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  • posted a message on One Last Job Mission 1
    Not a lot of time, but...

    @Rhand: I feel like I've gotten a pretty good bead on LnG over the past few games. I have been feeling more confident about Shadow, but my paranoia messes with me because he's so good. I thought I had you pegged before the most recent spate of games, but I haven't been so good at reading you recently. KJ nearly always sounds town to me. I don't really have much on Wisp, and no one ever has anything on Riku, afaict.

    Let's say I'm considering sending myself, LnG, and Riku on the first mission. Good idea/bad idea?

    Oh, and I don't think I can roleplay effectively, unless you guys want a bunch of posts with *grunt* and *flex*. (I'm Spike, the muscle.)
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  • posted a message on One Last Job Mission 1
    @Shadow: Lol. Also, why didn't you answer my question? Also also, I'm skeptical that you hadn't read the dummy mission rules prior to post 13.

    @Wisp: We've never played together, correct? You spectated FFAI over on MAL, iirc, but that was nowhere near a "normal" game. Do you have an impression of me as a player/what is it?

    @Lng: Eyebrow Why would I ask you what I could do to prove that I was a FBI Agent? Nothing you said made me feel like you were thinking independently except for your second strategy; can you detail why you think that would be effective?

    @KJ: Fun fact: I was originally going to help Grape write flavor for this, but I got lazy. :p As to your question: Why wouldn't I put myself on the mission? (Yes, that's a serious question.) I know I can trust me; that reduces the variables. I was sorta bummed that Grape put that allowance in, as I think it's more interesting if you can't just pick yourself. But I'm not going to throw that advantage away on principle.

    @Rhand: Snap judgement, then: what are Shadow and Lng's alignments? (I won't hold you to this; just looking for your knee-jerk at this (very early) point in time.)
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  • posted a message on One Last Job Mission 1
    Ooooh, bonus.

    First player to claim Merlin is scum (inb4 Shadow).

    So. How to puzzle this out. What I really need are some solid first impressions.

    @Everyone: In addition to the questions below, please indicate how many games of Resistance you've played, and which alignments you've played as. I've only played once, as a spy (Avalon, on this site).

    @Shadow: Are you a fibbing FBI this game?

    @Rhand: How are you going to figure me out this game?

    @KJ: What's the optimal strategy for solving here, given the dummy mission?

    @LnG: What can I do to prove to you that I'm a bank robber?

    @Riku: If I don't nominate you for Mission 1, who besides myself should I nominate? Why?

    @Wisp: How would you describe your town meta, and do you think it's different in a game of Resistance rather than Mafia?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    So...I actually really liked Superbajt's response. It made me take another hard look at everyone else one more time, but in the end, I just feel like his round 1 card is too open-ended/more so than any of the rest. I don't like Subject16's uber-derping all over the place, and I can't help but feel like void is playing very cautiously and deliberately, but...

    Vote Superbajt

    If I'm wrong, sorry Super.
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  • posted a message on Game of Thrones Mafia Sign ups
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    @Subject? @Cardz? Thoughts on my case on Superbajt?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    I decided to focus strongly on the round that I felt would be most challenging for Bolas: round 1. With some heavy scrutiny of that round's submissions and reactions, I think I want to vote Superbajt. Here's why:

    1. His submission (Findbroker's Deal) is very generic. It feels like it was designed to allow for multiple flavor interpretations.
    2. His reaction post for the round worked hard to try to connect the card of two Guildies (me and M_J) to a Bolas Agent (Ragnarok) for all being of similar intent, but then he pushed M_J as most suspicious of the three.
    3. I don't like how he seems to set up a possibly unproven judging criteria ("Guild cards are more likely to be elegant, therefore less elegant cards are more likely Bolas") and goes on record as possibly voting on that criteria.
    4. I never would have thought that Ragnarok's "sac lands to make 4/4's" would have stemmed from a copy attempt on my "find a small creature then deal your creature's power to a target" or vice versa. That feels like a very weak connection that Superbajt is reaching to make.
    5. He also attacked Aleto/Amuzet and Raptor for having generic designs when his own was generic.
    6. He mild smears (or strongly attacks) pretty much everyone in Round 1 except for Cardz and Subject16.
    7. He props up the idea that the Boar tokens are possibly indicative of Ragnarok being Guildy. (This isn't as indicative given that Raptor was the one really pushing that the Boar tokens were a good sign.)

    In addition:
    55: Superbajt goes to some length to push practically ANYONE over Ragnarok, finishing with the thought that even if Ragnarok is Bolas, it's highly likely that M_J is also, so we should start with M_J.

    As for what I found in my reread on the other suspects:

    24: First to attack Ragnarok. Could be a bus, but...why not wait and see how the winds blow before just busing a buddy? Slight twinge of concern that Void only commented on Ragnarok to start, but...
    37: Clears/condemns a LOT of players based on flavor, which is bad...but it was still early game, and that element wasn't as clear. Regardless, the strong attack on Ragnarok and strong defense of Raptor would be a pretty gutsy path to take if he's Bolas.

    26: I wish I knew what had been edited here (oh, Superbajt indicated that he changed his vote from Raptor to Ragnarok). Suspects Raptor and Ragnarok, then zdtsd. First to offer up the possibility that the Boar tokens are indicative, but appears to write that off as just flavor related. Indicating that he was going for Raptor to start then switched to Ragnarok is...maybe indicative of a pre-emptive bus? A lot of flavor focus, especially for zdtsd, but possible that he's just been misunderstanding that aspect from the beginning. Not real fond of the way he puts M_J and Amuzet in his list of suspects without reason at the end.
    29: Feels odd that he would white knight me at this point (before everyone had weighed in) if he's Bolas.

    27: Suspicious of Amuzet and Raptor for fairly generic reasons. Surprised he didn't even mention anyone else.
    94: Apologizes for not being around, sticks to his guns, grants that Ragnarok's card feels carried by flavor, but still says he'd vote Raptor/M_J/Amuzet. I think it's less likely that Bolas Agent-Cardz would choose NOT to agree with others when his buddy-Ragnarok was already locked into exile.

    I want to take another look at Superbajt's other round submissions, but figured I'd put this out there so that people could dissect my thoughts and see if they agree/disagree/why/etc.

    Not voting yet since Juan graciously gave us some solid discussion time.
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    Sorry, weekends are always rough, and this one particularly so. I'll be able to put some time into this tomorrow.
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    I reread all of Subject16's posts. I'm...actually leaning away from him being Bolas. I'm not getting a manipulative feeling from his posts, and he's pretty consistently seemed to be a little unclear on the rules and/or quests, and not in obvious derpy ways, either. One specific example that I found convincing was in 231 where he says "The quest says nothing about placing an alarm or a snare, only to create something that traps (either in a specific location or within an object)." (emphasis mine) The quest was "...Make a trap for a place or object..." Subject16 thinking that the quest was asking for the intruder to be trapped "within an object" and then designing the card he did (Stasis Ooze) actually makes some sense, and, I think, lends more credibility to his recent rules derps. I'll probably regret this, but I think I'm going to say that Subject is Guildy.

    Which means that it's two of Void, Cardz, and Superbajt, which blows me away because I felt pretty good about both Void and Cardz.

    @Cardz and @Void: Which card do you each think you've done the best job on so far in this game?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    Quote from Subject16 »
    From my perspective, void's designs have been the more generic ones so far. I can't allow myself to make any judgements on the first round because it's format allowed the Bolas players to make changes after seeing the quests. In that regard, his round 2 and 3 designs to me lack any specific references to the quest (aside from the Blue hating which was likely taken from a hint card, and it's other ability is more of a catch-all rather than nailing the quest).
    I didn't think round 1 was any different? Each round Bolas receives up to 2 cards (or only 1 if all Guildies submit for the same quest?) stripped of name and flavor text. They design their cards, submit them to the mod, are given the quests, then can modify the name and flavor of their cards to match. Right? What was different about round 1 (other than all three quests being mod-given and none being a trap)?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    @Subject16: What do you mean "see where people have been falling behind"? You know that we can't just trust you when you say you weren't feigning not knowing the rules, right? Why are you voting if you have recently been put in a position that requires re-assessing; why not re-assess first?

    And why Boros?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    Anyone who's claiming to suspect me needs to explain how I accomplished all of this with my round 2 submission when another quest (the one with Krenko) was the trap.
    Quote from Cantripmancer »
    Quote from Cardz5000 »
    Cantripmancer Izzet
    Sphinx Bomb 3UR
    Instant (R)
    Return up to five target creatures to their owners' hands.
    Untap each red creature. Tap each non-red creature. Sphinx Bomb deals 1 damage to each creature tapped or untapped this way.
    The better question is "What riddle doesn't it solve?"
    I am genuinely unsure what challenge this is for
    Quote from JuanCu »
    1: A huge disaster threatens District Five and we need to trigger evacuation (Evacuation) protocols, but we lack evidence. You need to cause some disturbance or panic, so we can use it as an excuse in the senate.
    Note the color coordination. Referencing a Sphinx, a creature traditionally found in the colors of the Senate, was just a little tip of the hat.
    Anyone who still professes suspicion of me after being reminded of the above is scum. There is literally no way I could have lucked in to all of that. I was able to build all that into my card because I knew the quest when I sat down to design.


    Pretty big town points to Void and Superbajt for not just jumping on my wagon, although I guess one or both could be hedging their bets in case I successfully derail my exile train. Does a Cardz/Subject scum team make sense? I'm really confounded by Cardz being the only one to design to the Nephilim quest in round 1, and his round 3 card felt really solid, although it didn't DIRECTLY relate to the quest...maybe he's just designing good everyman cards and being able to shoehorn them in after the fact? This is frustrating.

    I'd like some thoughts on whether or not Subject is intentionally derping. He's talking about not making flavor text too obvious, but the rules say that flavor gets stripped out before it's sent to the Bolas Agents. He's talking about them only getting one card each round to try to copy, but the rules say that they get two (and Juan made it clear in a separate post near the start of the game how he was choosing those two cards). So if Subject is being sincere, then he's not Bolas because Bolas would know that they don't get flavor text when they get sample cards to emulate, and Bolas would know that they get two cards, not one. Subject intentionally derping, trying to get cleared for not knowing those things? Or is he sincere?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    Quote from void_nothing »
    I was hoping someone would get this, but it should be quite apparent my artifact was original to the artifact-based quest. The name is Armory of the Ages and it has a Pentagram of the Ages riff effect and a Shield of the Ages riff effect. I must imagine Superbajt is now going to argue that the artifact quest was the trap quest, however.
    I hadn't noticed that, and you're right that it leaves no question in my mind that you KNEW the quest when you designed the card. What is your argument against the "of the Ages" quest being the trap card (and you, of course, being the Bolas Agent designing for it hoping to get a second player to join in and get trapped)?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    Quote from Subject16 »
    Something we shouldn't have ignored before either is that Superbajt was the only other player to be on the same quest Raptorchan/Azorius had in round 2. It's not damning evidence but now that the odds are very much against us I think it's more than likely he's Bolas.
    Explain your thinking in more detail, please?
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  • posted a message on Nobody expects the Ravnican Inquisition!
    Sorry I'm late to the party. Busy weekend.

    I agree that Superbajt's ( Golgari ) card feels like it has the least relevance to any quest.

    Void's ( Boros ) designs are really good. I know he's a good designer, though, so he could just be doing a really good job of imitating...but if that's the case, he deserves the win, imo. Strong guildy.

    Cardz's ( Dimir ) card isn't a lock fit, but I can see the logic behind it, especially on what feels like a hard quest. Possible that he's just designing to his own trap, but...I'm leaning Guildy.

    Subject16...hmm, @Subject: Why do you feel the need to not make your flavor text too overt?

    @Superbajt: You accuse others of "throwing everything at their cards and hoping something would stick", but your card this round feels very "let's do a wide variety of things to cover all the possible bases". I feel like that's a disconnect in mindset (a Guildy wouldn't attack others for doing something that they themselves did that round); can you reconcile that for me? I also don't feel like it's "obvious" in conjunction with the quests that your rat = escape enabler. How do the three modes of the spore counters effect escapes?

    If Super *is* Bolas, then I think it's highly unlikely that Quest 1 is the trap, as I think he would have designed better for it.

    I'm...not quite ready to vote yet.
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