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  • posted a message on Apple Keynote Adress
    It is actually four times faster. That information comes right from Apple's web site.

    This is interesting because you should be able to install x86 based operating systems directly on to the machine (Windows, x86 versions of Linux, and so on).

    I won't get one though, there isn't a reason to. I'm going to assume we'll all be able to find cheap PowerBooks now because of this annoucement.
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  • posted a message on The Official Pro Wrestling Thread
    I can't believe it...

    Goodbye Eddie.
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  • posted a message on CD Burners
    That kind of thing does not matter when it comes to a Mac. Any CD burner will do.
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  • posted a message on Google Talk Released

    It seems to run very well. I'm pretty impressed.

    It use GMail contacts to create a buddy list, and it checks your GMail account automatically when you sign on.

    So what you guys think?

    As I was typing this message, I seen an article on an Easter egg for Google Talk as well.

    Right Click on the icon in the system tray > Click About... > You will see
    "play 23 21 12 16 21 19 . 7 1 13 5" > Substitue the numbers for letters and you get "wumpus.game" > Add that to your contact list and you get to play the game.
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  • posted a message on Explosions in London
    I wish everyone the best over in London.
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  • posted a message on Apple commits suicide....
    Apple will be fine.

    This does put some Apple users off. One of the big hurdles they had to get over was the software developers. Now that they have this "universal binary", software developers don't have much to complain about. You won't need to have a Windows version of software and a Mac version from what it sounds like.

    It should be good. This may give Windows more competition in 2007. Longhorn is going to have some hefty competition I predict.
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  • posted a message on Unofficial Radio Station
    Tired of looking through your massive playlists? What if we had a centralized area of music for Salvation users.

    We could use ShoutCast or something similar. Of course, we would need DJs and someone willing to put up some server space. Put this would be an interesting project for Salvationers.

    Currently, I'm taking classes in XHTML/CSS, so I would be able to update a Web site (Plus, I may be able to count this as my artifact project.).

    Anyone ideas? suggestions?

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  • posted a message on Back.
    Yeah. I'm back. I'll be posting more now. I've caught up on all the school assignments.

    Wait 'til you see some of the proposals I have. :grin2:
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  • posted a message on New Layout Coming Soon!
    Very nice!

    I like the way it looks. Keep it up.
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  • posted a message on Mexican Government Promotes Illegal Immigration
    The Mexican government is way out of line; however, this is not really much of a surprise to me.

    At the beginning of Bush's first term (or at some point in his first term, the date is hard to remember), I recall the Mexican president asking Bush to take a "challenge." What was the challenge?

    Legalize the illegal immigrants.

    This reminds me of a class discussion I had in my government class in my junior year of high school. The teacher asked us about the borders. Everyone started screaming "We need to shut them down!"

    I sighed and slowly raised my hand. Then responded, "That's great. We shut them down. But, what stops those people from trying to get in?"

    The class fell silent.

    We have a country that gives chances to nearly everyone. We take it for advantage or we don't try. I'm not agreeing with the Mexican government, but I think those people that want to come here deserve a shot.
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  • posted a message on The "Beliefs" thread
    Political Beliefs: Liberal. I don't get into that whole party thing. I prefer to choose the one who has views close to mine.

    Religious Beliefs: I'm not sure. I feel there is something more, but I just don't think it is a God or Gods/Godesses. I suppose I can relate to Taoism, but I wouldn't call it my religion.

    Personal Beliefs: There is a huge list since my personal beliefs meld with my religious beliefs. I hold pacifism, education, family, and free will highly.
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  • posted a message on [Iran] Upcoming...
    I think Bush right now is just trying to scare them. In fact, this is actually a good idea. This is probably the first thing I actually agree with Bush with since the war in Afghanistan.

    Since the registering for the Iraqi elections is taking place, many Iranians are crossing the border and registering. I think this is the main reason he really makes any threats. He wants to try to keep the election as "clean" as possible.
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  • posted a message on Female vs. Female for 2008 Presidential Spot?
    Quote from M Shumate »
    Hey there!

    Well, yes there is a small chance that on the presidential ballot of 2008 that is could be Republican- Female Democrat- Female. This is of course a huge move in the right direction our country. Or is it? This is a huge subject and could be deciding factor in the 2008 race. So here is ther posed question to all of our liberal Salvationers: Is the USA ready for a female to president? Yes/No? Why?

    First, on somewhat of a sidenote: Do you have evidence that the Republicans are willing to put up a female? I keep hearing some rumors about a run from Jeb Bush. I could see the Democrats possibly doing it (Hilary Clinton, obv.), but I have heard that John Edwards is rallying for support to run in 2008.

    Second, I, IMO, do think it is time for a female president. Is the USA ready? The answer is maybe. I would have to think there are people out there that think a woman could not be able to handle the mess that is Iraq. In the next 4 years, it may be a bigger one, or we could have more problems. We have to wait and see.
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  • posted a message on MTGO rating landmark
    Good job.

    Now you have to get 1800.
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  • posted a message on Age of Empires III screenshots
    Wow. I'll have to do something about my graphics card.

    These screenshots are amazing.
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