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  • posted a message on 2nd set of Ravnica block: Guildpact
    So the guild block it is! :p

    You beat me to posting....

    I wonder if this "guild" theme will be similar to onslaught's tribal thingie
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  • posted a message on [9th] Mogg Conscripts?
    Quote from KPDaly16 »
    I think they'd have to change the picture for 9th, since the Akki look (hard shell, pointy nose) is specifically for goblins on this plane (though I agree, Akki are a lot less ugly than most other goblins).

    The hard part aint the art. Its reprinting plane-specific creatures.

    I figure they could use an art similar to raging goblin's

    Heck, they might even reprint it with that art, I woudnt mind at all! :biggrin3:
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  • posted a message on Additional Costs for spells
    Ah, great, thanks.

    On a side note, that sucks :p

    I wanted to steal stuff before he played the Soulblast thingie.

    Anyways, thanks
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  • posted a message on do ninjas break a standstill
    Can you please type in Autocard links?
    ["CARD"]Standstill["/CARD"] without the " "

    Anyways, the card is "put into play tapped and attacking". Im not quite sure it would count as a spell.
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  • posted a message on Umezawa's Jitte
    As a random tip or whatever:

    The Jitte doesnt care if it isnt equipped. You can still shoot -1/-1, gain life or boost +2/+2 any other creature still alive.
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  • posted a message on Additional Costs for spells
    Take a look at Soulblast and Shrapnel Blast

    They both say "as an additional cost to play this spell sacrifice".

    Im not quite sure how the additional costs work. Is it like "1R, Sac an artifact"?

    If i play shrapnel blast, with 2 artifacts in play, A Darksteel Colossus, and a chrome mox, and in response my opponent oxidizes the mox, can i refuse to sac the 11/11 beast? What if the spell gets countered? Do I still have to sacrifice stuff?

    Basically, is the additional cost payed as the spell resolves, or as the spell is being cast?
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  • posted a message on Plat Angel + Lose/Win the game effects.
    Quote from Beta-Male »
    okay, with regards to Door to Nothingness and other cards of that sort (with the sole exception of Transcendence and Darksteel Reactor), once the ability resolves, it resolves. with Plats in play you can't lose the game so the game moves along.

    if you control plats and are at any life total <= 0, you still take damage as usual. however the whole losing due to SBEs doesn't really come into play since plats just says "nope, he ain't losin this game" however, once the platinum angel leaves play and you are at 0 or less life, you're done and the game is over.

    the reason darksteel reactor and transcendence are different from door to nothingness is that they cause a loop when the win/lose condition is met. if a darksteel reactor is in play with 20 counters (or you're at 20 life and have transcendence in play), every time SBEs are checked they try to resolve their ability. plats negates that, and unlike cards like Door to Nothingness or Battle of Wits, they check every time SBEs are checked.

    Ah, so I was half right then.

    Thanks again, BM
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  • posted a message on The Lasting Effects of Old Cards...
    Quote from Dr. Tom »
    Obviously, if you can get the Oracle for your Palm or Pocket PC, if you have one, that's the way to go. As for printing it out, if you make it into a PDF and print six sheets per page double-sided, it's a lot more manageable. The font's kind of small, but it's still readable to anyone under 60. Smile

    Dont say Oracle.

    Im my playgroup, a guy that has been playing since 4th made a regeneration deck... The point of his deck was to regenerate your creatures and tap them (because old rules make regenerated creatures get tapped)

    He coudnt understand the fact that they no longer get tapped.

    On a similar note, I told him about hte new Legend rule, he said "WTF?", i told him all cards had their Oracle updated, he asked wtf is oracle. :/

    Heres what you should do. Tell them to log into this site, and read what we are saying Laugh

    Works for me! Grin
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  • posted a message on Plat Angel + Lose/Win the game effects.
    Today we had a massive argument. 6 Diff people trying to settle down whether a platinum angel would save you from Door to Nothingness.

    Of course, the answer is simple. It saves you from it. But what about when it dies? I got rid of the angel, would the door open again magically and make him lose? Or did the effect fizzle simply because he was lucky enough to have the stupid angel.

    On a very similar question, on a diff game, he had the angel and -5 life. He argued that once the damage was dealt to him, and we got rid of the angel, the game would'nt check how's life treating ya until someone either damages him or makes him gain less than 5 life.

    My question is: ¿Once plat is dead, does the game remember you won a few turns ago/He lost a few turns ago?
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  • posted a message on Deckmaster Edition
    I bought the deckmaster tin box too.



    Anyways, i do believe these cards are legal for tourneys. (As long as they are still in type).

    Ive used Deckmaster Lhurgoyf in a t2 tourney FNM. (It isnt as strict as a real tourney, but noone complained).

    As far as i'm concerned, these (DM Cards) are still legal, and arent treated just like Collectors Edition.

    A quick look to my FOIL Icy Manipulator will show me that it has rounded edges. It has standard card back. It has Non-Gold, Non-Silver border... So i guess it's legal...
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  • posted a message on Round 1 Pairings!
    Has the tourney been canceled/postponed? Whats up with the mods? Shoudnt ya take care of the whole tourney thing? I consider this 1 match per week a bit too slow...
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  • posted a message on New 9th Ed. Serra Pic?
    Too dificult for kids? MTGO Users may know languaje preteens have never heard of?


    Mabe MTG is rated T because it contains violent images, sexual references on flavor text, partial nudity on angels cards and stuff

    Then again, im just messin around, mtg has nothing that my lil 9 (was 7 when he started learning) year old bro cant understand.
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  • posted a message on Round 1 Pairings!
    Nushio vs FNMPM


    Note to all: FNMPM's deck has cards with AWESOME art!!!!!
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  • posted a message on Round 1 Pairings!
    I got PMed by my opponent, I responded and he never did. :/
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  • posted a message on New 9th Ed. Serra Pic?
    Quote from Zjs99999 »
    There is no Glorious Anthem in 9th, and I will bet money on it. They already voted for a worse one for 9th, but I can't remember the name of it. Oh, and, it's obviously Serra.

    Quote from The_Grim_Streaker »
    NOT Glorious Anthem; not being reprinted.

    Are you both willing to bet your entire card collection on that?

    Glorious Anthem WILL be REPRINTED IN 9TH ED. I am NOT saying this is going to be G.A.'s new art (i hope not, i LOVE the angel on G.A. )

    Quote from WotC »

    Last week’s card vs. card vote was Glorious Anthem and Shared Triumph, and Glorious Anthem won by a convincing margin!
    Glorious Anthem wins it!

    Glorious Anthem 74.9% Shared Triumph 25.1% Totals 100%

    Take that, you non-glorious anthem ers :p

    About the art. Its serra. They already joked about putting it in unglued 2 (or unhinged), but now, i think its for real!
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