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  • posted a message on Why do counterspells feel unfun to play against?
    I would love to see a hard counterspell with the following:

    Just Say No


    As an additional cost to play Just Say No, pay 2 life or sacrifice target creature
    Counter Target Spell
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  • posted a message on Changing it up
    Quote from PhantomLotus
    Agent of the Fates BW
    Creature - Human Assassin (R)
    Heroic — Whenever you cast a spell that targets Agent of the Fates, each opponent sacrifices a creature.

    I like that change, simple and makes it a great card. It requires a bit of mana fixing but plays into standards aggro nature and slows down creature heavy decks.
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  • posted a message on Changing it up
    A friend and I were talking the other day about what changes would be needed towards each card to make it viable in today's standard environment. Of course changing power/toughness levels is obvious but I decided to take a different approach.

    If you could only adjust the mana cost of it and any activations what would they need to be to change a $0.99 cent rare into a $10.00 one. You are free to take any rare below $1.00 in any standard legal set and suggest what you would change and why to make it a great card. I am not talking about broken but a card that can hold its own and not be a disappointment when you open it. I chose to use Born of the Gods as the pre-release is today

    Arbiter of the Ideal

    Blue really doesn't have much going for it in terms of ramp but due to great mana fixing the double blue isn't that hard to get. However, costing six, summoning sickness and then the inspired ability, we are talking about a turn 7-8 ability that only has the chance to change the boardstate. It does have evasion with flying but I don't think it's enough. This card, at most should cost 3UU and if it were a mythic should cost 1UUU to assist with the devotion mechanic and then the card I believe is playable.

    Another change

    Scourge of Skola Vale

    This card is begging to be put into a sac deck (EDH and legacy are drooling), the only thing keeping it from the spotlight is the requirement of being tapped. Any tapped abilities need to be stronger than those that just cost mana as they don't tie up the creature for attacks or blocks. I would eliminate the tap cost and add a cost of G and thats what I believe would make it playable. This card is similar to Scavenging Ooze but due to trample it has the potential to cause even greater damage.

    Those are my picks for a change, if they are overpowered(they may be) suggest a counter cost that you believe would still make the card cost at least $10.00
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  • posted a message on Most copies of a card
    I collect Kiss of the Amesha, I think I have 150 or so.

    I also collect Emancipation Angel, the highlight is a Russian foil a friend gave to me, where he got it beats me, he can barely speak English.

    I really only collect cards where I connect with the artwork. Kkiss of the amesha really calms my spirt and emancipation angel looks like my sister. Of course I could probably connect with dozens of other cards but I haven't found any yet.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Quote from grapplingfarang
    That creates so many problems, it would be a nightmare for basically all parties involved. When are average prices calculated? These cards will surely drop like a rock if it was announced they would be considered proxies. Is WOTC ready to take a huge financial hit if these are calculated at a decent price before they drop? If not they are really screwing over anybody who has bought a card on the Reserved list before? For people trying to get into Legacy/Vintage, do they think the new printings will be easy to get? I'm sure they would be released in fairly small numbers and hoarded big. I'm not really a fan of the reserved list, but this idea borders on parody.

    Well it was just a thought that would give investors actual greenbacks for their cards and then people who couldn't afford them could buy packs. I'll leave the logistics out of it but it solves both sides. It is the same problem when wizards creates a duel deck with an amazing card, people buy them up and then just resell the money card. There has to be a balance between the playing of the game and the financial clout it takes to be successful.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Quote from Korsakovia
    Often the discussion comes down to two sides. Those that want to see reprints to ease prices/make it easier to enter the format, and those that treat their cards like gold investments and throw a fit anytime someone mentions 'reprints'.

    Well how about this compromise from Wizards/Hasbro

    "We understand that many of our collectors do not wish for us to abandon the reserved list; however, we feel as a company we need to make changes in order to grow.

    What we would like to offer all of our players is the opportunity to buy your reserved list cards from you for a value to be determined by average price over approximately twenty worldwide stores. The purchase of these cards will take place at many locations world-wide over the course of the 2015 year. Of course you would need to cover the expense of travel (but if you are complaining about losing your investment, you obviously have the money to spend on airfare haha). If you choose to not sell us your cards that is your choice but those cards will be considered proxies at all sanctioned tournaments and be considered illegal.

    Once this initial purchase has been completed we will then release a Reserved List reprinting set with new borders but the original artwork. These packs will be sold just like our core set/expansion sets and will be in a quantity to allow all players an opportunity to get into the format of eternal and own a piece of magic's history.

    This message has been created in response to many of our players expressing a strong hatred of the reserved list and while we feel there may be alternate methods of this problem, we will it will be the best for the future of this game."

    This solves all problems
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  • posted a message on Pricing on Booster Box
    85 dollars for a pre-order is a good deal. I think the lowest pre-order around here is going for 100.00 (tax included). Sometimes a pre-order is great when a few chase rares are spoiled and the price of a box jumps a bit. But then again the value of the box can be greatly reduced if there aren't any good cards that drastically shake up tier 1 decks.

    Just make sure you draft the boxes you buy or do sealed style for the learning experience. Just cracking packs when you have that much product is a waste. If 85.00 is the total price please post the stores contact info because I'll buy a few too.
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  • posted a message on Why is trying to win bad?
    Ok, I believe casual means different things to different players. If you are a Spike and you are playing a casual game with a Timmy do not counter or use his own creatures against him. If he plays a big creature expect just a tap and swing type of game.

    If you are a Spike and your opponent is a Spike then there is nothing casual about this game and your opponent has the same mentality.

    In my opinion if you want a casual game make it creature focused with some defense but mostly offensive. It won't be a great deck against all types but it will be strong against decks similar in focus.
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  • posted a message on How long do you think fnm rounds should go?
    Quote from mondu_the_fat
    Then suddenly you're closing up a lot later than you should, which means you have kids going home long past they should. If I were the store owner, I'd like to close shop before 10pm

    Wow, our FNM's go much later but then again the LGS I frequent caters to the college/adult age group so we normally begin around six, do 5-6 rounds @45 minutes and finish around 1200 or so. Then we do a single elimination draft. There have been times when I have arrived at the LGS at 4pm and left at 4am.

    We do have kids at our shop and their parents don't let them finish the tournament obviously but the owner does something really neat for them.

    For anyone under the age of 13, for each match win they earn before their parents pick them up they get a pack. This encourages them to try and win but doesn't make them leave empty handed due to having to leave early. Oh by the way, it costs $5.00 entry to play regardless of age so the shop is breaking even or coming out ahead.
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  • posted a message on Please stop shuffling opponent's deck if you don't know how
    I haven't played in any events where my deck was shuffled as y'all are describing but is it against the rules at REL events to use a proxy deck. You show the judges the actual cards and then you just use land cards to represent what you own but don't want to play with.

    Sorry if this was a bit off topic

    Spam warning -Rax
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  • posted a message on Save or Open and Play
    I bought all 5 commander decks today at the local walmart, each was priced at 29.99. The clerk sort of chuckled when the price was 165.00 for 5 small packages.

    Now here is my question, I bought them to play with them but what is the general consensus on whether or not these decks will rise in price over the next few months or will their value remain at 29.99(at the big box stores) My LGS already has them jacked up to $40.00
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  • posted a message on How Much Skill is There Really in Constructed Magic?
    Quote from bocephus
    Your logic is flawed. You play against another person, another deck. The situation is changing on a constant basis. Just because you can set up your deck to have a solid goldfish game, does not mean that same set up will beat the deck your friend builds, or any deck for that matter.

    Luck does play a factor in the game. Some people just dont understand that.

    If luck does not play into the game think about this: How many people have you seen, who after a lost game look at the top card of their library? If only I was luckier and drew that card last turn. Skill only goes so far but there is a tertiary element to the game of magic: Deck composition and design.

    A pro-player using a tier 3 deck will need more luck on his/her side playing against a beginning player piloting a tier 1 deck. Agree/Disagree?
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  • posted a message on Theros gameday set-specific requirement?
    I wasn't aware of how much the DCI dictates how a tournament has to be done. I meant no disrespect but sometimes certain stores read things differently in the rules and if no one has said anything in the past they have no reason to believe their methods are not allowed.
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  • posted a message on How Much Skill is There Really in Constructed Magic?
    If you want to really see how luck can affect the game of magic consider this:

    How much do you think luck plays into a game where each player has 100 life points vs. a normal game of 20.

    If you want to try a little experiment do this: Create a deck any way you wish and have a friend do it the same way. Now each of you stack your deck any way you wish. (Library manipulation cards of any sort are prohibited-including mill, and scry. Once the deck is set you only touch it to draw for the turn or extra draws) Don't tell each other what your deck is at would ruin the experiment.

    Now play a game of magic. Do you think luck plays into this game. How could it, you are drawing exactly what you wanted when you wanted it.
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  • posted a message on Theros gameday set-specific requirement?
    You are a guest at a magic shop your rarely attend, I don't see what the problem is here. Perhaps the stipulation was added to create a more leveled playing field because having 10 random cards can seriously damage a tier 1 deck's design. Oh well, if you don't like it, don't play. But those are my thoughts from an EDH player who loves house rules and changes to deck design on the spot as it encourages creativity.
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