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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    Are the Twisted Images in there for Spellskites only, or any thing else?
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  • posted a message on Mirage mana Diamonds reprint in upcoming paper MTG set
    Quote from Mild Wongrel »
    Quote from krishnath »
    Probably for the November commander decks, but if they are in KtK it would be amazing. Smile

    Wait, is this a thing? I had just been assuming that since they did a commander set last november they would skip a year again. Has there been an official announcement that I missed?

    The original announcement for Commander's arsenal - 2 years ago - stated that commander decks were a yearly thing. Commander's arsenal was an exception because they didn't have enough lead time. But all of the communication has always been a yearly product

    Edit: stupid auto-correct
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  • posted a message on Custom card creation for my Momir Cube !!!
    I have a momir cube of 50 of each cost on up the sale until you reach the 10+ costs where it's not really applicable.

    We have created a bunch of custom cards for the 13/14 slots where there were 0 options, and have started expanding to all the 10+ costs where there are not enough "real" options.

    At the 1 drop spot I tried to prioritize mana dorks, to make that slot more tempting.

    At all of those costs, especially the 13-15 costs, the goal is creatures that almost win the game, but in fun ways.

    Elesh Norn, Router of Enemies - 13WW
    Legendary Creature - Praetor
    When ~ ETB, destroy all creatures you do not control.
    When an opponent activates a Momir ability counter that ability unless that player pays (5).

    Semsain, Mirror to All - 10WUBRG
    Legendary Artifact Creature - Dragon
    When an opponent activates a Momir ability you may copy that ability.

    Those are a couple of the more fun ones we did that play with the format a bit.
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  • posted a message on [Promo] Magic is back at SDCC this year
    Once again, I applaud Wizards for for choice of promo. Cards that are very easily obtainable in a current card set, but in a very unique visual form. (In addition, the visual form chosen is one that isn't appealing to everybody.)

    Hyper-rare cards are good for a game over all, they give collectors a goal. But these are the perfect balance. Now, if they fix the distribution system from last year, they will have nailed it.

    (No, I do not have any of last years either.)
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  • posted a message on Minouris's Library - Collection Manager and Deck Builder (Massive deck builder update!)
    I really like this so far.

    My only feature I would love to see is a way to tell which decks have a given card in them.

    (So I click on Domri Rade, and it tells me I have 4 in Jund Monsters, 2 in RG Devotion, ext)
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  • posted a message on Looking for magic management software
    Hello, I'm looking for a program that will act as a database/spradshhet for a running tally of what cards I own.

    I would also like to be able to assign cards to specific decks, so If I am looking for say, Chord of Calling, I can click on it and it can tell me I have 3 assigned to my Melira Pod deck and 1 in my Ghave deck.

    Ideally OS X or iOS, but windows or web base would be fine.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Five rare lands in M15
    The logic (note: I am not saying I agree with this) is that:

    1. Assuming that Wizards wants (roughly) equal cycles of lands in the block, and
    2. since M14 had 0 duals, and Theros block had 10, then m15 having 5 means Tarkir has 5, thus
    3. the enemy half is complete, leaving an allied half. What cycle is noticeably missing their allied half in modern?

    I don't agree with any of the above, once examined, but when they announced the pain lands, that's the first argument I thought of that people were going to make.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Picture of Avarice Amulet
    "Dies" specifically means when this/a creature goes to the graveyard.
    If you choose to put your Commander in the command zone instead, he never goes there.

    That's why Child of Alara doesn't trigger, ect.
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  • posted a message on How early should you pick a Conspiracy?
    I p1p1 the conspiracy that gives you two opening hands, no regrets there.
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  • posted a message on [Official] PT Journey into Nyx Discussion Thread
    It should start in 55 minutes from now.
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  • posted a message on Draft logs
    I use the new client almost exclusively. I have it set to save my draft logs, but it does not seem to be doing so.

    Is this a know issue with MTGO v4?
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  • posted a message on BNG Ban list update??
    Quote from Hinotama
    You win the game when you resolve it.

    In that case, also banned:

    Each color (can't think of black one at moment) has at least 1 8+ mana spell that says YOU WIN.

    As it should be, really. Games have to end at some point, to move on to the next.

    Omni requires more to win. It requires things to cast for free, either more expensive then 10 mana you just spent, or card draw to be lots of them.
    If I'm letting you do all that, you deserve to win.

    I should be disrupting you, either with counters, discard, land destruction, or just punching you with creatures long before all that happens.
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  • posted a message on Opalescence
    So, how does Opalescence work with the theros gods? Thassa for reference.

    A) devotion less then active: Thassa isn't a creature. Opalescence makes her a 3/3. I assume this overrides her text making her not a creature.

    B) Devotion higher then 5. Thassa is a 5/5. Does Opal override her to a 3/3?

    B.1) Does it matter the order of which came into play first?

    B.2) What if she is in play, the Opal, then she loses and regains Devotion?
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  • posted a message on Eye of the Storm
    I have Eye of the Storm.

    Scenario 1:

    I cast 3 spells, lets say ponder, preordain, lightning bolt. (Current storm count: 3) and all are exiled by EotS.

    I then cast Grapeshot.

    A) Grapeshot triggers it's own storm, checks the current storm count (3), makes 3 copies. Then EotS triggers in the order I choose. T

    B) Grapeshot triggers, EotS triggers. I can cast the EotS copies before Grapeshot checks the storm count.

    Scenario 2:
    EotS with Grapeshot on it.
    When I cast anything, EotS copies, then casts Grapeshot. I assume because of the wording, since EotS casts the copy, then Grapeshot would copy itself based on current storm count
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  • posted a message on Momir Basic Cube!
    My momir is 50 of each cost until 9 or so, when it becomes the relevant ones.

    1 drop has about 12 mana dorks
    2 has all the guildmages (both cycles - excepting the Izzet ones) and the mana myr.

    We also decided on a rule of letting you use the avatar more then once per turn.

    All of that is in the interest of giving the early drops a little more viability.

    There are a few "misses" in each of the CMC, but the misses might be as simple as just a vanilla creature.

    I did not include Phage. I do like the occasional wasted activation, but an auto lose was a little much.

    For the 13 and 15 slots, I have 2-3 of each of the creatures, so there is stll a little mystery as to what will be flipped if there are multiple people that hit that much mana.
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