you need to build a deck that functions cohesively. You need a plan to win, and you need a way to prevent your opponents from winning. Is your deck aggro? Control? Combo?

    As far as cramming all the most powerful cards into a deck, you might do well, but Magic is rarely a game of brute force. The way cards interact is more subtle, more strategic. Card synergy is important, even when you aren't trying to build a game-winning combo. What if one powerful card shuts down your other powerful card? I remember playing at a store 0over 15 years ago, where there was a guy with a deck running 7 of the Power 9 (considered by some to be the most powerful cards ever printed). I was playing decks worth $10-20, And he never won a single game. A pile of powerful cards, but with no good synergy or plan to win, is almost always inferior to a well-crafted deck that maximizes the power of its cards through a focused plan.
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    5)When building your own deck can you use cards from different sets, or you have to stick with a particular sets (Can you mix cards from "Ravnika" with some from "Core 2012" for example ? (Really curious about the answer to that one)
    That depends on what format you are playing. Booster drafts often play only one set. But most constructed formats allow cards from various sets to be mixed. Standard allows somewhere around 5-8 sets to be mixed. Modern allows all the main sets since Eighth Edition to be mixed (so approximately 18 years worth of cards at this point). And Commander allows cards from the entire length of the game to be mixed (something like over 20,000 cards).
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    6)Why do some sets have a name, like "Ravnica" and others have "Core with a year next to them"? Does the core has the main cards for the year and the named sets released in that year add new cards to the core one?
    Core sets are considered more beginner friendly and often contain a higher percentage of reprints (there was a time when they were 100% reprints, but those days are fortunately behind us).
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    7)What is exactly a "Promo deck"? I found a sealed "Gideon Jura" promo deck for $1 at a goodwill. It has 30 cards. If I buy more of that particular deck, will I get some of the cards to be different or not? They have more of these $1 decks. I noticed all the cards are from existing series, like no new cards it seems. Could I get Guideon Jura planeswalker in one of these decks? Mine does not have it.
    A 30 card promo deck sounds like the new player decks they used to give out for free. New players could get two of them from a store and mix them together for a two color 60-card beginner deck. They were 100% reprints and often contained weaker or simpler cards just to get the player to understand the basics of the game.
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    8) How to score some good deals on cards? Ebay is a solution and I bought 2000 commons for pennies each with no dups and fun to organize. Some people say craigslist but it's usually more expensive than Ebay. Mail order resellers, MTG forums? My local store has millions of singles, I am planning on buying some to somewhat complete the sets I have (Mostly rare and foils I would buy there and some mythic at Xmas), but they don't have either complete sets, or partially complete ones, only singles. It would be nice to buy some rare and maybe a couple mythic without breaking the bank. I am not dumb and expect to score mythic for a nickel. I am ready to buy a big lot at a discounted price. I collect for me and not as an investor, I know I will never recoup my money if I ever sell. Also played cards are fine as long as not completely destroyed.
    The best way to find good deals is to first figure out what you are trying to get. Are you playing a particular format? Or just collecting to have them in a binder? For example, if you want to play Standard, buying older cards will just waste money, while if you want to play Commander, buying all standard cards will limit your power level severely. If you are just collecting, buying bulk with 50 copies each of draft chaff (the cards no one would play outside of draft) will limit you to lots of copies of terrible cards and no copies of good cards.

    Start with a plan. What format will you play? Or what collection are you trying to build (like complete sets or one of every dragon)? Only then can you figure out the most financially efficient way to accomplish your goals.
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    10) Why are there different mana and deck colors? I see written stuff like "No matter which color you prefer to play......" written on boxes. Colors you play have different game rules?
    Opportunity cost. Each color has an identity and strategies to accompany it. They each have strengths and weaknesses, and you choose which ones you want to work with. Want them all at the same time? Now you have to juggle the ability to produce the right colors to cast the various spells. A mono-color deck should never have color issues, but it will suffer from the color's weaknesses - for example, a red deck can burn down the opponents quickly, but it can't deal with their enchantments. Two-color decks allow you to combine the strengths and hopefully one will overlap over the weaknesses of the other, but you start to worry about having the right color at the right time. The color pie is useful to know. And some colors will just fit your preferred playstyle more than others.
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    11) Another thing. When you have your deck of cards. Why can you have 3 or 4 of the same card? You have one, it's not enough?
    Again, this is format dependent. A 60-card deck running 20 lands and 4 copies each of 10 cards will play very consistently; each game will go generally like the last one. A 100-card singleton Commander deck could play a dozen games and not see the same cards; each game will be a somewhat unique experience. Are you looking for more of the same or a more varied experience?
    Quote from Vaindioux1 »
    12) Do cards get removed from the game when they lose a fight?
    Unless the card used to remove something says to exile it, they generally go to the graveyard. But don't think of the graveyard as a dead-end - many decks have ways to use the graveyard as another resource. Black reanimation decks are the most common example, but others exist based on mechanics or card abilities.
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  • posted a message on Potentially dumb question pt. I-don't-know
    I know you've scrapped it, but just to answer the initial question - no, you can't. Jegantha does not match Atraxa's color identity.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from Vannatar »
    I've axed the rare lands from my Peasant+ cube, so I'm just Peasant now, and it feels like I'm in need of some better fixing. So...

    Yavimaya Elder vs. Civic Wayfinder vs. Springbloom Druid

    Which would you (or do you) run? Or maybe two out of the three? And why? Also, I'm open to considering other alternatives.
    Of the three, I like
    Springbloom Druid. It's double fixing (great in 2 color, even better in 3+ colors), and it's ramp.

    I'd also consider Farhaven Elf to be on about the same level.

    Wayfarer's Bauble also gives fixing/ramp that can be split up between two turns and that can be run in any color combo.

    Yavimaya Elder and Civic Wayfinder are fixing, but they aren't ramp. Neither helps hit a 5 drop on turn 4. This puts them lower for me.
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  • posted a message on MDFCs, ETBT Lands and More!
    I don't run any DFCs in my cube (though I do enjoy them in Commander).

    I used to run my cube in clear sleeves and didn't like the aesthetic of just a couple cards without a Magic back. I also didn't like the idea of running a checklist/helper card that would necessitate people digging through a side pile of cards to see what the checklist/helper does before picking it.

    Now that I have my cube in opaque sleeves, I dislike the thought of other people constantly sliding the card out to see the backside and potentially stretching/wearing out the sleeve.
    Quote from ArBoR4817 »
    I use proxies which show both sides and have the actual card with my tokens in a clear sleeve for gameplay. This works fine for me.
    This sounds like a solution that I could get behind. How did you lay out the proxies? Like split cards? Kamigawa flip cards? Something else?

    I'm just not sure if 2-3 cards are worth it.
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  • posted a message on I've got some trouble with a Marchesa, the Black Rose deck
    I'd also like to know if +2/+2 counters could work with Marchesa's ability. If so, cards that give +2/+2 would be useful
    No. A +2/+2 counter is not a +1/+1 counter, nor is it the same as 2x +1/+1 counters. Dwarven Armory does not interact with Marchesa's ability in any way.
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    If everyone's life total is low enough that you can't go any lower, I think the best thing you can do is shift gear into removing the rest of their life total. Profane Command can be a pretty brutal way to push in for the final blow.
    Yes, this is the answer. If everyone is that low, just finish the game.
    - Flayer of the Hatebound and Herald of Secret Streams are great ways to weaponize some of the +1/+1 counter synergies you already run. But if you get to a point where you can't easily get more +1/+1 counters and none of your opponents are on the throne, attacking their life directly is good.
    - I personally like Anathemancer and have used it to finish people on more than one occasion.
    - Rakdos Charm offers good utility and can sometimes be used as a finisher if they have enough creatures or low enough life.
    - Some Marchesa decks run Mob Rule and Mass Mutiny because they synergize with Marchesa's ability to become permanent theft (get a +1/+1 counter on the stolen creatures, and if they die that turn, they return on your side of the battlefield), but these cards can also double as finishers, using your opponents' creatures against them.
    - Kazuul's Fury offers a Fling that doesn't take a card slot. Early game use it as a land, mid game use it to sac a creature with a +1/+1 counter, and late game use it to finish an opponent.
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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Quote from Cranky »
    The folks at WotC really do care, much more than the RC does at least, they just don't always hit the mark.
    Careful, your bias is showing. How would you even attempt to backup a statement like this? How do you measure how much one group cares over how much another does?

    The answer is "you can't" - this is simply a partisan statement dismissing the party you dislike and favoring the party you do. I mean, you're even willing to openly excuse WOTC with "they just don't always hit the mark," yet in the same breath you extend no such mercy toward the RC.

    Personally, I think there are people on both sides who care, but if I had to ask which one cares more, who does the evidence support? There are two choices:
    - The RC, who runs the format for no pay or financial incentive, who subjects themselves to online abuse from every keyboard warrior willing to make derogatory statements they would be too scared to say in person, and who is constantly second-guessed and insulted despite managing to run the format from an unknown entity all the way to the most popular format in the game?
    - WOTC, who despite the best of intentions, has to answer to a corporation who has repeatedly placed short-term profit over the interest of the game and the players, who constantly makes mistakes and bad judgements leading to record number of bans for cards being played in the format they were designed for, and who only jumped fully on the Commander train after the popularity of the first precons caught them off guard and showed them could literally print more money by tapping into something built up by others.

    These are intentionally biased representations, by the way, to make a point. Everything I just said has an element of truth, but it is slanted to make one side look better and the other look worse. And yet you can't honestly say the misrepresentations are factually false.

    So, taking the partisan blinders off, who cares more? Nobody can answer that.

    The real question is "who would manage it better?" - and that is still a matter of opinion. I look at the track record for the past 12+ years I've been playing EDH/Commander, and I have to side with the RC, as they have made less mistakes than WOTC in that time. I look at failed formats like Brawl, which was merely an attempt to repackage Commander but sell more cards by forcing rotation, and again, I have to side with the RC. I look at the number of broken promises from each side, and again, I have to side with the RC. And finally, I have to ask "If WOTC would be better, then why is Commander healthier than any format they manage?" - and I have to side with the RC. Of course, that's just me and my bias. But I'm not the only one who feels that way.
    Quote from Cranky »
    They dearly want to take over the format, but they're petrified that there will be an enormous backlash from a small but vocal section of the playerbase.
    I think the bigger fear is backlash from a very large and vocal majority. Commander is their cash cow right now. Not only are they pumping out record number of products directly marketed for it, but they have had to rethink how they design normal sets and legendaries in particular. Not a single black-border product gets released without consideration for Commander these days. If they took over, it might be fine. Or it might blow up in their face. The fable of the goose that lays the golden eggs comes to mind - in the owner's haste to access more than a steady stream of golden eggs, they cut the bird open to find ...nothing at all. They sacrificed a reliable long-term revenue stream in a short-sighted greedy maneuver that lost them everything. And that should terrify WOTC. Any move to take over, which I don't doubt will eventually happen, needs to be handled delicately. Yes, there will be backlash no matter what, but if they handle it wrong, and especially if they screw up shortly after taking control, it won't just be a small minority.
    If you value the financial commitment of people that low (or not at all) you would be surprised how many people get such a hit that they quit the game.
    Yep, happens in Standard all the time. if it isn't record number of banning of cards they just bought, it also happens on rotation, when they find that their deck no longer functions. In fact, those who don't quit sometimes migrate to an eternal format like Commander because they want their cards to remain viable after they bought them. And considering commander band less than a quarter of a percent of the cards available for it, it is rare when a banning makes a deck nonviable. Even banning Golos won't invalidate that many decks. All of the mono-color Golos decks that just wanted ramp in the command zone can pick a commander in their color that actually fits their theme. All of the goodstuff Golos decks can pick a different goodstuff commander, like Kenrith, Jodah, or Esika; it may require a few other cards to balance things out, but it's not the end of the world. And all of the decks truly built around Golos, well, it sucks, but they do have 99 still viable cards and can either rebuild or build something new. Decks changing and rotating isn't exclusive to Commander, and if anything, Commander is the most stable format with the least amount of decks being knocked out, all the while with the largest influx of new cards and new deck strategies.
    Banning cards should be for MISTAKES that never should exist in a format and for a CASUAL format thats basically never the case, as the people in question have the goal to have fun, not necessarily win a game.
    Hard disagree. For a casual format, that's basically every card that runs the risk of appearing to be casual but creating games that aren't. The problem is that the "goal to have fun" is nebulous and cannot be defined. What you find fun, other may hate. One person may think it's hilarious to lock out his opponents from playing spells while he himself lacks a wincon. But his three opponents may think it's fun to be able to play their decks. Another person may think it's fun to include over 20 tutors and always tutor the same three cards, while his opponents may think the fun of 100 card singleton is to play different games each time.

    Of course, a tiny banlist that bans less than a quarter of a percent of the available cards isn't going to police everyone's fun. No banlist can, nor should it attempt to. But mistakes happen, even in casual, that can skew how the game is played.
    That said, replace the banned list with a salt-score for a bunch of cards and people can browse that list if they want to check their deck against what other people might consider un-fun cards ... then they choose to replace them, or not, its up to them....If a card has a massive salt score chances are that its even unfun if people try to not abuse it in a combo or just accidentally play them, as the effect is oppressive for a game and does so regularly....So it comes down to not having a committee for the banned list, and instead use a properly named "Salty-Card list" that people can still use, but might think about before or after they are aware of it.
    Again, some people don't care how their opponents feel. They aren't looking for the same gameplay and will prioritize winning over delivering a game in which everyone can have fun. And a salty card list evaluating 20,000+ cards is a lot harder to keep up on and reference than a clear banlist that you can lookup and see what cannot be played, regardless of your feeling for the card.
    You can collect these datas with sites like edhrec , which is much much better than a selected few that make the decision for everyone else.
    Yes, the chaos of mob rule and every man for himself sounds so much better than a clear and succinct list of what cannot be run in your deck. It's especially good when you show up to a new LGS and don't know anyone or their preferred playstyle or what may or may not be acceptable in their meta. Granted, this last point is a problem either way, but at least a banlist that can be read in a couple minutes starts everyone off with some small measure of common ground, while the salty list has no starting standard at all.
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  • posted a message on Deck price should be a major discussion point when talking about Rule 0 for Commander.
    This is a terrible idea.

    - You want to go by budget, except you then want to cheat the budget. Trust me, an expensive mana base does make a difference, particularly the more colors you run, but you want to pretend there's barely a difference.
    - You require people to maintain a constant, weekly calculation of what their cards are worth. Cards fluctuate more than you claim, with the general trend being up over time and down only after a reprint. Sure, if you have one deck, this can be easy enough to track. But you think I want to keep track of 40+ decks at all times? I'd lose my time to actually play Magic.
    - And in the end, it conflates similar budget with similar power levels. A well tuned budget deck can be far more oppressive than a durdley high budget deck. Likewise, a budget deck can simply be too slow to compete against expensive decks with access to better mana-fixing and faster mana. There is no correlation between similar budget and similar power, nor between similar budget and similar play pattern. Compare a $200 Suralf stax deck against a $200 Angel tribal deck - one deprives you of all your resources, the other tries to build up the mana to cast expensive creatures and swing for damage. Any guesses as to which will outperform the other?


    It muddies the water for a real discussion of relevant play issues. It confuses newer players while price shaming both those who cannot afford more expensive decks and those who can. It adds unnecessary homework to track the price of cards you may have acquired years ago when they were cheaper.

    Now, I absolutely agree with one point you made:
    Asking players if they want to play a “power level 7” game means almost nothing.
    But you have proposed replacing one useless, poorly defined system with a different useless, poorly conceived system.
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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    The casual people overall agree with that, and everyone just takes the banned list as a benchmark and is supposed to have a discussion about what they want from a game ...
    But the only format that takes the list and enforces it is cEDH , any casual form will basically ignore the banned list anyway, as it doesnt really work for them in the first place.
    This is flat out wrong and illustrates a fundamental misunderstanding of Commander as a whole. I play casual - I have played regularly at two different LGSs and in three different private groups over the last twelve years, and with very rare exception, we always followed the banlist. Every once in a while someone may ask to play a silver-bordered commander or. Nephilim, but they always have to get permission first, and those account for less than a tenth of a percent of the games I've played. Even casuals enforce the banlist.

    Where do you get that "casual people overall agree," "everyone just takes the banned list as a benchmark," "any casual form will basically ignore the banned list"? Got any evidence? Any poll? Or just a poorly formed stereotype?

    The only thing that doesn't work is trying to make a banlist that covers both casual and competitive. But that problem isn't the fault of the established list and rules committee who have made it clear they care about casual play; it's a problem made by people wanting to co-opt an existing format and twist it to their own ends at the expense of those it was made for.
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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt

    Look. We all need to come to terms that the EDH Rules Committee are stuck in their own bubble as they don't care If their decisions are relevant to the vast majority of players let alone the financial / time ramifications of their decisions on the player base. This IS the same EDH Rules Committee who had a knee-jerk reaction (well mainly Sheldon Menery) about Wheel effects (named after Wheel of Fortune) having a negative effect on the format
    What a world we live in when merely voicing your opinion is considered having "a knee-jerk reaction" despite not taking action and certainly not taking hasty action after managing a format for what, 15 years?

    You people are never happy. If the RC doesn't take action, they're wrong. If they do take action, they're wrong. If they voice an opinion, they're wrong. Apparently they are only right when they agree with you and only you. Because, of course, you and you alone are "the vast majority of players," as opposed to, you know, the actual majority of people who play this casual format.

    It's funny that you praise Josh Lee Kwai as "a rare voice of reason" on the CAG, because I find him drifting further and further away from the spirit of the format that I have loved and played for over 12 years now. I used to enjoy Command Zone but find them more and more out of touch.

    Do I agree with everything the RC does? No. But I support them because they have kept EDH/Commander from becoming the dumpster fire that is every format managed by WOTC.

    Have I lost cards when they were banned out of my decks? Yes, about 12-14 times.

    Did I get salty and whine and make ad hominem attacks online because of it? No, because I am a rational adult.

    Golos is in the 99 of my Kenrith tribal activated abilities deck, and now I'll have to find a replacement. Which isn't a big deal when we have 20,000+ cards to choose from. For anyone running it as a commander, it doesn't necessarily invalidate their entire deck - often they can either switch to another generic goodstuff commander (Jodah or Esika) or they can find one more specifically tailored to their strategy. In a minority of cases, these solutions may not work, but they still own the cards, which aside from Golos should retain their value.

    As for the CEDH subject, I honestly believe that the divide between Commander and CEDH is growing too wide for them to be supported by the same banlist. We just aren't looking to play the same game.
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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Ban Cyclonic Rift already
    Hard disagree. I've seen Cyclonic Rift save games more often than ruin them. It's not the Boogeyman everyone makes it out to be.
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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    I'm a little bummed about the Golos ban, only because I was converting my Lord Windgrace deck into a 5-color lands deck (mainly to add blue for Tatyova, Benthic Druid and Trade Routes) and Golos was the perfect commander for it. I wasn't even going to take advantage of his activated ability. But I understand the RC's reasoning - having a "colorless" 5-color commander that was so generically powerful that it could lead any deck kind of invalidated too much else.
    What good choices are left for 5-color lands? Child of Alara is a natural fit, but I don't like it.
    I did four color Vial Smasher and Thrasios landfall deck for a while so I could cram Tatyova, Gitrog, and Angry Omnath all together. Thrasios gave me extra lands and card advantage, while Vial Smasher gave me my other colors and supplemental damage.
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  • posted a message on [MIC] Coven Counters precon— Commander VS preview
    Is it only me or Moorland Rescuer is completely broken? This is one-side mass reanimator at just six mana. Ok, it must die, but its not that big hoop to do. This card is totally crazy in grave based deck.
    A six mana card that requires it to be on the battlefield and die, needs pump to get anything over total power 4, and that exiles itself to keep it from looping - nah, it's pretty fair, not broken. For six mana, you deserve a limited, one-time effect.
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  • posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Wow, I did not see the Golos ban coming. I just run him in the 99, so it doesn't affect me much, but it's surprising. I get their reasoning, but he never felt insurmountable. I guess I'm apathetic about this one.

    If anyone plays Worldfire in one of my games, next game I'm breaking out Baral tribal counterspells and targeting only them. (The deck is literally built for next game retribution, not to win).
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Midnight Hunt for Peasant Cube
    Definitely in:
    Cathar Commando - My favorite Peasant card of the set. It's powerful and opens up interesting gameplay while also offering good, solid utility removal.
    Infernal Grasp - Considering how much good removal we have competing for this slot, it's less interesting but no less powerful. I like the unconditional kill and will probably finally replace Doom Blade or Go for the Throat.
    Play with Fire - Spellslinger appreciates the scry so it doesn't hit dead cards.

    Morbid Opportunist - I like the ability but the body is unimpressive, and I think Phyrexian Rager works better in my cube (ETB focus)
    Ghoulish Procession - Repeatable tokens for only 2 mana is pretty good. To bad they can't block or have more than one attack.
    Cathartic Pyre - Both good if not exciting modes.
    Lunar Frenzy - Interesting combat trick/finisher. The mana cost can be thought of as either expensive or a mana sink.
    Startle - I know I'm the only one who likes this, but my blue section has been my least satisfying for a while, and I want to try this. A combat trick cantrip that leaves behind a body is at least interesting. Not sure, though.

    Quote from VariSami »
    Falkenrath Perforator: Have we already had this effect? Hard to evaluate as an approximation of a 3-power creature. Though, probably not playing it.
    Not the exact same stats, but we've had a handful of variations on the theme. Vicious Conquistador is the most efficient. Spiteful Returned absorbs the most life and can even be put on a creature more likely to survive. Leeching Sliver can grant it to others if you're into slivers. Then there's Thornbow Archer, Scorch Spitter, Pulse Tracker, Mardu Shadowspear. And of course, the new Reaper's Talisman, but that isn't an actual body.
    While I run a couple from that list, I'm not personally a fan of Falkenrath Perforator because it's a 2-drop designed exclusively to be aggressive but dies to anything because it has one toughness. You'll often only ding the opponent for one and then trade your creature - or just lose it.
    Quote from Narvuntien »

    Cathar Commando 1 toughness creatures run into tokens and die.
    But this card is so much more than a pure aggro creature that dies to evrything. Flash makes a world of difference - you can flash it in to block and kill a 3/3, 4/3, or 5/3. When they feel safe alpha-striking, you can flash it in an EOT to have a surprise attacker the next turn. You can blow up a key artifact or enchantment. You can even flash it in, block a creature, and in response sac it to blow up equipment or an artifact creature to deal with multiple threats.
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    Starting to look through the full spoiler, and Cathar Commando caught my eye. Two mana for a flash 3/1 with a Qasali Pridemage/Thrashing Brontodon ability is pretty good. I don't remember seeing this one before, but I like it. Surprise blocker, EOT for an unexpected attacker, or extra removal when you really need it.
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