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  • posted a message on [Primer] The Rock - BGx - BG Rock/BGw Souls (6/2014 - 2/2015)
    I assume running a 1 of Sorin, Solemn Visitor is no longer needed for the deck?
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  • posted a message on Cards - Almost forced upon me.
    Thats creepy and stalkerish. I dont know why you need to ask us. Tell him to go away or you will get a restraining order.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Skred Red
    So if I need a mana accelerator, should I try coldsteel heart or simian spirit guide.
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  • posted a message on Duel decks anthologies

    What if certain players only wanted 1 or 2 for their collection?

    This kinda stinks IMO...

    I also find the idea of packaging 4 into 1 being more expensive as ludicrous. I thought that things that were repackaged together should be cheaper. I mean that's the definition of a deal, right?

    I want a suitcase full of money, doesnt mean I get it. Buy it, sell the rest? Whatever, Wizards doesnt need to release a product that specifically caters to your needs.
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  • posted a message on Commander 2014 Sealed product. Worth keeping sealed?
    There is zero point in holding onto these.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UW Tron
    So I have not had the chance to actually test it out yet, but owing to the explosion of R/U/X or Just R/U Delver decks recently, as well as Ascedency, I am considering attempting to play a U/W Tron list that has more basic lands then most other versions (Blanking bloodmoon partially which is a major player in my meta), as well as sideboarding 4 leyline of sanctity.

    I also considering 2 to 3 Ghostly Prison or 2 to 3 Defense Grid.

    Thus having a sideboard that looks something like this

    4xLeyline of Sanctity
    3xGhostly prison
    3xDefense Grid
    2xRest in Peace
    3xStony Silence/Hurkyl's Recall

    Its a slightly fewer options deck with that board, but I suspect I will be seeing alot fewer options.
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  • posted a message on [[DD]] Journey Into Nyx Event Deck Spoiled.
    So I saw this today at target? Is this something new or a really weird accident.
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  • posted a message on [[CNS]] Secondary Market Eliminating the Point of Conspiracy?
    Quote from Teysa_Karlov »
    It seems like a fun idea. A set built for drafting, with some cool draft-only mechanics.

    Except the price point on a couple cards (Exploration, Misdirection) are fairly high, but it is cards like Council's Judgement and Dack that are bothering me.

    If the prices on the individual cards go way up, the pack prices will jump as well. I've heard of a couple shops where the price per pack is expected to be $10-12. That makes drafting it prohibitively expensive for almost all players who it was intended to reach. Boxes are currently going for between $120 and $150.


    The stores in your area are then apparently run by people who are either deliberately jacking up the prices because they are ********s, or people who read WAY to much into internet rumors. My LGS is confident that it can draft Conspiracy for a month, and it will be MSRP.
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  • posted a message on Price Speculation & nature of Conspiracy reprints
    Quote from Magnus_Warhol »
    It is not fear mongering, but a reality check of the fact that WotC reprints cards for their selfish reasons. They do not care about collectors. Its a capitalist society and I except nothing less from a company that prints a billion cards per set. Why dont they just leave the old cards alone? There is too much admiration and self-loving of mtg here and I think it is healthy to have a counter view. Its not all rosy...

    Because some of us actually want to play the game instead of leaving them in binders/storage containers and looking at them.
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  • posted a message on [New Info] Modern event deck contents
    AHAHAHAHA. This decklist is perfect. Its playable out of the box, and it utterly wrecks the hopes and dreams of speculators.

    Its perfect.
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  • posted a message on [Promo] New Judge Foils
    Prices like that will not last, except for the Force of Will. That...will probably last
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  • posted a message on Every wanted to just say "Yep, I'm done with all this", move to a new place, and start over?
    I did it. Hated my job and living situation. Tossed all the stuff I owned into the back of a car and drove to a new state, new city. Got a job within two weeks.

    Research unemployment rates first. Dont pick something at random
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  • posted a message on Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland or Totalitarian Dystopia?
    No hesitation, Totalitarian Dystopia. As long as you either

    A- Keep your head down and do as you are told. You will be fine. Dont be overly physically fit so your drafted into the Dictators Army though.
    B- Have few enough moral problems about joining the engine of state oppression, and becoming an informant/enforcer/other tool of the regime.
    C- Politics is an option, but if your not a sycophant, be careful, as random purges could quickly be the end of you.

    A Post Apocalyptic Wasteland sounds great, until you realize that Movies and Video games have turned them into something they are not. I also blame survivalist and zombie apocalypse literature in the US for this. A Wasteland would be awful, it wouldnt be some land of freedom of action, it would be humans reduced to their most basic goals. Kill, Eat, Shelter, Mate. Everyday would be a constant, brutal fight for survival.

    Those that pic the wasteland. Are you able to kill. Are you able to kill someone who doesn't need to die except that they have food and you do not. do you know where to find clean water, how to make a fire. Do you know natural defensive positions and how to make a camp with an effective defensive perimeter. Are you ready to see your friends and comrades die one by one as the utter horror that is a collapsed civilization destroys everything that you know and love. The end result of a Post-Apocolyptic Wasteland isent fallout or the walking dead. There will be no heroes. If your lucky you die in the bombed out ruins of a walgreens, putting a pistol in your mouth as you sob for the memories of those who have died before you. If your unlucky, you end up as dinner or a slave to some warlord.

    Yeah, Totalitarian Nightmare everyday.
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  • posted a message on Quiznos and Sbarro Bankrupt
    Quote from The_AC
    Bailouts divert money from some businesses to other businesses. The ones to which it gets diverted are public information, the ones from which it gets diverted are impossible to figure out.

    What, either I am really hungry and dont have a clue what you mean, or you just posted some hardcore conspiracy theory.
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  • posted a message on [Promo] New Judge Foils
    I dont care about the force even in the slightest, but good god, that Norn.
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