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  • posted a message on Brion Stoutarm
    Quote from NGW »
    Did anyone REALLY want him reprinted?

    All those people that missed out on the promo version of him cluttering up dusty shelves in Wal-Mart for like 3 years? X)
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  • posted a message on Brion Stoutarm
    They already did a Giant deck in C15 (Wade into Battle), granted the tribal components/emphasis weren't as strong as the last set of Commander decks, nor was his brother in it (more surprisingly, neither was Brion).
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  • posted a message on Perilous Voyage
    Quote from scottjhebert »
    Now that is an interesting twist... Vraska actually trying to save Jace...

    Yes, it is. I wonder what has made her switch loyalties. Or if Bolas has other plans for Jace. (Which is silly, since everyone knows you kill the telepath first. Just like a radio man.)

    So, this is a Boomerang that can't hit lands (pretty standard for this effect these days) but can scry 2 if the CMC is 2 or less. Sounds like Elvish Visionary would like it.

    you mean your opponent's Elvish Visionary? sounds like a pretty suboptimal play, if you ask me.

    I feel like this is a bit of a flavor fail. Firstly, while the art does depict a possible result of a perilous voyage, it's not really the voyage itself being shown. But the bigger issue to me is that Vraska looks to be trying to save Jace. Yet, the card specifies "opponent's" permanent, so the whole "trying to save someone" vibe doesn't really mesh with what the card is trying to do, as you can't "save" your own permanents, and why would you typically be trying to "save" your opponent's guy?
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  • posted a message on Full visual spoiler revealed in mothership
    "Iconic", my ass. You know, I think if they would've named this set something else (Eternal Masters 2017?) and not pushed the word "iconic" so hard in the advertising. I wouldn't have nearly as big of an issue with how underwhelming this set is.

    Did the Kami Dragons really need another reprint? What is iconic about all the Abzan outlast dudes? Renown? Dissolve over Counterspell? Rift Bolt over Lightning Bolt? (Both of which are probably in the running for most iconic spell ever). The 100th printing of Sphinx of Uthuun? Any and all Unleash cards? Several mediocre choices that were JUST reprinted in the C17 decks? This seems like the most half-assed set assembled in recent memory. I get that it is meant to be drafted, so there's gonna be quite a bit of chaff by nature, but even a lot of the commons and uncommons are head-scratchers and not at all what I would consider "some of the most powerful cards in over 23 years of Magic history" nor "some of our favorite and most memorable spells."

    Sure, there are a handful of decent/much needed reprints; but the vast majority are not what I would consider in the realm of "iconic." Yeah, you got your Mana Drain, your Channel-Fireball. But the vast majority of the power lies in the mythics and a few rares, and most of those that one could consider iconic are only really iconic because of Commander.

    Hoping this crashes the price on a few singles I'd like to pick up (could always use another Elesh, Avacyn, and Con Sphinx), but otherwise I'll be staying FAR away from the Mana Drain lottery.

    They don't typically run surveys on the supplemental sets, do they? Cuz I'd love to tell them what a stank morsel of false-advertised dumpster fire they've put together here.

    And before you ask, no I'm not evaluating the set with limited in mind, because I don't believe in drafting with $10+ packs from which I am likely to pull something like my 10th copy of Emeria Angel, the aforementioned Sphinx of Uh'groan, Lord of the Pit, Charmbreaker Devils, or Simic Sky Swallower (despite all those being 1st-pickable, just not $10 1st-pickable).

    Last random musing: interesting that they downgraded several mythics to rare, but Thundermaw is still mythic...moreso than the Kami Dragons that were just upgraded to mythic in their last Masters printings. Confused
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  • posted a message on Inalla, Archmage Ritualist
    Quote from Lord_Mektar »
    Expect her to leave the format even faster than Leovold did, people.

    Wizards decides to print a decent card.
    Players break the card by adding literally the most logical additions to the deck.
    Wizards bans the card(s).
    Wizards employees go home and fall asleep after crying for an hour.

    Repeat indefinitely.

    Wizards doesn't control what cards are banned in Commander. There is an independent Rules Committee that governs the ban list and has been doing so since long before it was an official format sanctioned by WotC.
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  • posted a message on Ominous Sphinx
    not particularly ominous. : /
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  • posted a message on Team Mint Spoiler - Ammitt Eternal
    Quote from hoffmkr »
    When this has -1/-1 counter on it, but has trample, it still dies being blocked by a 4/4 before the damage remove the counter right?

    short answer: yes.

    longer answer: When this has a -1/-1 counter on it, it dies to the 4/4 and no counters are removed because it is 4/4 and trample doesn't do anything because after lethal damage is assigned to the 4/4, there is no damage left to trample over (and even if there were, like if it had deathtouch or was blocked by a 4/1, it would still die as state-based effects see that is has lethal damage on it before the trigger can resolve).

    It's a good thing there's not a lot of 4/4's running arou....oh, wait...
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  • posted a message on Scavenger Grounds
    pretty decent, but very lame that it's a rare.
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  • posted a message on Opposition Invocation
    Quote from nightwyrm »
    Art makes no freaking sense. Heck, it's so busy, it's hard to tell what's happening. The only thing blue-ish colored that I can see is the scarab in the bottom left corner. Seems like an artwork that was originally commissioned for something else.

    Like...Pestilence, perhaps? X)
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  • posted a message on June 13 banlist update - AETHERWORKS MARVEL BANNED
    Quote from ketoglutarate »
    i'm so glad they're considering the pair bannings. In modern, this has to be the right way to ban cards in order to prevent fair strategies to be friendly fired.
    e.g. we can't play vizier of remedies + devoted druid in the same '75, but we still can play Devoted druid in any other shell.

    This format of banning could even go deeper, like: "You can't play Simian Spirit Guide in a deck with less than 2 mountains in your maindeck" or "you can't play the tron lands if you play more than 4 of the following: expedition map, eldrazi temple, ancient stirrings in your main deck"
    (BTW i'm not convinced that the vizier/druid combo has to be banned, it's just an example!)

    I think that's a terrible idea for much of the same reason functional and power-level errata are bad for the game. This game is already incredibly deep and complex with an insane amount of game knowledge required. Particularly for new players; there are already so many rules, restrictions, and things to keep up with (do my cards even do exactly what they say they do?), things to know before you can even start playing the game. The massive comprehensive rule book/base game rules aside, players have to keep up with which cards are legal in a particular format, which ones are banned and restricted, do they do what they say they do in the copy owned, and now (hypothetically) certain specific combinations of cards are banned in a particular format but can be played independent of one another? That just seems a bit absurd, imo. (Even moreso with the other hypothetical examples, no offense Wink )

    Add that on top of the increasing volatility of the Standard format (which is supposed to be most accessible to new players), making it a gamble to buy into whatever the flavor of the month deck is out of fear it might get banned into irrelevance, it would just seem like an incredibly rough hill to climb for someone wanting to get into the game.
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  • posted a message on Announcement Day moved to June
    Hello Magic players, this is Johnny Taplander from Wizards R&D and I'd like to announce a special announcement pertaining to the upcoming Announcement Day announcement. I'd like to formally announce that this coming Monday we will be announcing the Announcement Day announcement. We can announce that you can expect an announcement on Monday that details which days will have special announcements. On this Announcing Announcement Day we will formally announce when the announcements will be announced. Isn't that exciting? Also stay tuned for a special announcement from Lead Announcer Markie Rosenouncement that will announce some new special announcements that announce a new paradigm of announcements to the Magic universe. So Happy Announcing Announcement Day announcement!!!

    Came here expecting to see an Xzibit meme, but I suppose this will do. Thanks. Wink
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  • posted a message on C17 POSSIBLE leaks - real/fake not yet determined
    That was the entire point: not confirming nor denying anything.

    My question was, they wouldn't have said that unless it was referring to a specific incident. Veracity is irrelevant, but was it this leak/fake that they were referring to or something else altogether? Not expecting an answer, just wondering. The comment came the morning after the leak, and I haven't seen or heard any other specific incident or rumor that this might have been referring to, and I was surprised at the lack of mention/speculation in regards to the statement.
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  • posted a message on C17 POSSIBLE leaks - real/fake not yet determined
    Quote from Jhyrryl »
    If they were fakes, I'd have expected WotC to have said so by now.

    on that note, I'm surprised at the lack of speculation caused by this quote from a few days ago on the mothership:

    "The Daily Magic Update is a roundup of everything Magic you should know on May 25, 2017. Today's Update is brought to you by not acknowledging rumors either way. Which is our policy. You know, in case that was relevant."

    Yes, very (purposefully) vague; but I wonder if it was referring to this "leak," as I haven't seen anything else around that this might be referring to.
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  • posted a message on Nicole Bolas art in Hours
    looks like League of Legends champion splash art.
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  • posted a message on Bloodfury Militant (Balduvian Minotaur)
    3 toughness...how tragic. so close to being really good in Modern.
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