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  • posted a message on German Booster Box
    Hi all,

    Later this month i'm going to be in Munich during the release of Kaladesh. I'm hoping to pick up a German box of Kaladesh while i'm over there. However, I have been warned that some stores in Germany can be expensive for booster boxes and I don't have the luxury of buying online as I have no fixed address there and am only there for a couple of days. Can anyone suggest a good store in Munich I would be able to purchase a German Kaladesh box at a reasonable price (around 80 euro maybe?)

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  • posted a message on Priceless Treasures in ZEN packs??!
    I have heard of two so far in New Zealand.

    A mox of some sort (jet??) in Auckland and in Hamilton I saw a guy I know that plays magic at work last night and he said he pulled a beta black lotus mint condition. He's a pretty serious guy who wouldn't lie about it. He said the lotus looked so new it could have just been printed. Crazy huh
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  • posted a message on I Shall File This Under "WTF?"
    Its pretty liberal here in NZ, people like their rights. Even if they are just naming your kid something petty. I've only ever encountered one really bad name here.

    I work part time at 'pak n sav', its a big supermarket chain here. But we get loads of Chinese students coming and going as they do what ever degree they chose (usually management). Pretty much all of them have English names they pick when they come here like Kevin, Andrew etc.. but at one time there was a Chinese guy working there called Poon. And I remember thinking that name isn't right, so I commented that he was the only Chinese person here who kept their name. He replied that this was actually his English name and the guy who gave him it, said it was really popular in NZ. I swear to god I laughed my ass off. Poon...

    Also, in case anyones wondering, that isn't a common name here at all.
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  • posted a message on Creation ex nihilo: absurd?
    I know sweet nothing about physics or science but is it not possible that there was never a beginning just a constant continuation. Say the universe expands then comes back together does a whole lot of contortions (who knows) then re-creates itself and starts again with a whole new bang then wash, rinse, repeat?
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  • posted a message on Drink of choice?
    I love beer, Mainly European Pilsners and Weißbier like Erdinger and Schneider Weiße. They are usually expensive in NZ though and hard to find so I just stick to Speights and Monteiths original ale.

    In spirits I like Tequila, absinthe and whisky... not too concerned about brands as long as they arn't cheap and cost over $25NZ
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  • posted a message on The Existence of Rocky Road Outside of the USA
    Yea we have Rocky Road everything here in NZ. Its damn good!
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  • posted a message on USA is 97th most Peaceful place in the world to live
    New Zealand 4 1.350

    New Zealand coming 4th kicks ass but we should have come higher. I have lots of faith in our government to always say 'No' to the Bush regime and not go on stupid wars to bully weaker nations.
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  • posted a message on New Zealand Vs. Australia Rugby league.
    Who's going to watch the Rugby League on Friday night. I'm hoping NZ can pull out a win, our national team has been weak for the last couple of years since most of our more famous players retired. Heres hoping for a NZ victory.

    Whats my fellow Rugby League supporters view of this match up, NZ got a chance?
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  • posted a message on What is the best language to learn?
    Quote from Dr. Dee
    That's right, you should stick to it. I wouldn't say that you'll never learn it, but I would say that going to Germany is a great idea for truly learning a language. Also, don't worry about mixing up the Akkusativ and Dativ, there are a lot of German speakers who do so as well(not to mention slaughter the Genitiv. "Dem sein Haus", where I live "dem sing huss" is quite commonly used and oh SO SO wrong^^).

    My lecturer informed me that people in Berlin are particularly bad at getting the cases right. I'm pretty sure that its bad if i'm around people who don't get the cases right because if I hear a German say or write something different to the grammatic rules i've been taught I automatically assume there is a) an exception to the rules and in some situations what i've been taught doesn't apply or b) I myself have memorized the cases wrong and will change to how they said it and question my ability.

    Hopefully when I'm living there I can find people who don't speak very good English (preferably no English) and speak good German so I can pick it up quickly.
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  • posted a message on What is the best language to learn?
    Its been an uphill battle learning German for the last few years but my German lecturer has been a great help and is very good at teaching it. She is Bavarian and I understand her the best, (she speaks pretty much only German in class) so Munich is where I'm planning on going. The troubles I've had with German are primarily in Irregular/regular verbs in past and simple past z.b - Gemacht, machten und machen oder geflogen, flog und fliegen. So many stem changes that very from verb to verb make it hard to remember them all. I'm pretty good with the cases but sometimes get Akk/Dat mixed up if there is no preposition (Z.b - mit always takes Dat / fuer always takes Akk) or I don't know the case the verb takes. The other pain in the *** is adjective endings, there are so many factors deciding the endings. I can't remember all the charts so usually just put 'e' on the end or leave the adjective as is.

    Apart from all of that I can read and listen to German pretty good just making the sentences is grammatical acrobatics. I'm hoping when I live there people talk to me in standard Hochdeutsch as opposed to their dialects so I can understand it and improve.

    I get a bit of flak learning German, heaps of people tell me I'm wasting time and even some Germans tell me I will never learn it, it's too complex. I think it's important to stick at something once you start and the rewards will pay off.
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  • posted a message on What is the best language to learn?
    I've been studying German for a good couple of years of now at Uni and I think it's the best language to learn. I know lots of people here who lived in Germany for a while and speak really good German, it seems to be the second language of my group of friends.

    I'm moving to Germany in September to live for a year so hopefully I can improve my German and travel a bit.
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  • posted a message on 44 States protect parental neglect.
    I don't usually put in my 2cents because I'm lazy and just like reading these debates.

    This actually happened in here (In NZ) a couple of years back, I think with some Jehovah's witnesses and they were done for Negligence and failure to provide sufficient parenting (something of that description) and received prison terms. The whole country at the time, again from what I remember, was against the parents and agreed with the law.

    Being non-religious myself I fail to see how these people would not want to go to the doctors. Because as pointed out before any religious person would justify doctors as being put there by god to help out. The parents claim that their child was getting better before she died. Does anyone know the symptoms of Diabetes do they get better/worse? I think these are important things in deciding who's to blame.
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  • posted a message on Cant Nuke this, da na na na.
    I don't want to get into an argument too much because the past is the past.

    I totally disagree with the use of the atomic bombs on Japan on the grounds of Japans situation at the time. Japan was in ruins, it had been under heavy bombing and it's navy was scuttled in the pacific. Even if Japan wanted conditions with the surrender a more tightened strangle hold of Japan and economic blocks would have worked that out of them quite a bit and eventually lead to a straight-up surrender. Invasion by land was totally unnecessary as you would gain the same results (without millions of dead soldiers) just with a blockade. In saying this though you have to put yourself back into the mindset of the time. The allied public wanted an end to the war, a blockade would have been unpopular and the bombs provided an easy out. They wanted to scare Russia into fairer negotiations of territory and as sick as it seems they wanted to test how effective their new found weapons were (Note the two atomic bombs used were different, plutonium and uranium I believe, correct me if I'm wrong). On the other hand not using the Nukes would have given the Americans a good advantage in future conflict, so it is kind of a good thing they showed them off.

    This is my opinion based off the History i've done at school and University.
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  • posted a message on Favorite Beer
    Kronenbourg is easily the best beer on earth but I have to admit there are many NZ beers I'm a fan of.

    Monteiths Original ale and Golden lager, Macs Gold and great white. Lion red and Waikato are the two good cheap options.
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  • posted a message on The Best Beer in the World
    I don't know about that, Montieths 'Raddler' beer is pretty damned good.
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