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    posted a message on [STX] Commands, Mystical Archive, and the first look at Commander 2021
    More attention deficit changes. *sigh*

    Why not have just abbreviated 'converted mana cost' as CMC?

    Why the need for an entirely new term—why not just 'mana cost' (target card with a mana cost 2 or less)?

    When a development team even suggests making gross, unnecessary changes like this to cater to them being worn down—it's time for them to go.

    Or at least it's time for them to find a new job to handle at the company.
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    posted a message on Partner -> Rival
    I honestly think the entire Partner gig was a poor implementation. It's tacky, and it looks bad, and it restricts the potential of the entire game abroad. They should have just made an errata ruling that says "You have two commanders, but the lower one is your default, and the higher cmc one costs 2 more to play by default. If they are tied, the first one you cast becomes your default and the other takes this place.

    The same would be said for this Rival gig.

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    posted a message on Extraplanic Lands
    Love it! It's an amazing concept.

    I think though that these would want to be Legendary, have a land type, and the effect would be composed as such:

    The Eternal Seismic Edge
    Legendary Land — Mountain
    When The Eternal Seismic Edge enters the battlefield, during your next turn, you may play an additional Mountain. It enters the battlefield tapped.

    The Eternal Waterfall from Heaven
    Legendary Land — Island
    When The Eternal Waterfall from Heaven enters the battlefield, during your next turn, you may play an additional Island. It enters the battlefield tapped.

    This helps to preserve the balance, and doesn't allow them to openly stack.
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    posted a message on Chaos-Born Nemesis
    Chaos-Born Nemesis 1RR
    Creature — Shapeshifter Rogue
    RR : Exchange ~'s abilities with the abilities of all other creatures on the battlefield until end of turn.

    Here's a concept I came up with thinking of a check-and-balance towards True-Name Nemesis. It's essentially its polar opposite, but the character design has a bit of a more creative/cosmic twist on it. The operating function is simple. All other creatures gain this ability—and this creature gains all of their abilities combined until end of turn.
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    posted a message on Viena's Bondage Dungeon
    Yet Wizards speaks so highly of their discernment over cards and power-levels, as though they're flawless masters, and you're presenting me their logic in the same manner (as though it's ineffable). It's not.

    A teacher isn't someone who makes mistakes so often. Teachers are supposed to be proficient masters who make mistakes in the bare minimum. You're defending logic I've already disproved, as though it's going to change the aforementioned details. It's not.

    You're just telling yourself that it's not true and denying reality, defending them in the wrong and defending your mistake of buying into everything they say. Tell me what you aim to get out of this. When you're in the wrong, you're in the wrong. No matter how much you defend yourselves or them, it doesn't change what has been, what is reality.
    Then you're trying to feed me that bunch of lies, but I know better, and I'm not going to buy into it. I know what's acceptable for design. I know the power-levels in absolution. I know what makes the game more fun, and I know what kills the fun. Rosewater himself knows the game better than almost anyone alive. Do you honestly think they doesn't know how broken something is before they print it? He wouldn't even have to play test it. I'm guess that he can eye it out with a minimum of 90% accuracy.

    In essence, if you're trying to teach me a lesson, you might be better off saving your time. Based on your defenses, you're not likely able to teach me anything I don't know.

    I'd like to you friend before all else, but if you make an enemy of me, it's out of my hands.
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