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  • posted a message on Lecture
    Discarding to draw fits much better in red than white, even if delayed. At worst, this is a slow Tormenting Voice or Cathartic Reunion for more mana specificity, so red definitely makes more sense here.
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  • posted a message on Vacant Chorister
    Should probably say "exile face up" so that any cards exiled face down are turned face up. The rules probably do that automatically, but putting the clarification on the card for such a niche effect is probably wise.

    It doesn't do enough for 1W, as the exile effect is so limited. Should probably have lifelink, vigilance, first strike or some combination of those.
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  • posted a message on A few random cards
    Mindpyre Shaman is too powerful as written: It turns mill into direct damage and mill is too undercosted to also do damage in that that way. If it said "Whenever one or more cards..." , though that wouldn't interact as positively with thassa's oracle. Alternately, "Whenever a spell or ability an opponent control's causes a card to leave that player's library,..." is more in line with your goal, but much more narrow in application.

    Parting Word seems just not as good as Counterspell for the same cost and Fallow Fields almost could be 1 mana and still be fine for how minor the effect is.

    Cunning Opportunist B
    Creature- Human Assassin
    If an opponent would win the game, that opponent loses the game instead.

    Note that this only works against Alt Wincon cards. Zero life, Ten poison, and not being able to draw cause that player to lose, which removes them and their permanents from the game and then the remaining player wins by being the only player remaining. Because of this, the opportunist wouldn't be in play to cause that player to lose instead of win, because its controller had already lost.

    Sanctifier is probably fine, and maybe even if it can hit land abilities too. Death and Taxes already hoses mana bases, so the question is this better than any of the cards the deck already runs? Maybe put it at 1WW to be safe if you let it affect lands.
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  • posted a message on Scarabmush and Ratlefinskin (fun with names)
    Giving what the cards were referencing makes the cards make a lot more sense.

    Scarab is going to be tough to balance. As written, you can curve into casting it on turn 4 with haste and killing one of their creatures. Sorcery activation actually is better because it means you can't hold up removal/counterspell and then activate this at end of their turn. Your point about being able to cast it free rest of the game also makes it tough. Maybe sorcery speed and BB to activate it so its harder to double activate on turn 4.

    For Rat, I'd switch to Menace instead of flying, so more creatures can block and force the choice of activation to happen. Templatingwise, the "foiled" effect should be first, since its relevant in gameplay before flying.
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  • posted a message on Scarabmush and Ratlefinskin (fun with names)
    Honestly I don't love either of these. The first one seems like a card that is complex just to be complex, not because its better if it is. Its either 7 or 8 mana to cast it and destroy a creature, or 5 or 6 to cast it without destroying a creature. Jumping though the hoops gets you the same result as not, just for 1 more mana to break it up over several turns.

    The latter is really trying to play a mind game, and kinda works at it, but making "Foiled" into an ability word implies it appears on more cards and that's not an ability that will be easily iterated on. Creating two treasures is just an ability that seems disconnected; the card wants something combat relevant to force them to block or expend removal so you have a reason to activate ability 3.

    I feel like there are some interesting concepts here, but they aren't playing out in the way that might be best to highlight them so that they are fun to use.
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  • posted a message on Heaven Bound & Pray in Blood
    Quote from Grapefruit21 »
    Okay so you just are insisting that you know best then. You want to create new things to be unique to colors but you don't want to conform to the established color pie. I mean that's just kind of silly but um you do you I guess. Still interesed in a link to your explanation of domain influence or an example of a game you think balances it across colors/factions/races or whatever well.

    Edit: that came off as super harsh but I just don't know what to do with you saying it's healthy for me to design things unique to colors but not to follow the established precedent of what is unique to each color. If you believed that they shouldn't have unique identities beyond flavor and whatever abilities suited the flavor of a card I could accept that as a philosphy but I'm at a loss with what I am understanding as your theory.

    Yeah, that's sorta Reap's MO. He wants to come off as an auteur game designer but he misses the core pillars of game design like a storm trooper standing three feet from Han Solo. He was actually improving for a while, but this particular chain of discussion is a backslide into his old bad habits.
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  • posted a message on Changing rules to make Planes Walkers not OP in casual gaming
    That's the thing about Magic as a trading card game, just swap in different parts if the ones you have aren't working well. If you put 3-4 new cards in the one deck, find 3-4 new card that synergize well with the other and add those.

    As to planeswalkers themselves, they can be strong but are far from unbeatable, especially because any deck just needs creatures to attack them with. The 5-mana Garruk you are using is strong since its + makes a creature that can block for it, but they are also paying 5 mana to get that first 3/3, which is only a value if they can get it to stick around. If the opposing deck adds something like Languish or Split the Party to clear blockers off the board, they will have a better time dealing with Garruk directly.

    Alternately, just find some decklists for some other precons from Onslaught era and get the cards for them. Most of the cards from decks like that aren't super expensive and then you can have a couple of deck pairs for some different play experiences.
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  • posted a message on Changing rules to make Planes Walkers not OP in casual gaming
    The issue here isn't really the planeswalker itself, but rather the "metagame" in which you took steps to improve your deck against your opponent and he hasn't done the same.

    Devastation was regularly losing (mainly because the power level of 2002 cards is strictly lower than those of 2015), so you got cards that strengthened it where it was lacking support for its creatures to break through.

    His deck, being a clash pack, was designed to be played primarily against itself and, since it doesn't have planeswalkers, it doesn't have good options to deal with them (aside of just attacking, of course). Just looking at the list, he already has Hero's Downfall and Scuttling Doom Engine in the main deck, and could bring in Despise from the sideboard, and if he wanted to get a couple of cards like you did, he could just get a planeswalker of his own. He's also got a bunch of flyers to attack Garruk with over your non-flying creatures.

    "Casual" isn't synonymous with "power level," but rather with how seriously you care about winning vs. play experience. If Garruk is making your play experience bad for you and your buddy, either just don't play him or get your buddy some new cards to mix in and change the experience.
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  • posted a message on Heaven Bound & Pray in Blood
    User is accurate on both points.

    To build on what he said, you'll notice that Ruin in their Wake and Walker of the Wastes both specify "a card named Wastes". Card could even name the transformed permanent "Wastes" but it does have to describe what that does, unlike with a basic land type.

    To Pray in Blood, Dash Hopes is the last time a counter spell has been printed in Black and, since that was Planar Chaos, its automatically not a reliable precedent. The last time prior to that was Withering Boon (very similar to your card BTW), which was Mirage and the color pie was not as stringently defined.

    Black also already has answers to enchantments: Feed the Swarm, Mire in Misery, Pharika's Libation. Black can interact with enchantments, but not as efficiently as white or green.

    The game's strength is that no one color can do everything well. If one color becomes able to do all the things, it homogenizes the experience.

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  • posted a message on MDFC Commons
    My interest in common MDFCs is two-fold: (1) I love pauper and (2) design challenge of balanced cards that could be pickable in limited.

    Gameplaywise, several of the land/spells could have easily been commons by power level/complexity (Vastwood Fortification, Skyclave Cleric, Akoum Warrior)

    In strixhaven, the value is the ability to have either a creature for board presence or a spell for magecraft trigger, same as for the rare/mythic MDFCs. Is it more decision making? Sure, but not drastically more than just having another card in hand or a split card.
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  • posted a message on MDFC Commons
    My biggest disappointment with Zen/Strixhaven was the lack of common MDFCs on theme (not as much for Kaldheim, since it they were thematically tied to the Gods in that set)

    Strixhaven especially I wanted to see some common creature/spell cards.

    Interpretive Dancer 2U
    Creature - Orc Wizard
    Magecraft - Whenever you cast or copy an instant or sorcery spell, CARDNAME gets +1/+1 until end of turn.
    Disco Inferno 2R
    CARDNAME deals 2 damage to any target. Scry 1.

    What are good front/back combos in different colors that make for interesting play choices?
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  • posted a message on Goldrazor Eagle & Strife Condor
    The white one isn't that strong, except for the being able to remove +1/+1 counters from opponent's creatures. The black one being able to repeatedly -1/-1 opponent's creatures is very powerful the untap is effectively meaningless because of it.

    Colorwise, removing +1 counters from opponent creatures doesn't make sense in white and psuedo vigilance doesn't make sense in black.

    I'd recommend switching the untap and lifegain clauses, and have them only affect creatures you control.
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  • posted a message on Can't Stay Away and DFC
    If I return a DFC with Can't Stay Away and then it transforms, it retains the "If this creature would die, exile it instead." text, right?
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  • posted a message on Soul Eruption & Keeper of Balance
    Soul Eruption makes sense, its wording just needs to be tweaked slightly to be in line with how rules text is phrased. Its an odd effect, and 1 mana abilities that make large amounts of mana are always dangerous in older formats, but at least the hoop is difficult to jump through.

    Soul Eruption R
    Add an amount of R equal to the amount of damage done to you this turn by sources you control.

    The problem that keeper has, as written, is that the tapping the land is a triggered ability, meaning that the player with the land coming into play can just tap it for mana in response. The wouldn't be able to hold up the land for a counter or combat trick, but they can still use it to cast a creature or sorcery on their turn when they play it. You can instead simple have the land enter the battlefield tapped to avoid this.

    Keeper of Balance 1W
    Legendary Creature — Avatar
    Other than the first land that enters the battlefield under each player's control each turn, lands enter the battlefield tapped and don't untap during their controller's next untap step.

    The effect honestly doesn't do a huge amount, since fetch lands can be used on opponent's turns and most other abilities that put extra land out already put them into play tapped, so it will slow down ramp a little but not much. The bigger problem with this card is that and 0/5 hexproof is very non-interactive and, at two mana, will drive aggro strategies out of the meta very hard. Either the cost should increase or the toughness drop a lot so it is a significantly less effective blocker.

    Overall these cards underestimate their power level some, but aren't inherently broken and work within the rules. The effects are somewhat niche, but at least drive interesting deck building decisions.

    8 out of 10

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  • posted a message on [MID] Fifth Adversary and White Removal
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