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  • posted a message on [Compiled] Upcoming Promo Information
    Found one at my local shop. Looked it up and found this pic on Reddit post 27 days ago. That post says it's from Walmart chaos blister of 6 boosters.
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  • posted a message on R/G Hazoret's Undying Fury
    I've enjoyed playing this deck for the past couple weeks. It's new so no one knows what you're doing.
    My ramp spells are Attune and creatures. Threw in some removal spells.
    I haven't yet hit Samut + Myriarch combo kill. My best one was Samut + Hydra + Hyrda + Servant.

    24 Lands
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  • posted a message on GW Revolt
    Quote from Singe »
    Quote from lajube »
    Displacer also has an odd combo with Hidden Herbalists. For 2C you get GG. With Panharmonicon you get GGGG. Sadly, this doesn't feed into 2C, but you could imagine using this mana to do something else. For something easier, try scions. Those sac themselves, and do everything you might want in a mana-acceleration revolt deck.

    Stand alone, Panharmonicon is actually great with any of the Revolt creatures. Renegade Rallier gets back two cards. Greenwheel Liberator is a 6/5 two drop.

    Just so you know, panharmonicon refers to triggered abilities (starts with when or whenever). Greenwheel Liberator has neither of these and thus will not trigger twice. It was my first build attempt when the set came out and I was sad to learn this.
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  • posted a message on Convoluted Combo
    Built an Abzan Marvel combo deck for FNM. It can also just do midrange things.

    Aetherworks Marvel
    Woodweaver's Puzzleknot
    2x Felidar Guardian
    Gonti, Lord of Luxury

    With two guardians + pan + puzzle:
    one guardian targets puzzle and other guardian
    2 puzzle triggers then other guardian triggers and repeat
    that's infinite life + energy

    Then switch to marvel instead of puzzle to cast your deck to hit gonti
    Last switch to gonti instead of marvel and exile their deck.

    You can also make things infinite large with another creature + gearhulk and infinite spiders [with delirium].
    Gonti gives you other possible options/combos to play depending what you hit.
    Probably not top tier but pretty fun overall.

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  • posted a message on [Compiled] Upcoming Promo Information
    I don't know if this is still being updated, but I just picked up promo Thalia's Lancers at Wal-Mart. The second card behind it was backwards, such that the back of the cards were touching each other. Also, the other one I saw had a blue pack as opposed to the red (Born of the Gods), which makes me think Return to Ravnica.
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  • posted a message on Naya Tokens and the decks to beat
    I often look on these forums for deck ideas, and I decided to build yours for FNM. However, I made a some changes though.

    -4 deathmist raptor
    -4 den protector
    -2 hanweir
    -2 tracker

    +3 thopter engineer
    +3 pia and kiran

    +2 declaration in stone
    +2 world breaker

    I wasn't sure on SB options so I went with:
    2 radiant flames
    1 descend upon the sinful
    2 clip wings
    2 immolating glare
    2 chandra flamecaller
    3 den protector
    3 deathmist raptor

    I've played with the P&K / hangar package before, but it adds more removal to the deck (also noted with MD declarations).
    I wanted more token options, and more things to ramp into.
    I was also heavily considering descent of the dragons along with secure the wastes but I ran out of time deck building.
    Other things I was thinking about: oath of nissa, oath of gideon, displacer combo (eldrazi displacer + brood monitor + impact tremors), from beyond, sigarda, burn from within, etc.

    R1 win over U/W spirits
    R2 win over mono R aggro (was close games)
    R3 loss bant humans aggro (reflector mage annoying >.<)
    R4 win naya dragons (won flipping abbey and answers to his dragons)
    R5 ID GW human/werewolf (played for fun, still got him)
    Top 8 split

    Seems like there's lots of ways to go with this, but I will continue to play this while switching things out here and there.
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  • posted a message on [Jacksonville, FL] - 7/18 SCG 1K Super IQ (Standard) hosted by Jacksonville Game Center @ Ancient City Con
    StarCityGames 1K PLUS - Super IQ
    Super Invitational Qualifier - 07/18/2015
    Over $1,000 in cash, prizes & door prize giveaways!

    Time: 12:00 pm
    Format: Standard
    Event Fee: $35 (Includes Entry Into Con)

    Ancient City Con (www.ancientcitycon.com)
    Hosted by Jacksonville Game Center
    Prime Osborn Convention Center
    1000 Water Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32204 US

    1st - $400, Qualification for a StarCityGames Invitational, 6 Open Series Points
    2nd - $200, Qualification for a StarCityGames Invitational, 5 Open Series Points
    3rd-4th - $100, 4 Open Series Points
    5th-8th - $50, 3 Open Series Points
    9th-16th - 6 Magic Origins Boosters - 1 Open Series Point

    **If we break 100 players, we will pay down to 32 players & add $500 to cash prize pool.
    17th - 32nd - 3 Magic Origins Booster Packs Each

    Top 8 Finishers all receive a SCG IQ Top 8 Pin and a SCG Exclusive Playmat
    Decklist Are Required!

    Pre-Register Early (www.JaxGameCenter.com)
    We will also have booth in the dealer room.

    Additional Info & Giveaways:
    - There will be door prize drawings between random rounds
    - $15 Win A Box - Side Events
    - $12 Drafts - Quick Draft Format

    Questions -
    Jax Game Center
    5800 Beach Blvd, Ste 109
    Jacksonville, FL 32216
    E-Mail: info@jacksonvillegamecenter.com
    Phone: 904-399-4450

    Additionally, there is a Dragon Ball Z TCG – Cash Money Madness Tournament @ Ancient City Con (Southeast Regional Warmup Event) on Sunday (7/19)

    SEE NOTE BELOW: On Promos
    $30 Entry for a possible $1k CASH event

    For more CON info - http://www.ancientcitycon.com/
    ** Panini Supported Event - Convention Kit Promos**

    Pre-Register to make things easier at the event. It will help us keep the CASH PRIZE Payout Updates.

    Event Subject to Change with CASH PRIZE INCREASES
    Dragon Ball Z – $250.00 (Minimum) Money Madness!**
    ** Additional Cash Payout based on attendance**
    ** $250 Increase for each 16 players**
    up to $1,000 is CASH Possible

    Registration: Online
    Start: 11:00 AM (minimum of 16 players)

    Entry Fee: $30
    $15 for DBZ Event (Paid Inside)
    $15 for Con Entry Extra at the door
    -- Tournament Promo (more than one) giveaways of equal or greater value to be given away and raffled

    Minimum Prize Payout
    1st Place: $100.00
    2nd Place: $50.00
    3 - 4th Place: $25.00
    5 – 8th Place: TBD
    9th + :TBD

    --Additional Prizes & Convention Promos for added participants

    ** Random Raffle Drawings will include Promo Cards, DBZ Black T-Shirts & Set 3 Booster Packs

    Dragon Ball Z TCG – Win-A-Box Constructed Side Event

    Signups: Begin Once Conventions Open @ 8 AM
    (Begins with every eight players signed up, Single Elimination) Entry Fee: $10
    1st Place: Sealed Booster Display (24 packs)
    2/3/4th Place: Promo Card
    (Extras from Convention Participation while supplies last)
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  • posted a message on [Jacksonville, FL] 7/10-7/12 MTG Origins Pre-Release Weekend Events @ Jax Game Center
    It's that time again! Pre-Release is some of the most fun you can have playing Magic: The Gathering!

    Our pre-release will be a FULL SWISS tournament with a cut to Top 8, so if you're down to play a LOT of Magic Origins, come check it out! With our scaling prize support and massive attendance track record, we've averaged 200+ packs in the prize pool for our last four events!

    ** Come help us break our record of 104 players

    We've had a blast every time, and hope to see all the familiar faces and the new ones as well!

    Jacksonville Game Center
    5800 Beach Blvd. #110, Jacksonville, Florida 32207
    (Near Staples & VA College)
    Entry Fee: $25.00 - Basic Entry
    Entry Fee: $40.00 - PREMIUM
    PREMIUM EVENT: Includes the basic event PLUS 1 Extra Raffle Ticket + 13 FREE FNM (That's right, play in the midnight event & all of your Friday Night Magic is free until Battle for Zendikar!)

    Registration ENDS at 11:45pm! NO EXCEPTIONS!

    - Full Swiss Rounds - No Eliminations!
    - Prize support begins at THREE BOXES MINIMUM, then for each player after 37, we add two packs to the pool! If we break 100 players, that's over ONE CASE of prize support!

    Pre-Release Kits are first come first serve, so be sure to preregister to lock in your kit!
    BONUS for FNM Players that join pre-release:
    -- Get Extra Bonus Raffle/Door Prize Ticket!

    -- 8ft Wall Art Planeswalker Mat + Box of Origins
    -- Box of Origins
    -- Box of Origins
    -- PLUS other ORI items like Clash Pack, Fat Pack & Intro Decks
    1 PREMIER EVENT Friday Midnight Pre-Release
    2 Events on Saturday
    2 Events on Sunday
    1 Closed Private Event Available: Ask us for details!

    We are buying your MTG & Magic Origins Cards!

    Our prices will be available on our website, and also in paper form during the pre-release weekend.


    If you don't have a second head, don't worry, we will help you find a partner! 4 packs in prize pool for each Team!
    4 Swiss Rounds - Cut to Top 2/4, with a split after!
    Entry Fee Per Person: $25.00

    Three packs per player in the prize pool!
    Full Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 4/8.
    Entry Fee: $25
    Random Door Prizes & Giveaways!

    Entry Fee: $25
    Random Door Prizes & Giveaways!

    Sealed Deck Event with 4 Rounds and if you win, you get packs! What a concept!

    Individual Prizes

    4-0-0: 10 Booster Packs
    3-0-1: 7 Booster Packs
    3-1-0: 4 Booster Packs
    2-1-1: 3 Booster Packs
    2-2-0: 2 Booster Packs

    Entry Fee: $25
    Random Door Prizes & Giveaways!

    Sealed Deck Event with 4 Rounds and if you win, you get packs! What a concept!

    Individual Prizes

    4-0-0: 10 Booster Packs
    3-0-1: 7 Booster Packs
    3-1-0: 4 Booster Packs
    2-1-1: 3 Booster Packs
    2-2-0: 2 Booster Packs

    For any questions you may have, feel free to call us (904) 399-4450 or visit our website at http://jacksonvillegamecenter.com/ !
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  • posted a message on Naya Midrange
    What's in your SB? Sometimes it can be hard. I've had to fight thru Soulfire Grand Master / Seeker of the Way, thus they gain a lot of life. They also have access to hand disruption, still hurts even though with your deck you can get back later. Windstorm is another card for flyers, works well against bees too. If you need a board reset try End Hostilities. Glare of Heresy is good if they play those early white drops and if they also got Elspeth.

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  • posted a message on Naya Tokens
    Although I plan on trying this too, it's a different deck and does different things. Thanks anyways.
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  • posted a message on Naya Tokens
    I've seen you post on another naya topic, but do u have an updated list you've been playing? I just got some whisperwoods so i would like to try this out. Thanks.
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  • posted a message on Naya Midrange
    It's not bad, just what happens on multiple occassions. If both are out, they will sac Courser to keep Mastery. Though I'm usually fighting to get rid of something, not make bigger.
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  • posted a message on Naya Midrange
    Yay replies.

    A_E_I_Own_U - I have been playing this for about 4 weeks now, did well at FNM and bad at GPT. Dromoka's Command won't always hit if they have another enchantment (aka Courser of Kruphix). I added another Glare of Heresy in SB taking out Mastery. The Den Protector/Deathmist Raptor feels like another deck, something like you've built.

    DarklingScribe - I previously had a singleton Shaman of the Great Hunt, worked great when I saw it. It's even better with Iroas out. Arcbond is a good suggestion, I got overwhelmed by my opponent's bees during GPT and couldn't keep up.

    HumbleKami - At the time, I only had 2 Thunderbreak Regent. I used my FNM winnings to get another one and Dromoka's Command. I hope to get a fourth soon.

    brandonspradlin80 - I am going to get another Dragonlord Atarka so I can try out Naya Dragons.

    I can't tell you how many times when I play Iroas people pick it up to read it, and get blown out because either A)They don't have enough to double block or B)Block appropriately expecting one of my guys to die.
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  • posted a message on Naya Midrange
    I've been playing and tweaking this build for about 3 weeks. I usually play Wed. leagues (15-30 people) and FNMs (20-40 people). I got the idea from the old RG Bees but I wanted to play Command over Tactics. Any feedback is acceptable.

    I haven't played against much control. My meta is GW, Abzan, mono Red, RG, Mardu, etc. The plan is usually to Roast my Nest and win with Bees/Dragons. I used to have Polukranos, World Eater and Bow of Nylea but switched out for the Lions. Also had Dragonlord Atarka but switched to Queen. Not sure which would be better. At this moment, I only have 3 Rabblemaster, 2 Regent, and 3 Command.

    Some of the sweet synergies:
    Hornet Nest + Roast
    Hornet Nest + Dromoka's Command (fight)
    Hornet Nest + Anger of the Gods (small wipe and bees)
    Goblin Rabblemaster + Iroas
    attacking creature + Iroas + Dromoka's Command (fight)
    8 mana dorks possible T3 Stormbreath Dragon (done multiple times already)

    -24 or 25 lands? If I cut a land, I could add another Regent or Command.
    -Queen or Atarka? I could play either one, or cut for one of the above mentioned cards.
    -SB cards. I would like a better answer for Mastery of the Unseen. Any other SB cards for Naya I should think about?

    Any other suggestions? Much appreciated, thanks for your time....
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  • posted a message on Abzan Assault Takes First Place In 4 Tournaments This Weekend
    I built this deck (dropping 3rd whip for ugin main) and top 4 split FNM. My only match loss was to G/r dev that got out Ugin both games. I'm a midrange player and very much like this deck, thanks!
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