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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Card Sleeves and Protectors Discussion
    How far back did sleeves with magic art on them go back?
    Specifically, are there sleeves with Ravnica art on them, and if so does anyone know where I can find some of them?
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  • posted a message on Recreating a draft environment
    So, I was wondering about the feasibility, or any issues with, for casual drafting, recreating boosters for a set, or block.

    -Making my own packs, cube style with:
    -1 of each Rare from a set, 1 per pack
    -3 of each uncommon, 3 per pack
    -11 of each common, 11 per pack*
    *Pre alara, when there was no land in each pack, did the packs have a 1/3/11 breakdown?

    The issues I can see are:
    -No chance for doubles of a rare in the draft environment.
    -When randomized, they would not follow the real set print runs.
    -for post-alara sets, mythics and rares wouldn't really have a different distribution.

    Thoughts or suggestions? I would probably start with Ravnica, since I have heard it was a great draft block.
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  • posted a message on Zedruu questions
    Zedruu the Greathearted

    1. I have Zed and Puca's Mischief out. Both trigger at start of upkeep. I place Zed on stack, then Puca. Puca's resolves giving a permanent away. Zed's resolves. Does his ability count the card I just gave away, or is X determined when it goes on the stack.

    2. I know if a creature changes ownership during combat, that creature is removed from combat. What is my opponent is attacking my planes walker. I use Zed to give the PW away. Does combat still resolve? Is there a difference if it's before blockers or after? How about if I give to the attacker vs another opponent?
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  • posted a message on Inkmoth Nexus timing
    Inkmoth Nexus

    My opponent's end step - I activate Inkmoth.
    Does inkmoth stay a creature during my turn?

    Does it turn back at the beginning of the end step, or at the end?
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  • posted a message on Child of Alara
    Child of Alara has a Grafted Exoskeleton equipped and dies.

    What I think happens is:

    1. Child goes to graveyard, triggering both his blow stuff up ability and the exo.
    2. Depending on how you choose to stack the triggers:
    a. Exo on the stack first, then Child. Child wipes board, including exo, then the exo ability on the stack returns Child of Alara to play.
    b. Child on the stack first, then exo. Exo returns Child to play, just in him for both to die, triggering both again.

    Is this correct, and does whose's turn it is effect the order?
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  • posted a message on Mind Control
    I have Memnarch. Opponent A has Mind Control on a creature belonging to Opponent B.

    If I use Mem to make Mind Control an artifact, then take control of it, do I control the creature?

    (Yes, I know I could just use him on the creature itself and save the hassle, but I'm curious.)
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  • posted a message on Putting a land into play
    When a card such as Farhaven Elf or Frontier Guide says to put a land into play, can I put it into play under an opponent's control?
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  • posted a message on Cube Advice wanted
    Thank you all for your comments. It did help a lot in my designing the cube.

    I'm now going for 9 hybrid of each pair and 15 gold of each pair.

    The WWK man-lands - if I'm designing around all 10 color pairs, do these 5 dual lands give too strong of an advantage to their respective colors, or is that acceptable for alled vs enemy differences?
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  • posted a message on Cube Advice wanted
    I'm starting a new cube for my playgroup.

    The group will be 6 person. Planning on a 528-card cube, with 4 packs of 11 cards drafted, so each draft will only be half the cube.

    It will likely be a powered cube, and I was thinking about designing it to start with around ravinica block with Alara influences.

    I was estimating 50 cards per color, 20 per color pair, 3 for each shard, with lands and artifacts rounding it out.

    1. Are there any reccomendations to color breakdowns for being able to support all 10 guilds equally?

    2. Any cards I should specifically avoid from any color or pair? (Expecially from Ravinica block.)

    3. Should I consider running more then 1 of any staple cards? Terramorphic Expanse for example?

    4. What kind of curve should I aim at?

    5, For 6 players, what # of basic land should I prepare?

    Thanks! Once I get more of an idea of the cube contents, I'll post it for critique
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  • posted a message on General casting and Maelstrom Nexus
    Thank you both.

    As far as now it works, don't know yet. I agree on it usually being too chaotic. I just built a new 5-color EDH deck based on allies.

    Horde of Notions is the general, and I'm using changelings to trigger the allies. (And Horde can bring them back.)

    Because of all the Alliy come in to play triggers, I thought Nexus would be fun to try.
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  • posted a message on General casting and Maelstrom Nexus
    Maelstrom Nexus

    I play my general from my command zone. The general costs 4. The general has been killed twice before, so I actually have to pay (8) to cast him.

    1. Does Maelstrom Nexus still trigger on a card played from the command zone. (I assume so.)
    2. What cost am I cascading for, the 4 of the base cost or the 8 I really payed?
    3. Not directly and EDH question, but what about kicker and multi-kicker? Do they count towards the cost I have to cascade for less-than? (My gut is no.)
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  • posted a message on Empyrial Archangel
    I have an Empyrial Archangel in play. My opponent swings a creature with deathtouch at me and I do not block it. Which happens:

    a) I am dealt damage that is redirected to the Angel. Since she is taking the damage and the source of the damage has deathtouch, she dies.


    b) Deathtouch doesn't matter with regards to players, so she doesn't die
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  • posted a message on [EDH] Deck boxes
    What do people use for deck boxes for sleeved EDH decks?
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  • posted a message on [Official] Altered Art Thread (56k Beware)
    Just starting with the altered cards, here are a few...
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  • posted a message on Lorthos
    If I pay (8) when I attack with Lorthos, the Tidemaker do all 8 permanents he targets have to be already untapped?

    Basically, if my opponent has their best creature already tapped from attacking me, can I use Lorthos to lock it down?
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