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  • posted a message on Full Sleeves(tatoo art) Secret Lair Drop
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Sure, it's really simplistic, and might be one of the few where the statement "Even my 6-year old could draw that!" is true.
    Ah, but your 6-year old didn't draw that!
    Of course not. Word of Command was printed in 1993, so anyone's 6-year old who did draw it would be at least 33 years old now. And that random factoid is about as relevant to this conversation as pointing out that their child didn't when it was just a hypothetical could.
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  • posted a message on Full Sleeves(tatoo art) Secret Lair Drop
    Wow - after 27 years, they finally did it - I can no longer say Word of Command has the worst art in Magic.

    I play three of the five cards in this Secret Lair, some in up to a dozen decks. And I would never want to see these hideous versions on my side of the table or across the table.

    I mean, of the Secret Lair drops announced today, this is by far the worst, and that's saying something considering how bad the planeswalkers are.
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  • posted a message on Cycling Archetype
    No one's a fan of Invigorating Boon? Lol - yeah, green got the worst of that cycle.

    I'm a massive fan of cycling as well. When I played 60 card casual, I loved my Astral Slide/Lightning Rift deck (which I eventually branched into green to flicker Cartographer/Tilling Treefolk to get back cycling lands). In Commander, I have a Zur the Enchanter/Astral Slide deck that is so much fun and just got a great boost thanks to Ikoria (including Rift#6). I'm also working on a 4-color cycling deck for Commander and debating a 5-color, as well.

    The thing I worry about in cube is how to get enough cycling as-fan to make it work. In constructed, you can guarantee the cards are in the deck. In draft, though, unless there's a lot of cycling, you could get a few payout cards and never trigger them, or get cycling cards but not do much with them beyond play them at face value. How big a cube would you run, and would it be singleton or allow multiples? I would just hate to get Astral Slide and only trigger it once in the draft.
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  • posted a message on Rare Lands in C/Ube?
    Interesting conversation. I don't have anything to really add except that I, too, am a purist and don't break rarity on my lands. The fixing isn't bad (I've had player go 4 and 5 color), it's just slow, but that's the trade-off. I've also gone monocolored, where all I needed were basics. Playing multiple colors comes at a cost.

    Do I wish we had more options? Sure. Personally, I believe Fabled Passage should have been printed at uncommon - it is sometimes better than the commons Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse but not usually as good as the rare Prismatic Vista. I honestly believe Fabled Passage was designed at uncommon power level but bumped to rare to sell packs, but if it doesn't have a common or uncommon symbol, I don't allow it (I'm the type of guy who hunts down an uncommon printing even if I already own a rare version of the same card, though).
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  • posted a message on What is the general opinion on the increased amount of special versions of cards?
    There are definitely too many options now, which makes it a confusing mess. I don't mind special versions depressing the price of regular versions, though, as I want to play the card and will happily accept a cheaper version that functions exactly the same.

    I do hate all the alternate arts and disagree with everyone who said alternate arts are welcome. You've heard of power creep and complexity creep, but what about visual complexity creep? It may not be an issue in Standard, where you only have to worry about the last two years and can forget everything that has rotated, but in Commander, you want to look across the table and recognize what cards are on the battlefield. Everytime they print new art on an old card, they make it harder to recognize the cards and remember what they all do.
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  • posted a message on Deck building advice
    Quote from Hobbzy17 »
    Thank you for his how did you post the list in that way?
    Sorry for the late reply - Salvation didn't notify me.

    To post a decklist, use the Deck button in the toolbar, or code it like this:
    1 Alela, Artful Provocateur

    1 Ancestral Statue
    1 Arcanist's Owl

    1 Dovin, Grand Arbiter
    1 Karn, Scion of Urza


    You get the idea. Also, if you are ever curious how someone did something in a post, you can always hit the Quote button, and it will show all of their tags.
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  • posted a message on Home Interview of MaRo by The 'Professor' at Toarian Community College
    Changed my mind. Worst interview ever. Professor was good though, had good solid questions.
    Worst ever? So, you didn't watch the interview with Blake Rasmussen about why Secret Lair: Fetchands is so expensive? That was a lot of lot of words just to get deflection and non-answers with no actual content. You could tell Professor was frustrated but couldn't push them to be honest without damaging his relationship forever. In the Maro one, at least there was some reassurance and positive points.
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  • posted a message on Commander ban list and rules update
    I hate the Flash ban. I played the card entirely fairly, never had anyone complain it was broken. If you try to break something, don't act surprised when it breaks. I really hope this is the only adjustment made for cEDH because we just want such different things from the format.
    Quote from Shadow345 »

    But it was ok for Flash to hang around for months.
    Months? Sorry, but Flash has been hanging around for 24 years - first printed in 1996 in Mirage. It's older than the format and isn't a problem unless people deliberately try to break it.
    Quote from Flisch »
    Any chance there will be adjustments for the rules to allow hybrid cards to work as intended? Or is that particular subset of cards going to be stuck in legacy rules limbo forever?
    Please, not this argument here. There are already hundreds of posts elsewhere discussing this and it boils down to one side arguing that by the rules they are multicolor that is simply easier to cast vs. another side saying "we want them anyway."
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  • posted a message on What will you be using/ordering from Commander 2020 and Ikoria in your commander decks?
    I've been debating an Atraxa keyword soup deck for a while and had started saving cards for it, but I think I'll switch to Kathril, Aspect Warper now.
    I may also try out an Otrimi deck.
    And the Triomes, of course, need to go in the appropriate decks.
    Luminous Broodmoth may go in several decks.
    Ruinous Ultimatum I may need to find a home for.
    Yorion will likely end up in multiple decks (Aminatou and Niv_Mizzet Reborn, maybe more)

    Other than that, here are specific decks and the cards they'll be acquiring:

    Scion of the Ur-Dragon
    Molten Echoes

    Teysa Karlov
    Bastion of Remembrance
    General's Enforcer
    Serrated Scorpion

    Zur Astral Slide
    Escape Protocol (as Slide #6)
    Ominous Seas
    Reconnaissance Mission
    Shark Typhoon

    Karlov of the Ghost Council
    Lurrus of the Dream-Den (in the 99)

    Fiend Artisan

    Marisi, Breaker of the Coil
    Frontier Warmonger

    Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow
    Ukkima, Stalking Shadow

    Yidris Cycle Cascade
    Barrier Breach
    Lava Serpent
    Migration Path
    Rooting Moloch
    Sanctuary Smasher
    Titanoth Rex
    Void Beckoner

    Vial Smasher
    Obosh, the Preypiercer

    Ramos Superfriends
    Eerie Ultimatum

    Baral Game-After Deck
    Voracious Greatshark
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  • posted a message on Obscure cards
    Another good one is Eater of the Dead, this is an amazing Tap untap card, with Phenax out you can usually take out almost everyone at the table with this, usually doesnt last though haha
    Eater of the Dead is also a great untap ability to grant to Mairsil, the Pretender.
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  • posted a message on ikoria - quarantine of behemoths
    Quote from ArBoR4817 »
    So, what are people's thoughts on Ominous Seas? It's not that hard to make a token in 5 turns (with a looter or a draw spell).
    If you draw it early in a control mirror it might make 2 tokens semi-reliably and it has cycling for when you draw it late or when you're playing on a clock.
    I love it for Commander, but I think it's just too slow for my Peasant Cube. Short of a Brainstorm, it takes at least four turns with a looter or draw engine and this in play before it does anything. If you are drawing that many, you already have the advantage, and if you don't, it's a do-nothing that takes eight turns.
    It has a high ceiling, but a very, very low floor. The cycling ability is actually quite a bit above the floor.
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  • posted a message on ikoria - quarantine of behemoths
    Ikoria offers a surprising number of options, but these are the ones I am most considering:

    -Bastion of Remembrance - A second Zulaport Cutthroat but less easily removed.
    -Grimdancer - I love the flexibility; it actually makes a player evaluate which abilities will best suit them in any given part of a game. Being a 3/3 for 3 makes those abilities even better. I also already run Vampire of the Dire Moon, Gifted Aetherborn, and Vampire Nighthawk.
    -Sprite Dragon - Love the card, but it's a tough call if I swap out Stormchaser Mage for it. I love the permanent pump and the fact that it's a dragon, but it is more vulnerable until you cast two noncreature spells.
    -Heartless Act - I'm unsure. Great removal against a creature without counters, but against a creature with counters, I will almost always prefer a straight-up kill spell. And removing counters from my own creatures is really only useful with two persist creatures.
    -Lore Drakkis - The mutate is pretty awesome by itself, and it could potentially pump a smaller creature.
    -Jubilant Skybonder - I'm trying to better support flyers, so this could be a signpost card.
    -Titanoth Rex - It would be my largest fattie and sets itself up nicely for reanimator while helping another creature punch through for extra damage.
    -Wingspan Mentor - Trying to support flyers and +1/+1 counters, but this might be too slow.
    -Light of Hope - It's a charm that offers decent options, though I don't really love it.
    -Ram Through - One-sided fight is so much better, and it offers trample damage. I really want to pair this with Pelakka Wurm.
    -Swallow Whole - I like cheap removal that supports the +1/+1 counter archetype. It's no Path or Swords, but I already have those.
    -Fight as One - +1/+1 and indestructible is decent; getting it on two creatures would be aweome, but how often will that situation present itself?
    -Call of the Death-Dweller - I was more keen on it until I saw "total cmc"; as is, I think Victimize is better, especially as it can get fatties.

    The biggest problem, as ever, is figuring out what to cut for any I decide to run.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] - MaRo Spoiler - Flame Spill
    Lame. The formatting with trample is so much cleaner. They should have adjusted the rules to make it work.
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  • posted a message on ikoria - quarantine of behemoths
    Quote from DJRedLantern »
    Don't think of it as costing twice as much mana. Think of it as costing half as many creatures.
    That's actually a really good way to look at it.
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  • posted a message on ikoria - quarantine of behemoths
    I really don't like the [m]2[/m] cost for Weaponize the Monsters. Sure, it's a much better Blood Rites, but I think I might run Makeshift Munitions over Weaponize. I like my sac outlets as cheap on the individual sac as possible, and Munitions may do less damage, but it costs less (once in play) and can sac artifacts, too. Maybe I've just been spoiled by Goblin Bombardment.
    Quote from DJRedLantern »

    If you put a trample counter on a persist creature, it loses that counter when it dies, right?
    Unless it has Skullbriar, the Walking Grave's ability, yes.
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