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  • posted a message on Reimagining Kamigawa
    I like the format you've set up. Like the previous poster said, there are some balance issues.

    I think the activated abilities should either all be synergistic with animating them, or none, so the Myojin of Night's Reach should probably do something else. Reanimation or drawing cards for life could be good options.

    Cleansing Fire is oppressive, but you could change it to "Target creature deals damage to itself equal to the damage it dealt this turn." This is powerful, has offensive and defensive applications, and does not completely stymie creature combat.

    If you want their shrine cards to "turn them on", the Seeing Winds and Infinite Rage abilities should be "~~ can't attack or block unless a opponent lost 2 or more life since the beginning of your last upkeep." That way, the shrine can trigger on your turn, but you could still block on an opponent's turn.

    I would make the tap requirement more specific, as in tap a red creature for Infinite Rage, for instance, and if your intention is to represent praying it should be a non-Spirit creature too. Otherwise, its especially weird that two Myojin could "pray" to each other to avoid a board wipe.
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  • posted a message on Seven Secret Lairs in 2019
    Some of them are only 30.
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  • posted a message on Return to Tarkir: Clans and Mechanics

    Thanks for pushing me on the DFC front. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to create the kinds of card designs I wanted to without it, but Mastery is proving to work well so far. And yes, your templating definitely feels cleaner. It's a little wordier, but that may be necessary for sake of clarity. Also, I hadn't thought about using multiple counters yet, but I'll keep that in mind as an option when simplicity seems called for.

    Reknown is a good example of the templating he's talking about. A Keyword has to have the same information except for Costs and numerical variables, so different instances of your mastery couldn't grant different keywords. Using that template, though, the keyword only carries a numerical variable of counters and the added text grants the keyword. You can also have effects that trigger once when a creature gains mastery (i.e. "When CARDNAME attains mastery, it deals 2 damage to any target.")

    Looking at your other mechanics, Martyr, Reverberate, and Aspire should be ability words rather than keywords due to the varied effects each has. This is more about templating than anything else, but notably cards can reference Keywords for game effects but not Ability Words, so martyr synergies would need to focus on creature getting sacrificed, not getting Martyred, for example.

    Resurgence is neat. I'd Template it as Resurgence [VARIABLE] - [COST]([COST], Exile CARDNAME from your graveyard: Put the top [VARIABLE] cards of your library into your graveyard, then put up to one card that shares a card type with CARDNAME from your graveyard to the top of your library)

    Drag to the Depths 1U – Uncommon
    Return target non-land permanent to its owner’s hand.
    Resurface 2 - U(U, Exile Drag to the Depths from your graveyard: Put the top 2 cards of your library into your graveyard, then put up to one instant card from your graveyard to the top of your library)

    First, you want all of the necessary information in the keyword, so that you can drop the reminder text on more complicated rares and playes still know how many cards to mill. Secondly, if the effect targets, it can be fizzled by graveyard removal and the user cannot choose from any of the cards the effect itself mills. Lastly, given the costs (compared to dredge) you may actually be okay putting the card into hand instead of on top of library. I'd recommend testing that to see if it plays better.

    Lastly, the dragonlords are very inconsistent in their power level vs their opposing color. Dromoka is basically a niche sideboard card, but Atarka and Kohlagan put a sword on their opponent's head immediatly, and Ojutai just is not fun to play against. Making the effect symmetrical is also counter intuitive to the way these kinds of cards are designed now, even though I see what you were going for thematically.

    Here's an alternate template you might try:

    Atarka, the Ravenous 3GR – Mythic
    Legendary Creature – Elder Dragon
    Flying, Trample
    When Atarka, the Ravenous enters the battlefield, sacrifice a blue permanent.
    When Atarka attacks, if the defending player controls a blue permanent, create a 4/1 red Elemental creature token, tapped and attacking.

    This would still make Atarka harder to play with the blue Temur cards, but not impossible for draft, and the attack trigger would then get you a bunch of reverberate triggers when your opponent is playing blue. You could probably find ways to synergize the punishment abilities as a reward to the player in the same way for the other dragonlords as well.
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    A mythic only appears once per print sheet anyway, so the mythics like Mana Crypt and Sliver Hivelord are just as likely to appear individually, but you might get both in the same pack because they are on different sheets. The other cards are all, therefore just as rare as an individual mythic in a normal set, regardless of their printed rarity.
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  • posted a message on 'Mystery Booster' product
    I think people would be more excited if the product had some high dollar reprints such as Masterpieces/Inventions/Alternate Art Planeswalkers even if the chance of pulling one was very small. People were excited about Zendikar Treasures and the Masterpieces, and I would think that they would be eager to get another crack at something high dollar but very rare. Also, I think they should have released the entire set list Friday so that people could actually see if they wanted to buy/draft this set.

    Well, first off, Mana Crypt is in there, so you've got high value. I did three drafts at 25 each, and got more than my value back in each. Recruiter of the Guard and Sliver Hivelord for example were 25 each, but there's even cards like Aura Shards and Rhystic Study for $10+ in the non rare slots.

    As to the second point, they are spoiling everything Monday and it will be available at major tournaments through next year, but they wanted one weekend event for everyone to discover the set by playing it rather than reading a bunch of websites. And it was worth it.
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  • posted a message on A whole bunch of commander products coming.
    Quote from Ryperior74 »

    Question is does this retire annual commander decks (no 2020)

    The 5 coming with Ikoria are the annual commander set, just moved up and back to 5 decks.
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  • posted a message on The Pioneer Format
    Yeah, they probably should have banned the cards that were banned in standard like they did when modern first came out, like Aetherworks marvel and Emrakul, the promised end.
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  • posted a message on Finishing Lorwyn Land Cycle
    Blue/Green or Blue/White merfolk are more a function of the standard environment than them being religated to that color pair, but the land already exists for Blue/White so I'd rather find a different option for U/G. I really like the Dinosaur idea, and I can't think of something much better than Cats for G/W.

    If I were going to reassign pairs, though, I like your ideas for Birds or Spirits both
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  • posted a message on Finishing Lorwyn Land Cycle
    Lorwyn featured dual lands for 5 of the 10 color pairs (Gilt-Leaf Palace, et al.) Trying to think of ideas for rest of the pairs, but I'm running out of good ideas for tribes in the color pairs. The Lorwyn lands were for Elf, Goblin, Giant, Faerie, and Merfolk, and there were similar but varied lands for Treefolk, Kithkin, and Elementals in Morningtide.

    Profane Manor
    As Profane Manor enters the battlefield, you may reveal an Vampire card from your hand. If you don't, Profane Manor enters the battlefield tapped.

    Tap: Add W or B.

    Mage's Tower
    As Mage's Tower enters the battlefield, you may reveal an Wizard card from your hand. If you don't, Mage's Tower enters the battlefield tapped.

    Tap: Add U or R.

    G/W - Druid?

    R/G - Warrior? Shaman?

    G/U - ???
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  • posted a message on Tricolor Land Cycle with Come Into Play Untapped Abilities
    Quote from Anachronity »
    Quote from italofoca »
    Imo it's unfair some strategies in the colors gets a better landbase them others. It's needless constraint.
    I agree with this. Most land cycles are symmetrical in their constraints. If they aren't then it has a weird side effect of telling players what colors or strategies they're allowed to play right from the manabase, rather than as a result of what other cards are in the format's pool.

    Every advantage has a cost, this is how game balance is maintained. If you want great flexibility in what Mardu spells you play, your cost is the land coming into play tapped (Khans tri-lands). If you want access to the mana faster, you get restricted to colored spells of a certain type (Knights in this instance). The point of Tournament grounds isn't to enable-three colored strategies, since the Throne format is built mostly around mono-colored strategies and too much triple color support with the Ravnica stuff in standard would create 5-color good stuff soup, its to enable people who want to build Knight tribal to have an easier time doing it.

    In essence, you're arguing that it doesn't do the thing you want when its purpose wasn't to do that anyway.
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  • posted a message on Tricolor Land Cycle with Come Into Play Untapped Abilities
    I think the bigger point is whether it is worth it? Shocklands are worth it because you can pay the cost if you need them untapped even on turn one, where most of the conditions you're creating won't be relevant until mid or late game when the utility of the land entering untapped is less relevant. It's not that the hoops aren't flavorful or trackable, because they are, but creating the situation to use them is probably more trouble then the payoff is worth.
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  • posted a message on [ELD] - Deluxe Edition
    It took me a sec to realize these were collector boosters. Still overpriced, but I understand a little more now.
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  • posted a message on List of Relevant Reserved List Cards
    Quote from R_Lancer »

    I wonder if the cardshop thought of using a 10 card proxy policy for the legacy format?

    The shop can ban cards and still sanction the tournament as a "casual" event, but they cannot sanction if they allow proxies.
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  • posted a message on Jen Swan - Pirate Planeswalker
    "Repeat the following process for each creature. That creature's controller chooses another target creature YOU DON'T CONTROL THAT HAS NOT BEEN TARGETED BY THIS ABILITY. Those creatures fight each other."

    This wording makes it so you don't have to disadvantagedly choose your own creatures to fight, and your opponents creatures must spread their fighting among themselves. Because damage won't check until all the fighting is done, it also keeps them from dumping all the fight damage onto one low power creature.
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