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  • posted a message on Panglacial Wurm question
    I'm 1 land short of playing Panglacial Wurm

    if I search with search for tomorrow on the upkeep and get the land and put it into play, after that can I still play the Panglacial Wurm from the deck using the land I just put into play? or is it too late to play Panglacial Wurm at this point?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    has anyone tried Martyr of Spores infect?

    seems like we'd often have enough green cards in hand to power him up.
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  • posted a message on Naya twin, instead of tempo, beat your opponent to death if you can't combo for the win!

    I like that list, its looks better than my original draft for the concept I want to ultimately get at. assault formation looks interesting I'll have to try that. It certainly seems like it would enable a strong beat down plan, for outside of comboing.

    I have this sleeved up at the moment.
    I put some blood moon effects in the main list.
    I'm a fan a smiter because he is only 1 pump away from being a 5/5 to fight siege rhino and tasigur.
    I'm experimenting with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death as a means to revive the dead combo pieces. looking at omGeo's list though I'm thinking she could go much further in a list heavy on 0/x creatures, combined with a "doran effect"

    Quote from Lectrys »
    I'd put in some Heliod's Pilgrims in the deck, then cut some Splinter Twins (I recommend going down to 2 of them). You can hit Pilgrim with Collected Company, then tutor for Twin with them. You can also search for other cool Auras instead such as Chained to the Rocks (decent removal).

    I like the idea, I wasn't aware of pilgrim's potential.


    My thinking for dromoka's command was that the 1/1 counter would put loxodon smiter or tarmogoyf over the 4/x and into 5/x to win the fight against 4/5's that are in the meta game right now in other mid range decks.

    furthermore I was split between what dorks to run, exalted for making tarmogoyf or loxodon smiter a 5/x was something I really liked as well.

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  • posted a message on Rakdos, Lord of Riots
    Quote from Sled_Dog »
    If you run abyssal persecutor maybe you combo it with fling for a potential 2 turn finish.

    that could work. Abyssal persecutor is horribly under played in aggro decks. Atleast its less complicated than rakdos.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    Quote from Searys »
    The post of the day, i look up a strange version of bloom titan just this morning and wanted to share it with you, not that i think this version would be better (and actually i don't think so) but i'm pleased to see some players trying new things! (as myself and gifts ungiven huhu Smile )


    Really really messed up but some good idead (elderscale wurm is actually kind of a must play to me, my gifts version will play it i think) I thought about lotus cobra as an amulet n2 (a bad one, but still do 3 manas of any color when summer bloom is played so...)

    I think there is a lot of ideas, good ones and bad ones, but still interesting to see.

    ya its too many ideas in 1 deck. but i wouldn't rule them out as unnessary.

    running 4 glittering wish to get answers is a cool idea.

    I've played courser in the deck before, its not that great over all.

    Mosswort Bridge this seems too few as only a 1 of. and unnecessary. majority of the time titan is only ever 8/6.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    I'm wondering how 1 or 2 of collected company would work in the deck. I find it works almost the same as Carrion Call but its better in that we could get infect creatures with abilities instead of 2 1/1 vanilla infect creatures. abilities in blighted agent or plague stinger.
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  • posted a message on Naya twin, instead of tempo, beat your opponent to death if you can't combo for the win!
    I was inspired by collected company and thought RUG twin would make good use of the card, but that doesn't seem to be the case, All i see is counter spells and a lot of weak creatures meant to enable permission and tempo alike. What not a lot of people are aware of is the white creatures that enable splinter twin combo. Looking through the available cards I have a lot more creatures with substantial attack power than I do in RUG and Grixis versions of splinter twin and I can get aggro value as well as combo value out of collected company. over all though this set up gives me a better game plan against grindier match ups game 1.

    -this is what I made so far. I'm not completely set on my utility spells. I think a few things could be switched up.
    -I like noble hierarch for the exalted, but It might not be necessary, don't like how it doesn't make red.
    -I'd need to change the mana base a little but It can still support blood moon in the side or the main which is another reason I like the naya colors.

    ramp and aggro
    3 birds of paradise
    3 noble hierarch
    4 Loxodon Smiter
    4 tarmogoyf
    2 eternal witness

    4 Village Bell-Ringer
    2 midnight guard

    4 splinter twin

    4 collected company
    2 Dromoka's Command
    2 boros charm
    4 lightning bolt

    1 gavony township
    1 kessig wolf run
    4 windswept heath
    4 copperline gorge
    2 Razorverge Thicket
    3 stomping ground
    3 temple garden
    2 wooded foothills
    1 forest
    1 plains
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    after doing some testing with the regular deck against burn, I'm leaning towards kor firewalker being my prefered means to handling the match up. however for lack of creatures since I'm still cycling them away to draw into what I need or get more lands, I added 1 Pharika, God of Affliction and 1 unburial rites just compensate for my game plan of benching living end. by the time I hit 5 mana for hard casting stuff I've accumulated on average 5 or more creatures in the graveyard which would otherwise just sit there for the rest of the game. so either choice still gives you value out of those early cycled creatures. this doesn't just pertain to the Burn match up, two kor firewalkers is usually enough to seal the match up, but if your using other 2cc silver bullets to replace living end and cascade into, then I see Pharika and unburial rites as useful means to keep some reanimator action going while living end is benched for the game.

    Another combo I noticed thats worthy of mention for the deck, but I'm not completely sold on it cause of white mana white mana , is some lists are already running spike feeder, going into white for Archangel of Thune gives the deck another powerful combo. Its not quite instant win like the splinter twin splash but it adds an aspect to the deck its never had before, infinite life and infinite sized creatures. combo pieces being creatures living end obviously reanimates the whole combo. I hate stretching the mana base for white mana white mana or green mana green mana , but I don't see it as something that can't be done. I don't think that mana base would play well with blood moon which in the current meta I find to be very necessary.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    did they miss spell something in this guys sideboard? http://www.tcdecks.net/deck.php?id=16321&iddeck=121992 sleight of hand for what? if its real?

    Quote from TableTopMagic »
    Has anyone tested or thought about Soul Spike. I know it is a really bad card advantage, but taking out a Deceiver Exarch or gaining 4 life out of nowhere could be very nice.

    Its a wierd card to run, 90% of the black cards we run serve a vital role.

    I can't justify pitching
    fulminator mage
    monstrous carabid
    street wraith
    demonic dread
    to power soul spike. you can't afford to hold those cards in hand to pay the alternative casting cost, they are going to the graveyard to build up for LE. If you draw soul spike mid game you might have already cycled away other black cards and be left for several turns with a brick in hand while your waiting for 2/1 black cards so you can play it. I don't see it being worth the investment. if you use it to kill deceiver exarch for free your throwing away too much long term value for a silver bullet. leave that sort of thing to simian spirit guide powering dismember.

    i'd rather run fury of the horde if we were to run this sort of spell at all. we have far more red cards in the deck than black cards. An extra attack step could be killer. though on the other hand the deck typically reaches 5 mana so Savage Beating could do just as much horror as fury of the horde.

    living twin update: I put magic away for past week or so, don't have much to report. I got PPTQ's coming up in April I'll put my money "where the fun has been" and report back then on Living Twin. (if i don't go to local tourny before hand.)

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  • posted a message on President Ted Cruz and Natural Born Citizenship
    if i'm reading this right 196 as of my posting are filed for the 2016 presidential election? http://www.fec.gov/press/resources/2016presidential_form2nm.shtml
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  • posted a message on President Ted Cruz and Natural Born Citizenship
    Quote from TheRogue »
    whos the guy that is going to look at Cruz's citizenship history and give him a yes or no on his application to run?

    if there isn't even an official within the government charged with checking this stuff, when why does it even matter?
    When somebody is accused of breaking federal law, the federal court system hears the case and decides it. In short: somebody has to sue Ted Cruz. I suspect in this case, a judge would quickly dismiss it on the grounds of "he was born a US citizen" or maybe just wave their hands and call standing. But a trickier test case might work its way up to the Supreme Court and get us an actual definition.

    Anytime a "listed requirement" such as this in ted cruz's instance has to be checked and the only ones who would do the checking is in the course of making a suet against someone, It seems like a gap of oversight on the governments part.

    -edit- here a few answers to what i was looking for.



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  • posted a message on phyrexian unlife
    phyrexian unlife

    if you have this on the field and your opponent attacks with 6 5/5s that are unblocked and hit you. will you go straight from 20 life to 10 poison counters in the same turn? or will you only drop to negative 10 life, and then the opponent's 5/5s gain infect?
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  • posted a message on President Ted Cruz and Natural Born Citizenship
    Quote from Surging Chaos »
    Bumping this now that Cruz has officially announced he's running for president. Having done a bit of digging around, I'd say there is no question that Cruz is eligible to run even though he was born in Canada. Since his mother was a natural-born US citizen, that's good enough for Cruz.

    whos the guy that is going to look at Cruz's citizenship history and give him a yes or no on his application to run?

    if there isn't even an official within the government charged with checking this stuff, when why does it even matter?
    I mean who ever becomes president is still screened by the voters to some extent.


    Moving into the broader and earlier Citizen discussion.

    even i'm in the camp of people thinking "what does citizenship really matter anymore?" (as in this time and date)
    Any independent sovereignty can make a law that says "(people fitting this description)" are considered citizens with or without those peoples concent. It only becomes action if someone tried to do something against "a described person" and used that Sovereignty's laws as justification. Which is going beyond way beyond the steps of "boundary of law" and "recognition of law".

    -a point that will make more sense to this discussion

    -If you ever explore plate tectonics or fields of geography you'll learn specifics of earth surface changing constantly, thats a quick summary to get to my more exact point I want to make. "Laws saying a citizen needs to be born with in and on soil or surface within a boundary as defined by a map" looks pretty out dated/useless/or even scary thing to base such a law off of, when you get to know about all of the little intricate steps necessary for geography/Geographic rules that go into keeping a maps, locations, location updates, and so on all up to date that other laws have a "legal map" to even work off of.


    Countries have already tried Geneology. pick your world history for success or failure story on the concept. With the rise in genetics, bar coding and labeling people has been proven to be a viable future, despite only being most commonly seen in science fixition, but usually this seem to ultimate leads to to similar ends as Geneology.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    Quote from StefanAustria »
    Unbans probably
    • Dig Through Time
    • Ponder
    • Preordain
    • Sensei's Divining Top

    you forgot jace, the mind sculptor.


    Quote from StrangeMewtu »

    I've considered, in addition to the Baloths (which I believe are very strong against Junk, though some have mixed opinions), adding a couple other heavy hitter finishers: Inferno Titan or Wurmcoil Engine are the big ones, maybe even a Karn or Ugin. Often our opponents are bringing in a ton of Scapeshift hate, for example a game I played yesterday against RW aggro where he started game 2 with two Leyline of Sanctity's in play. I was able to win off Baloth beats but would've been much easier with another huge non Scapeshift threat (I used Scapeshift to wrath his board that game which was sweet).

    I was actually testing with a Sarkhan Unbroken and an Ugin maindeck very briefly for a bit -- I think the Ugin is probably bad just because it's way too expensive to have in the main vs fast decks/decks that don't care about Ugin, but the Sarkhan was interesting. I ended up cutting it and tweaking the list, but since he does at worst replace himself, I could see going back to 1 or 2 main/side as a non-Scapeshift finisher. Keranos is another option of course.

    I tested Ugin as well... games 2 and 3, simple land destruction aimed at the main combo prevented me from ever getting him out.

    creatures tend to be the stronger back up plan.

    just putting this out there but Garruk, Primal Hunter is solid as well and dodges the creature hate like you'd want in any of the other options. One of the few walkers who has an ultimate condition that takes advantage of the deck's land core.

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  • posted a message on [Primer] Living End
    Quote from Sled_Dog »
    I think you're right about that. I'm not sure it makes his insight/ideas any less valuable. At least as much as one values it already.

    restoration angel in living end makes me relive memories of last year..... or was that 2 years ago? I don't think Woo offers much innovation for following. But he is still a recognizable name, if he picks up "Living Twin" and its concept i'm sure others will take notice. Take that for what it is. my concern that has me yelling at comp screen at Woo is, "your blowing the lid on all the top secret Living end tech!" (kidding)".

    fundamentally I don't see restoration angel as being effecient for the combo because it doesn't bring that tempo ability to the table like deceiver exarch/pestermite does. Which as I explained in my thoughts in earlier posts was the underlying strength of the splinter twin splash into the deck.

    -Woo's argument for Angel back in the day was it was a solid attacker and ETB trigger for using Hard casting as the sole back up plan for "reguluar" living end.
    - Plus woo doing it with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, obviously leaves the combo open to lightning bolt

    Quote from IronPlushy »
    What's the point in running a basic mountain? If they have blood moon it's not like you're going to be fetching mountains right?

    it can go both ways, you have blood moon or they have blood moon!

    my opinion is basic forest and swamp and you should be solid, no matter who brings the blood moon. Just fetch accordingly to play through or around it, or land it. Furthermore in my opinion that goes along with this, verdant catacombs is the ideal fetch for playing with blood moon as well.

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