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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#1] Mafia Mafia - Part One: Gambino Crime Family Mafia - The Family Victory
    @ Murph. I just want to make sure, your reasons for believing Baenre are his "mafia-victim" sub-role, and your read on him as a bad player. Right?

    I'm asking specifically because that doesn't connect the two of you enough to guarantee you're the same alignment. Nobody is going to dispute that Baenre's a newb, the argument is if he's newb-town or newb-scum. And as was mentioned yesterday, there's already a precedent for scum and town being given the same role name in a newb/basic game.

    Basically, unless there's something you aren't telling us I don't see how knowing your alignment would in any way confirm baenre. *Note, if there is something you aren't telling us I am in no way asking to hear it, nor am I saying you should confirm/deny the existance of any extra information. Don't spit it out just because I asked.*

    As for a newb seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, yeah but that works both ways. A scum baenre is just as likely to realize his actions were scummy when I pointed it out as a town baenre was. The question becomes, is a scum baenre or a town baenre more likely to commit a blatantly scummy action?

    And don't even try to use the newb defense for him. Newbs are generally much LESS willing to kill people than veterans are (virtually every newb game contains a discussion of a no-lynch on day 1). That's even more true if the newb in question is paying so little attention to the game that he misses entire posts. Aside from being a poor defense in general, the noob 'explanation' here points more towards a scum baenre than a town baenre in my eyes.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#1] Mafia Mafia - Part One: Gambino Crime Family Mafia - The Family Victory
    Quote from Loran »
    Question for CROPCIRCLES-----What do you think of Murphy's opinions of me? Not the thinking i'm scummy, but the seemingly high respect he has for me despite what myself and other's have told him about my play.

    Xyre, HKKID, and Goatrevolt can answer this too, but i'm curious waht CC thinks here.

    More later.

    Was waiting for CC to answer before I said anything. Now that he has, I think Murph's opinion is perfectly understandable. My take on you is that you're a rather impulsive player (which is a polite way of saying mistake prone), but that when you take enough time to sit down and do analysis it tends to be solid.

    I think Gub suddenly claiming not-doc has to be a point in his favor. I don't see how doing that as scum benifits him, and for obvious reasons it makes him a much more likely lynch target, and thus increases his risk.

    Whether or not this actually makes him town I don't know. His play prior to the doc claim was rather scummy, and I let the his status as uncounterclaimed doc persuade me as to his alignment. Without that anymore I'm no longer certain. *shrugs* I'm not gonna sit the fence on this forever, I just need a day or two to think things through :p.

    To be honest, it doesn't really matter all that much right now, since Baenre's still even scummier. His 741 doesn't do him any favors either. In it he basically says "I killed CPE without waiting to hear you defend him because ummm... 'cause I couldn't even be bothered to read your post. My bad dawg."

    Does that sound even remotely believable to anyone else? What sort of townie casts a LYNCHING vote without paying attention to what's going on in the thread? A scum might, because they already knew a CPE lynch was good for them. But a townie? I just can't see a town player completely missing a post at that critical of a point in time.
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  • posted a message on Is Science Real
    Lots of stuff

    Don't do a whole lot of science do you? Here's my complaints with your post.

    1: Energy density is the wrong word. Energy, by definition, is a scalar. What you're looking for is a vector potential.

    2: Those "percieved uniform orbits" you were talking about? The went out the window almost 100 years ago. A fellow named Albert came up with a theory he called relativity, and it calculated a gradual perhelion shift. Couple years later, the perhelion shift of mercury was confirmed through careful observation.

    3: A discrepency of one nanometer per millenium means absolutely nothing at all, for several reasons.

    3a: So far as I am aware, nobody has bothered to calculate down to the nanometer exactly where the center of mass of any of the planets is currently. In other words, you're expecting the result of a scientific prediction to be in fact more accurate than the information input.

    It would be like saying I'm starting between 5 and 10 miles south of Seattle, and driving south at exactly 60 miles an hour. Tell me within half a mile where I'll end up two hours from now. You can't do it, for obvious reasons. You can only say I'll be between 65 and 70 miles south of seattle.

    3b: Similarly, our measurement of the physical constants isn't good enough.

    Let's go back to my car analogy. I drive for an hour and my speedometer reads 60.0 miles per hour the entire way. How far have I driven to within 100 feet? You can't say. Maybe I was doing 59.97 miles an hour the entire way. Maybe I was doing exactly 60. My speedometer would say I'm doing 60.0 either way, but the difference in travel distance is almost 160 feet.

    Same thing with physical constants. We don't know enough digits (or significant figures to use the science word) to even come remotely close to that level of accuracy.

    3c: Even if we knew exactly where the planet was, and the exact gravitational constants, we still couldn't do it. There's thousands of kuipler belt objects and we still havent' fully catalogued all of them, much less down to the degree we would need to make that calculation.

    Using my car example, I'm driving exactly 60 down the freeway (again), and you know exactly where I am, so where will I end up in an hour? In theory I should be exactly 60 miles down the road. But what if it's rush hour traffic, I've got half a gallon of gas in the tank, and I'm about to blow out a tire?

    There's a lot of variables involved in making a calculation that accurate, and we don't know all of them. We'd have to make assumptions, and depending on which ones we make (or don't make) the end result can be literally miles apart.

    4: Even if we were able to make that calculation, and get a discrepency, it still doesn't mean we toss out the entire theory of gravity. Hell, we don't even have a uniform working theory of gravity. There's a reason String Theory and Quantum Gravity are two of the hottest topics in physics today. Various partial theories of gravity are disproven on a daily basis. Doesn't mean you scrap the whole thing, it just means you need to rethink a small piece of it.

    5: Your point about how nothing can be proven absolutely is a fundemental axiom of modern science. The best we can ever do is prove something to be absolute to within our ability to measure it. If that was a legitimate point against science we'd have been forced to abandon it centuries ago.
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  • posted a message on If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still [Called] a hearing?
    Really, a guy from holland hanging out, that's awseome! Ask him what part of the country he's from. I used to live just a little ways south of the border, and my dad worked in Bergen op Zoom for several years, so it'd be sweet if he's from somewhere I've visited before :D.

    @ JJ. I have no clue. I'm certainly not applying any oral pressure to daggs. No really, I swear.
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  • posted a message on If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still [Called] a hearing?
    Quote from Cyan
    Oh, I don't care about the girl, I was referring to the fact that you made fun of Chasing Amy.

    I'm sorry, Kevin Smith is the pimp, but that movie was complete and utter monkey nuts. Quite possibly the only redeeming part of it was the discussion about the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, the cute man friendly lesbian, and the evil man-hating *****y lesbo, and which one gets the dollar bill at the intersection.

    Otherwise when you consider the entire thing was a movie about lesbians there was disappointingly little (as in no) Hot Lesbian Action tm, and way too much dialogue about feelings. To be fair, I saw that movie expecting to get "Clerks" and instead I got "Gone With the Wind"...

    Eds. I need to remember the following: Jackie (waitress), Jennifer (cook), Derrick (bartender), and Anthony (boyfriend). I'm gonna forget them if I don't write it somewhere, and I figure I'll be able to find it again if I put it here :D.
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  • posted a message on If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still [Called] a hearing?
    *sighs* You know me better than that nick, I'm both :p.

    LOL. I do have two points in my defense. 1: I told her I was leaving, so it's not like she suddenly got to the end of the movie and realized I was gone. 2: Her house is a five minute walk from the theater. We've walked from her place to the movies often enough in the past, although we usually only do it in good weather for obvious reasons ;).

    But shhhhhhhh. Let's just tell everyone I'm a jackass mkay? I've got a reputation to protect :D.
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  • posted a message on If I'm just casually playing people, do I have to follow banned/restricted rules?
    *Snickers*. That deck auto-scoops to so much it's not even a funny example of broken.

    Turn 1, Meddling Mage on Tendrils of Agony, or Chalice of the Void set to 0, or Trinisphere or Sphere of Resistance or Glowrider or Arcane Laboratory ...

    Snickers, I wouldn't mind facing that at all in casual as long as you give me fair warning and a chance to bring my own equally retarded deck. It'll be a coin flip, since whoever plays first wins.

    Please refrain from using "retarded" in this context.
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  • posted a message on If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still [Called] a hearing?
    I got dragged into Twilight earlier this year. Girl told me it was a new vampire movie and would I go see it with her. I went expecting "Blade" and instead I got "Chasing Amy". Puuuuuuuuuuuke. I ditched my date halfway through the movie and drove home. She got hella pissed with me for ditching, since she had to walk back home in the snow. Evidentally she wasn't too upset though, because she tried to get a second date a few days later. Yeah... right Rolleyes

    Tip for any girls reading this, if a guy bails halfway through the date and makes you walk home in the snow... he's not really interested.
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  • posted a message on [Basic Game] [#1] Mafia Mafia - Part One: Gambino Crime Family Mafia - The Family Victory
    I've been holding this in for the last three days, so I just wanna lead off with

    BAENERE, WHAT THE HELL MAN?. We were still days away from deadline. I make a post saying I've got content to post within the next 24 hours, so you go off and kill CPE without giving me a chance to post it!


    I seriously would like to know why you killed him without waiting to hear what I had to say though.

    @ Murph.
    That's a dangerous line of thought, espescially for the reasons you just mentioned. It's entirely possible that the scum left Gub alive deliberately in an attempt to get him lynched. For that matter it's possible Gub's a vanilla townie, the real doc protected him, and that's where the missing NK went.

    I don't know what happened last night, and frankly I don't care either. What I do know is that I'm not willing to treat his survival as a point against gub. LOL, there's plenty enough actual points against him that I don't need to :p.

    Vote Baenre. For all the same reasons as yesterday, AND with the added reason that a person under the microscope decided to hammer when I had stuff I wanted to say.
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  • posted a message on If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still [Called] a hearing?
    Quote from Daggertooth
    Told that story in class as an example of Conditioned behavior...thinking it was funny. Boy did I bomb on that one, all it did was make me look like a complete idiot. Didn't even fit the example. Whoops. In my defense the class is all women...which for some reason instills in me an overwhelming urge to show off and clown around.

    That would be your desire to get laid. I hear mormon girls are supposed to be absolutely nuts in the sack too, so kudos to that Grin In the future though, more showing off and less clowing around. Girls like the guy who can make them laugh, but they sleep with the guy who thinks he's king of the damned world :p. Confidence is sexy as hell, so go with it :).
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  • posted a message on Magic Casualty: Blightning Deck Wins?
    Quote from Goblinboy
    We all make decks that lose. Why would we want to read about yours, unless it loses in a fascinating way?

    *grins* You remember that time a few years ago when Xen got his mono U article published. Mmmm. good memories.
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  • posted a message on The Caption Game
    This one time, at band camp, Lesurgo went for 3 years without taking a shower. By the end of that time he smelled so badly you could see it/

    form of the squirrel
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  • posted a message on Confirm something for me?
    Sweet. That's what I thought. Thanks guys.
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  • posted a message on Comes into play on the stack?
    You can't revive an artifact without Sharuum entering play. However, he doesn't have to be alive for the ability to resolve. For example, you Sharuum, and in response to the CIP ability I Oxidize him. The CIP will still resolve, even though Sharrum himself is dead.

    And for the second, there's no way to destory it before the ability takes place. You can't even Stifle or Trickbind it.
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  • posted a message on Comes into play on the stack?
    No to the first one. It's a targeted abiltiy, and at the time it goes on the stack your artifact isn't in the graveyard and thus isn't a legal target.

    No to the second. The reason it because it happens as pithing needle CIPs, instead of when the needle CIPs. Basically, it's not a triggered ability, it doesn't use the stack, and you don't get a chance to do anything in response.
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