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  • posted a message on [SAV] Kirins more powerful then dragons?
    Legendary Creature - Spirit
    At the beginning of your upkeep, target legendary creature you control gains:
    "At the beginnig of your draw step, this creature counters target spell until the beginning of your upkeep."
    Flying 3/5

    i really really really really really really really really realllly dont think that can happen.

    For that card to be playable at all, you'd need your opponent to cast an instant on your draw step. And i dont think anything can counter something until your next upkeep.

    I get your point though, but it should be worded along the lines of "0: Counter target spell, then cardname loses this ability. "

    Or something similar.
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  • posted a message on is SOK disapointing? (re: Leaks)
    Quote from Xenphire »

    P.S.: Look at it this way, 'News won't be getting it first. The fakers don't even want to post there anymore. That's sad.


    Thats true though!

    In my oppinion, everyone's afraid of leaking because of the fear of getting fired. Its not that its a bad set (Because actually, its a bad BLOCK)

    Im just waiting for RAV to come.
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  • posted a message on [UNH] Gleemax +Targets
    I just had an interesting conversation with some judges at an Irc Channel.

    <Nushio> hello
    <Niton> question?
    <Nushio> yeah
    <Nushio> unhinged
    <Niton> what's the question?
    <Nushio> can ya help me?
    <Nushio> great
    <Nushio> its about Gleemax
    <Nushio> he says you move targets as you wish
    <Niton> and the question is?
    <Nushio> You choose all targets for all spells and abilities.
    <Niton> thats how it works
    <Nushio> lets suppose i play echoing truth
    <Nushio> can i change the target to a nonlegal target?
    <Nushio> such as that land over there
    <Nushio> or that spell on the stack?
    <Niton> Gleemax deems this incorrect.
    <Nushio> he doesnt say it has to be legal
    <Niton> Gleemax does not condone illegal targetting.
    <Nushio> he just toys around with targets
    <Niton> Gleemax does not say it, but Gleemax also does not condone it.
    <Davey79> lol Smile
    <Niton> You must follow the will of Gleemax.
    <Nushio> grip of chaos says "legal targets must be chosen"
    <Nushio> gleemax does not
    <Davey79> That's reminder text.
    <Davey79> If you get to choose a target, it has to be legal.
    <Niton> Gleemax does not change game rules, just how Gleemax is allowed to target.
    <Nushio> game rules does not mention target changing
    <Niton> Gleemax is friends with Floral Spuzzem.
    <Davey79> You're not changing targets.
    <Davey79> Gleemax makes you choose targets.
    <Nushio> You choose all targets for all spells and abilities.
    <Niton> Gleemax makes you choose a target. Gleemax would not allow you to target Kodama of the North Tree, so Gleemax would not allow you to target Lands with cannot target Lands spells.
    <Nushio> i still say he doesnt mention legality
    <Jyson19> Can Provoke be used on a creature already untapped?
    <Niton> Gleemax is absolute.
    <Niton> Jyson, yes.
    <Jyson19> ty
    <Nushio> oh, kodama is different
    <Nushio> cuz he simply CANT be target
    <Nushio> at all
    <Niton> No, it's no different.
    <Davey79> He says, "you choose all targets" ... anytime you choose targets, they have to be legal.
    <Niton> Lands simply can't be targets of Echoing Truth.
    <Nushio> how about spells on the stack? :p
    <Niton> Spells on the stack are not a permanent.
    <Niton> Gleemax does not allow you to maximize your glee by Gleemaxing spells.
    <Nushio> haha
    <Nushio> hmmm
    <Nushio> but they can be target
    <Nushio> a land can be target at any time
    <Nushio> if the target was illegal, the ability would fizzle
    <Niton> A land can only be a target if the spell being cast allows a land as a target.
    <Niton> Gleemax, as well as the player who is its slave, is not allowed to target things it cannot.
    <Davey79> You can't choose an illegal target either.
    <Davey79> Targets are checked twice; when you cast the spell, and when it resolves.
    <Nushio> hmmm
    <Nushio> i just want to use gleemax by fizzling everyone's targetting goodness
    <Davey79> Find another card Smile
    <Niton> Gleemax does not allow this.
    <Niton> Gleemax will refuse to intervene in affairs in which its cast spell does not apply.
    <Niton> Gleemax is the world.
    <Nushio> im still unsure, but ill take that answer
    <Nushio> thanks
    <Niton> Gleemax thanks you for your thanks.
    <Nushio> haha
    <Nushio> alright
    <Nushio> see ya
    And that was it.

    Im still intrigued by this question. Can anyone point out to a rule in the CR (ill look for it too) that points out the rule number that says that i cant do this? Gleemax doesnt say it has to be legal, But grip of chaos has it as reminder text...

    415.7. Changing Targets

    415.7a The target of a spell or ability can change only to another legal target. If the target can't be changed to another legal target, the original target is unchanged.

    415.7b Modal spells and abilities may have different targeting requirements for each mode. Changing a spell or ability's target can't change its mode.

    415.7c The word "you" in an object's text isn't a target.
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  • posted a message on [UNH] Gleemax +Targets
    Gleemax reads:
    You choose all targets for all spells and abilities.

    My question is, does the target has to be legal? I say no. It will fizzle.

    Either way, lets suppose I change the target to a NONLEGAL spell. For example, moving echoing truth's target to a land. Will it return the land? I again say no, cuz it says "Return target(Which you moved) nonland permanent." E. Truth will notice that it aint a nonland, and will fizzle.

    What do judges say on this?
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  • posted a message on [9th] Rod of Ruin, 9th logo
    Quote from Erad »
    Well, Eighth Edition's logo was the Core Set, not the 8 on top of cards, so at least it's sorta different.

    True, but they might also change it for 9th to stick with that format. I dont think they can print the card back at minisize. Much less 3 cardbacks and a 9 at minisize.

    Edit: I wanted to say this: It sucks to have the same (almost) icon used again. I loved 8th, but that doesnt mean all cores should have the same format. They should go for originality.

    Edit2: I forgot to say thanks to silicon Halo
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  • posted a message on [RAV] Mechanics?
    /me thinks that 'free' spells, no matter what type, shoudnt be allowed at all.
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  • posted a message on Textless Reciprocate and no more Tokens
    Quote from Omega Gir »
    I don't think it says anywhere that a balance of color needs to be maintained with the textless spells. It'll probably balance out over time, but the 6th one could very well just be black.
    There will probably not be any permanents. Even the most basic of creatures would still want its creature type and power/toughness printed on the card, and enchantments and artifacts usually do complicated enough things that not as many people remember exactly what they do.
    So far, they're some of the simplest cards ever printed (well, other than fireball, which is feeling much better after all the therapy) that do very singleminded things. Kill guys, kill lots of guys and their owner, kill artifacts, extra kill that mean guy who just hit me. Magic cards are a bit homicidal.

    But going the wishful thinking route, and going along with the white lacking staple cards, there is a card that is so simple and iconic it would make the perfect textless card. Too bad its rare.

    Holy day is reminded more often, because holy day actually sees play in some ww builds.

    White blue control, and several other white/x control decks use holy day as a way to save theirselves.
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  • posted a message on Red Lotus?
    Mirrodin had chrome MOX and gilded LOTUS.

    Ive seen them banners, and I too am expecting to see a lotus, In fact, the first word ill look for in the orb of insight is lotus. I dont care what color or flavor.
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  • posted a message on [SoK] Random (fake) Information.
    Didnt we agree when CHK first came out, that the reminder text for soulshift is "return a spirit", and since thats that, there cant be no goblinshift and all that?

    i think its wacked to have soul _AND_ demon shifts in the same block, specially if those demons are spirits anyways.

    To me, it sounds like someone who plays with a Ogre Oni deck with a lot of ideas :/
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  • posted a message on [SoK] Oppressed Will
    Quote from CounterAdept »
    The icons look pretty identical to me.

    Not entirely true. Go to http://magiccards.info/query/1815482/; many of those prerelease cards are not in english.

    Yeah, but none are in spanish. Unless they decide to change their policy, and start sending 'preview' and 'prerelase' cards translated in spanish, i dont trust this card.

    Ive seen the preview cards for CHK and BOK, they were in english.
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  • posted a message on [SoK] Oppressed Will
    Quote from MC_2442_ »
    -** if there is already a thread like this please Del this one **-

    This is the card FNM's Will Spoiler for further participation
    i only found the spanish version. SRY :smile3:

    For those who doesnt know spanish, the english trantlation is the follow:

    Cardname: Oppressed Will - or some...

    Cardtype: Instant

    Rule Text: Counter target spell unless it controller pay 1 for each card in your hand.

    Flavor text: "When Minamo was left, the most younger students find thenselves in a war beyond their skills, and with talents beyond their control"

    As a mexican FNM player, i can assure you 2 things. Number 1. Look at the icon, the lamp is different than hte one published here.
    On the left of the icon in this card theres something that bothers me.

    Second, and most important, FNMs dont give out cards in spanish. Prerelease cards are in english. Promo (FNM) cards are in english. 'Preview' cards, like that fox on CHK, or that ninja on BOK are in english.

    thats all i'll say. Happy april fools.
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  • posted a message on r&d's secret lair alternate art
    I think its on the foiled version. Cant be sure since i've never seen it.
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  • posted a message on r&d's secret lair alternate art
    Im confused. It has a secret art?

    Can someone please post it Grin Im curious.

    Is it the foiled version? or is it a Promo?
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  • posted a message on Educate
    Quote from Saouro »
    While I thought the same thing at first I realized later that if MaRo hid something in the article was most likely more subtle than the actual card he was 'creating'.

    Specifically this:

    "Someday we'll probably want to make “Counter target red or green spell” as red and green are blue's two enemies."

    It's possibly nothing but MaRo is a master of language and subtlety. That and I'm looking for anything to support the theory of Ravnica being a multi-colored set with ally themes.

    Right. Whats next? Rav having Birds of Paradise?

    Everyone and their cousin think that Rav will have some sort of multicolored theme (It may end up like the Apprentices, but still have the theme)

    What I'm eager to see is BoP fitting in the giant city-covered plane. I mean, look at it. Whats he gonna be? A Caged Bird? Bird in a Sandwitch? Thanksgiving food? Popeye's or KFC's Food?

    Back to topic. Even if "Educate" saw print..... who cares? Its just one lame counter.
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  • posted a message on 2nd set of Ravnica block: Guildpact
    Quote from AKARAT »
    I think the guilds in Ravnica might be some thing like 'Arcane'... Multiple subtypes for spells. Maybe something like 5 subtypes, not specific to a color.

    I never thought we'd see instant and sorceries with subtype.. And we have.

    I never thought they'd be legendary enchantments, and not only are they legendary enchantment,s they carry subtype too!

    Ill expect something NEW from WotC. Not a remake..

    Then again, Mirroidn was a remake from Urza's Saga...
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