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  • posted a message on Buy single or Box for GOR
    Quote from drakeavril »
    So I was thinking, for release, is it cheaper for box or buy the singles I want? There appears to be value in the shock lands and some chase rares. I am only interested in maybe $60 of singles,

    Sounds like you've answered your own question. Buy the $60 of singles that you want, rather than paying $100 for a box and getting some, then trying to trade the rest into the singles that you actually want.

    This assessment is true for pretty much every set ever, BTW. I buy boxes so that I can draft (I love limited). You can buy boxes as a MPS lottery ticket. You can buy boxes because cracking packs is fun. Don't ever buy boxes for value, or to chase certain singles.
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  • posted a message on Atraxa, Praetor's Planeswalkers (guilds review)
    Hi Xeroxed Fool. I decided to post my Atraxa list (or at least, one version - probably a couple iterations old) and I noticed that you don't play Jace, Cunning Castaway. He goes infinite with Doubling Season, and he's won a few games for me. Any reason that you're not running him? He's mostly useless in a non-Doubling world, but it's a cute combo (and honestly, in a Superfriends build, when is Doubling Season NOT the first card you tutor up?).
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  • posted a message on The Commander Price Discussion Thread
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    I really don't follow deck trends... what is going on w/ premium Wispmare? It's a foil common from a Modern set... it's not like the pre-Mirrodin foils which had a lesser print run that the Modern-bordered foils.

    Please, enlighten me...

    Two sellers each selling two copies. Someone's trying to manipulate the market. I imagine that Aminatou likes it against Estrid, but it's not brand new tech or anything, just more market manipulation. Nothing to see here; carry on ...
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  • posted a message on An outsiders view: MTG Finance is a bubble.
    Quote from Maxinjah87 »
    Right, i mentioned nostalgia being the only real factor for demand of practically nonplayed formats (look at vintage forums and their activity, and the absence of playing opportunities aside very occasional events). If no one is nostalgic anymore, which will eventually happen, what demand for those cards is going to last?

    I frequently go to big events (GPs, Nats), and I see Legacy being played at each and every one. Not a lot, certainly, but it's definitely played. Most Legacy cards are also legal in EDH - I just traded for a copy of The Abyss for my Mazirek deck, and it's a powerful effect in that deck. I'd say that your assertion that these cards are never being played is incorrect. And mystique carries forward - I met a kid a few years back who showed up all excited to be playing Magic, and he said "Someday, I'm going to own a piece of Power!" It's got a quarter-decade of gamer lore behind it.

    You can also look at other, more established collectible markets. Action Comics #1, Mickey Mantle's rookie card - this is where the Power 9 is headed. You don't have to specifically have thumbed through early Superman comics to appreciate the cultural significance of his first appearance, and know that it's a desirable thing.
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  • posted a message on An outsiders view: MTG Finance is a bubble.
    Hi Maxinjah87, welcome to MTGS. Thank you for registering an account to start this discussion.

    So, your claim is that MTGFinance is a bubble. That's a pretty broad-reaching claim. There are various components to MTGFinance, such as RL speculation, EDH pimping, Modern performers, and Standard all-stars. Are you talking about just one aspect, or the entire thing?

    What I think that you're not really grasping is that Magic is no longer just a game for kids. Lots of us played when were young, and are now introducing it to our children, who are enjoying it just like we did. You don't have to grind tourneys or schlep to a game store to enjoy playing Magic - you can play on the kitchen table and have just as much fun. The casual market is HUGE for the game. Hasbro continues to release quarterly earnings statements claiming that WOTC is turning a profit, and that Magic player numbers are up. It's true that player numbers can't rise indefinitely, but it doesn't necessarily follow that the numbers will fall drastically. Despite how many things WOTC has done lately that "will definitely kill Magic", people are still having fun.
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  • posted a message on UnOpened Booster Pack Collection - Value? Best way to Sell?
    Hi there, and welcome to MTGS.

    This is certainly a unique collection, and my advice to you would be to break it up. Your market for "random foreign packs" is pretty limited, and I don't think that you'll find any one or two people who're looking to pick this up as a lot entire. There are a few cool packs, many mundane packs, and a few jokes.

    Also, that "Tempest" pack is Russian 9th Edition.
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  • posted a message on Triggered abilities before and during combat vs unsummon
    Quote from Mohare2501 »
    I'm using an Adeliz, the Cinder Wind wizards deck. When my friend and I play, we generally don't flag who has priority.
    With Adeliz and other wizards on the battlefield, I cast Wizard's Lightning or something, then attack. She responds with Unsummon on Adeliz to negate the +1/+1 triggered ability. Since we don't bother with priority, I say okay. I make sure she is doing that in response to my spell and not my declare attackers step, and she says it shouldn't matter because if the creature is gone, the bonus goes with it. I'm pretty sure that if Adeliz's ability resolved before combat, and I declare attackers, that the bonus sticks.
    Can someone point out rulings for this?
    Also, she is using a Merfolk deck with a +1/+1 lord. If I unsummon that at any time before damage is dealt, her creatures get weaker, correct?

    Hi Mohare. Welcome to MTGS!

    Once you cast your spell (in this case, Wizard's Lightning), Adeliz will trigger. It doesn't matter if your friend removes Adeliz in response to the spell, or in response to the trigger, or if she waits until you declare attackers. Adeliz will trigger, and when that trigger resolves, Wizards you control will get +1/+1 until end of turn. The trigger is not tied to the creature, so it doesn't matter if Adeliz got Unsummoned, Lightning Bolted, or what have you. The effect will still resolve (unless it gets countered via Trickbind or Stifle or some similar corner-case that explicitly targets the triggered ability).

    As for your second question, let's consider Merfolk Sovereign. That lord has a static ability that applies while that creature is in play on the battlefield. Remove the creature, and the static ability goes away. So if you Unsummon it after blockers are declared, before damage happens, your friend's Cursecatcher will no longer be a 2/2, it will go back to being a 1/1.

    Does all this make sense?
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  • posted a message on Couple of semi valuable cards
    Quote from ouikikazz »
    I've been sitting on my old collection of cards, I have a few valuable like a set of 4 Treachery Foils and a whole set of Foil Lands (20 of each) amongst other things. I'm trying to figure out should I go get them graded? or does that really matter? It costs quite a penny to get them graded, when I use to play with them they were always all in plastics and we were quite anal about keeping them in plastics and binders and such so most my cards are in fairly good-excellent shape.

    now other than the grading question my question is where is the best place to sell? eBay chomps off 10% when I sell stuff so is there a better alternative?

    It's hard to do private sales. eBay takes 15% (when you account for PayPal fees), but I've found that prices there are generally pretty inflated. You can try to sell on the high-end Facebook group (Foil Treachery certainly qualifies), but since part of the point of that group is to have lower prices than eBay, that may not avail you anything. I would be remiss if I didn't point out that we have a trade/sales section on this very site, located at the Trading Post link at the top of the page.

    As far as grading goes, the general advice is that if you think that you can make a ten, it's worth it. If you can't get a ten, don't bother. I've got a really nice Chaos Orb that I keep thinking is in better shape than it is. Every time I think about getting it graded, I take it out and realize that it's an 8 at best.
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  • posted a message on adventuresON didn't send check for buylist sale
    Quote from KingAlanI »
    When I last played a few years ago, I worked well with the adventuresON buylist so I sent some cards a couple months ago and never got the check.
    I mailed on June 12th, it was marked as received on June 20th, and the check never came.
    I sent 2 emails to [email protected] a few days apart that both bounced because their email server said they were out of disk space

    Has anyone else had problems with them lately?
    Tried a phone call? (916) 973-9064 is their listed contact info on their web site.
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  • posted a message on BFZ Land Pack contains OGW Wastes?
    Quote from Indral »
    Today I received two BFZ full art land packs I purchased online. The packs were advertised as:

    Battle for Zendikar: Land Pack - Full Art Land Pack from the Fat Pack
    Contents: 80 cards
    Factory Sealed

    I expected the two sets to contain a combined total of 32 lands per color for 160 in total. Instead I got 28 of each color, as well as 28 full art Wastes from OGW. I'm pretty new to MTG and I'm hoping someone who has experience with these BFZ Fat Pack land packs can tell me whether this is to be expected, or whether these packs are tampered with?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Indral, and welcome to MTGS.

    This was not expected - likely this is seller error. Those were OGW land packs that you got, but they're really easy to mix up with BFZ because all that you can see is the full-art land on the front. With some contorting you can check more lands without breaking the seal, but it's non-trivial to check every land, or even a dozen at random.

    Hope that answers your question. The next step would be to contact the seller via the sales medium (eBay, TCGp, whatever) and ask them to make it right. Generally online sales have good incentive to make things right.

    Let us know how it goes!
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  • posted a message on Magic Player Rewards (Textless Promos)
    Quote from stormcrow_mtg »
    I'm looking to invest in some Magic Player Rewards. As far as I know, they're promos that promoted DCI play, and they were discontinued in 2011. Some are foil, some aren't. Obviously these cards are very unique, which makes me want to think that they can't be reprinted with the art. The fact that these got discontinued in 2011 means that they most likely are dwindling in supply.

    Are these promos profitable? What can the supply of these promos be compared to? Should I specifically target a subcategory of Magic Player Rewards?

    Some of the cards have already been reprinted with MPR art (see M25 Disenchant, for example).

    Personally I don't like them. Game pieces should say what they do.

    I think that going in on them is a bad idea. The good ones are already expensive, and the bad ones have no market.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Miscut, Misprint, Foreign, Foil &Other Oddities Price Thread.
    Quote from Stoogeslap »
    I got this foil misprint from a collection I bought. The card is just a common, and not a regularly played card. What makes it unique is the foiling mistake. Can anyone give me an approximate value of it? I think it is normally around 35 to 40 cents as a foil.

    Also, is problems w/ foiling like this a typical error found when foiling mistakes happen?

    Yeah, that foil blotch isn't terribly uncommon. I have a handful of them. Turns a fifty-cent card into a two-or-three dollar card. Nothing spectacular.
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  • posted a message on Sealed vs. opened mark-up
    Quote from jwanders1 »
    Neat, I wondered if it was specific box collectors. So, if all I care about is drafting, sounds like it'd be more cost effective to just buy a complete set of Rav and make a cube than open my box.

    You mentioned the player base explosion. I think I've heard of that before; do you know about when it happened and how significant it was?
    You are correct. Ravnica cubes are pretty popular, and some folks mix both blocks. I imagine that people will mix all three blocks starting in the fall. Personally, I'd keep the "packs" together with the correct sets so that you can actually have the experience of drafting RAV-GPT-DIS, which was a ton of fun. If you just introduce everything in all packs, then you're looking at more of Gold Masters draft.

    As far as the playerbase explosion, that's generally credited to Zendikar (the time period, not necessarily the set [although the set was pretty awesome]). MTG had a four or five year run of approximately 25% annual growth. So, boxes of ROE and before are what you want if you're a sealed box collector.
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  • posted a message on Sealed vs. opened mark-up
    Quote from jwanders1 »
    Made a discovery the other day that's left me a little perplexed. Back in the day, I bought a box each original Ravnica set with the intention of drafting at some point. That never happened, so they're still sitting sealed in the basement. I happened upon some pricelist recently and saw that an unopened box of Rav is selling at around $700. What's confusing me is that the box EV (according to DawnGlare) is around $200. Is it really just the physical act of cracking the box and packs that the market values at $500, or are there some other economics at play?

    There are collectors of sealed product who just want to have a sealed box of every set (where they keep that, I don't know - boxes are large). Ravnica block was VERY popular back in the day, and it was from before the playerbase explosion. So, it sold well (not too many boxes left in the shops) and there weren't many printed (relative to the current number of players). That makes them rare and valuable.
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  • posted a message on Where to buy common cards
    Hey Guys,
    I'm fairly new to magic and I recently brought some singles from cardkingdom, however the minimum for each common is $0.25, which seems cheap but adds up surprisingly quickly. I know these cards aren't worth $0.25, but where can I find them? Thanks
    PS. Sorry if this isn't what this forum's about, first post
    Hi there! I like to hit up TCGPlayer for the little stuff. You get a lot of sellers competing, so prices tend to stay low.

    Welcome to MTGS!
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