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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Obliterator
    Quote from Velrun »
    Quote from Raptorchan »
    The set symbol watermark fits it pretty well.
    Getting a Mirran reprint from New Phyrexia set would have been awkward.

    What set symbol watermark?

    How could you get a Mirran reprint from New Phyrexia set?

    Melira, Sylvok Outcast for example. In the original set (New Phyrxia) it had the Mirrodin faction watermark, in this set it would get the New Phyrexia set symbol as its watermark, which coincidentally is nearly identical to the watermark for the Phyrexia faction in new Phyrexia (see, for example, Glistening Oil). That would have been weird.
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  • posted a message on Extremely Slow Zombie and Three-Headed Goblin - Last Strike and Triple Strike!
    That's actually a quite pleasing mechanic! The flavor text on these is brilliant as well. This set is such a home run Smile

    Edit: Also, source?
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  • posted a message on Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign - Command Zone Podcast
    Quote from Serafiend »
    'Sphinx spells you cast cost 2 less to cast.' on a card that costs 6 mana to cast...

    The whole point I guess is that you can loop sphinxes with this in play. If every 3-originally-5-mana sphinx gets you another 3-originally-5-mana sphinx, you can start playing two sphinxes a turn. Or yo can hold up Counterspell mana while putting big threats into play. You know, just in case the 4/4 for 6 gets to live until your next turn. And if it does not, you at least got a super-Impulse off of it!
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  • posted a message on All Grand Prix for 2018 will be hosted by CFB
    Quote from MinaHarcourt »
    Excuse me, but if one person or institution has access to all of a commodity or service, and the others none, then that means that person or institution has a monopoly. It doesn't matter if it's for two weeks, a month, a year, or indefinitely. A monopoly is a monopoly.

    If we look at the characteristics of a monopoly (taken from Wikipedia):

    Quote from Wikipedia"
    Profit Maximizer: Maximizes profits.
    Price Maker: Decides the price of the good or product to be sold, but does so by determining the quantity in order to demand the price desired by the firm.
    High Barriers: Other sellers are unable to enter the market of the monopoly.
    Single seller: In a monopoly, there is one seller of the good, who produces all the output.[5] Therefore, the whole market is being served by a single company, and for practical purposes, the company is the same as the industry.
    Price Discrimination: A monopolist can change the price or quantity of the product. He or she sells higher quantities at a lower price in a very elastic market, and sells lower quantities at a higher price in a less elastic market.

    First of all, there isn't a high barrier. There was a tender which CFB has won, but it's a contract with a limited lifetime, which means competitors can enter the "market" again when the contract ends. Also, contract can be terminated. Saying this just means CFB has a monopoly for a year is really weird, because they are clearly beholden to certain demands from WotC. How can it be a monopoly for CFB when they don't, ultimately, call the shots on every decision pertaining GP's?

    Secondly CFB can't change the quantity of the product. It's WotC who determines how many GP's there will be and where they will be held. Presumably WotC has some power over CFB in regards to pricing as well, as one of the caveats in the contract is undoubtedly that GP's need to be accessible to all players, i.e. affordable to an extent. Jacking up the price so much that it leads to significantly lower attendance will probably entail a breach of contract on CFB's part, so I doubt CFB is effectively entirely free to set the price of admission for GP's as well.
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  • posted a message on Grip of Phyresis
    Quote from HandofBobb »
    This card totally should have been called "Germesis"...

    Wait... "Germistice"? Smile
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  • posted a message on Full Spoiler Out in 24 hr?
    Quote from Star Slayer »
    Chances for Emrakul being in this set: 0% (Emrakul is not on Zendikar anymore.)
    Chances for Inquisition of Kozilek being in this set: 0% (Eldrazi-flavored spells must have devoid now, making this reprint impossible in this set.)

    Emrakul is going to Kamigawa. Ravaged by the Kami War, men and spirit have to fight together to battle a new threat! You heard it here first! Wink

    But yeah, I agree. I'ld be surprised at any high profile reprints to be honest. They're perfect to build hype because they're a known quantity.
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  • posted a message on Full Spoiler Out in 24 hr?
    Quote from Downdala »
    Quote from SBurani »
    Quote from Minoke »
    We're already 100% sure that Emrakul isn't in due to the number crunch.

    Then SOI shall be destroyed and Jace killed by Emmy !!!

    As much as I want Jace killed, I cannot imagine a scenario with Emrakul in SOI.

    Are we sure of the number of mythics in the set? If not, Emrakul is not out, is it? He could be devoid...

    There's no way they would have kept Emrakul a secret. He's one of the main character in the Eldrazi storyline. Both Ulamog and Kozilek got a big reveal, and their progeny is visible in the art direction all through the set. If Emrakul would have been in Oath, we would have known by now.
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  • posted a message on MTG-jp - Magus of the Wheel
    I'm wondering if we'll see any of the other maguses reprinted. Specifically would Magus of the Moon be considered too powerful for a preconstructed commander deck... On second thought maybe not, the preconstructed decks run so many basics that Blood moon probably wouldn't be too oppressive on an effect if the decks are played against each other right out of the box.

    In one of the previous commander decks they reprinted Ruination, so I don't think Magus of the Moon is off limits at all.
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  • posted a message on Boros Manland Spoiler?
    Nice! I've been proxying a 3/1 first strike manland with activation cost RW in my cube for a while now, this will be a painless replacement if it's real.
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  • posted a message on 2016 World Championship Seat Updates
    how is this a rumor??

    You have to take the 'Rumor' in Rumor Mill with a grain of salt. It's not like the WotC previews are rumors either, that doesn't mean they, like the 'Rumor' in this topic, aren't newsworthy. Think of it as a News Mill Wink
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  • posted a message on Oath of the Gatewatch: Only two planeswalkers in the set
    Quote from Fall_en »
    Chandra and Jace together on one UR card :]

    Chase, the Firemind... Wait...
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  • posted a message on Commander 2015
    Quote from Mezion »
    Quote from MRHblue »
    Quote from FearDReaper »
    I'd like to see an Orzhov Stax General. When X happens each player sacrifices (or chooses and exiles) Y. Kinda like Braids, Cabal Minion but slightly different somehow.
    They are not going to promote Stax as an archetype in a Commander product. Too anti-social

    Damn modern wizard not giving us any candy.

    Frown Gimme a modern border Braids for my cube and I'm happy!
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  • posted a message on Dragonmaster Outcast reprint
    This is the mythic everyone was clamoring for in Modern Masters 2015 intead of Comet Storm, right? Nice job Wizards, apparently it is indeed impossible to please players! Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Official MTG Facebook (APAC) Preview - March from the Tomb
    Quote from Ascale »
    Assuming that Ally trigger works as I think, brining four Akoum Battlesinger from graveyard would give you four 17/1 with haste?

    Yes... Buy your Buried Alives now! Wink
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  • posted a message on Oath of the Gatewatch - 2nd Set BFZ Block
    Quote from ScoutinOrbit »
    Quote from Gutterstorm »
    I actually want the Eldrazi to win. I like them more than these planeswalker characters or pretty much most things in Magic. It's about time the bad guys win again. Although, I don't consider the Eldrazi to be the bad guys because I like them. I loved New Phyrexia's and Tarkir's endings. It's just interesting to not have a story where the good guys always prevail. That doesn't represent reality.

    Wut? In Zendikar block the bad guys pretty much won. In Scars block the bad guys won. In Innistrad the good guys started out losing and came up to reasonable parody. In Theros... well I don't think anyone won but I'd call Heliod a bad guy and he won. In Khans block some might call the dragons bad guys and they won(I side with the dragons). I mean with the exception of Ravnica the good guys have done nothing but lose for the last like 6 years at least.

    Heliod lost too! By killing Elspeth he unleashed the seed of doubt and rebellion against all the Gods. Elspeth ends up in the Underworld because of her love for Daxos; Daxos ends up as a returned because of his love for Elspeth. Xenagos does not fulfill his childhood dream to be a God. Ajani loses his best friend. Anax loses Cymede to a lecherous Keranos. Thassa loses her Bident....Damn...EVERYONE loses in Theros. Haven't seen so many loses for everyone since New Phyrexia.

    Theros caught a bad case of the Hamlet Grin
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