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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on [Pauper] Ravnica Allegiance Spoiler Discussion
    In terms of raw power level impact, I think this is the same as recent sets with about one major new card per set (Ghitu Lavarunner in Dominaria, Devious Cover-Up in Guilds of Ravnica). In terms of unique effects and build-arounds, though, this set seems much bigger than average. And it's not just as if WotC is adding complexity to common, but it feels like they're creating more cards with depth and lenticular complexity.

    Pauper really got some treatment this set!

    There is some interesting stuff for sure. I just don't see much of it making much of an impact outside of maybe 3 or 4 cards.

    Skewer the Critics
    Clear the Mind
    Persistent Petitioners
    Growth Spiral

    Is about all that may make some inroads. Everything else seems like SB tech or fringe stuff. And notice what color 3 of these 4 are. Blue as always.

    RE: "Blue as always"...I think Skewer the Critics is going to be the one card to truly impact competitive Pauper, and it's totally un-blue.

    Clear the Mind is interesting, but I think Devious Cover-Up is probably better. Persistent Petitioners and Growth Spiral are interesting and might go into fringe rogue decks, but even though they're blue, they're not gonna go anywhere near the dominant Delver strategy. So even if they're blue I see them as pro-diversity, not anti-diversity.

    Sagittar's Volley is interesting compared to Aerial Volley. Unlike the latter, it's still a good SB card vs. Boros Monarch. You can kill one Kor Skyfisher or Glint Hawk, as well as all their Battle Screech tokens.

    Two other cards I haven't seen mentioned:

    Rubble Reading is probably the best new land destruction spell WotC has printed in ~13 years. I used to play Implode in UR LD deck during Invasion-Odyssey block Standard, and wished that effect were in Pauper for grindy LD decks. Scry 2 is often comparable to draw 1, so maybe this might make RG Ponza more of a thing in addition to Mono-G Ponza.

    Ill-Gotten Inheritance is a unique effect that might find a home. It's comparable to Pristine Talisman in UB Teachings decks, although this is also a win-con. Maybe this could go in GWB Enchantress decks, cutting the U they use for Curse of the Bloody Tome as a win-con?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Vine Storm
    In a non-psychological vacuum, the snow-covered lands are even strictly inferior since there's a non-zero chance you'll run into Thermokarst or Icequake. But it's a competitive of edge case vs. edge case.

    On the other hand, last month I was playing Burn vs. Izzet Blitz with snow-covered lands. The first game he was so mana-screwed he died quickly, only playing a Snow-Covered Island, Delver of Secrets, and some cantrips. I *did* think he was playing Izzet Delver and (incorrectly) sideboarded in Electrickery for the 2nd game. So there's at least one real world example of the "snow-covered bluff" actually working.
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  • posted a message on [Pauper] Ravnica Allegiance Spoiler Discussion
    I'm definitely gonna be playing Burn the week after RNA becomes legal. Skewer is gonna push that archetype forward...everyone make sure to pack some life gain in your SBs!

    Persistent Petitioner could spawn a new janky archetype. Don't know if it'll be good, but I did lose to a Relentless Rats deck in the final round of a tournament last week.

    It's not the splashiest card, but I'm actually considering running Titanic Brawl in my GW Tethmos deck. Those colors are light on instant-speed removal, and I'd even consider playing Pounce/Pit Fight since it's instant speed removal and gives a Heroic trigger on Tethmos High Priest. Also the deck runs 4x Travel Preparations, so the +1/+1 counter effect is a slight upside over those cards.
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  • posted a message on Five well tuned Monocolored Legacy decks that play well against each other.
    Quote from oscarc »
    Do you intend to follow the ban-list of Legacy in this battle box? I was just wondering about the two copies of Gush in the blue deck. But I can understand if you decide not to, as it doesn't seem to do anything broken in that deck.

    He posted his battle box of Pauper decks for example. That's why it has Gush.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Turbo Fog
    I took a new post-UMA version of my Turbo Fog list to my local store night, and ended up going 3-0-1 (technically 2-0-2 due to an intentional draw in the last round, but we still played it out and I won that one). The deck used to play artifact lands and Quiet Disrepair (1 maindeck, 3 sideboard) but my new list basically just treats Burn as an unwinnable match-up, to better focus on other ones. This might be a brief window in which Turbo Fog can really shine, as I think Burn's poised to rise in the meta with Skewer the Critics, but it was a fun night!

    I won vs. Boros Monarch, Gruul Cascade Aggro, and UG Delver. My tied game was against Boros Bully.

    Here's the list:

    You'd think Gush + Foil would be a bigger include in this deck, but I think the deck can only support 1 of each. The thing is, winning the Delver match-up is all about matching their counters with your own counters + extra Fogs. You need to keep a huge amount of mana up each turn so they can't overload you and get in with that lethal swing. Thus, setting your land count back 2 isn't something you can do on the regular...the list just has 1 Gush for late-game haymaker plays. This "cheap interaction war" is also why I think being able to go up to 4 Dispels post-sideboarding is huge for the Delver matchups.

    Another interesting strategic quirk: against many decks that roll out pressure slowly (like Boros Monarch), I actually sideboard lands out. 1 Forest first, then maybe 1 Island. Against those decks you don't need the green mana early since you probably won't be fogging until turns 5-6. Against Boros Monarch, I'm OK with being a bit mana screwed early if it means I have more Dispels to fight through their Galvanic Blasts + Pyroblasts.

    My favorite "evil mastermind" moment in Pauper is Portent'ing you opponent with Jace's Erasure in play. "Oh, so that's what you sideboarded in? Too bad you won't get a chance to use it, mwa ha ha..."

    Other changes I'd make to the deck: This deck needs some way to beat Aura Fracture vs. Boros Bully. Maybe 1-2 Echoing Truth in the SB. Repulse didn't really help in the SB, and will get cut. I thought it might be good vs UB Delver if they're beating down with 1 Gurmag Angler, but didn't face the deck, so who knows.

    EDIT: After thinking about it, green enchantment removal is a better answer to resolved Aura Fractures than bounce. Ideally, I just counter it, but there are turns when they attack and I have to fog, then they play Aura Fracture with Pyroblast backup vs the one counterspell I can cast. After searching gatherer for green cards with "Enchantment" + "Destroy" in the text, I'm planning on going with eith 2 copies of either Nullmage Advocate, Rending Vines, or Nature's Claim. Also keeps Torex from recurring Crypt Rats.
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  • posted a message on Work that Name
    Sword of Consuming Flame 1
    At the beginning of your upkeep, if Sword of Consuming Flame is attached to a creature, put a -1/-1 counter on that creature. Otherwise, it deals 1 damage to you.
    Equipped creature gets +4/+2.
    Equip 1

    Acid Breath
    Many-Colored Flame
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  • posted a message on Super niche cards only designed for one cute interaction
    So a long time ago when I was first getting into MTG, back in Invasion-Odyssey standard, I used to have a really bad GWU turbo-fog deck with Holistic Wisdom and Questing Phelddagrif as the win condition. I was thinking about Holistic Wisdom recently, and got the idea for this card:

    Tribal Artifact Creature Enchantment Instant Sorcery Planeswalker
    (Nonexistent mana costs can't be paid.)

    (Inspired by Evermind)

    It's all card types except land, since I think then you could play it without a mana cost. Designed for Holistic Wisdom, but also possibly useful for Tarmogoyf and Delirium...and maybe other applications?
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  • posted a message on Work that Name
    Strike from the Sky UG
    At the beginning of your upkeep, you may have target creature you control with flying lose flying until end of turn. If you do, it fights target creature without flying.

    Celestial Mandate
    Rain Dance
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  • posted a message on Pestilent Spirit
    Is anyone else just slightly irked that it's not a take on Pestilence ala Pestilence Demon?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Pauper Turbo Fog
    I've also been thinking recently about how the meta shift from UR to UB Delver dominance might make UG Turbofog a bit more competitive. A lesser chance of running into Spellstutter Sprite is a huge boon, IMHO. Also, UB Delver has more black removal that can't go to your face ala Lightning Bolt.

    Plus, if they want to cycle through their Thought Scours, they have to mill themselves. On one hand, you're feeding they're Delve with your milling, but on the other hand UB Delver can already mostly assume it can cast all the Gurmag Anglers it can draw.

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  • posted a message on Farscape: Rare or Uncommon?
    I vote uncommon. I'd reserve uncommon more for workhorse staples that can fit into many different archetypes, and rare for cards that are either very splashy or require a whole deck to be built around them. But that's just my philosophy.

    Also Precedent: Terrain Generator. Feels a bit like Ghost Town, too.
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  • posted a message on Tweak The Card
    Turn to Rot BBB
    Target opponent discards two cards. For each land card discarded this way, add BB.
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  • posted a message on Odyssey Eggs Reprise
    Making these mana neutral, as opposed to the existing eggs/Chromatic Star/Chromatic Sphere, is a very bad idea.

    Letting a Storm/Eggs deck run 24 copies of Manamorphose )assuming this is a complete cycle) could get very problematic.

    A realistic example turn in a Pauper deck:

    Turn 1: Vault of Whispers, Disciple of the Vault.
    Turn 2: Another artifact land, crack egg, crack egg, crack egg, drop a Lotus Petal you've drawn into, crack egg, crack egg, crack egg, drop another Lotus Petal, sac both Lotus Petals to Thoughtcast to get past terminals, crack egg, crack egg, get another Lotus Petal and Drafna's Restoration eventually, etc...
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  • posted a message on Help: Blue Trolls? (Can blue support regeneration?)
    How about

    "Whenever X would die, instead, put it into your library 2nd (or 3rd) from the top."

    I think that captures the "slowly regrowing" ability."

    Another precursor would be Wayward Soul.
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  • posted a message on What could make edh casual
    I'd consider the incentives.

    Competitive EDH: Pay in, prize pay-out based on winning.

    Casual EDH: Pay in, prize pay-out based on players voting for coolest deck/best sport (you can't vote for yourself).
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