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    I'd love to just join because I'm sure it'll be awesome, but I'm over-committed atm.
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    D1: RIP Bugs Bunny?

    Bugs Bunny is lounging in a hammock in his warren, demolishing a carrot in record time. Behind him, a beautifully wrapped gift topped with a giant green and blue striped bow lowers on a string into his hole. A tiny bell rings from outside the hole, and Bugs turns around, spotting the gift. With a smirk, he ambles over and puts it up to his ear, the tell-tale ticking clearly audible. With a sigh, he swings the gift over to a pneumatic tube marked "Bomb Gifts" and tosses the package in, snipping the string with a pair of scissors. The tube whisks the package up and away, and Bugs shuffles back across the room and hops back into his hammock.


    An explosive device under the hammock, pressure-rigged to the next occupant, explodes, obliterating the warren. Seen from above, nothing remains but a smoking crater.

    From behind various trees, rocks, bushes, and other assorted landscaping, seven nefarious looking characters creep, looks of incredulity, suspicion, and shock on their faces. Bugs had long been a thorn in many sides, but he was never supposed to actually be killed. Someone has deviated from the mutually agreed upon script.

    From behind another tree, a tall detective wearing a brown trenchcoat and a bristly mustache appears. Striding briskly, he approaches the crater and looks down, shaking his head with a tsk tsk.

    I,he growls, am Inspector Mortaire, and NO ONE leaves the scene! Pulling several spades out of his sleeve, he tosses them to the various characters surrounding him. Quick, the poor victim may still be alive. Dig! And I will solve this case by the time we find the body, or I will turn in my badge in shame.

    The seven characters around him began frantically digging, dirt flying everwhere, as the inspector began to question each in turn...


    Day 1 has begun!

    With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lunch.

    D1 deadline is set for 2:30pm MST on Saturday, July 20th.
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    Silver, what interactions do you think make Chris possible buddies with LnG?
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    Oy. And practically nothing on Will, so he's on my scrutiny list, too.
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    It helps that LnG only had 26 posts.
    30: Votes Rhand, interacts with me, Tom, Silver, and Grape. Only one that's even close to serious is with Grape.
    32: Interacts with Shadow, humor involved. Shadow's response is spot-on. Possible this is theatre/soft-lobbing?
    40: Says Grape's newer style isn't working for him.
    41: Name drops Chris, but doesn't really comment on him.
    44: Uses a lot of words to hedge on Grape, says he feels different from normal. Comment to Rhand feels more pockety than open-wolfy, imo.
    51: Responds to Shin's question, asks if Shin's vote on Tom is real.
    61: Responds to Tom's question on why Grape feels different, sorta works around the idea that Grape felt scummy before but doesn't now. Mild shade on Shin's ability (or effort).
    69: Mild shades Shin, questions him again.
    94: Responds to Tom's question on Grape, asks Tom if Tom can read Grape, tells Shadow his Grape question wasn't related just to this game.
    140: Says Rhand is townier than Chris, likes Rhand's catch on Tubba's RB/JK comment, votes Tubba. Re-addresses Shin about his Tom vote. +town to Tubba.
    146: Responds to Tubba, questions why Tom questioned him (LnG) but didn't question Tubba. Teams Tom/Chris/Shadow but says it's probably not that easy. More +town to Tubba. Mild tinfoil that LnG is well aware of the rule of 3 and Tom being the NK is partly to paint Chris/Shadow in worse light, but Tom was probably just killed because he's a good player.
    147: Addresses me and Rhand, tries to paint Tubba scum if Tom flips scum...? -town to Tubba?
    150: Hedges on Chris in response to pressure from Chris. Questions Tom, again intimates that Tubba's post should receive scrutiny (if LnG's post should).
    152: Mild shade on Tubba.
    153: Votes Tom "to bother him".
    159: Responds to Tubba.
    265: Responds to my question about Rhand, says if he was already reading Rhand as scum Rhand's leaping from Tubba to Shadow is something he'll have to think about. Pushes on Tom for defending Tubba, mentions that Chris might also do that.
    273: Attacks Tom again for defending Tubba, shades Shadow, tries to tie Chris to Tom by asking why Chris didn't comment on Tom in his big post.
    276: Tells Tom that Tom was defending Tubba by attacking Lng.
    277: Pushes Chris to weigh in on Tom.
    331: Looking at this in context, I can sorta see where Grape's coming from on his read of the whole "Will/Rhand/Shadow" thing, but I don't think it points to a scum!Shadow. I could see cases for "LnG coaching Will on making a bad read" or "LnG soft defending Rhand", but not "LnG saw Will being suspicious of Rhand for voting Shadow and felt the need to comment because Shadow's his buddy." He also says Tom and Shadow are impossible to lynch and need focus in later Days, and lowers the importance of his meta question to Grape.
    356: Asks Silver why no one wants to lunch Riku. +town to Wisp. Sounds Tubba out on Chris not interacting with Tom.
    887: Catch up post.
    888: Never mind, self hammer.
    891: Congratulates me.
    898: Parting shot at Tom.
    • I don't feel like his interactions with Tubba are scum/scum. It sounds like he's sounding him out, but not in a "hey, want to go in this direction" kind of way. Tubba is town.
    • I get an orbiting/satellite vibe from LnG on Chris; I think LnG was afraid of Chris, and I'm leaning toward "because Chris is town and a good player" more than "because Chris is his buddy and LnG is afraid of angering him/being bussed".
    • Not a lot of interaction with Shin, but what is there felt like attacks. Lean town on Vaimes.
    • Barely any interaction with Silver, but 356 makes me feel a little better on Silver because, similar to Tubba, it feels like LnG encouraging Silver to do the dirty work. Slight lean town on Silver.
    • Barely any interaction with Riku/Wisp, either, but the one there is is +town to Wisp.
    • Other than the joking around with Shadow at the start of the thread, not much from LnG to Shadow. Null to maybe slight scum lean.
    • There's a LOT of interaction about Grape (which is expected, given that his question to Grape generated a lot of conversation), but not a lot with Grape. Possible that he offered up a "hot" read on buddy!Grape in his first post, then got tangled up in people focusing on that. I want to iso Grape.
    • Lots of interactions with Rhand, RVS vote would be on a buddy, comment in 44 feels pockety, towns Rhand pretty heavily. I want to say that LnG asking a read of me and Rhand in 147 is indicative of Rhand being scum because I'm town, but it's possible that LnG just asked two town. I want to iso Rhand, too.

    Sorry I'm moving so slow, but I'll plan on looking at Rhand, Grape, and Shadow next, maybe just a reread-skim with heavy attention paid to those three.
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  • posted a message on What's Up Doc? - D1: RIP Bugs Bunny?
    Game-Specific Rules:
    1. Have fun. Don't make the game not fun for others.
    2. Play the game by posting regularly.
    3. I'd like to try shorter phases, so I'm planning on 96-hour Days and 24-hour Night action submission deadlines, with ~12 hours after Night deadlines before the next Day begins. If you feel like this will be an issue, please let me know and we can look at other options.

    #0: I am the mod and I reserve the rights to change these rules.

    I am the final arbiter of role interactions and game rule infringements. I will never lie or intentionally mislead you. If you have a problem with a ruling I make, please shelve it until after the game. To the best of my and my reviewers' knowledge, this is not a bastard game.

    #1: Have fun, be respectful towards the other players and follow the normal forum rules. This is a game, which we're playing for fun. Expect a low tolerance for flaming.

    You are responsible for following all forum and subforum rules and guidelines. Forum-wide rules are available here. Mafia subforum rules are available here. Additional subforum rules are here:

    Quote from MafiaScribe »
    -Game Limit-
    Players may participate in only three games at any given time. An exception to this rule can be made by moderators in need of a replacement for a game, if no other replacement can be found.

    If you no longer wish to participate in a game for any reason, contact the moderator. Do NOT attempt to force the moderator to modkill you.

    -Current Game Discussion-
    A player in an ongoing game may not discuss that game with any other player in that game, or in public forums. Also, it is a good idea to ask permission before discussing the game with anyone outside the game, because they can no longer replace into the game once any meaningful discussion takes place.


    Unless explicitly authorized by the game moderator in their opening rules section, cryptoclaims are forbidden.

    -Out-of-game Promises-

    Players may not use out-of-game promises (example: I swear on my grandmother's life, I bet you my entire collection of magic cards, etc.) in an effort to influence other players.

    -Multiple Players On One Account
    "Hydra" accounts - multiple people playing and posting as one player with shared access to the "gimmick" account, are not allowed unless they have prior approval from the specific game Moderator. Please do not do this on your own.

    -Traitor/Alignment Switching Roles
    Game moderators are strongly encouraged to be extraordinarily careful if they seek to include a traitor role in their designs. These roles are notorious for causing games to implode, for creating fairness concerns, and for the challenge they pose to the town's behavioral analysis. (See Discussion in Council Thread, Post 3351, onwards.)

    Mafia is a game, we’re here to have fun. Please be respectful of your fellow players. Sometimes emotions run high and we get caught up in the moment. That is not an excuse for flaming or poor sportsmanship.

    Quote from Forum Rules
    Flaming is a hostile verbal attack directed at another person or group of people. Trolling is the act of deliberately provoking a hostile reaction from other users. These actions will not be tolerated. Additionally, harassing and flaming someone via PMs may trigger more severe offenses, up to and including a suspension.

    We do not recognize excuses such as "he flamed me first!"; if you feel attacked by other members, report the post and let moderators handle it rather than flame back. Similarly, if you feel that someone is trolling, just report the post/thread. Calling someone a troll also amounts to flaming/trolling.

    The rule of thumb is to criticize the idea, not the person. You may think a deck is bad, and you may say so (though make it constructive), but a deck being bad doesn't make the poster an idiot. Be respectful.

    Responding to other people with unwarranted hostility, picking fights and in general being a jerk to other members is also grounds for moderation. Remember, it is everyone's job to be friendly and civilized, and maintain other users' good forum experience. We want people to get along.

    Even though Mafia involves attacking other players, flaming is still not allowed. Please refrain from personal insults, especially personal insults coupled with profanity. Attacking another user's play (e.g. "That was an incredibly stupid vote") is acceptable.

    Also, remember that image leeching is not allowed on MTGSalvation.

    Quote from Forum Rules
    Image Leeching

    Image leeching is hot linking to an image (using [img] tags) that is NOT hosted on:

    MTGSalvation.com (including anything starting media-dominaria.cursecdn.com)
    Your own webhosting
    An image uploading site like Facebook, ImageShack.us or Photobucket.com
    A site that has given you express permission to hotlink

    We HIGHLY suggest that all Rumor Mill posts attach images to the posts using the forums' own software. We have had cases in the past where WoTC's website was down and images were unavailable, and where Photobucket/personal image sites removed high traffic images.

    If you are unsure whether a site is considered a photo hosting website, the best thing to do is upload them to MTG Salvation or your own photo hosting website account. Alternatively, you can ask a moderator.

    While profanity itself is not against the forum rules, and you are free to include profanity in your posts as appropriate, certain words are automatically censored by forum software. Do not attempt to evade the censor. Self-censoring, any attempt to 'cheat' a word past the censor, or attempting to clarify what a censored word is, are all considered censor evasion. If you're going to swear, just swear.

    While I don't care about cursing, I will report, replace, and/or modkill you for derogatory content, in particular, slurs, in relation to another user or person, at my own reasonable discretion.

    #2: Keep the out-of-game separate from the in-game. This is a modkillable offence.

    • DO NOT talk about this game outside of this thread and quicktopic links or PMs given to you in your role PM or approved by me. Please ensure I am copied in on any out-of-game messages sent to other players.
    • DO NOT directly quote or screenshot your role PM or any private communications (QuickTopics, etc.) when posting in the main game thread. This includes mason chats and scum chats. Please paraphrase - if you are in doubt, ask me before posting!
    • When generating (or faking, as applicable) reads, please do not use angleshooting or out of game knowledge, to the best of your ability. This means do not use the timing, reasons, or order of substitutions and modkills to influence others, do not use the timing or phrasing of role PMs to influence others, do not make alignment bets with out of game consequences, and do not use “trust tells” or similar. This list is not exhaustive.

    #3: DO NOT edit, delete, or thank posts. Even if it’s an accidental double post. This is a modkillable offense.

    #4: No funny business. DO NOT use invisible text, cryptography, tiny writing, hidden messages, acronym/alphabet claims, or similar. DO NOT post after you are dead. DO NOT post if you are not a player. This is a modkillable offense.

    #5: Post game-related content at least once every 48 hours. LET'S MAKE THIS A REPLACEMENT-FREE GAME, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

    If you have not posted in 48 hours, you will be prodded. Failing to respond to the prod within 48 hours will lead to your replacement. Content is, of course, subjective, but “Posting to avoid prod,” “catching up,” or similar short not-really-game-related posts are obviously not content. If you need to be absent for an extended period of time please post “V/LA until [Date]” in bold on its own line in the thread so that I and the other players know when you’ll be back. You do not need to explain your reasons for being absent in thread. If you will be gone for more than four or five days you should consider requesting replacement.

    #6: I make no promises about public answers to any question. If you have a question about your role or a rules interaction, please communicate with me privately.

    I will be particularly unlikely to answer questions posed to me in the game thread other than questions about vote counts or deadlines. If you raise a question in a private message that needs addressing to the entire game (regarding a special rule or similar), I will respond as I feel is appropriate.

    #7: By confirming that you have received your Role PM you also confirm that you have read it. Not reading your Role PM is a reportable offense.

    #8: Once lynch threshold is reached, votes are considered locked in. Votes and unvotes made after that will not be counted. (This is known as the Twilight phase.)

    #9: If deadline is reached and no player has reached lynch threshold, the day ends with no lynch.

    #10: Make your votes clear to the mod. BOLD your votes and place them on separate line.

    Unbolded votes will not be counted, nor will votes in the middle of a huge wall of text. Unvoting is helpful but is not required.

    #11: Scum players may submit actions for other scum players if the other scum player has not submitted an action. However, if the other player ever submits an action, their fellow scum cannot change what that player submitted.


    TL;DR: Be excellent to each other, post something substantial every 48 hours, ask me questions in private when possible, don’t edit or delete posts, no funny business involving cryptography, etc. and... have fun, that’s the whole point.

    Game Setup:
    What's Up, Doc?
    Open Micro for 7 Players
    1x Town Doctor
    1x Town Macho Cop (Protective abilities used on this player won't prevent a kill.)
    3x Town Vanilla

    1x Mafia Roleblocker
    1x Mafia Goon

    Game notes:
    • Mafia have both Daychat and Nightchat.
    • The town win condition is "You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated."
    • The mafia win condition is "You win when you control the lynch or nothing can prevent that from being the case."
    • Sample Town Vanilla Role PM:

    Welcome to What's Up Doc Mafia!

    You are Bugs Bunny, Town Vanilla.

    You have no abilities beyond your voice and your vote.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, and confirm that you've read and understand your role by responding to this message.

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  • posted a message on What's Up Doc? - D1: RIP Bugs Bunny?

    What's Up Doc?
    An Open Micro Setup for 7 Players
    Modded By Cantripmancer
    Reviewed by ganderin_dan and Osieorb18

    Welcome to What's Up Doc Mafia!

    The Loonies:
    1. BeerofDiscord
    2. MifareSX
    3. M1ndreaver
    4. Rodemy
    5. shadowlancerx
    6. tomsloger
    7. vezokpiraka

    Backup Animations:
    1. Lastwhisper
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  • posted a message on Cantripmancer's Micro-a-Thon 2: Electric Microbrew [6/7]
    Ok, so NOW we have 7. Sorry for the delay. Long weekend, crazy busy, yadda yadda.

    I'll rand and send role pm's this afternoon. Looks like we'll go with What's Up Doc.
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    Oh, and Happy Birthday, Chris. I hope it's a fun one!
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    Quote from Grapefruit21 »
    Quote from Lastwhisper »
    Doubt, u are so focused on Rhand, I've already pointed out that some interactions make Rhand/grr unlikely

    Tell me why shadow looks bad?

    I found them completely lacking in persuasion. Giving a read based on mechanical speculation (which is the strongest thing you pointed to) is the exact easiest type of read to fake on a buddy.

    As for why Shadow looks bad take a look at 331. I think it's very likely that 1 of Will, Shadow, or Rhand is a buddy. I obviously have Rhand as most likely but it's also a weird defense of Shadow.
    I don't see where you see Will/Shadow/Rhand being more likely to be buddies from 331. Just that first line? That doesn't feel nearly significant enough to warrant your highlight. What am I missing?
    Quote from Rodemy »
    Tubba isn't even on his scumteam.

    Shadow and Chris are though.
    Which tbh i think clears them.
    Maybe chris more than shadow tbh.
    I think your take on Tubba is spot-on, but I feel like you're going very 0-level with the Shadow/Chris reads.

    I think Silver's claim is >rand to come from town, although I don't quite get why we have multiple PR's outing themselves with so little pressure. Yes, writing on the wall/saving time is one thing, but there's also something to be gained from seeing WHO attacks you for what, how, etc, BEFORE you claim. :/

    I don't really want to lunch either Silver or Wisp toDay. They both say they have provable claims; scum are going to have to do something about them or risk us gaining info.

    I should have some time in a few hours to look over LnG's iso and give my take on it.
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    I was hoping to catch up tonight, but only made it a few posts into page 20. And I'm not going to have any free time tomorrow.

    V/LA until Monday, hopefully Monday during the day, otherwise Monday night.
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  • posted a message on Cantripmancer's Micro-a-Thon 2: Electric Microbrew [6/7]
    Quote from vezokpiraka »
    /in for watchmen.

    What's up doc is such a boring setup. The gameplay is almost identical to the normal version where the cop can be protected, except it's not as broken. It's also fairly irrelevant as long as the scum have a roleblocker. There's also the problem with the doc that acts as cop clear if he saves someone. I guess it's small enough that it will still be interesting, but yeah.
    I guess I should ask: if this fires running What's Up Doc, are you still /in?

    (Same question to everyone else, I guess. That was my assumption, that /in meant "here's my preference, but I'll play even if the other setup runs", but...no assumptions.)
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    Quote from LnGrrrR »
    Yes Cantrip, I was scum. Congrats!
    Not so congrats; I didn't think you were scum.

    LnGrrrR (6) - tomsloger (#144), shadowlancerx (#353), Lastwshisper (#487), Sir Chris (#839), Silvercrys3467 (#843), Rodemy (#858)

    Tom probably town, Shadow still questionable (hi, Shadow *waves*), Wisp town, Chris best candidate for the bus, but Silver possible, too. Rod more town than scum.

    There, that ought to be plenty of chuckle fuel for the spec chat. Slant
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    I choose to interpret this as self-hammering scum and tomorrow's going to be a lot of fun given how much I pushed away from him, but we'll still have one scum down so it'll all be ok.
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  • posted a message on Hill House Mafia Day 2: Tom Does Dallas
    I could vote Chris or Tom, or LnG or maybe Rhand to prevent no lunch. Maybe Vaimes, but I'd mostly rather not.

    Less than 3 hours. Absolute worst case scenario is no lunch. Please let's not let that happen.
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