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  • posted a message on The truth is irrelevant, we make our own facts.
    Quote from Digi
    Are we all dead? Been dealing with egg donor issues. And getting into ******. You know how it goes...

    Same old, same old? I've never had to read "getting into ******"...ever. Made me chuckle this morning.

    But to answer your question, yes. I have died. X_x
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  • posted a message on The truth is irrelevant, we make our own facts.
    Quote from Jivanmukta
    Am I the only [Redacted] agent who thinks that clan contests are pointless. We've already won every single one and will continue to regardless of everyone else's opinions of "reality".

    Quote from Yomako
    Hugs and glomps seem a given Smile

    What's a glomp?

    "A term often used by anime fans, most often used on IRC. Usually used as a verb to 'glomp' someone is usually to latch on to or hug a person quite tightly, in the style a real child might hug a much taller adult's leg tightly. Thus the hug is merely affectionate, never sexual, no matter how tight the hug is."

    Awwwwwwwwww. Kekeke
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  • posted a message on Returning after 10 years, only ever played casually. Stack is causing problems.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to explain that. I think it makes sense to me now. One more thing though. If something is somewhere other than the top of the stack, it can still be targeted right? Can I Counterspell something that is at the bottom of the stack?

    Correct. All the spells are on the stack and when you have priority you can cast Counterspell and target any of them (under normal conditions).

    Say for example you are in a multiplayer game with you (A) and two others, B and C. B casts a creature and C casts a counterspell. In response B casts his own counterspell to try and get his creature to resolve. So the stack looks like this:

    Counterspell (B) -> targeting C's CS.
    Counterspell (C) -> targeting B's creature
    Creature (B)

    You can cast your own Counterspell and target any of those spells. If you wanna make sure B's creature doesn't resolve you can target the creature spell or B's counterspell. You also have the option to let B's CS resolve so that the stack is just B's creature spell. Then cast your Counterspell then.
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  • posted a message on A rant about Ari Lax and when pros ruin obscure decks
    The "using the general subforum to rant!" thread.

    It happens. No one deck idea is truly unique. Sucks that your deck got hated out, but dem's the brakes.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Unreleased and New Card Discussion
    Quote from arguskos1
    Quote from Gaka
    Spite of Mogis, otherwise known as the "Flashback-Storm win-con number 5" + Stuffy Doll

    Only hits creatures. Not sure what format runs Stuffy Doll in Storm, but outside of that... odd situation, it's not a great Storm card. Great removal though for Storm decks... if they ever need removal.

    "Only hits creatures". Why he included "+Stuffy Doll". Have stuffy doll in play, storm out (or not), but R Target stuffy doll. Hurts player for much damage. =)

    with regards to Krupix, my Vorel deck wants him. Another indestrcutible fatty (next to Nylea), +1 Spellbook, & banking dat mana (Astral Cornucopia's new friend!) Kekeke
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] WotC Mothership spoils (April 10th)
    Quote from Pigglebee
    This God actually synergizes very badly with Omnath since Omnath only gets tougher by green mana and the God turns all your left over mana into colorless Frown
    I don't think so. Kruphix says "if unused mana would empty, BLAH" and Omnath says "Green mana doesn't empty." So with both of them on the field, green mana stays in the pool making Omnath happy. And any other color turns into colorless. If Omnath leaves, then all that green mana becomes colorless when the current phase ends. And if Kruphix leaves (with Omnath staying) all non-green mana empties from your pool. So they help each other out in a way. No stepping on any toes. =)
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] WotC Mothership spoils (April 10th)
    My Vorel deck wants Kruphix! =) I'll take having another indestructible dude + spellbook as well.

    Spite reminds me of Skred, but worse. Still useful in limited. =)
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Keranos, God of Storms
    Quote from Tackman
    Quote from Creedmoor
    I don't get how people could say he's bad. He's an indestructible enchantment that can be a creature and pretty much says draw an extra land each turn or deal 3 damage for free way turn. That's bad?

    To be fair, 5-mana enchantments that don't do anything until you untap have traditionally been very bad, even if their effect is powerful.

    I'm not saying Keranos is bad, but I can definitely see why some people would.

    First 5 mana enchantment I can think of is Assemble the Legion. The "deal with this or die" card. Keranos will draw an answer or they will get so much advantage that he'll be worth the cost.

    Only downside I can see with him is that he is revealing what you draw giving away any surprises you are holding. Crucial if you are holding countermagic. Still he's a god and a pain in the butt to remove. Welcome Keranos! =D
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  • posted a message on The truth is irrelevant, we make our own facts.
    Quote from Jivanmukta
    Diablo 3 is now fun.

    Also, sup all.

    I liked the original, but lost interest quickly. Though I had no motivatation to play any other class but the Wizard. No Barb or Doctor for me. the Monk is meh, but I should give the Demon Hunter a 2nd go around. That and my computer is a laggy mother****er, so i can't even play optimally anymore. But after seeing the 2min gameplay trailer for the Crusader, I want to play that char SOO badly. =p Looking into getting a desktop PC able to handle the game by the year's end. How's the game so far Jivan?

    @Digi, I'd rather see you stay then burn yourself out over contests. If people WANT to do them, then do em. Don't stretch yourself thin and run yourself ragged. =)

    @Yomako, Hug Kekeke
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  • posted a message on The truth is irrelevant, we make our own facts.
    Quote from NateTheArtificer
    What about Tariel being used IN Kaalia of the Vast? She basically builds herself, I made my kife a Kaalia deck and its basically every good spot removal(dreadbore, Downfall, Swords, Path, Oring, Journey to Nowhere, go for the throat, doom blade, Murder, Shock, Bolt etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.) And the biggest, nastiest, most ridiculous Demons, Angels, and Dragons I can get my hands on. You don't need a draw engine. You can easily play off of top decking. It just wins. Angelic Arbiter dropping on a swing with Kaalia hosed my friend's Krenko Token Boss deck that had over 200 tokens drop at once, putting the total over 300. Made the mistake of not just swinging, because he top decked Goblin Recruiter and tutored. lol
    Eh. As much as I used to netdeck (standard & a few EDH builds), none of the decks stuck with me for long. Building around a theme and an original (or at least not completely influenced by the internet) concept makes building and playing the deck more fun imo. Kaalia has been tried and done. Play boots, play her swing, dump [insert fatty] here; either proceed to roflstomp the board, tank up when the first board wipe comes out, or enjoy being the threat on the board (having the most ***** on the board faster than anyone else). Same ways I view Mimeoplasm, Ghave, and Marath (less so with Mimeo). They all have built in strategies that I've already seen what the commanders can do. If I REALLY want to make a deck that utilizes that strategy, then I'd consider it. 1 of the reasons I took apart Marath was because I saw someone else play the EXACT same decklist! nearly exact. Play Mirari's Wake, Play mana echoes/assemble the legion/mana reflection/doubling season/ivy lane denizen, cathar's crusade, skullclamp, etc etc...AND Then! We had a newcomer the other week! He too was playing Marath! Same build. >_>

    Probably has to do with the Comms being the main, flashy, figure heads of the product. But I know what they do. Kaalia, play removal, play Dragons/angels/demons. Swing. Whee! =p It's a bit 1 dimensional. Though that's kinda what my Braids deck does, but Braids is built a bit differently than one would build a Kaalia deck. It's the strongest of the decks and I want it to maintain that title. I enjoy dumping things out with her ability, but having other players join in on the fun. Maybe I get double/triple mana and play Tidespout tyrant + Capsize. It's a 'dick' thing to do in some casual environment, but that's how I made and play the deck. Sometimes I sit back and play support while gifting the triggers to other people. Sometimes I'll have all the fat Eldrazi out and I can't swing cuz the board state is a bit cluster****! And sometimes I don't even play Briads at all and I play a slow "build up your res and defenses" control strat. + the deck is U. I'm reactie and control player at heart, so I love tweaking and playing the deck.

    And i'm approaching Tariel the same way. I haven't got any white decks (used to play Jor Kadeen but it wasn't consistent) and I want a home for Stoneforge and Stonehewer. I love Sunforger and Mistveil Plains shenanagins so I want to include that at least. Also Sword of the Paruns. I can see Tariel equipped with that leading an army of silly tokens and what not. =)

    so ya. Rants about EDH. Can you tell it's Friday? I've got all sorts of energy today! =)
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  • posted a message on The truth is irrelevant, we make our own facts.
    Lol @expensive cards. Only way I'm getting an revised lands are from 'hand me downs' of someone who played then and just hands them to me. =p

    During my downtime at work, I'm construting edh decks. Out of Tariel, horde of notions and Horobi, I'm picking Tariel and looking up all available cards through gatherer. I never knew how many CMC 2 or less or even equal to 3 there were. Starting 4+ and then cards I forge into. No clue what theme I'm going with yet, but it will have Sunforger in it. =)
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  • posted a message on The truth is irrelevant, we make our own facts.
    And this is why you don't eat things you aren't suppose to.

    Been putzing per usual. Played some game of EDH and tested my new Ruric Thar deck. My friend has a "no thinking" Ruhan deck, so I adopted his thinking and made a Ruric Thar deck with almost all creatures in it (save 4). Played a 3 way with a durdle cleric deck + friend's Zedruu. They did nothing while I played Domri Rade, 'drew' extra cards and then ROFL stomped them with fatties + Domri emblem. Game 2 I played Wrexial against 'durdle cleric' (Lady Evangela), Zedruu, & newcomer Wort, the Raidmother. Wort played T1 Burgeoning + Sol Ring. The rest of of durdled along while Wort played Seedborn Muse + something else dumb. So I had no qualm using Bribery on him grabbing his Terastadon and nuking his Ring + 2 dual lands (leaving him with 2 lands. He proceeded to swoop. >_> Sucks to get your mana nuked but don't be surprised when I target you after you ramp out with Burgeoning and then drop Seedborn Muse.... It's called 'breaking your knees' in so I don't die to a conspired tooth and nail later. My friend scooped as well, so Evangela and I played it out. OOO! That's right. Evangela played a Rite of Replication targetting Terasadon. Wort was like "**** THIS! I concede!" in order to prevent him from getting the creature.... More of ">_>" this. It's along the same lines of getting hit for lethal and conceding so the attacking player doesn't get combat triggers (swords of "&"). I find that a bit unsportsmanlike. So Friend and Wort conceded and I let Evangela get his Terastadon and we played a derp 1v1. Till I nearly milled him out then smacked him with a large Consuming Aberration.

    Game 3 was Braids (me), Azusa, Zedruu, and Wort. I play a turn 4 braids to make good times and 'wall' with Stormtide Leviathan. My friend playing Zedruu thought it be hilarious if he made all creatures a Stormtide using Mirrorweave... >_> I promptly died. ******* friends!! backstabbing ********s! X_x Azusa wins that one.

    Game 4 was Briads, someone I don't remember, Wort, and Nekusarr. Too long don't read. I cast Pact of Negation to stop 8 2/3 planets from wrecking face (probably from Azusa again). And then Wort was like 'herp derp!' Tooth and Nail! Conspired! Terastadon, nuke your lands Braids. hur dur dur... >_> Just another goodstuff.dec from Wort. Nothing surprised in the least. Doesn't like it when he gets stomped on in the other games, but is a poopface when he's just slapping face (a note: his tooth and nail play was verbally douchy. Just playing the goodstuff was. Though he came across a sore loser in the first 2 matches).

    And I think there was a game 5. Wrexial, 8.5 Tails, Wort, and Nekusarr. Tutored for Sangromancer. Between wheels from me and Nekusarr and death, lifegain is pretty good. And copied Nekusarr's Venser's Journal for all the lolz. Wort died early for not having lifegain. I was at 20 commander damage from 8.5 after Damnation'ing the board. Could have snapped it back, but went to play a creature equipped with SoLaS so I could block 8.5 tails. Then 8.5 tails casts Spirit Mantle on it. FUUUUUUU! =p then my friend was squeaking out a win. He tutored for a win con in Nekusarr (my guess was that it was Grafted Exoskeleton. That + Nekusarr = all the poison! =D He plays a Magus of the Jar and passes. 8.5 Tails swings and puts him to 6 life. Nekusarr casts Blue Sun's Zenith for 5 targetting 8.5. Before that resolves he casts Tainted Strike on Nekusarr! 8.5 responds with Fated Retribution. Nekusarr copies the strike with Wild Ricochet! That resolves and Magus pops. 7 poison. Wrath happens and then 8.5 casts White Sun's Zenith for 4 cats and wins in the next combat.

    Sooo close! =) Then we played Mr. Card Game (a Kickstart-ed game based on Kingdom of Loathing) and had a blast with that.
    And hopefully I spelled all the card names right (at least the ones I linked) cuz I don't feel like checking them! POST AWAY!
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  • posted a message on If you were a real-life Planeswalker... (Have some fun with this!)
    Time Stop

    The rest two I'm definite about. Used as a counter or to get me out of danger Time Stop is easy pick. And I'd either turn your magic against you or copy it for my own uses =)
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  • posted a message on Commanders you don't like // complaint about commanders thread
    So far it's Prossh and Marath in my meta. Prossh is just so fast either killing with damage or death trigger cards. And Marath is a swiss army knife. However, the latter wasn't giving the proper amount of pressure to keep it in check.

    Nekusaar isn't a complete blow out. Its player in my meta usually speeds the game up and has lost as much as he's won with it. Hasn't become that big of a pain in the neck yet.
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