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  • posted a message on What do you do in this situation?
    Quote from Sir Auros
    Kind of recently, yes.

    And it was a completely BS thing, as Gindy thought it was a 'may' trigger, and he didn't even have to talk to the guy after the match.
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  • posted a message on World Warp III (help wanted, inquire within)
    Anti-wincon...? Yes, I suppose.

    RGb is probably the way you want to go if you actually want to win games, though. Also, drop the Valakut theme, but I guess if you wanted to put in some Primeval Titans, then sure.

    Nice Mythics to add: Ob Nixilis, Rampaging Baloths, Bogardan Hellkite. All will close at the game since really, after you Warp, you shouldn't lose.

    As mentioned, you want Fertile Ground, Keeper of Progenitus. Something not mentioned here is Farhaven Elf, which I found to be a superstar when I could play it. Shriekmaw is also nice if you decide to splash the b, which isn't really hard with Trace / Fertile Ground, since he helps you out against aggro, and is awesome when he gets warped in. Potentially you'd want Birds of Paradise as well to help colorwise.

    When I played it in LOR/ALA standard, I never ran Nucklavee, but I hear he's good. Rune Scarred Demon may be another new option that you might like... can continue Warp chains if you Warp into him, or can obviously find you that WW.
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  • posted a message on Tweaking my U/W/R Defender Deck

    Depending on your manabase, Perimeter Captain can be a strictly better Wall of Steel.

    Wall of Omens is playable outside of a wall deck, and I think you want the cantrip. Should be cheap, with it rotating and all.

    Since you're going to lose to anything that doesn't need to win through the combat step, you have plenty of time to be running some draw spells. Serum Visions vs Preordain is a debate, but I like Preordain better. You may consider Ponder to dig for that Vent Sentinel. Distant Melody looks nuts.

    Heck, even Divination wouldn't be awful. Or Jace's Ingenuity. See Beyond is nice, and Sea-Gate Loremaster isn't bad, though it isn't a wall.

    Basically you need ways to dig.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Steel Aggro
    Quote from skip430
    I agree with this. This deck doesn't care about the opponents creatures, that's why it run's 4 dispatch. What it does care about though are sweepers and (possibly even more important) timely reinforcement. If I were to play the UW version which I probably wouldn't as the mono white/ GW versions seem better) I would definitely play Spell pierce SB over unified will or mana leak. I mean honestly, at what point are you going to hold up two mana? Only when you have no cards in hand. If you play almost any threat then you cannot hold up mana leak mana. The one mana difference is huge.

    On a side note, what do you guys think of adding quest for the holy relic and 1 argentum armor to the deck as a plan B? Would that be better or worse then running that GW version from the SCG open?

    It's awful and I hate it.

    But post the list you're thinking of putting it in. It can possibly work but you really need the 2nd armor.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Steel Aggro
    Quote from Hag of Holding
    I like this deck a lot. A couple things I have seen be very good in this deck are Beastmaster Ascension or Dark Tutelage.

    The 1st can make your nut draws even better. You should favor evasion more in your creature selection.

    The Tutelage gives this deck gas and is not that painful with the curve topping out at 3.

    As for Origin Spellbomb. I have had several people tell me they think the spellbomb is too slow. I do not really agree. The spellbomb is there to enable metalcraft early on (for dispatch/opal). It just sits there. Your opponent will rarely ever even think about using removal on a spellbomb. Then if you find yourself with mana open later on in the game you can crack the spellbomb and get some CA from it. I think 2-3 of are worthwhile. It also ducks sweepers.

    I was thinking about Beastmaster's a little bit, and the deck tech from SCG Seattle confirmed that its a viable route. I like lead the stampede a lot too, though.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Steel Aggro
    Quote from chopshop
    it seems like in these builds you could add in a four pack of quest for the holy relic and two argentum armor,or would that be too slow?

    Just makes it a different deck. Since you definitely are going to want Ornithopters, Glint Hawks, and Squadron Hawks.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Steel Aggro
    3 Moxen seems to work well. Depends on your land counts / if you're running CWZ / other factors.

    And yap, even won off some mulls.

    Quote from DXI-Edge
    I run o-ring in the sideboard?

    Oh and two things.

    One, How many moxes? 2 or 3?

    And two...

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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Steel Aggro

    Please play Inkmoth Nexus. Frown

    LSV and the gang ran with Origin Spellbombs because they needed to dig for their Hero / Tempered Steel to win. With Steel Overseer in Standard, I say Spellbomb is too slow, and if you really want the digging you'll be much happier with Gambit or Preordain.

    @5840: Oblivion Ring does seem very nice in the sideboard, but I can't see it going maindeck anytime soon.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Steel Aggro
    Quote from DXI-Edge

    What are people's thoughts on:

    Origin Spellbomb?
    Hero of Bladehold?
    SB Phyrexian Revoker?
    SB Phyrexian Metamorph?
    Tech of the Mirror?
    New Cards from M12?

    I was running Origin Spellbomb when I played Tempered Steel in block, but I never really liked it once I realized it was 3 mana for a dude and a card. It's especially awkward on a hand with the nuts, but no second land. I think that even a guy like Porcelain Legionnaire is better in this slot, especially if you're splashing blue for digging.

    Hero of Bladehold is still a super card, a must answer threat that I do really like coming out of the sideboard, especially if they've sided out their GfT or brought out removal for artifact hate.

    Phyrexian Revoker is a fine choice if you can fit him into your sideboard, but what would you board him out for? Idk. Seems good though.

    Never played with Metamorph, assume it's insane with overseer but meh with anything else besides bladehold.

    As always, the challenge with this deck is to not get blown out completely by wrath effects, and whether your strategy going forward with that is to say screw it, I'm dumping my hand and we'll race with inkmoths after DoJ, or you run tech against it.

    The anti-wrath options in my mind:

    Non-creature beats - Glint Hawk Idol / Chimeric Mass
    Of course, Inkmoth Nexus is in this category as our Plan B.

    Draw more gas - Lead the Stampede was mentioned as GW tech, seems nasty. UW gets preordain, anyone could run Gambit if they wanted it - which seems like comboland with overseers as an added bonus.

    Counterspells - Bring Mana Leaks out of the side, though the Japan Nationals Semi-finals had this gem

    He cast Cultivate, but Ikawa had a card waiting - Unified Will!

    Now THAT's why you play blue boys and girls...

    Unified Will is a pretty nutty sideboard card... might have to give that a whirl, but the Japan list that ended up winning was Mono-W Legionnaire edition.

    Thoughts on Indomitable Archangel? Was pretty sweet in block as a SB card, but what about in standard?

    EDIT: Forgot my last possible tech against sweepers- especially against a DoJ, if you're running CWZ or sided it in, Squadron Hawk can really get there with some Battle Cry action. I found this out while testing my WW Quest deck.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Steel Aggro
    Quote from Rush_Clasic
    Note that I have serious doubts about the following, but I find it interesting anyway. This is an attempt to build the deck around Adaptive Automaton, with Constructs being the best choice I could find:

    Scrabbler and Servitor are the obvious wtf additions. They're the only two-drops that fit, and constructs are the only non-myr legion big enough to make automaton a real lord. The whole idea is quite sketchy. (>.<)

    Chimeric Mass is a construct with definite synergy and sweeper protection.
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  • posted a message on U/B control
    Quote from JoInTsMoKa
    Surprised this hasn't been posted in since the M12 release....there are a few handy cards in both colours that could give this deck a boost. I'm working on a list atm, it's a bit rough as I haven't played in a few years and have not done any playtesting, but we'll see how it works...
    No SB as of yet, will work it out when I know more about the meta....

    The questionable cards in my eyes are:

    Distress - yes, Despise is a 1-drop, but I'd much rather have the option of hitting anything
    Assassin - awesome no doubt, but how many? Should it be a 4-of staple?
    Tutor - obvious, but does it fit in a control, or is it more a combo card?
    Looter - with Sphinx being the only draw engine, I kinda felt it was necessary to bring this neo-Thought Courier in.

    Also not sure whether to go with destroying in Doom Blade and Go for the Throat or lowering toughness with Dismember and Grasp of Darkness...don't want to get stuck playing black artifacts with the destroy spells in there.


    Wrong forum perhaps? _Block Constructed_
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Many New Cards
    Quote from Trancebam
    ...then it's a good thing it's a sorcery?

    Rhetorical question is rhetorical?

    Quote from kurisu
    Any one else notice how see beyond is a weird version of Lat-Nam's Legacy . I guess we have to have it at sorcery in standard otherwise things would be to out of hand. I still love me some Nam legacy for my edh decks though.

    Yes, read the thread.
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  • posted a message on [ROE] Many New Cards
    Some of the most exciting cards that I've seen for the set thus far, that's for sure! Rounding out limited and even constructed possibilites... wow.
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  • posted a message on [RoE] Enclave Cryptologist
    Hasty looter for 3 doesn't seem bad at all to me.

    Also, someone said this in another thread discussing level up. Level Up allows for some mindgames with the opponent - Why didn't he level up his dude? Does he have the counter? Do I run into a trap!?
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  • posted a message on Which Mono-Color Type Has The Best "Destroy/Exile" Creature Spells?
    Quote from PowerSquirrel
    Ah, so you're the one who is allowed to set the criteria for what we, the players, define as a "removal spell". I'm glad to know.

    And your argument fails. Any "hard" removal spell you speak of can be countered if your opponent has mana open and meets some conditions (Vines/Swerve in the case of Path, Dauntless Escort in play in the case of most other removal you speak of).

    Look at it this way: you're only ever going to use a Disfigure or a Tendrils to kill a creature, therefore, it's creature removal. Is that so hard?

    This looks like it excludes burn, and it does. Burn is burn, and it CAN be used as removal (therefore not ineligible, but better: it is multifunctional, a great thing to have in Magic cards). This doesn't mean that Burn is no Removal, it does mean that it does not have to be.

    Cool story bro. Discuss the OP's intended topic, or make a new thread?

    I say white has the best effects, since Exile >> Destroy
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