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  • posted a message on [Primer] Eggs
    My list, in case anyone's interested. I think Khans added a card worth considering for the list:

    So obviously the notable add here is Altar. A singleton is fine, based on the way this is built you only need one and by the time you're ready to cast it, it should be uncounterable by anything but a free counter. Altar has the advantage of killing right past a Leyline of Sanctity or other player-gains-hexproof effect, and killing past infinite life as well. The *actual* kill is ideally achieved with Coliseum, of course. Why let your opponent untap, after all? But against a hexproof opponent we have to let them untap and die during draw step. The Ghost Quarters are there to nuke all their lands so they won't be able to cast anything to save themselves.

    City of Traitors and Horizon Canopy are both missing from this list as I consider neither of them to be "budget". The Lotus Petals are the most expensive cards in the deck. Both are excellent cards to be honest, but the deck can definitely function without them.

    Most of how the deck operates should be obvious to eggs players, not much fancy here. I don't run Aether or Pyrite SB's, I consider the Reshape tutor package inferior to the Crop Rotation tutor package (give me a G instant over a UU sorcery any day!). Barbarian Ring is my Pyrite SB and either it or Coliseum could theoretically kill by themselves, albeit not without the risk of the oppo doing something crazy with all the draws / discards, and Ring can be stopped by infinite life shenanigans (and you'll go grey finishing the game if the oppo forces you to act out all 10 Ring activations; Altar can millout in two Sunrises). The advantage of Altar is that you can wait to run it out until you have the opponent on complete lockdown (no lands surviving thanks to GQ, no mana in pool bc you halt your combo, pass to second main, and restart to clear their pool). With no lands or mana they have no way to cast any of the cards you give them with Coliseum. Four Coliseums may seem like overkill and I may be talked into swapping one out for a third GQ, but I'm dubious on it. I don't like to weaken the list with ways to get lands from hand into play like Wayfarer, so my only way of "rescuing" a hand-stuck CC is to use another CC on board to pitch it, then Noxious it under, then Rotate it into play. This means if I draw every CC in my deck without a land drop remaining, I can never get one on board. No thanks. And I've had games where I drew three of them before I could find a Rotation to fetch the fourth. The sheer amount of digging CC gives you can't be overestimated so I want it every single game, and the only way I've found to guarantee that is the 4 CR + 4 CC package.

    Sideboard isn't fully worked out yet but 3-4 Seal of Primordium is standard against Tormod's Crypt / Relic of Progenitus / Rest in Peace, cards which could otherwise give us fits. Seal can force the Crypt once you're holding Sunrise, then you get everything back and they Crypt an empty yard. Then you can topdeck their Crypt with a Noxious. At that point, whether they mill or discard it is irrelevant, it will no longer "count" for Sunrise.

    The mill plan is also not beatable by any number of Emrakuls or by less than three auto-retuck-replacement creatures (Progenitus, Serra Avatar, etc). Some decks run those in the board as mill protection and may make the mistake of thinking that will suffice.

    As with all legacy eggs deck, the real problem is always counters against our engine spells, and tax effects that make it impossible for us to function (looking at Thalia here). A lot of the cards that mess us up the worst are hatebears and that's really who the Barbarian Ring is in to fight against.

    Anyway, it's a very sketchy list I'm aware, but it's a lot of fun and against non-counter decks it can snag a few wins here and there. Most blue decks just laugh at it, since it throws its entire board away and then puts the whole game on resolving a 3 or 4 CMC spell that the opponent sees coming for 3-4 turns. IMO not much can be done about this since there's no way to add sufficient blue cards to the deck to fuel a FoW package without utterly diluting its core mechanic (besides, this is a budget thread). Against slower blue based controlly decks we can wait a couple turns, pile up more mana on board, and try to force two engine spells. Or we can go with the Silence plan, which I don't hold out a ton of hope for (hard enough to get enough mana + sunrise + enough eggs to draw into another sunrise with; to get all that plus a Silence to enable it all is rough). It can be done but it will likely add a turn or two to when we go off. Against blue aggro-control / Anything-Delver we die, period. We just don't have enough time.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Eggs
    Is anyone else still interested in this deck? I've got my own Crop Rotation focused list I've been having fun with casually. I agree with the above poster that City of Traitors is firmly outside budget range now, but the deck still has ample options for affordable fast mana.
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  • posted a message on Manaless Dredge

    Hi Nobunga! I love your list, it's actually only a few cards off from mine. Smile My only real concern with it is only three Chancellors... to me it hardly seems worthwhile to even run a Leyline / Chancellor effect without running the full boat. If I remember correctly my list is -1 Shambling Shell and +1 Chancellor, and I rarely have no-dredge problems. But YMMV. Smile

    The other difference is that I'm -1 Balustrade and +1 Griselbrand. Functionally, Grizzy is about equivalent to Ballsy in terms of deck-flippage. As long as you have 7 life to spend (which most of the time you will) and a dredger or two to play with, he can typically flip your deck, or enough of it to either find the Flayer combo, or generate such a massive pile of dudes as to make you unstoppable. He can also just play beatdown or threaten to block and gain life. Balustrade is technically slightly better as he guarantees the combo but the split provides a touch more protection against various hate cards.

    I've also had one opponent actually side in Torpor Orb against me, which shuts down both Spy and Flayer. I mentioned this to a friend and they suggested boarding in a combo package of Triskelion + The Mimeoplasm. Mimeo eats a Grave-Troll and Trike and becomes a huge/huge trike that guns the oppo down with activated ability rather than a 187 trigger. (Note that Mimeo is an "as-enters" replacement, not a "when enters" trigger, so he works through Torpor Orb). IDK if this is worth sideboard space though since Torpor Orb is hardly a common hate card. There are also times when the oppo uses Leyline so you need Flamekin Zealot instead.

    Some of your sb pieces confuse me a bit. In what matchups would you prefer Grand Arbiter to a fourth Chancellor? I guess it's better at stopping Eldrazi on-cast triggers than Chancellor, but I can't see any other way in which it's better. I guess you can use it to force a DR past a Daze, but first you have to resolve a DR on Grand Arbiter past that same Daze anyway. So really you beat Daze by just having more DR's / FOW's than they have counters, or tearing their hand apart with Therapies. Other than that I'm not certain what purpose he serves. Is he just a Chancellor that increases your blue card density? I think I'd rather have a Mindbreak Trap for Storm in that slot.

    Ancestor's Chosen is a nice touch but Resolute Archangel is strictly better from a Reanimator standpoint IMO. Flying, and will gain a useful amount of life even if we have to panic-reanimate it on a small yard. Ancestor's Chosen might put us in the position of having to slow down our Ichorid feasting to conserve fuel for lifegain, while Resolute just goes to 20 no matter what. Of course, on a full yard Chosen can set us to a ridiculous life total but if we have a full yard why aren't we just winning instead? I'd say both are poor substitutes for Gnaw to the Bone but in Manaless, we have limited options.

    What purpose do the Archive Traps serve? I'm trying to think of decks where we want to mill them for 13 approximately once ever. (Only two copies makes it very unlikely we will ever be holding two before we go into dredge-only mode). I'm drawing a blank but this seems like such a strange case I'm sure you have a good plan for it. Maybe just to fight against topdeck tutors? But I thought Vampiric tutor was banned? Is this to fight Sneak & Show and similar "fatty off the top" decks? Trouble is, a lot of those lists just use scrying and Top to set up their flip rather than Worldly Tutors like they used to. Scrying and top don't let us cast Archive Trap. So I'm still a bit mystified. For me these would also be Mindbreak Traps to fight Storm bc with them on the play, I find Storm typically can go off just barely before we can kill them, so we have to have ways to interact and I don't think 4x FoW is enough. :/ Have you alternatively considered Disrupting Shoal as an additional countermagic piece?

    I have to say I really like the Whirlpool Drake and I'm considering testing him in my build. The double-Rider effect is amazing, the fact that it works right past a Torpor Orb is gravy, and the fact that unlike Griselbrand or Rider it allows you to fine-tune your library dumping. Heck, you can carefully set it up to leave yourself one card almost every single time, allowing you your combo win and anti-millout insurance in case they have something silly like a fog or Angel's Grace effect (I have actually heard of a Dredge deck losing to a sideboarded Angel's Grace being used in exactly this fashion - genius). This reduces the need to worry about saving a DR to use a Thug to stop millout in such circumstances, and also saves a sideboard slot some people (including me) spend on Progenitus. I think I will start testing Drake immediately! But do you run him and Rider just to diversify your combo pieces to fight against hate cards like Extraction? Or are there matchups where you find them actually superior to Balustrade Spy?

    Finally, I like Ashen Rider but I try to always find room for two. An Elesh Norn can also be a great sb add if you are worried about facing Elves.
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  • posted a message on THE SHINING! Winter Maze mini Primer.
    Looking over this list, enjoying it a lot. Have you considered Magus of the Candelabra as additional mana ramp? Not quite as efficient as Arbor Elf but combos nicely with your enchant lands, much better than Elder Druid. Alternately one could use the Candelabra itself, but it's not Green Sun searchable. The Candelabra has the advantage of not being Boltable, though due to Root Maze it will be effectively "summoning sick" (enter tapped).

    As for early plays, it seems to me that t1 Arbor Elf may actually be a better play than Root Maze even if you have it. At least, if you're on the play. If your Elf survives to t2, then you can play a second forest, tap 3 mana, and plop the Orb and Maze in THAT order. If you're lucky the oppo tapped down on their turn and you have them on lock. Smile

    Not sure I like Tangle Wire as much as Trinisphere. Heck, even Sphere of Resistance would work. Under Winter Orb, in Legacy, anything that makes the oppo's spells cost more than 1 will severely punish most "fair" decks.

    Where you are going to run into SERIOUS problems is with Dredge, which doesn't play fair, and especially with Manaless Dredge, which will laugh itself silly at your Maze/Orb combo and kill you. A singleton ScOoze might not even save you, they have Contagions specifically for him. Frankly you should just be splashing white and running Rest in Peace, it's the strongest possible graveyard hate and usually Dredge has to scoop to it. But I understand that the splash might be difficult. Failing that, you can try adding in Deathrite Shaman, though that strategy also has flaws. Wheel of Sun and Moon isn't tutorable, but it's still pretty strong against Dredge if you can survive whatever they've currently got buried.

    Dredge btw is the other reason to prefer Trinisphere / Sphere of Resistance over Tangle Wire. Adding mana costs to Therapy and Dread Return tends to stop Dredge in its tracks.

    Edit: Have you considered combining Urban Burgeoning with Omnath, Locus of Mana? This can generate some pretty stupid amounts of mana in short order. Even without Omnath, UB lets you cheat past Winter Orb so it still works as ramp under Orb.

    P.S., searching Gatherer for more land auras and astonished that there really is only Wild Growth and Utopia Sprawl. Trace of Abundance and Fertile Ground both cost 2, and every other aura that could buff the land costs even more. I say I'm astonished because Wild Growth is the sort of card I would really have expected there to be a functional copy of in one of the Portal sets. As a result we only have eight 1-cost aura ramps, not quite the critical mass we need to be entirely effective. Does anyone else find this an unusual case of WotC making a smart design decision back in the 90's?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    Well, having picked myself up off the mat from my devastation over the banning of Summer Bloom (not really surprising given WotC's hate for combo, but at least I take some vindication in them finally banning Twin, after literally years of dithering and allowing it to ruin the format), and I'm ready to go back to thinking about one of my favorite decks.

    Obviously time will tell if the deck can ever recover from this loss. t2 wins are obviously out the window now, and even t3 wins are quite iffy. I like that my favorite little land-engine-that-could, Tribe Scout, is now a key element in the Coralhelm replacement engine. It does sort of look like this engine is a lot frailer than the original robust combo. There's a lot that can kill a poor defenseless 1/1. :\

    Aside from Tribe-Scout, can anyone think of any decent tap-dudes that have useful abilities that go well with Retreat to Coralhelm? I thought of a few, just brainstorming, but most of them suck.

    Ruin Ghost from Worldwake can, in combination with Amulet, Retreat, and a white-producing tapland (Selesnya) produce infinite green. Sort of meh compared to the Scout.

    Another big one, but doubtful whether it can be worked into an Amulet list, is Knight of the Reliquary. It seems better suited for Knightfall, but I'm just tossing it in here because it's a useful tap creature that deals with lands. However, if you combined Knight with Prismatic Omen from Shadowmoor, all your bouncelands would become Knight-sac'able "forests". The dream combination of Knight + Omen + Amulet + Retreat would be difficult if not impossible to pull off, though.

    I like the looks of the Retreat to Coralhelm + Sakura Tribe Scout list, but frankly doubt whether it can go the distance. Either card is mostly a do-nothing by itself. I only ran Scouts as an "also ran" alongside Blooms in my original list. Retreat is no Bloom - it can ONLY generate mana in combination with Scout, and can only maximize its mana potential with Scout AND Amulet. But good combo decks aren't built around 3-card combos, they're built around two-card combos. I get the feeling that you will win one now and again with the combo but your win/loss rate will just be too low to be competitive, even against a field that (due to the kneecapping of two dominant fast decks) has slowed down a touch.

    P.S., Lord Hazanko - with Retreat + Sakura Tribe Scout, Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion is WAY better than Kessig. You can not only double-stronghold to swing with two titans, you can actually double-Sunhome to give both double strike. 4 mana for double strike (essentially +6/+6) on a creature that already has trample, is way better than 8 mana for +6/+0 and an ability the creature already has. It's not often that you go for the double-titan attack, but if you do, really the only thing that can save the opponent is removal. And if your opponent has a removal you'll be glad you spent less mana to get blown out. The only really good reason to run Kessig is if you also run Inkmoth Nexus, as it gives you a great post-Titan endgame, pressuring your opponent's ability to keep finding removal by creating a must-answer threat (Inkmoth + Kessig + sufficient mana = removal or die). But I don't see Inkmoth in your list so I'd recommend switching to Sunhome. I suppose you can randomly Kessig up a Scout or Azusa or whatever but seriously, how often do you actually get away with that sort of nonsense in practice? I can't remember ever pulling off such a thing against an opponent who was somewhat awake.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    Against Knightfall, does anyone think there's any use for "landfall hate" cards like Polluted Bonds, Shattered Angel, Sire of Stagnation, or Tunnel Ignus? I think Bonds is the strongest since it can't be Pathed, but they all have the problem that Knightfall can just change over to its beatdown plan. Also none of them are searchable with Pact.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    Hmm. Against Knightfall, has anyone considered Bojuka Bog? I run Sakura-Tribe Scout in my Bloom list, and the ability to tutor for Bog via Tolaria West (or Titan and bounceland it), then hold Tribe-Scout open with the ability to use it for an instant Crypt effect, sounds like it would be pretty strong at shutting down Knight of the Reliquary. They would still have Kessig Wolf Run, but it would steal a lot of their thunder.

    Just a thought, not sure if Bog is worth a sideboard slot. And obviously it loses a lot of value if you don't run Tribe Scout.

    Edit: I see AtomConfirmer already mentioned this. But dunno if you considered the Tribe-Scout for instant speed?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Amulet Titan
    More ideas vs. Blood Moon... not fond of R-Bomb myself. You have to keep it alive for too long. Even if they don't have a way to remove it, what's to prevent them from just using the time to execute their own gameplan to win while you sit there staring at an uncastable hand? So I looked up some more colorless options for removing BM.

    (I didn't include EE in this because it doesn't really count as colorless for our purposes. If they land BM, EE can no longer remove it, so EE falls in the territory of "cast before BM, pop to remove BM after it lands" effects, which makes it vastly inferior to Seal of Primordium.)

    Culling Scales. Obviously this won't work well against decks that have a lot of permanents. But it might wind up faster than R-Bomb in some matchups. If there are no permanents with CMC less than 3, it gets to go off on your next upkeep to wipe Blood Moon.

    Oblivion Stone. Also a bit slow, but speed is dependent on your land count. If you got off an early Titan but then it got killed and Blood Moon came down, you might have enough mana to drop and activate O-Stone on the spot.

    Ugin - see O-Stone. Cost can't be split over multiple turns; upside is, it doesn't destroy any Amulets you might still have out.

    Perilous Vault - similar to O-Stone. Exiling is probably not worth the extra mana cost.

    Scour From Existence / Spine of Ish Sah - both probably too expensive for what you get. At that price point you're better off going with O-Stone or Ugin.

    So we have one highly conditional card that could drop on t3 and go off t4 with no additional mana investment (culling scales), a couple pay once, pay to pop boardwipes, neither of which can possibly go off before t5, and a variety of other options requiring between 7 to 9 mana. That appears to wrap it up for colorless Blood Moon removal options (other than those most commonly considered). I've never been fond of EE because it can't beat Blood Moon on the draw, Ratchet Bomb seems miserably slow, Scales is far too conditional, and everything else gives the opponent endless time to beat us up. I think Seal of Primordium or possibly Nature's Claim are best. I'm not comfortable with Seal being bounced, but Claim requires constantly holding a green mana open, which is also miserable.

    Also, doubly unfond of the "pay to pop" wipe permanents, not just because they can be bounced, but because BM converting our existing bouncelands into Mountains sets us back usually one, two, or even more mana just by resolving.
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  • posted a message on Karador, Ghost Chieftain
    DuskHorizons, you don't really need infinite counters, all you need is counters at least equal to the highest CMC creature in your deck. Further experience counters are unneccessary. So realistically if you have six or seven tokens out, resolve Meren, and immediately feed your tokens to a sac outlet like Vish Kal or Ashnod's Altar or some such, you will immediately have all the experience counters you'll ever need. Then you can just loop Meren indefinitely (albeit a bit clunkily) with Saffi Eriksdotter ("the other Reveillark"), and chain them all together with other reanimator bodies like Lark, Karmic Guide, or Phyrexian Delver to repeatedly bring sizeable groups of bodies back to the battlefield.

    Personally I don't favor this scheme because I see Meren as simply a slower and less reliable Karmic Guide / Phyrexian Delver type effect, and my Karador list was already overstuffed with such effects. Meren requires creature deaths to become better than Gravedigger, and, while she has a decent cost for her ability and body, lacks other relevant abilities. Frankly I think I'd rather spend a slot on good old Genesis. Meren is great if she is the deck's General, since you can get her back repeatedly (obviously you'd want to voltron her up with some good equipments / enchantments, like Asceticism, Darksteel Plate, and Swiftfoot Boots). But as a member of the 99, I think she's a bit on the weak side as body-plus-reanimators go.

    Besides, my Karador list of old - the dedicated pure-Dredge variant - became extremely boring to play a long time ago; too many of its games ended very similarly ("if no one has a Tormod's Crypt effect this turn, I'm going off and killing everyone"). So now I'm rebuilding him as a Tribal Spirits deck focused around Kamigawa's Soulshift and Spiritcrafting abilities. It'll be lower on the raw power scale, but much higher on FUN factor - and just how often does the average EDH game get to see cards like Elder Pine of Jukai doing their thing? Kekeke
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  • posted a message on CoCo Eldrazi!
    Quote from Mr. Cthulhu »
    Just by playing the deck aggressively and swinging when able, I'm also slowly taking away possible topdecks from the opponent due to a lot of my creatures having Ingest.

    Minor quibble, I see a lot of new players saying things like this but it's really not true. Whether you're milling the oppo to yard or to exile makes no difference. It doesn't affect their topdecks one way or the other (assuming they're not scrying or engaging in topdeck manipulation). Against a randomized oppo library, your mill/ingest is equally likely to mill a good card, as it is to push them past a worthless blank and get them TO a good card. No effect. So there's no sense in crowing over milling the opponent a card, or being bummed because you got milled one. There's no actual statistical effect upon odds of drawing something good next.

    You can only cheat them of good topdecks if you hit them after they scry and keep something good on top, or if you have them milled so far that they are forced into an awkward tactical position (ie., they are so close to millout that they have to block every Ingester or risk loss, forcing them to make suboptimal plays).
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  • posted a message on Abzan Rally The Ancestors Combo
    Quote from lacco »
    I guess as long as Hushwing Griff doesn't see increased sideboard usage, this deck is a real good choice!

    There's a much nastier SB card but much more narrow so less likely to face it: Hallowed Moonlight. Crushes CoCo, Rally, all token makers, Deathmist Raptor too. I'm amazed more people aren't boarding it. If Rally takes off in a big way, expect to start seeing this card. It's a beating, it's to this deck what Back to Nature is to Constellation.
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  • posted a message on Abzan Rally The Ancestors Combo
    Guys, re: Deathmist Raptor and rotation, I'm pretty sure competitive forum rules indicate no new card or post-rotation discussion until after Wizards has posted the FULL spoiler of the new set. I'm just telling you so a moderator doesn't have to...

    As for Shadowsauce and the Forge Rally list, I think the point of that list is running creatures that make multiple bodies when they enter, like Gearcrafter and Thopter Engineer. If you're not maximizing bodies per rally I don't think you're getting all the value out of Purphoros that you should be. Have you considered adding a couple Impact Tremors as a way to improve your odds of getting the combo? They're obviously not as strong as Big P but having two of them means you have six copies of some sort of combo-out. By running 4 Thopter Engineer, 4 Gearcrafter, possibly even Hangarbacks and Chiefs of the Foundry, you add the potential for a hasty thopter swing to add to your Purphoros hit. (If your Rally brings back a Chief of the Foundry your Hangarbacks will survive as 1/1's; either way they will trigger Purphoros or Tremors.) And getting Hangarbacks in the yard pre-rally is as easy as 0-casting them if you need. Smile Hangarbacks also give you another relevant two-drop. Finally, running all eight 3-drop thopter-makers plus Tremors gives you a realistic chance of turning on devotion so Purphoros can swing too. Just a few thoughts!

    I know the Clerics and Jaces seem tempting but honestly I think Purphoros really wants a thopter rush to be maximally effective.

    P.S. shouldn't it really be "Rally Forge", not "Forge Rally"? Better name since it rhymes with "Valley Forge", at least to the history nerd in me. Kekeke

    P.P.S. Unrelated topic - does this deck have any prayer against U/R Tutelage or is that just a lost matchup? I mean, the combination of Anger of the Gods plus Negates for our Rallies, plus our own deck just feeds their mill with Wayfinders... brutal. Frown Is that matchup saveable or should we write it off as hopeless and focus on improving other matchups?
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  • posted a message on RUbots - Red/Blue Ensoul Artifacts!
    I ran into the UR Mill deck that won the San Diego GP tonight at FNM. I didn't think it would be a hard matchup with the high amount of colorless permanents in the deck not triggering multiple Tutelage triggers. But when Jace hits the board, things start going fast.

    I lost in 3, managing to get him to 1 in game 2. It was actually surprising how well he was able to control the board sweeping with Whelming Wave, Dispersing Ensouled artifacts, and using Anger of the Gods to negate Hangarback's dying clause. Anyone have any tips for the matchup? I figure I'll run into it much more in the coming weeks.

    1. Try to put every Ensoul on a DS Citadel. This dodges both Anger AND Disperse (animated DS Citadel is not a "nonland" permanent thus cannot be targeted by Disperse).
    2. Bring in Stubborn Denials and once you get an Ensoul active, try to use Stubborn to stop Tutelage. Yes, even if this means losing your 5/5 to a Disperse you believe they're holding. You can always make more dudes, you cannot afford to let Tutelage resolve. If you can't stop Tutelage, try to Stub a Cruise or other big draw. You'd be surprised how often U/R taps all out, even a lowly Force Spike can do work. Their mana is tight.
    3. Bring in Annuls, which also counter Tutelage.
    4. You're not running Annuls? What are you, crazy?
    5. Run Annuls. Crushing against a lot of big cards in Standard right now, including Courser, Hangarback, everything in Constellation, everything in the mirror, plus Tutelage.
    6. Other than that I dunno. Run Thopter Engineer so you can at least get hasty punches in before you get wiped by Anger? Not much else to say.
    7. Desperation play: Learn from the Past? Hilarious to just reset mill. It will only give you 2, 3 turns tops before they mill you out again though, so you need to resolve this on top of having a clock out. Just a thought.

    Edit: 8. Revoker. If you board them, bring them in. A double-revoker hand is just horrific for them. Name Tutelage with the first and Anger with the second. Even a single Revoker is nasty, though a singleton should name Anger.
    Quote from MTG-Fan »
    Are you insane?

    Ensoul Artifact is the best card in this deck. Darksteel Citadel is probably the best land in this deck because it enables so much.

    Without these two cards, this deck is completely dead. Right now it's being hated out of every top-8 now that people know about it, and without those two powerhouse cards the deck is basically a collection of draft leftovers.

    This. I was struggling to make Ensoul work as a deck prior to Origins by using Cloudform, Lightform, etc., etc. It sucked miserably. I couldn't get anything to work. The stuff from Origins, particularly Hangarback, give the deck the gas it needs to succeed. But it is still fundamentally an Ensoul / Shrapnel Blast deck. Those are how this deck closes out most of its victorious game ones. Losing that = losing the deck. You may be able to build some other sort of robots list but it won't really be this deck; it will deserve its own thread as a different deck altogether.
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  • posted a message on Rockstars: BGx Constellation
    Quote from crappeur »
    Except for Herald of Pantheon, all of your creatures are "enchantment crea", which means that if your opponent is a little bit competitive, he will choose the same target for enchantment and creature : so all of your banishing light / silkwrap will be dead ... letting you a courser for example!

    OK, thanks, I wasn't aware of this! I scanned the card and apparently assumed I saw it saying "target" for each of the types, in which case they'd have had to choose separate targets. But you're right, per Oracle rulings, they can choose a Maggot or Courser as both enchantment and creature. Worst case scenario, they get to keep an enchantment, a creature, and a planeswalker and leave us with only one enchantment-creature. This basically means TA removes one more permanent than I thought it did.

    That definitely makes it stronger than I realized, but still nowhere near as powerful as BtN since it's sorcery speed. They can't swing immediately with whatever they get back, which gives us time to untap and begin refilling our board. Ideally we played an Eidolon on t3 and, if it lived, every enchantment after that cost zero cards, so we should have a few things in our hand to restock with. This doesn't mean I'd totally laugh off TA - if I catch it in their hand with Maggot I'll definitely take it. But it's still a mostly fair wrath. Slightly better against us than End Hostilities, but definitely can be recovered from.

    Quote from KLT »

    The reason why I don't see Back to Nature as dangerous is that not many people have it in their sideboards due to it being extremely narrow. Tragic Arrogance is a more generic wrath-effect that happens to hit GR Devotion, Constellation quite well. Obviously Back to Nature has the huge advantage of being one-sided (with the exception of angels and Herald of the Pantheon) and more importantly instant-speed. But right now it's not as punishing since not a lot of people in my local meta are playing it. Dromoka's Command is generally preferred over Back to Nature.
    Maybe people just underestimate constellation decks though this can change of course if constellation gets a bigger share of the (not just local) meta. It's still just a fringe (but powerful) archetype which could prove to be an advantage.
    I have to admit though that afaik I'm the only one playing Constellation in my local meta and I haven't encountered any Back to Natures yet, since it's probably not worth devoting directed hate against only one potential opponent out of 20-30 participants. Smile

    Well, I dunno, in my LGS constellation is apparently drawing some hate. Abzan aggro decks seem to be packing 2-3 minimum, one mono-green Nykthos guy was running four. I was blown out in one game by an opponent who cast it in response to my Maggot t3, then just started looping it repeatedly with Den Protectors. He cast that same BtN two more times on me by the end. Pretty miserable!

    I suppose the level of fear you should have for BtN is dictated by the meta you expect. Which I why I say you shouldn't try to beat the card, just metagame it. I'm probably going to retire Constellation for a week or two in hopes of BtN being dropped from some sideboards, then bring it back. That, or switch to W/G with four Sigils to try to maximize my odds against the card.
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  • posted a message on Rockstars: BGx Constellation
    Well, like I said, if you get Eidolon out you refill your hand as you go. If you have the Abzan list Thoughtseize them on t4 to try to snag the Arrogance before they can cast it. If not, then at least you refilled your hand. They Arrogance, you untap and rebuild your board.

    BtN is a much bigger threat since they can cast it on your end step and immediately untap and swing into you with the team they get back from your removals. Not to mention it being one-sided. It's often game over on the spot and gives you very little time to recover unless you were way ahead. It's a primary reason to run Sigil since BtN doesn't kill Angels.
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