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  • posted a message on When's the next Silver-Bordered set?
    Until WOTC announces a new un-set, any answer would be pure, baseless speculation.

    Thus far, they have had four sets - Unglued, Unhinged, Unstable, and Unsanctioned. The first three were booster products and the last was preconstructed. Whether they do another depends on how well the last couple sold.

    If you are interested in silver-border, I'd recommend building an Un-Cube. It's a blast to play and can get super crazy, and it's not that expensive to build.
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  • posted a message on Dragon with more than one artwork
    Quote from Perodequeso »
    @FunkyDragon, thanks very helpful.
    I too am trying for all the art variants. What’s killing me are the judge promos hovering around $50 each. That and the fact I’ll never be able to own the employee promos from Heroes of the Realm.
    Yeah, the Treva promo is like $30+ and the Bolas one is over $70. But neither of those hold a candle to Zodiac Dragon, the $285 card that would be less than 50 cents if it ever got reprinted.
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  • posted a message on Cards you want to see Reprinted

    ...non foil
    ...non foil
    ...non foil
    ...non foil
    ...non foil
    ...non foil
    ... non foil

    Please STOP making Commander cards only option as foil.
    LOL! I completely agree. Mostly, I don't like Pringles. But also, what's so special about foil if it only comes in foil? I'd much prefer non-foils because the other 98-99 cards in my deck are non-foil.
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  • posted a message on Dragon with more than one artwork
    There are actually quite a few. I've been trying to collect one of every dragon art, and I got within just a few at one point, but the past couple sets are a pain because there are so many promos. I may give up.

    There are some with 3+ arts:
    Ryusei, the Falling Star
    Ryusei, the Falling Star
    Ryusei, the Falling Star

    And some have unique Judge Promo arts - like Treva, the Renewer and Nicol Bolas, the Ravager.

    But they can be a pain to tag on MTGS, especially when some of the arts are from promo sets, special sets, Secret Lair, etc. (Try tagging the four versions of Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind - I got half of them and gave up). Personally, I'd recommend looking through Scryfall because it's a more complete database. This search will show each printing, and you can scan through for different artwork (you may have to ignore a couple digital-only arts).

    This list should be fairly complete for physical printings of dragons with multiple arts:
    Adult Gold Dragon x2
    Alabaster Dragon x2
    Ancient Hellkite x2
    Arashin Sovereign x2
    Beledros Witherbloom x2
    Black Dragon x2
    Bladewing the Risen x2
    Blue Dragon x2
    Bogarden Hellkite x2
    Boltwing Marauder x2
    Crimson Hellkite x2
    Crosis, the Purger x2
    Deathbringer Regent x2
    Dragon Broodmother x2
    Dragon Turtle x2
    Dragon Whelp x2
    Dromoka, the Eternal x2
    Ebondeath, Dracolich x2
    Eternal Dragon x2
    Foe-Razer Regent x2
    Forgestoker Dragon x2
    Furnace Whelp x2
    Galazeth Prismari x2
    Glorybringer x2
    Green Dragon x2
    Harbinger of the Hunt x2
    Hypersonic Dragon x2
    Icingdeath, Frost Tyrant x2
    Inferno of the Star Mounts x2
    Iymrith, Desert Doom x2
    Jugan, the Rising Star x2
    Keiga, the Tide Star x2
    Kokusho, the Evening Star x2
    Malfegor x2
    Nadaar, Selfless Paladin x2
    Necromaster Dragon x2
    Nicol Bolas x2
    Nicol Bolas, the Ravager x2
    Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind x4? - I mean, you've got Guildpact, Duel Deck, and Guildkit, which are all distinct arts, but then you have the full-art crop promo, but is it really a new art?
    Obsidian Charmaw x2
    Old Gnawbone x2
    Oros, the Avenger x2
    Pristine Skywise x2
    Red Dragon x2
    Rith, the Awakener x2
    Rorix Bladewing x2
    Ryusei, the Falling Star x3
    Scion of Draco x2
    Shadrix Silverquill x2
    Shivan Dragon x3
    Shivan Hellkite x2
    Siege Dragon x2
    Skyship Stalker x2
    Spawn of Thraxes x2
    Sprite Dragon x1 plus the Godzilla abomination
    Steel Hellkite x2
    Tanazir Quandrix x2
    The Ur-Dragon x2
    Thunderbreak Regent x2
    Thunder Dragon x2
    Tiamat x2
    Treva, the Renewer x2
    Two-Headed Dragon x2
    Tyrant of Valakut x2
    Velomachus Lorehold x2
    Volcanic Dragon x3
    White Dragon x2
    Yosei, the Morning Star x2

    After years of collecting, it kills me that at least 21 of those have been spammed out in the last four months.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    EDIT: Why does mtgsalvation use the Japanese language special printings for cards by default if you mark a card? Makes no sense.
    I believe they display the most recent printing by default, which is why they show (or showed) Hazoret the Pervert instead of Hazoret the Fervent. It's obnoxious, but you can force it by typing [c]Regrowth|Masters 25[/c] to get Regrowth.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    We never talked about the final Commander card from this set, Component Pouch. I had been thinking this was the Peasant version of Coalition Relic, producing 2 colored mana every other turn, even though it cannot produce just a single colored mana over consecutive turns.
    But then I saw some comparisons elsewhere in the Cube forum. Is this better or worse than Worn Powerstone, which can produce two colorless mana every turn after the first? Is it better than Hedron Archive? I play Archive and not Powerstone currently, and while I like the idea of fixing colored mana in ramp decks it does seem too slow for our purposes.
    I'm not a fan. Like all/most of the dice rolling cards, it's hard to plan ahead.

    The comparison to Worn Powerstone is the closest. Powerstone enters tapped and reliably provides 2 mana each turn. This doesn't enter tapped, but it has to tap the turn before it can produce any mana; after that it can produce two colored mana approximately 1/2-2/3 of the turns. I suppose it gets better with proliferate. But are you wanting it for mana-fixing or ramp? Powerstone is just plain better for pure ramp, assuming you have your colors. And there are other cards that are better or more reliable for color-fixing.

    I don't even think it compares favorably to Hedron Archive. It may be one mana less, but it doesn't produce mana every turn, and once you're flooded, it can't sac to draw cards.
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update

    Alms Collector exists, but I haven't heard it universally hated.
    True. But I'd guess because it isn't played as much or as un-fun. It isn't as hard a lock because they still get a card. It isn't in the color of wheels. It doesn't ramp its controller by 21 treasures to cast their full grip after a wheel. It's less likely to be backed up with counterspells.
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    For all those saying it should have been white - that would only be true if you got treasure when they drew cards, but the fact that it's a replacement effect that eliminates the draw altogether is not only what got it banned, but also what makes it less white. Treasure and denial together is too much. One or the other would probably have been fine.
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    Honestly, where commander is right now makes me want to see the rules committee experiment with some unbannings. Specifically I’d like to see cards banned a long time ago get another shot in the current meta like primeval titan. Yes it can tutor out dark depths & thespian stage, but right now I don’t think a 20/20 flying indestructible token is as scary as it use to be considering that a large portion of the most competitive decks rely on some kind of instant win combo and simply don’t care about a token that takes 6 turns to kill 3 opponents.
    Wouldn't that be nuts, just as they release Wulgar of Icewind Dale. Lol.
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    Quote from Cranky »
    Once again proving that the RC is wildly out of touch and shouldn't be trusted with managing the health of the format. Sad day Frown
    Hard disagree. Hullbreacher ruined casual games of Commander, especially when played with wheels, but even when not. Some other player would play extra card draw spells or a wheel, and the joker with a Hullbreacher would flash it in. Sure, it's the optimal play, but it was boring and required no skill. It made the game devolve. I don't always agree with the RC, but I stand by this ban 100%.
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  • posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    Can't say I'm sad to see Hullbreacher banned. It was miserable every time someone dropped one, and the entire game devolved into trying to kill and/or steal the Hullbreacher. And it made games far more painful than the ones years ago that devolved around Prophet of Kruphix because the Hullbreacher/Wheel playstyle took away our resources to play the game in addition to accelerating the controller.
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Planar Portal— MTGGoldfish preview
    I'm actually a big fan of Karazikar and Lorcan in the 99 of some recent decks I've built (Kardur and Ayara). I've got a deck that can use Fiendlash, too.

    Hellish Rebuke and Hurl through Hell both seem like useful spells.
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  • posted a message on Forgotten Realms spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Boots of Speed
    Dawnbringer Cleric - Replaces Lone Missionary for more flexibility.
    Grim Wanderer
    Plundering Barbarian - Replaces Irreverent Revelers
    Reaper's Talisman
    Trickster's Talisman
    Thieves' Tools

    Dislike: d20, venture into the dungeon, how wordy the cards are, and Power Word Kill (too many conditions)
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Mothership 7/6— Extended-Art Commanders
    When are the commander decks being spoiled? I can't seem to find that info.
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