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There is one copy of "Crowd Chants 'Goldberg'" from the WCW Nitro PCG if you first pick this card you get to go first in all your matches

edit: please, i spent hours posting this can someone post something, do you like this cube? do you hate it? what cards do you think are fun to play with? what are some fun additions I should make? what should be taken out? i kinda don't even mind flames at this point i just want some responses
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  • posted a message on [ROE] MaRo references "Draw 3" for U
    didn't go through the nearly 40 pages to see if this has been mentioned, but he never said it was a non-creature spell and all he said was its casting cost is u (which by the way he did so i dont get all the affinityish ideas the casting cost is u so im guessing it has got to be a level up creature
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  • posted a message on staying power(unhinged)question
    hey i couldn't find a way to search the forum so i don't know if this questions been answered, but i have staying power in my cube and there's been a lot of debate about this sort of question

    so if i have a staying power and a card like say Leonin Sun Standard (not actually in my cube though i may add it its really just the best example i can think of) does the effect of the sun standard affect the creatures (meaning it gives the creatures currently in play +1/+1 and doesn't effect future creatures) or does it effect the sun standard (meaning staying power turns it into a super glorious anthem that would effect creatures you haven't played yet)

    it would be helpful to understand how this works for future drafts, thanks in advance
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Hellcarver Demon
    i love it i have a cube that focuses on quirky and weird cards this is going in asap
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  • posted a message on [DD: PvTC] Full Decklist
    i really want this for the sake of my cube, will this be a card store exclusive like algelic vs demonic or can i go to wal-mart like a plainswalker one
    edit: i dont have any way of ordering things online, where i can purchase it in person with cash is the only advice im looking for
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  • posted a message on new? magic product: Extreme Value packs
    this kinda reminds me of something i picked up at a target about 8 months ago it was labeled 2 pack special price ($6.99) the visible pack was from the current set i think it was shards, i bought it hoping the second pack was the same but it was tenth edition, but i did get a time stop and a foil avatar of might out of it so i can't be that mad, but i still felt slightly cheated
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