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  • posted a message on Is Kiora the most expendable planeswalker Wizards has atm?
    gideon bites it, but elspeth returns, simple really
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  • posted a message on I need suggestions for an agro deck...
    The exalted double strike guy, or the infect dragon, infect works with exalted guy aswell , give him infect or attack with infect creatures, pump and double strike

    or just any voltron with wipes and totem armor, like uril?
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  • posted a message on Magic is surprisingly cheap hobby
    i think this is kind of a troll/joke deck, or people playing this are much richer than the norm i know of

    i compare mtg to board/other card games, and no it's not cheap at all, comparing it to other super expensive activities is a stretch ands seems pretty forced unless it's a joke

    if for the price of a card i can get a whole new board/card game, then the game looks pretty expensive

    for 200 i got almost all mage wars expansions, and it fully replaces mtg other than the time needed to play, for mtg, if i get a deck im lucky

    price has turned me off the game,and all of my friends aswell when i tried to get them to be regulars, and we just played edh , when someone wants to expand his deck, or build something, he conjures ideas, thinks of cards to add to improve, then goes to the cart and it's 400% over budget then the game is definately not cheap
    trying to find cheaper cards or worse cards isn't a fix, you just play a lesser version of what you wanted, if you can make it work at all (some cards/effects are unique) i think's that's a very negative emotion to not be able to play what you want,when you want, how you want , make a deck and you dont like it ? here we go again..

    budget isnt how much money we have ,it's how much money we're willing to give for a hobby,

    cube or paper seems to be the only formats that you get the value of your money imo, even edh has gotten out of hand

    and calling people poor for not wanting to spend that much money in one game, or one deck, or one card ,oh man
    most logical people just prefer to spend their money on other things instead, which are as fun and much more sustainable

    it's just not worth paying that much for many people ,for a few cards, not even a full game,a portion of it ,not worth our money or time, for the people that want and have the money to spare, good for you

    if i buy a smart coffee maker for 1000 instead of a 50 one, i can drink my coffee and feel superior i guess, but in the end it's still coffee
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  • posted a message on as a female player the new art style females is getting really annoying
    sexy and attractive are part of life, it's not the devil, why can't we have everything?

    i scoff at sexualization for no reason (see some cards, or most anime)

    but going completely nun style fashion is another thing ,

    i don't mind having ugly characters, fat,sexy,slutty,bulky, whatever

    i would make some mermaid characters topless or Circe super seductive

    why must the scales be always tipped?

    it's always funny to think how sex is demonized while brutal killing, zombies and stuff are perfectly okay

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  • posted a message on For "My Account Was Just Deleted" Users
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  • posted a message on Which creatures are the best at blocking?
    i really like creatures that can block any number of creatures, ,just add prevent damage enchants or inderstructible.. pretty casual combo but it's fun and easy to pillowfort

    Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist and [card]Dueling
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  • posted a message on Nikya of the Old Ways w/ Non-Creature Spells (Huh?)
    dont forget to add flash so you keep recasting him with his mana, yeva,artifact which gives flash etc.
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  • posted a message on Grand Warlord Radha - MTGMuddstah spoiler
    death by snu snu
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  • posted a message on Which cards are the most fun for you to play against?
    fair cards played in a smart way (especially super cheap ones), or fun designed cards imo are the best
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  • posted a message on Red / Blue RU, Ping Deck - Megathread!
    Quote from discomute »
    Quote from Horrornick »
    No Goblin Sharpshooter or Spikeshot Goblin ? they are favorites also master of ping Heartless Hidetsugu :p

    Thanks for stopping by!

    The goblins were an oversight of mine, thanks for pointing that out. I have never shared the love for the sharpshooter, perhaps I'm missing something there.

    I had never encountered the ogre before - wow. I play a lot of two headed giant, I guess that card is an instant draw!

    he is a machine gun with Deathtouch,or a 1/1 token boardwipe like Deathbringer Thoctar
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  • posted a message on You shouldn't buy Master 25
    feels like 10$ to get ripped of, more than 36 of the rares/mythics (more than 50%) cost way less than 10$,you wont even get half your money back ;_;

    not that we didnt know that opening packs is a bad way to get cards
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  • posted a message on Red / Blue RU, Ping Deck - Megathread!
    No Goblin Sharpshooter or Spikeshot Goblin ? they are favorites also master of ping Heartless Hidetsugu :p
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  • posted a message on Challenger Decks Lists
    hey, this looks like a LCG product Smile , high value, fun, and playable! good job wizards! the only feelbad thing i have is that it really demotes the rarities of the cards, but this is a small price to pay! (compared to the high price of everything else this solves for now,hehe)
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  • posted a message on Interesting deck ideas based on game play mechanics that aren't overplayed
    RBW self damage/exchange life deck
    RGU manipulate the top of the deck/high CMC deck deal dmg/draw/wipe with high converted mana cost cards (like draco)and the artifact that gains extra turns based on cmc/galvanoth and effects like that
    BU and possibly Green or R , self mill but use the grave to buff your creatures to enormous amounts with creatures with */* and sacrifice them for over 40 dmg/fling
    probably Rakdos,with malfegor , use cards that return to hand from the grave, every turn, for free/almost free and discard them for effects
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  • posted a message on FNM promos go back to STD legal cards
    wow i would never touch a card with std..i get all the discrimination stuff,but make them legal too? no words
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