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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#60] Cirque du Freak Mafia (Game Over: End of a Reign of Terror) Town Wins!
    Okay, so I quickly skimmed the thread because I won't be available this weekend (so sorry, don't worry, I'll catch up Monday) and want to say that I don't support lynching an uncounterclaimed power role day 1 (give them at least a day to use their role, or make them fake results), and still don't really like Eron. Going away for the weekend now, massive catch-up post coming Monday.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#60] Cirque du Freak Mafia (Game Over: End of a Reign of Terror) Town Wins!
    Hi everybody, sorry I haven't posted for the last day or two; I found out yesterday I got a full scholarship to college, and have still been enjoying that. I'll make a decent post tomorrow, but for now I will be getting to bed.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#60] Cirque du Freak Mafia (Game Over: End of a Reign of Terror) Town Wins!
    OOC: it's my kids B-day today so I may not get a chance for a full response.

    Quick hits:
    Gigas point 1: I have not voted.

    I was referring to KCC, whom the quoted section was directed at.

    Gigas point 2: I whole heartedly agree it's early in the game. I was merely trying to get everyone talking, hence sending it to everyone. When Zenjo replied very quickly after that post I initially thought it was scummy but he has had some great insights so far and his language feels like he is actively trying to find scum.

    So...Somebody reading and responding to your post in the way you wanted would have been scummy? If when you posted that you did not want them to post...Why did you post it?

    Gigas point 3: Lists at the stage of the game when I mentioned being against them would have been ill informed. That's my opinion. At no point did I say we shouldn't be making reads on people. That's blatent misrep.

    Ah, I apologize for that. I did mean to type "lists." However, if you can make reads, then why can't you make lists?

    Point 4: Of course I would like people to listen. However, if that's how folks want to express who they feel is scummy and they don't see any downside then that's gret.

    "I think everyone should vote for you. Only if they want to, of course."

    You don't see anything at all wrong with that? Doesn't that read as horribly appeasing to you?

    Next: Lists are not discussion. Lists are a couple of bullet points. They may drive discussion, but they haven't. The majority of the discussion so far has been based around regular conversations and questioning.

    They haven't at least partially because they've been rather lacking in content, and because a certain person has been spending a lot of time talking about how bad they are and how people shouldn't make them. Unless, of course, they want to.

    All in all, my position is that I didn't have enough info to put a list out. I'm also not an advocate of a mislynch simply to gather information which apparently you and Gamora are. I'd rather start off with a scum hanging after we have heard from everyone.

    ...Seriously? Where in that post did I say anything resembling "Let's lynch someone at random to get information!"? I said that a mislynch isn't terrible, but that obviously a scum lynch would be better. And nowhere did I suggest that we have a lynch right now, or that we lynch without hearing from everyone.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#60] Cirque du Freak Mafia (Game Over: End of a Reign of Terror) Town Wins!
    I'm going with: you have Kitty in your name and he has Fish in his and it was a joke vote.

    A close second to that is deflecting conversation.

    Gut reaction to this is that Eron is scum. The second sentence seems awful; he is deflecting conversation to himself by encouraging people to figure out why he voted? Doesn't seem right to me.

    So how does everyone feel about the fact that we have at least two players who have said nothing besides their orginal /confirmation post? Miracule being one. I'm on my phone so flipping to pull the names is a little difficult ATM.

    Zenjo being the other with Gigas1 only commenting once.

    It's still early in the game, have a little patience. But, more importantly, how do YOU feel about it? Do you think it's indicative of their alignment, a good distraction from scum hunting, or a way to make it look like you're doing more than you actually are? (In case it isn't obvious yet, I think Eron is scum. More reasons to follow)

    Quote from Arnnaria
    It seems to me that everyone is playing their cards much tighter to their chest than I'm used to.

    And why do you think that is? What does that have to say about anybody's alignment in the game, where the discussion should go, etc.?

    Quote from Arnnaria
    I think I need to clarify some things.

    I fence sit, I DO NOT lurk. In all the games I've played I've been one of the most vocal posters throughout the game. Lurking implies that I sit on my haunches waiting for the opportune time to make a post. In fact, I post often and frequently. This is why I don't take notes, because if I have something in my head or an idea pops out, I express it publically.

    If I was lurking I wouldn't be responding to all your queries. But look at this game so far. Every time someone has asked me to clarify or do something I've done it right away.

    Tl;dr - fence sitting=\= lurking

    So you post a lot to not really say anything at all about your leads? That's called active lurking, and it is barely better than regular lurking. In fact, it can be worse because it's harder to notice, and because people that lurk often make big posts when they do post (like this one).

    We may be betting ahead of ourselves with list making when we have two folks that haven't made a post/comment yet.

    Why are you so hung up on that? You can't make reads on the people that are posting? Also, notice the reason here: We shouldn't make reads because 2 people haven't commented.

    Quote from Zenjo
    I must agree that it is too early for lists. It would create discussion, but would also leave out some people. Especially since some of those left out people haven't posted much at all.

    If you mean it would leave some people out when making the lists...So what? It lets everyone see what other people's reads are, even if there are a few holes in the lists.


    Also, all I'm saying is [I]I[\I] think it's too early for lists.

    If you all want to start throwing them out there, more power to you.

    Also have a bad gut read on this post. If you think people shouldn't make scum lists, then why say that they can go ahead and do it anyway? Don't you want people to listen to your opinions?

    Then let's discuss. Ask about people you are curious about. But the lists we have seen so far have provided no detail and gotten someone insta-voted because he didn't have enough reasoning.

    Who got insta-voted because of not enough reasoning? I'm pretty sure Manders voted because of bad/scummy reasoning, not a lack of it. And those lists have also created quite a lot of discussion, which is a good thing.

    I don't feel that because someone made bad/not enough reads we should be getting the mob together. Uhh

    Well then what should somebody be lynched for? I think giving poor reasons for thinking somebody is scum is a perfectly cromulent reason to vote/lynch somebody.

    I am not, in any way, "hindering" discussion. In fact, I think at several points I have been attempting to move it along.

    Lists are discussion. They state your views in a convenient way, and your reasons for thinking so, and allow everyone to see where you stand on everybody so you can't suddenly change your views. What type of discussion were you wanting?

    I simply stated that I don't like lists this early and have stated multiple reasons for that. If you think they provide so much benefit (considering 2 people STILL haven't posted), why have you not provided one to the group?

    Again, why are you so focused on the two people that haven't been posting? Talking about them all the time won't make them post any sooner, and will just distract from more important issues.

    I straight up said go for it. I just can't see them being well informed at this point. Really it's the same reason you just gave for not posting one. Discussion is better right now.

    Again, what type of discussion do you want? One about why Battlemaster is scummy? Well, if you would check Arnnaria's recent list, you could see a reason why. Now, if you disagree with it, make a comment about it, and talk about why that is.

    Both of which appear to be overreactions and attempts to create bandwagons. You only abandonded the first one after no one else hopped on with you and you stated that a bandwagon now would be good for business.

    If creating a wagon drives to a mislynch how does that benefit us?

    Well, mislynches allow us to analyze a whole lot of stuff. Who was on the wagon, who defended who, who got on when for what reasons, etc. Obviously, a scum lynch is better, but getting a mislynch isn't the end of the world.

    So, without further ado, I will go ahead and Vote: EronTheRelentless.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#60] Cirque du Freak Mafia (Game Over: End of a Reign of Terror) Town Wins!
    Quote from Iso
    Gigas hasn't shown up yet but I kind of expected that.

    I'll wait a bit before I do anything about that.

    In the meantime, you all may begin.

    With 12 alive, it is 7 to lynch.

    I'm here. Sorry, I suppose I should have mentioned I'm still in school, and so I won't be able to post from about Midnight to 3 CST on most weekdays.

    Showing false concern is a tell. Vote: Arnnaria

    I'm a guy though. Prefer male pronouns.

    Was this a serious vote? I still can't really tell.

    Quote from Chickenfish
    Also, lynch? First vote on a person... Sounds like hysteria incitement to me! IGMEOY!

    Same question here.
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  • posted a message on Unlike Yours, [The Family]'s Uncle Isn't Creepy
    I would love to be a replacement in the Family game, if the fact that I've been missing for the fast two months isn't too big of a problem.
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  • posted a message on [Basic #60] Cirque du Freak Mafia Sign-ups (Closed)
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Seasons Mafia - Game Over: Seasons don't fear the Reaper.
    Hi everybody. Sorry I disappeared like that - I was out of town for a funeral and had minimal internet access. I'll try to get caught up pretty quickly now.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Seasons Mafia - Game Over: Seasons don't fear the Reaper.
    Visiting grandparents until late tomorrow. I'll likely make a decent post the day after. Sorry everyone.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Seasons Mafia - Game Over: Seasons don't fear the Reaper.
    Quote from iLord
    Why do you think scumLC is "poorly" defending DRey?

    I'm going to wait for him to rephrase that post I asked about first, if it's okay with you.

    Quote from Brinatoo
    I'm getting a scum vibe from Gigas.

    unvote vote Gigas1

    Ummm...okay? Any particular reason for that? Any thoughts on anything else that's happened so far?
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Seasons Mafia - Game Over: Seasons don't fear the Reaper.
    Quote from Liquidity Crisis
    Good thing we checked with ced on this one!

    Vote DRey

    Boy, this game is easy.

    Is this a random vote?

    Quote from DJ Catchem

    If that's coaching, it's the worst scum-slip of all time. That said, looking for more from Zas here...


    This is a pretty bad fencesit. Do you think it's coaching or not?

    Quote from Burstinatrix

    Why are you so defensive?

    How is it defensive?

    Quote from Burstinatrix
    I didn't post after the exchange until after you asked Wessel that question.

    I called you scum before you voted for me. Don't try to paint me as scum if you're just going to lie.

    You don't find scum if you don't take action.

    What do you want elaborated?

    Gut says this is a scum post.

    Quote from DJ Catchem
    Post #32. I'm disagreeing with Kpaca, because that was terribly-terrible if it was an out-in-the-open coach.

    Well, do you think it's a coach or not? Just saying that if it was this, it would be indicative of scum is not helpful.

    Quote from Liquidity Crisis

    If you don't think 15 was serious, why would he ask ced first?

    Could you rephrase this please? I'm a little confused.

    Quote from Liquidity Crisis
    Well, aside from the fact that he seems to make posts like that as town (example), there's no incentive for a scum to make such a post. Not only could it look like fishing, it's not even useful fishing, and it doesn't help him blend in at all.

    Just because he posts like that as town doesn't mean he can't post like it as scum. Incentive to make it as scum=appear more town, and look like he is participating more.

    Quote from Liquidity Crisis
    Okay, so there's the possibility that he's an idiot savant, but I think I'm going to go with normal idiot for now.

    Your evidence for thinking it's a town post is that it doesn't scream scum. Assuming he is incapable of playing scum at all is not a good idea.

    Quote from AlphaInsidious
    What's wrong with you people...how are there this many posts in a game that started up on Christmas Eve?!

    I agree, that is a ridiculous number of posts over Christmas.

    Quote from DJ Catchem
    No, I got you the first time. I'm not misconstruing anything, because my point is that it's crazy to think Burst would admit seriously to trying to paint iLord as scummy like he did, and you're confirming here that this is exactly why you're after him.

    Because he's reacting like a frustrated townie under attack, and also for,the reason I stated above.

    And again, if you're re onfirming the reason you're attacking him, then I'm not misconstruing you.

    And if I answer 'yes' to your last (terrible) question, are you going to try to claim that I'm honestly claiming scum, like you are with Burst here?


    It's not scummy to try to make other people think somebody is scum if you think they are scum. That's an important part of the game - The ability to make others agree with your reads.

    I'm thinking Liquidity Crisis is the best lynch right now. Most of his posts have been rather poorly thought out defense of DRey.

    Unvote, Vote: Liquidity Crisis

    Sorry if this post is worded oddly, I rushed through it. If anything is hard to understand, just ask and I'll be happy to rephrase it for you.
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  • posted a message on [Specialty Game] Seasons Mafia - Game Over: Seasons don't fear the Reaper.
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni
    Vote: Yanni

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  • posted a message on Mafia Theory and Discussion
    Quote from Artifice 101

    Behavioral analysis by use of statistics, records, and publicly available knowledge (whether or not a player's name shows up in the "Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread:" box, whether they're posting elsewhere in the subforum, whether they check their PM's when requested by another player based on their Public Profile status)

    I consider that last one to be fairly unethical. I could have sworn I heard something about the first one being frowned upon as well, but I don't feel like looking back through the entire Theory/Discussion and Council threads to find it.
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  • posted a message on The 2011 MTGS Mafia Awards
    Best Town Performance (Individual) - TheIceKing in Hecatea for drawing the kill away from the cop as a vanilla.
    Best Mafia Performance (Individual) - Seppel in Hetalia Mafia
    Best SK Performance (Individual) - I'm tempted to nominate myself for coming down to a 50-50 shot of getting the town to let me win (would have happened if I had gotten to the same zone as Vezok) in Hecatea, but I'm not going to nominate anyone because that's the only SK performance I've seen.
    Best Non-SK Neutral Performance (Individual) - AsianInvasion in Gabriel High School.
    Best Town Performance (Group) - Smilies Mafia.
    Best Mafia Performance (Group) - Basic #44.
    Worst Town Performance (Group) - Seance Mafia.
    Worst Mafia Performance (Group) - Gabriel High School mafia. Leaving the cop alive long enough to out the last 2 members wins us this award, hands down.
    Best Town Player - pinkys_brain
    Best Mafia Player - Seppel
    Best Overall Player - The Ice King
    Most Entertaining Player - Yanni
    Best Newcomer - Ganderin_Dan

    Mod Awards
    Best Game Design - Hecatea Mafia
    Most Creative - Ogre Mafia
    Best Flavor - Hecatea Mafia
    Most Interesting Role - My role in Hecatea Mafia
    Best Host - Atlseal in Hecatea Mafia

    (I liked Hecatea Mafia, if you can't tell).
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  • posted a message on [Specialty] Seasons Mafia - Signups closed.
    /in. My favorite season is Winter, but Spring is a close second. I'm currently in no games.
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