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    posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    New names from Entertainment Weekly's spoilers, along with some guesses for colour:

    Desert Cerodon (historically these are RW, could be either)
    Sandwurm Convergence (G? Name sounds like a token maker)
    Heart-Piercer Manticore (R or B is my guess)
    Grasping Dunes (Name sounds like land, art suggests maybe B though)
    Painted Bluffs (Land)
    Soulstinger (Black)
    Ornery Kudu (Green)
    Defiant Greatmaw (G or UG)
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    posted a message on Ready / Fight - Spanish DailyMTG
    Didn't see this card on here yet.

    I don't speak spanish but a combination of google translate and my knowledge of French suggests it's

    Ready Prepare 1W
    Untap target creature. It gets +2/+2 and lifelink until end of turn.


    Fight 3G
    Target creature you control fights target creature an opponent controls.


    Source Article

    Update: It's been pointed out Ready is already half a split card, so I've changed the likely translation of the title.
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    posted a message on Ready / Fight - Spanish DailyMTG
    Quote from Cyborg Huey »
    I haven't taken Spanish in over ten years, but I think the card is going to be Prepare//Fight simply because Ready//Willing is already a card. I'd use tags but I haven't figured them out yet in the new layout on mobile

    I completely forgot about Ready//Willing but you're right, it would need a different title and yours makes sense. I'll amend the OP
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    posted a message on Verdurous Gearhulk
    This post on the Kaladesh Consulate facebook page strongly, strongly implies (basically confirms, really) that this will be a full cycle.

    Standing taller than many of the buildings that grace Ghirapur's skyline, the Gearhulks are among the grandest creations you'll see on display in the Fair. We challenged five teams of expert designers to build automatons of an extreme scale, with the added stipulation of incorporating a single element of the Aether Cycle into their design. From inspiration to reclamation, the flow of aether governs both invention and life on Ghirapur, so we felt this an appropriate and exciting challenge.
    We were more than pleased with the results. Each design expresses the individual creativity of its team and captures the essence of their assigned step of the Aether Cycle. From the living foliage in the chassis of the Verdurous Gearhulk, which inspires all who gaze upon it, to the crackling reserves of liberated aetheric energy that sparks on the hands of the combustible gearhulk, these magnificent creations invite all to stop and ponder what it means to be part of the cycle of invention.
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    posted a message on Kaladesh Name and Number Crunch
    Some stuff from twitter fell through the cracks when people were compiling spoilers.

    Pictures are attached in this post in the other thread

    Glint-Sleeve Artisan - 017 (white, common)
    Speedway Fanatic - 132 (red, uncommon)
    Start Your Engines - 135, I think? Could be 133 which seems to make more sense. (red, uncommon)
    Sky Skiff - 233 (artifact, common)
    Whirlermaker - 239 (artifact, uncommon)

    Of note, whirlermaker is probably fairly close to the end of the artifacts.

    ETA: This tumblr post has a higher-res image showing Start Your Engines as definitely 135. Perhaps there's multiple "Speedway ___" cards in red.
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    posted a message on PAX Kaladesh Spoilers - Saheeli Rai, vehicles, energy, other mechanics
    Some cards from the official Twitter have not been posted here yet. Nothing too exciting, but more examples of the mechanics.

    Source tweet 1

    Source tweet 2

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    posted a message on Number Crunch
    I think one or both of Nettle Sentinel and Quirion Ranger is not unlikely in those slots either, since they've said Elves is to be a draftable archetype and both cards do see play in competitive lists.
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    posted a message on Fall Set is Kaladesh, Winter Set is Aether Revolt
    Set symbols (attached) are on the coming soon page, which also has them for every other announced product -- but still not for Eldritch Moon, interestingly.

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    posted a message on Puzzle on prerelease puzzle poster
    I've cropped the four posters we have images of thus far to just the cryptoliths and highlighted the angle on each (it's the only meaningful difference so even if compass angles aren't the answer, it's still what we have to work from in terms of clues). Pink is russian, orange is english, green is japanese, and blue is spanish. it is very likely though that without all of the posters we won't be able to get a meaningful message even if we *were* to figure out the nature of the puzzle
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    posted a message on SOI Name and Number Crunch
    Daily Update gives the english name for "Abiding Vigilance" as Always Watching

    Also, I guess Falkenrath Gorger can probably be unitalicized?
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