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  • posted a message on Theros: Beyond Death Elspeth
    Quote from leslak »
    WEll this whole conversation could have been avoided if people did a quick research of Slavic culture and historical politic sistem. Guess “I think in my guts” is a better argument.

    Do a research on Romans too. It is not because azorious senate law makers looks like a bunch of greek philosophies that they are clearly a Roman inspiration. The argument of pop culture don’t fit that much either but we can agree that for a only movies fan of Rome it may look like it.

    There are some parallels and there are a lot of differences to actually make a Roman set.

    Ok? Finish?

    I always thought that Ravnica seemed more like a collective of worldviews and civilizations blended into one "urban" world. It never seemed like it was taken from one culture only to me, so I don't see where people get that from.
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  • posted a message on Theros: Beyond Death Elspeth
    Once again, another forum corrupted by the bickering of nerds.

    Hopefully we get some better mechanics this time around. Constellation and Devotion were good, but the rest were hot garbage in my opinion.
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  • posted a message on Oracle updates 9/27/19
    Why is Queen Marchesa not a Noble?

    Her foil price proves she is nobility!

    Maybe because she's not actually royalty. Just a fake usurper.
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  • posted a message on Return to Theros Brawl Deck Speculation
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    They say they have no chosen plan for future Brawl decks, they are using Eldraine's one as a experiment. Why do you think they will already give us new ones in Theros?

    That’s what I said

    We see no evidence what so ever they will continue besides it’s the first time

    What is the big deal about speculating? You act like this is the most preposterous speculation thread you have ever seen.

    They've made an initial set for Throne of Eldraine, and they're seemingly popular so far. They obviously want to make this format a thing, as they keep pushing to improve it and make it more appealing. It was said to have "died" by a bunch of people awhile back, and truly did not die.

    If I had to guess, they're going to continue making decks, judging by the way they're trying to introduce new cards and themed decks into the format.

    Additionally, if there is anyone who probably wants this format to stick around most, it's Commander players, which happen to be a large portion of the playerbase. The introduction of new and powerful cards draws them in.

    So before everyone dies on their hill and keeps saying that the format won't return, remember, this is a speculative thread.

    I'm simply saying that it appears that the decks have a lot going for them, and if Wizards continues to make them, which with the way they talk about them it sure does seem that way, I wonder what other deck themes we could potentially see in the sets we have planned for the future.
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  • posted a message on Colourshifted Knight of the Ebon Legion
    I made this exact card in the Knight of the Ebon Legion spoiler thread in the rumor mill, expecting them to make this exact card. Very nice.
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  • posted a message on Return to Theros Brawl Deck Speculation
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Anyway we should tell you we don’t know how often these will be made and also if it sells well?

    I think it will sell well because commander players would want them just like with the precon they do each year

    And they add some new cards to standard that are pretty interesting. I think people enjoyed them just from hearing people's thoughts, and they're a good product overall.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] The Vorthos cast previews - Festive funeral and Return of the wild speak
    Quote from NGW »
    Quote from smashkicker »
    There goes my hopes for his curse ending with Liliana's head on a pike. I guess she will never get her comeuppance.

    I mean, she's a strong female character, no way Wizards is gonna do away with her.

    I can't wait until the social world balances out enough that any character could die at a given moment no matter what race, sex, etc they are, just as fairly as the rest. If a character is strong and well loved, they will be remembered even after their death.

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  • posted a message on [ELD] Thrill of Possibility— Adventure Club preview
    Awesome card! Love the flavor text too. This will see play.
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  • posted a message on [ELD) mythic Sanctuary
    Quote from Mishotem »
    I wonder how this would do in a Miracles build.

    My initial guess: Very Well.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - r/MagicArena Spoiler -
    It's a good card, but it's definitely a rare. I mean looking at Murderous Rider, I see this card as a rare. I'm really interested as to their decision on making this a mythic.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] cool stuff inc preview - icencrag pyromancer
    Quote from leslak »
    Is this the red card from the 2 cmc pushed creature cycle?
    Yeah, especially since it's 3 CMC?

    It was so pushed they had to upgrade the mana cost lol
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  • posted a message on Return to Theros Brawl Deck Speculation
    So with the release of Brawl decks for Throne of Eldraine, I figured we could speculate on what kinds of decks we will see for our return to Theros.

    Knowing what the last Theros had in store for us, I can imagine some themes for decks.

    Here are my predictions:

    RB - Minotaur/Returned Aggro, featuring a Returned Minotaur Zombie.

    GU - Krakens and Monsters. Lots of big splashy cards and ramp.

    RWU - Heroes. Maybe if heroic returns, we will see that. I expect a humans decks focused on enchantments and pumping up your hero.

    WGB - Enchantress. Lots of big enchantments, kind of a grindy deck.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] brainstorm brewery preview - Escape into the wilds
    I'm glad they're doing these as "until the end of your next turn". These effects essentially sucked before they extended it beyond the original turn you cast it.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] the professors preview (tolarian community college) - Realm-Cloaked Giant
    Quote from BigGrizzy »
    This will be the sixth board wipe in 2020 Standard, and it has advantages over the other five. Citywide Bust only hits big creatures and Ritual of Soot only hits small creatures. Kaya's Wrath and Time Wipe are multicolored. Planar Cleansing costs more and kills planeswalkers as well, which is awkward in many control decks. This does have a big downside, if I am understanding adventures correctly, that it is only counted as a sorcery on the stack, and therefore can't be found by Augur of Bolas or Narset. I am not a good control player, so I don't know how to balance these, but it certainly seems like it is in the conversation.

    However, it can be found with cards that search/dig for creatures, which there are more of, and can be recurred because it has a creature built into it.
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  • posted a message on [ELD} Castle Vantress (Amanda Yeo spoiler)
    Quote from seilaoque »

    Blue and white are pretty great.
    Green is alright.
    Red and Black are meh.

    nice cycle all around, not a single reason in the world not to include a copy or 2 in any monocolor deck in the existence of the game, really.

    Red is a pretty strong pump. In my Aurelia deck that +1/+0 can go a long way. Imagine it in a Krenko Goblin tribal deck...
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