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  • posted a message on SERIOUS Metagame discussion: Grand Prix Columbus
    How do you see the metagame having changed since Gencon? Back then we had solidarity, goblins, thresh as main 3, with some other decks following along closley (landstill, pikula, salvagers, tendrils) and then in the next level down stuff like rifter, survival, stompy of all colors, and then even less stuff like trainwreck (may have forgotten something important, but just typing/thinking as I go).
    Since then I think iggypop/tendrils stuff and fish has popped up more than it had, plus landstill might have regained some popularity along with faerie stompy leading the stompy decks. Of course it's hard to tell with limited #s of events. The Top 8 where a loam deck won, and ghoul did alright is interesting though I don't know much about the tournament: http://sales.starcitygames.com/deckdatabase/deckshow.php?&t%5BC1%5D=leg&start_date=2006-10-22&end_date=2006-10-22&city=Kobe&country=JP
    I'd like to see a report on the gp dallas side event. Sorry, I never get time for magic anymore, plus I'm going to play an extended ptq this weekend in chicago and then i'll probably pick legacy back up.
    - Chris
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  • posted a message on Byes based off Eternal Rating
    Well, they've slightly updated the page...but you still have to have an 1800 eternal rating to get a 1st round bye.
    You have to be ranked 574th in the world in eternal just get a 1st round bye off that rating.

    That's the same as having Constructed rating of 1947...for a 1st round bye!

    They need to drop down the eternal rating requirements for a bye, b/c many eternal players don't play Constructed formats...especially block or type 2 where the most tournaments (and thus easiest to get higher ratings) come from.

    See logic from my first post. They never did reply to me Frown
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  • posted a message on New Extended Grand Prix announced
    fyi, they updated the info for some grand prix and other tournaments. here is the dallas page http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/grandprix/dallas07
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  • posted a message on Gp Columbus
    Hey guys. Sorry I haven't had time to post...hopefully in January...anyway, thought I'd give a heads up that they updated the info for some GPs like Columbus and Dallas. Here is the Columbus page http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/grandprix/columbus07

    Something disturbing I noticed. Remember that thread I started about byes based off eternal rating? The byes are now totally listed as only based on constructed. That either means that eternal rating went from having very little point to have no point at all...or...if you want to be optimistic, that they would combine eternal with constructed. I would love that, but I doubt it will happen. Hopefully this will spark people to post their thoughts about this on the other thread about byes. Oh well, now to look at what else they posted ...

    P.S. just realized it says 40k. i thought grand prix were 48k... Frown
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  • posted a message on DCI Banning Update (or lack of)
    Haha, like I said, I didn't expect it. Not saying I'm convinced it's warranted either. I just dream! The deck I play would be much happier not having to worry about LED, of course it always would love to get rid of wasteland...
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  • posted a message on DCI Banning Update (or lack of)
    they finally got around to it

    No changes. Didn't expect...but dreamed of LED going away in 1.5. Oh well.
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  • posted a message on DCI Banning Update (or lack of)
    This is the second time in a row that the DCI hasn't made it a point to at least put up a page asap about what the new B&R list is. Maybe they aren't doing anything, but they should keep with tradition and go ahead and let us know.

    Has anyone seen a list and I missed it?

    Any speculation on what should be banned (maybe storm cards in vintage, LED in legacy, lftl in extended, mountains in type 2? j/k.

    Yay updates?
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  • posted a message on The worst thing that happened to your magic cards!
    i've had about 10k worth of cards stolen from me or been ripped for on motl since 2004. worst was this time

    I used to probably have the best collection in Louisiana, like in mid-late 2003.
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  • posted a message on U/G Crystal Witness
    yeah, i played this deck in type 2, block and tested it in old extended. i used echoing truth instead of shard. et + 2 witness = yay. add rude awakening and you can generate infinite mana. et + 2 witness + new time walk + lots of mana = infinite turns. the problem is decks like rock and madness owned it. i love it as a casual deck though. it was a lot better when aether vial was legal for it to use (set to 3 was happiness).
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  • posted a message on New Extended Grand Prix announced

    City Country Date Feeds PT Format Ratings Used
    Dallas USA Feb 24-25, 2007 Yokohama Extended Constructed

    Rating Date
    Feb 21, 2007 (You won't know if you have a buy until the week of the GP, wtf?)

    Get your extended decks ready...then trash them after Planar Chaos or whatever comes out Wink

    Wouldn't you know they make a Dallas GP *after* I move from North Louisiana to Illinois...

    I might try to make it...before I go to the Legacy GP in May :-D

    Thought you all would want a heads-up, since I think it just went up yesterday.
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  • posted a message on Big Prize Legacy Event in Chicago Area (date and prize set)
    yeah, that would be a lot sexier. good plan.
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  • posted a message on Big Prize Legacy Event in Chicago Area (date and prize set)
    I love the idea of bigger legacy tournaments in Illinois, but those prizes seem kind of stupid. Seems like it'd bring more attention if playsets of duals, fows, etc were up. Nobody uses shivan dragon, it's only for collectors. I drove to danville for a 16k legacy tournament sunday and 1st place was just an underground sea ($5 to enter). I don't much like the idea of driving to chicago to pay $25 to win a card I'm going to give to a friend as a Christmas present if i win. i'd rather get 3rd-4th...and that's just sad. I'm not trying to flame, offering my thoughts in order for you to draw the most interest for your legacy tournament so it'll be a hit! It's not like I'm not big in to legacy either, I'm ranked in the Top 50 of Illinois for Eternal and I don't play type 1 :-P
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  • posted a message on SERIOUS Metagame discussion: Grand Prix Columbus
    Quote from benwalden
    Played @ BC Collectibles? I visit Floyd and Vicki when I'm in town... My wife is from there (Danville, not BC Collectibles ;)). I needs to swing by the next time we're up there. Thanksgiving time frame?

    Yeah, that's the place. He's hoping to get more legacy tournaments going. i'm interested in that.
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  • posted a message on SERIOUS Metagame discussion: Grand Prix Columbus
    emidln, seraphim3577, and i played in the danville, IL tournament today, emidln will probably post more later (i don't want to spend long on here tonight). 12 players showed up, 4 rounds, then cut to top 4 single-elim.
    Round 1: I beat bad red deck
    Round 2: ... Don't remember, wow...that was like only 6 hours ago ...
    EDIT (I REMEMBERED): Round 2 I 2-0'd a bad affinity deck.
    Round 3: I lost 1-2 to burn, burn, burn, burn...did I say lots of burn and maindeck oblivion stone + damping matrix (the turn after I scepter a helix) in game 1!
    Round 4: I beat MBC (not a good build though)

    Round 5: I play against seraphim3577 (my roommate nick) who is playing what he describes at greenless threshold I think, but some people might call WUB Fish. He got me games 2 and 3, so I got eliminated (only sad that I lost to the burn player game 1 and 3). I am pretty sure that if I'd played in the semis against the guy Seraphim3577 beat in the finals, I would have won, so Nick and I would have split the finals, but oh well...

    Perhaps I'll write more later. My deck isn't built for little tournaments like that were you expect a lot of burn, it's built for big tournaments with lots of goblins, thresh, and solidarity.

    So, basically, if you're preparing for GP Columbus, prepare for the main decks like the top 3 above, for smaller tournaments, prepare for lots of burn.
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  • posted a message on SERIOUS Metagame discussion: Grand Prix Columbus
    yeah, my deck is 80% win against goblins (though swept both times i played it at legacy championship),
    i swept solidarity at gencon, i figure i'm maybe a little under 50% game 1, 90% game 2, 80% game 3.
    i'm 80% against threshold.
    i can beat iggy pop if they don't kill me on turn one...but it's not a great match up.
    salvagers might eat me alive. rifter takes too long to beat.
    i can win, but don't want to sea rec-sur or landstill.

    My deck was one of the best at gencon (should have been, i spent 3 months on it). I am currently testing a new version that will probably be a little weaker against threshold, but I think stronger overall.

    Oh, and against pikula, i had no worse game than any other deck. That's what my roommate played. Strong, but not consistent enough for my taste.

    Edit: I've been wanting to write an aritcle about my deck for soooo long, but haven't had time. Maybe in December I'll have a chance. It'll be worth reading, I promise.
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