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    posted a message on Welcome to Salve!
    Heya everyone. Welcome to salvation I hope you have are finding your way around the site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a moderator for assistance. You can find moderator helpdesks here. Most of us are laid back and dont mind questions so please feel free to ask for help if you need anything.

    Salve has all kinds of coolstuff catering to a wealth of interests (you prolly know that though, that's why you signed up, right?), so here are some helpful links to get you started:

    • The Rules - not to come off overly strict but we do have some forum rules that we would appreciate if you know first and foremost. Most subforums have additional rules that are enforced within their sub so please make sure to pay attention to the rules pages within areas you intend to participate.
    • Introduction to Tags - this is a great guide to using the tags we use here at salvation. Feel free to give it a once over and ask any questions you might have about the tags and using them.
    • The Game – here you'll find a bazillion subforums all dedicated to magical card discussion.
    • Magic Fundamentals – this area contains the volatile RUMOR MILL of legend among other important stuff like the Storyline sub (what the heck was the Mending anyhow) & the Rulings sub (use [card]card[/card] tags!).
    • Market Street – is the place you'll find all the trading, buying, selling & price discussion your heart desires.
    • Outside Magic is our catch-all for the various genres of entertainment & discourse found across the interwebbes, including my home turf, Clans.
    • Creativity is home to one of the coolest threads ever, the [Official] Altered Art Thread! The Humor sub is in here, as well as the Avatar & Sig Shops.
    • MTGSalvation – this self-referencing sub is where you are now! Community Feedback is in here, along with the mod help desks, as well as the Articles discussion sub.
    • Technical Support – last but not least, Tech Support for all your c∞§mp†•er difficulties. We've also stashed our Wiki discussion down there. Watch your step Wink

    This is of course by no means a complete list of what you'll find, but it hopefully gives you a bit of an internal compass to find your way about the site. The Staff is always happy to help, so don't hesitate to PM us or post on our helpdesks (you can find out who is in charge of which areas by looking in the bottom right corner of any particular subforum).
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    posted a message on They |Called| & their NIPPLES did the dialing!!
    Luck dropped me a line, looks like I'm here in time to pay last respects.

    "Now that I'm old
    I am not the way,
    The way I thought I was"

    green mana
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    posted a message on They |Called| & their NIPPLES did the dialing!!
    Yeeech! I am still sore from the in-thread game we played & you rolled me hard with that deck x_x
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    posted a message on The Magical Migrating Thread of Our Salvation™ (V1.0) – I bet you missed us!
    So it died in Cube. A worthy tomb, at least.

    Salve Pride
    green mana
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    posted a message on They |Called| & their NIPPLES did the dialing!!
    Just a heads up to y'all that I won't be migrating to the new Salve/Curse site.

    green mana
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    posted a message on They |Called| & their NIPPLES did the dialing!!
    Active members, it would seem so (sXe has bailed for good, I vaguely recall – he's active on fecesbuk).

    I wonder how our overall ratio looks. . .

    . . .this strikes me as a fun exercise to distract me from homework Science!

    First we'll need an all-time members list. . .

    /cribbed from the wiki

    Daggertooth – local
    rianalnn – admin
    Yukora – admin
    CharlieD – local
    votan – admin
    LuckNorris – local
    HKKID – local
    urzassedatives – admin
    'lil akroma
    Alex+ – global
    Belgareth – admin
    Binary Dragon
    Crazed Mike – local
    Laika – local
    rancored_elf – admin
    Sakabatou – admin
    Shalafi's Girl
    Sterling Angel
    The Fallen One
    kpaca – local
    Talore – local
    Clock King – global

    17 out of 30, not bad.

    That was fun.

    Dt, this one is for you!

    <embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/DFPcoa4aApI&quot; type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="http://www.youtube.com/v/DFPcoa4aApI&quot; width="425" height="350" movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/DFPcoa4aApI&quot; wmode="transparent"/>
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    posted a message on [Clan] Clan Contest Mafia VII - Duel of the Planeswalkers (Game Over - Bolas Thwarted)
    Quote from Iso
    Ask ria, I'm sure he has one.

    Yay town Smile Always good when the clans can overcome the dissonance, looks like by a better margin than last year too Shocked
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    posted a message on Public Service Announcements
    Quote from Gaea"s Regent
    Quick! Hide your :symg:s!

    Let sleeping dogs lie.
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    posted a message on They |Called| & their NIPPLES did the dialing!!
    Ah, good, Charlie needed something to do with all his free time Smile
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    posted a message on Edits without timestamps
    Everyone gots they own feels, man.

    Long live lightning edits!

    It's like a mini-game in my posting Shrugs
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