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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on Which Dominaria legendary creatures seem underrated as a commander but still viable?
    Second Rona. She just does so much since she cares about historic. Just the ability to build U/B legends is interesting. Arvad to for a straightforward W/B legends deck. Sisay just pushes you too easily into combo wombo land, so having a few new legends matter generals is nice. Arvad in particular is interesting because he makes you reevaluate a lot of meh legends when you get to look at them with an extra +2/+2 all the time.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Thrull Parasite
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Well it's no Hisoka's Defiance. You're at least being rewarded for your narrow card through a cheap cantrip. Flashback spells will go to exile after being Remanded though, and that works against this card. Teferi's Response is a good example of rewarding sideboard counters, and you can give it more chances to work by running some manlands.

    I actually first thought of Ertai's Trickery, which features the same issue: Yeah, it's cheap, but it's so overly narrow, I can think of a dozen counterspells I'd prefer first.

    I prefer block-mechanic hosers to be something that has at least some value otherwise. Double Negative, for instance, is basically a UR Cancel, but it's more useful against cascade. Flusterstorm and Mindbreak Trap are actually where I like to see storm hosers. At worst, Flusterstorm is a better Force Spike and Mindbreak Trap is a worse Dissipate.

    This one gets close to that. There are plenty of ways to cast a spell from the graveyard other than flashback and now aftermath, and this'll be played in Commander more against Yawgmoth's Will and Muldrotha, the Gravetide and all the various other cards that let you play cards from graveyards. But there's still something missing.

    I wouldn't call mindbreak trap, even when hardcast against a single target, a worse dissipate, because it doesn't counter spells, it exiles the directly, enabling it to answer uncounterable spells. It can stop a key Abrupt Decay.

    As for this card, if certain strategies rampant in your meta it can be worth it. You will be running certain other cards ahead of it, but I think in the right meta its worth reaching for for redundancy.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Thrull Parasite
    Could be used to eliminate that one troublesome player if you can first play Vampiric Tutor or friends. The obvious best option is Ancestral Knowledge, of course. Chaos decks love it for this reason, and I'm sure you could put it in a Vial Smasher deck.

    I suppose I could run it in Animar, since I'm almost never paying full price for my creatures anyway, but I really have several win conditions already available at six mana.

    Kaboom! is fun, but it's not really a win-more card as much as it's you-could've-won.

    All that said, it can break through a Brainstorm or Sylvan Library; Alhammarret's Archive does it better, costs one less, and is colorless.

    Kaboom! Costs 5
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  • posted a message on cards that you thought are bad but is actually good
    Quote from GloriousGoose »
    Quote from halophilic »
    Last Laugh was a card I wasn't sure about until I actually played it and watched it murder everything. There is a dark power in the card that is not obvious just by reading it.
    Go on.

    I'd briefly considered it in my deck but it struck me as a weird, bad Pestilence. I didn't like that you didn't have any real control over it, and I thought the very real possibility that it could backfire and kill you outweighed the pros. It's definitely a cool card though.

    On topic, Underworld Dreams without wheels. I primarily included it as a flavor card and devotion enabler for Erebos, but that thing racks up a ton of damage. Sometimes it draws the ire of the table since it can be annoying ticking down every turn, but it's often innocuous enough to stay in play long enough to cause serious harm. I've even managed to kill people with it. I can't recommend it for every deck but it works for me.

    Last Laugh IS a bad pestilence, but its a pretty decent Damnation varient. Outside of indestructible dudes, there isn't much of a way to garauntee it sticks around, but it is easy to control how hard it hits when it goes off. Often, sacrificing a couple things for value will pretty much wipe the board while dealing a bunch of damage to players, you just don't play it until you are ready to set it off. You treat it as a sorcery instead of an enchantment most of the time. If you do have an indestructible dude, like say Mogis in a group slug deck or Bontu or Yahenni in a sac deck, it gets to stick around and cause more pain later.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Thrull Parasite
    You can get a pretty decent damage per mana rate on each player if you stack your deck right. Hell, with a couple doublers you can even kill the table with it. Unfortunately, that's a lotta work when there are other cards that will just reveal the top card and damage everyone based on that, which is much easier.

    Works with Grenzo to turn those top of the library tutors into bottom of the library tutors, where they are more effective.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Thrull Parasite
    Quote from Lithl »
    What's in Ulamog's hand there?
    That's not Ulamog...

    It's part of Ulamog's brood (evidenced by the pair of arms split at the elbow), but Ulamog doesn't have tentacles on his face.

    Each Eldrazi "brood" is actually an organ of the corresponding titan. Well, a cross-section of an organ. It's just that the people of Flatland Zendikar, not knowing just WHAT the Eldrazi were, saw hundreds of beings when there were only three. Source

    "The Eldrazi titans do not dwell in physical space," said Ugin. "They are creatures of the Blind Eternities, and it is in the Eternities that they remain."

    "Until they manifest physically, you mean?"

    "No," said Ugin. "I meant what I said. Ulamog remains in the Eternities."

    "Then what did I see heading toward Sea Gate?"

    "You saw a portion of him," said Ugin. "A projection. Imagine that you reach your hand into a pond. The fish below the surface sees a five-headed monster, and cannot perceive the man attached to it. It mistakes a hangnail for an eye because the truth is beyond its imagining. You see?"

    Anyway, Jade Mage is interesting. You can save mana with Ant Queen, though she costs more to cast. Centaur Glade makes Centaurs, which are bigger, though nothing Tendershoot Dryad can't fix. Master of the Hunt costs more and has the nice side effect of having to explain bands with other. Myr Matrix, like Centaur Glade, costs more to cast and activate, but, like Centaur Glade, it's harder to kill. (A lot harder. Indestructible.) But it's also definitely wrong for decks like Rith. Nemata, Grove Guardian, costs more to cast, but you can sac saps to for Morale effects. Night Soil is grave hate. Saproling Cluster is a discard outlet, but unfortunately, "Any player may activate this ability." Soul of Zendikar leads me to wonder why any deck other than something like Animar or Mayael or Ruric Thar would run this over Centaur Glade. Thundering Spineback is even more expensive, but it makes 3/3 tokens and makes them 4/4. Voice of the Woods

    I do like this cycle, and they all have ones which are better. Here I'd probably play Ant Queen if I wasn't doing tribal.

    All that said, there are reasons to play multiples, both to avoid exile and because you don't want to go through tutors. (Or one player like me really loves Rule of Law!)

    The cheap cc can be important early game in slower metas. Though I agree, outside of tribal, this is usually going to be ant queen #2 at best.
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  • posted a message on Infinite combos and strong synergies - now under new management
    Quote from TEREBUD »
    Black/green combo:

    Get infinite mana with Dread Return and Avenger of Zendikar and Phyrexian Altar and at least 7 lands.
    You need 3 creatures to start the loop if Avenger of Zendikar is in the graveyard.
    Or 2 creatures if Avenger of Zendikar is on the battlefield.

    If Avenger of Zendikar is in the graveyard, cast Dread Return with buyback (sac 3 creatures) . You will get 7 tokens and Avenger of Zendikar in play . Sacrifice 3 tokens and Avenger of Zendikar with Phyrexian Altar to get 4 black mana.
    Recast Dread Return with buyback ,and then you got the loop. 1 token left for each loop.

    Dread Return has flashback, not buyback, thus it is exiled after it is cast from the yard.

    It does, however, work if you use Corpse Dance, and then you only need 5 lands in play to start netting mana or creatures (as saccing Avenger and 4 tokens lets you pay the 4B for Corpse Dances casting cost and buyback.)

    Note that this is also a bit more vulnerable of a combo, as Corpse Dance returns the top creature of your graveyard to the field, so killing any other nontoken creature you might have will let an opponent stop you from getting Avenger back, which, will stop the combo for the turn unless you have the mana to do it again. Thankfully this doesn't counter the spell, so buyback will still work and the killed creature will come back, attack, and get exiled, letting you try again next turn so long as they can't keep dumping dudes into your yard.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Thrull Parasite
    Pretty solid token generator mana sink. Saprolings can be pretty relevant.
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  • posted a message on Should sideboards be allowed in the official rules?
    Quote from MRHblue »
    One the one hand, even if that happened people would probably notice how spending 6 mana to mildly annoy people is actually pretty bad,
    Mono colored decks scoop, and many others have huge holes blown in their mana, with again no downside. Thats way past mildly annoying
    and on the other I'm pretty sure that "that kind of player isn't who the RC ban for".
    This is demonstrably false. Look at the official reasons reasons Painter's Servant is banned - it makes color hosers too good and creates no downside for playing them.

    They just recently changed the rules AWAY from allowing sideboards as an optional rule. Its not coming back now for the same reasons.

    Is that because PS makes the effects too strong, or because PS incentivizes players to run the hosers, and that leads to more games where they hit the table without PS and ruin one players game?
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  • posted a message on Best blue beat down/voltron general?
    I know he's not mono bluez but U/B Sygg can put the beats down something fierce. I built him low mana curve topping out at 4 and mostly centered on 2 drops, mostly creatures with some spot removal and the best counters. Nobody expects Dimir to come out swinging and never let up, and Sygg keeps your hand full. Hes got a hybrid mana cost, so you can run him mono blue, and there are a some nice cheap beats in blue (wake Thrasher gets crazy quick).
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  • posted a message on Good commander to wear Helm of the Host
    Quote from LouCypher »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from LouCypher »
    Quote from reltastic »

    OH! Hahaha this is amazing with Brothers Yamazaki! That deck is getting close to viable now!

    Sadly that doesn't work as well as you'd want. Once you get your third Brother, you'll have to sac one of your truly legendary ones. So the first turn you're getting no benefit out of it.

    Confused Unless I'm mistaking but

    Did you forget what the helmet does

    "The token isn't legendary if equipped creature is legendary"

    Not to mention the tokens never leave

    How can the legends rule apply if the token isn't legendary I don't recall the legends rule doesn't apply thing doesn't remove legend type from the creature.

    Because Brothers Yamazaki specifically states that as long as there are "TWO permanents named BROTHERS YAMAZAKI, the legend rule doesn't apply."

    Now, this means that you can have two Legendary Brothers Yamazaki. However, by creating a third Brothers Yamazaki, that one may not be legendary, the first two still are, thus you have two legendary Brothers Yamazaki, but you're only allowed to do so if there are exactly two of them. Now you have a third (The copy, after all, still retains the name) so you have to sacrifice one of the legendary ones. Any subsequent copies will have no further problems though.

    How are you getting the second legendary brother though? Only Brother 1 is legendary since all others are copies, unless I'm missing something. The legend rule rules text would only matter if you made a token copy some other way that copies being legendary, or you somehow got a second Brother card (like house ruling them as partners).
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  • posted a message on Coalition Victory
    I started rereading this thread, and I hadn't realized that papa_funk had already answered why this card is staying banned back at the start. It has now been explained by the RC twice. At this point, people still arguing for an unban are straight up ignoring reality.

    I am again calling for the thread to be temporarily locked as all points from both sides have been made ad nauseum, the RC has spoken twice definitively on the subject, and posters are either talking past each other or engaging in insults or passive aggressive bs. The card is not getting unbanned unless the RC changes its ban criteria to drop the interacts poorly with the format category, as this card is the poster child for that category. Discussion of THAT moves beyond a single card discussion surrounding just CV, so there is no further purpose for this thread.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Thrull Parasite
    Niche effect that is often mediocre, probably best to donate to spellslinger as you said, but damn if the art and flavor isn't 10/10
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  • posted a message on Coalition Victory
    Honestly, this thread had become a crap show. The question has been answered by the RC. People can disagree, but its childish to pretend like the RC didn't address the issue in a way that is consistent with their stated policy and other bannings. You don't like those criteria, fine, start a thread about how it should change, again that would be an interesting conversation that might actually get people thinking. Continuing this thread, however is just pissing in the wind at this point, so I'm out, and requesting a lock.
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  • posted a message on Coalition Victory
    Quote from Taleran »
    The problem I have with the blanket way people talk about that card and the ban list in general is illustrated well right there.

    You seem to have built in your head a conception about this boogeyman of a card that will only ever be in every single deck that plays five colors or in none them and are falling into the same traps about reality and not that you accuse others of.

    Why isn't every white deck in Commander running Approach of the Second Sun if we are going to play on theoretical nonsense parameters of how people build magic decks.

    Or the idea that a game ending at the resolution of an 8 mana spell is a negating effect on the rest of the game of magic to that point is an weird way of looking at a multiplayer game played in a social setting.

    If you think that approach of the second sun and CV are even remotely comparable, then you really, truly don't know what you are talking about.
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