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  • posted a message on Bride of Young Frankenstein
    Hi all, big fan of the deck, think I first saw this thread two years ago and proxied up the entire thing but, as I could only use it v.casually it being proxied, it fell by the wayside. Recently however, as my collection's grown, I realised that I basically owned the entire deck (barring some lands as you'll see) and so decided to put it back together to give it a whirl. Took it to our Legacy FNM and it was 12 players, 4 rounds.

    It's WeaponX's deck from the previous page with just a couple of tweaks/updates. Rather than go with 3 Vindicates, I split it to 1 Vindicate, 1 Kolaghan's, 1 Collective Brutality, just to see how things went. Swapped out a Grave Titan for what was a SB Iona. Then, as it turns out, my playgroup has dozens of blue duels to lend out but little in the way of the 'bad' ones and so I was stuck with 3 shocks.

    Round 1:
    UW Control, Opponent was already super wary/confused having seen me sleeving the deck before the FNM and so knew that all he could expect was the unexpected. I won the roll and kept a hand of land, land, Probe, Entomb, Entomb, Reanimate and a 7th card. Led turn one with Probe and seeing only a relevant Spell Pierce I passed. He played a land and at the end of his turn I ran the first Entomb into the Spell Pierce. This meant I was able to untap, Entomb, Reanimate, Iona for white. Won three swings later.
    For Gsme 2 I sided out 4 Entomb, Bloodghast, Iona, Elesh, as I knew my opponent would have brought in aaaaalll the hate. Kept Reanimate as it's strong on its own. The not knowing what I was taking out/what he should bring in tilted my opponent super hard. My turn 2 Pyromancer into Turn 3 Diabolic Edict his True-Name, Probe, Therapy put me way ahead. Things slowed a little when he resolved a Batterskull but I was able to Reanimate his TNN, Jitte it up and get through for the win. Reanimating a TNN feels very dirty I have to say.

    Round 2
    Grixis Delver, turn one took his 2 Ponders with a Probe/Therapy leaving him cut off black mana with an all black hand. It took him far too long after that to see any black mana and a Stoneforge'd Batterskull got there. Game 2 was oddly mirrored, with each of us having a deathrite, then Pyromancer, then Bolting the other Pyromancer etc. etc. I think it was a Reanimated Stoneforge that helped me to Jitte myself to the win in the end.

    Round 3
    Miracles, and we had a hell of a game 1. The whole thing was long and durdly with several epic moments along the way. For stsrters, I was stuck on 2 lands for the entire thing, until I think literally my last turn. If I'd seen any earlier things would definitely have gone differently. After neither player did much for the first 7 or so turns I thought sod it, I've probably lost from being mana-screwed now anyway and went for the Entomb/Reanimate on Iona. Somehow it all resolved and I named white and started beating face. Unfortunately he had a flipped Jace in play to shrink her every turn. I Vindicate flippy Jace and his Counterbalance reveals...JTMS, brilliant. So next turn he slams that and bounces the Iona. He fateseals me and lets me draw a Lightning Bolt to go with the 1 other card in my hand... which happened to be Lightning Bolt! Again, by divine intervention, I get both off through 2 Counterbalance triggers now, to kill his JTMS. I don't quite remember how it ended but I was topdecking each turn and he had all the draw power in the world. For a game that I was stuck on 2 mana for it was far too close for his comfort.
    Game 2 I didn't manage to put up a good fight and a flippy Jace ultimate sealed the deal pretty quickly.

    Round 4
    Infect, we'd had about 10 friendlies prior to this match and I think he was 9-1 up. This match reflected those friendlies and he went 2-0 handily. We're both quite surprised by how easily his deck picks up the win, what with the Bolts/Therapies/Removal/Elesh etc. but his draws are always extremely good and in the FNM itself I think I lost to Invigorate/Another pump spell/Beserk on Turn 3 each game.

    Overall I was very pleased with how the deck performed. It was a huge shift from my usual decks of choice which either lose 0-1 after forty minutes (Pox, Mono White Stax, Daretti Stax, Legacy Lantern Control) or lose 0-2 in three minutes (Spanish Inquisition). I couldn't remember the last time I'd won a match 2-0 in the space of 15 minutes! The mindgames going into the game 2s were always fun as it's just so hard for the opponent to board against the three strategies, not knowing which I might take out. I didn't see Kolaghan's Command or Collective Brutality at any point so can't comment on them. The lands didn't actually hurt me as there were enough duels to find when I needed them untapped. Iona was a star performer, as was Bloodghast which I had ummed and ahhed over initially. I may cut Dread Return for something else, not sure what at the minute though, maybe a Painful Truths as someone mentioned. Hopefully this might start some discussion over this deck again as I definitely intend to keep running it for a while. TTFN.

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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    Secret Plan is listed as Rare, when the link to the card image shows it as Uncommon.
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  • posted a message on [Deck/Primer] Nightmare Effect
    Hey, just to let you know I've decided to take this deck up since it looks like a fun take on Mono-Black. I already have Pox, and since Mono-B is my favourite colour combination I had a scan through the forum here to see what I could find. Going to use the Spawnman62 list as a base and go from there. Will let you know how I get on.
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  • posted a message on Please help me to identify these banners.
    Hi all,

    I've got three Magic the Gathering banners that I'm trying to value. I've done my internet (and eBay) searches for them, but turned up a blank.
    I'm sure that I must have just missed some common term for them but I've exhausted all my ideas including banner/wall hanging/wall scroll/poster.

    They are large wall-scrolls, one each of Garruk, Sorin, and Jace and I won them from an advanced store some years ago now. I know there was a Liliana of the Veil in the same style too.
    Does anyone know who produced these/who they were given to?

    Edit: Found the Liliana version,apparently they were given to stores through a MyManaPoints redemption website? Any more info would still be appreciated. It seems this Lili sold for $105 a couple of days ago.
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  • posted a message on Do you 'hoard' one (or a handful) of a card?
    40+ copies of Contagion

    Or as I like to call it 'the black Force of Will'
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  • posted a message on Updated Trigger Rules.
    I, for one, am very pleased with this change.
    In the events I've played in since the release of GTC, I've moaned non-stop to my fellow experienced players that I was sick of having to 'remind the newer players' to win with Forced Adaptation. If a beginner makes a mistake due to a misunderstanding of the rules, then I'll be the first to correct them in a helpful, friendly manner. Having to remind my opponent every single turn to buff their creature just grates on me.
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  • posted a message on What's the worst food you've ever tasted?
    Whilst I am an extremely fussy eater (in that I like what I like, and don't feel any need whatsoever to experiment or expand) I'm game for trying new things if asked to and so far have found only two foods that disgusted me:

    While discovering duck pancakes (yum), I made the mistake of trying the plum sauce. Vile, got a laugh from my friends seeing my face.

    In a tapas bar I found several new foods I liked, one of which was not chorizo. I was rather surprised by that, as meat usually does the trick for me. Once again this got a grimace.
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  • posted a message on Your "pet" card
    Came in a pile of old assorted cards I bought when I first started. Contagion

    Reasons to love:
    1. The artwork; I love cats. This one spread the contagion. I might not be able to prove it but I know he did. Look at him, sat there looking all smug "But how could I spread the contagion? I'm just a cat..."
    2. -2/-1 counters. Criminally underused.
    3. Getting to say that I own several copies of "the black Force of Will". Often makes players double take till I explain exactly what I mean by that.
    4. Black is my favourite colour. This is free removal (probably why I like Sickening Shoal too.
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  • posted a message on Saying "Good Game"
    The way I see it there are 3 outcomes to games which decide if gg should be said (all of which I experienced this past FNM):

    No gg: Opponent got mana screwed game 1, mana flooded game 2. Short game, didn't even get to see what his deck was (other than being B/G). He obviously didn't enjoy himself and it wasn't a fair representation of what either of our decks could do.

    Normal gg: Games weren't particularly stellar. No flood/screw/horrendously bad draws to speak of though.

    Enthusiastic gg: We both had nuts draws, games were extremely tense, coming down to the wire each time (e.g 7 infect to his 5 life for about ten turns). Our luck seemed equally matched and there were lots of clever plays involved.
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  • posted a message on Circumcision: yea or nay?
    Coincidentally I read this just the other day. It details a soon-to-be Father's thoughts on getting his offspring circumcised.

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  • posted a message on Problem with Social Life in College
    Quote from Folza
    I made a promise to myself years ago that I would never drink or do drugs.

    The drugs I can understand, but might I ask why you promised never to drink alcohol?

    I made a similar promise to myself regarding alcohol, but it was "don't get too drunk, know your limits, don't do anything stupid."
    That's worked fine so far. I do believe you can drink in social situations and still remain in overall control (swaying/giggling are acceptable).
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  • posted a message on Need some help on coming out
    One of my best friends recently came out to me at Uni. We were both very drunk after a party (a party in which most people there are bi and the evening inevitably ends in strip-blackjack) and so he had a drunken heart to heart with me. Meanwhile his other friend from home was passed out downstairs, and he was the one he was worried about telling.

    The next day this friend is giving me a lift home. Halfway home he turns to me and says "So...X's gay then?". And that was it. All this time X had been worried about telling him and he'd overheard our conversation and like the rest of us at the party didn't give a toss really.

    The point is you never know how people will respond. X has now told me he remembers his Dad saying "I've always wanted a gay son".
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Examiner.com preview Rakish Heir
    Quote from Tuss
    I dunno. I can deal with a Rocky Horror vampire. I don't care much for or about it but I can deal. It will troll the hell out of a bunch of people.

    Indeed, the flavour text should've been "Don't get strung out, by the way I look".

    Seriously though, when we have Angels flying into battle wearing thongs and the skimpiest armour ever I don't see the problem with a bloke in a corset.

    I'm calling it in Dark Ascension; a mechanic for vampires revolving around codpieces.
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  • posted a message on Cant convince a girl that she does not have a manly laugh...
    Quote from gemuadrken
    no she wont take it that seriously. its somewhat more of a joking thing. but i'm haveing trouble finding someting along the lines of "big bearded-barrel chested-ale swigging men laughing their big bearded-barrel chested- ale swigging man laughs."

    The answer to your prayers: Brian Blessed
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  • posted a message on [ISD] MTGFRANCE.com preview card : Hachoir de boucher (Butcher's Cleaver)
    Quote from Kajillion
    You do know that butchers predate Diablo by a couple thousand years, right?

    Really?! Well, you learn something new everyday!

    Alternatively, did you know that they've already admitted that Creepy Doll, is named after the Jonathan Coulton song?
    Is it really a stretch then, to think that this could be named after an iconic weapon from one of the most important horror/fantasy games ever made?
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