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  • posted a message on [THB] Bronzehide Lion— Shahar Shenhar preview
    I like when they find sly ways of offsetting Aura two-for-one feel bad moments. In this case, the Lion ends up in the graveyard as a very recurrable creature rather than an Aura which has limited ways to be reused.

    I suppose it doesn't hurt that a 3/3 for two is already serviceable, particularly one that can become indestructible and can grant that ability to a creature should the Lion die.
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  • posted a message on The command zone preview - Nyxbloom Ancient (the final mythic rare)
    Quote from Simto »
    What in Thassa’s sweet sea is this?!!!!???

    The best thing about this spoiler season, other than how cool this set looks, is your reaction to every card that's spoiled hehe. It's great Smile


    This card is interesting to me. Outside of builds intended to exploit its effect, it feels mostly win-more. But with the right support, it will come down early and set you up with a ridiculous boost of mana production. Omnath and Rosheen are obvious homes for this, but I like it for my WURG manland deck that already ramps considerably but also wants to keep a lot of lands available for animating. The Ancient gives a great deal of flexibility to decks that can be mana-intensive. That won't be every deck that runs green, but even saying that is in itself demonstrating the potential of this card.

    It's a bombastic design, one that serves as a turbo button, but I don't think it's overpowered.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Mantle of the wolf (Not a wolf preview)
    I think this is a nifty rare aura. Reminds me of Elephant Guide and Griffin Guide, but splitting the bonus into two creatures is a neat tweak. Makes it feel more like a pack, as it should.
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  • posted a message on [THB] - Careless Celebrant
    Saw this on Scryfall and didn't see a thread for it, source is this Twitch streamer (Christian Hauck), evidently.

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  • posted a message on [THB] Siona, Captain of the Pyleas (Bloody spoiler)
    Not bad at all. Aura-based decks can sometimes run into issues in that they need a bunch of Auras, but also targets for them. sometimes you draw mostly Auras, other times mostly creatures, either way it can be difficult to be consistent. I like that Siona addresses both potential issues all by herself.

    A fine little uncommon legend.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Purphuros's Intervention— Amazonian preview
    Well, it's a decent card. I imagine it'll be a shoo-in for Rosheen EDH decks if nothing else.
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  • posted a message on THB - Naiad of Hidden Coves and Shoal Kraken
    I definitely love that nymph. It seems my gut reaction to the Hippocamp spoiled the other day was right, they are subtly increasing the amount of cards that care about casting spells on other players' turns. I dig it.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Dawn Evangel
    Interesting to note that it's a trigger on any creature dying, even ones controlled by other players that may have a Cessation of yours on it.

    Not sure if the weenie recursion is what I'd be looking for, but over the course of a game it'll likely halfway balance out the loss of card advantage when enchanted creatures die. A lot of potential with cards like Rancor, but I think Fool's Demise and/or Gift of Immortality might be my favorite.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Rebirth for Glory (?)
    While we’re on the subject of women’s rights, let’s evaluate Hillary’s history with representing her husband for his... promiscuous and illegal sexual escapades, while harassing his victims. Destroying incriminating evidence. Benghazi. “Suicides.” I’ve observed her vehemently oppose gay marriage, to then telling Ellen on her own show that she only supports civil unions and not gay marriage, and only after Obama stuck his neck out and legalized it did she flip the script and release a glowing video of how fondly she supports gay marriage.

    She is a Dishonest and controversial career politician. And frankly, the nation was picking its poison. There were only two options. So yes, when Presented with choosing the lesser of two evils, people voted based on economic stability, or going with someone who tells obnoxious truths over sweet political lies. Some admire that transparency.

    But I could care less about a decided election in the past. What I don’t like to see is people inflicting harm on others, especially while claiming the moral high ground. The internet outrage campaign against Terese didn’t accomplish anything productive or help the world at all. It didn’t even benefit the Small niche of the magic community. All it did was create despair for a veteran artist, and deprive her fans of art. All over assumptions and paranoia and not direct statements or facts. It was mob mentality that just created resentment.

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  • posted a message on [THB] Rebirth for Glory (?)
    Quote from Obazervazi »
    I think the Terese discussion requires its own thread. That said, I’d like to emphasize that her beliefs were assumed. She never actually voiced any views herself. Guilty by association is a dangerous witch hunt. And this blanket assumption that conservatives are (let me recount the mind-control paranoia labels that media outlets are suggesting as best I can) uhh bigots, homophobe, Nazi, white supremacist, Islamophobic, racist, Xenophobic, sexist, blah blah - that is genuinely ignorant

    I hate to break to to everyone, but it’s really all about money. Right and left are a distraction. Liberals find emotional triggers to shield their agenda with social politics as a guise to raise taxes and pocket it. Conservatives don’t want government taking their hard earned money and handing a fraction of it out and having big government find insidious ways to pocket most of the rest of it, as government is adept at doing. Liberals scream about needing healthcare or whatever, which is possible without raising taxes, and conservatives want to lower taxes at the cost of such programs, although lower taxes and funding such programs isn’t actually mutually exclusive if the government weren’t corrupt. Both sides just play off each other to benefit at the expense of the middle and lower class. They’re all rich folks. Made off with the cake and we are here on forums debating over crumbs we earn and crumbs we need. Meanwhile, shady things like Epstein incriminating both sides is overlooked because everyone is too busy batting for one team or the other. It’s myopic and petty.

    Right leaning people just want to keep what they earn and don’t want government being involved in their lives. Most Americans are social liberals and economic conservatives. Quit being brain dead sheep that follow the media. People just want to keep more of what they earned and the majority doesn’t give a damn about bathrooms, race, feelings or any of the labels you're ignorantly associating with them.

    Genuinely ignorant to assume people’s views because the media told you that their vote alone is enough to condemn them. Voting is their right and the only way to know a person’s views and the intricacies of their thoughts and reasoning to come to such a decision is to ask and listen, not mobilize oneself with pre-prepared ignorant judgement labels that rapidly dismiss a person’s internal evaluation and experience. People have deeper incentives to vote as they do, and it often has next to nothing to do with what the media tells everyone is their reasoning.

    Hard workers keeping more of their money and independence aren’t all closet Nazi’s just because the television told you they are.

    The rabid and visceral reaction against Terese with such minimal insight or understanding was ignorant and valued emotion over reason. The rest of us who could care less how Terese votes and only know her through the merit of her work (which is why even liberal fans know of her) just lost a remarkable artist whose work we can no longer enjoy for to placate mob mentality at its finest. It really didn’t make the world any better, only worse actually. It deprived the world of art with no benefit. And there is resentment over that.

    So, if people aren't sexist, or homophobic, or racist, but they support politicians that consistently attack women's rights and gay rights, and steal immigrant children from their parents, and they give this support all just for the sake of money, what does that say about their morality?

    If a person votes in lawmakers who want me and my kind exterminated, I honestly don't care whether they actually are transphobic and antisemitic or not. The result is the same in the end.
    I haven’t seen evidence that Trump is any of those things. He has never attacked gay rights (it’s not a right to serve in the military, I imagine you’re referring to the trans community, not gay) or said anything homophobic (on the contrary) or attacked women’s rights. Don’t bother if you’re citing abortion, you know full well it’s controversial because it involves another human’s right to live and isn’t solely opposed just to “oppress women.” And I have never heard Trump call for the extermination of anyone or any race either. Immigration laws existed before and will persist after Trump as well. America is not the only country with such laws either, which for the record, are enforced abroad as well. Giving Israel Jerusalem sure was anti-Semitic and quite the nazi of him as well I imagine.

    Sounds to me like you’ve been watching a great deal of liberal propaganda, probably from CNN. I remember when they spent an entire segment during a catastrophic hurricane blaming Trump for climate change instead of reporting on the actual storm. Remarkable.

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  • posted a message on [THB] Wavebreak Hippocamp— Mike Sigrist preview
    What a wonderful card!!!!

    I love the undercurrent of caring about casting spells on other players' turns that has been weaving through the colors, but primarily blue, for a while. It started in earnest with Faeries in Lorwyn and we've seen the odd effect here and there since. But it seems to be picking up steam lately.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Rebirth for Glory (?)
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Works wonder with Curses as well.

    This was my thought as well. I always wanted to build a BW deck that's an enchantress/curse deck, and this card could be very helpful for it. Too bad there isn't a BW legend that cares about curses to lead an EDH deck. Daxos kinda fits, I guess.

    Quote from Xeruh »
    Sure, I'm fine with that. They aren't good views to have. It's also completely legal on top of moral in this case.

    As for the US being free I find it more funny than anything that you believe that ever to have been true. Or that somehow what would make the country more free is tolerating intolerance. The only real thing that is up for debate is whether or not she actually holds those views, not if the action is wrong if those are views she holds.

    If I could have liked this post more than once, I would have.
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  • posted a message on THB - Nessian Boar
    Maybe with Alpha Authority, Wolfrider's Saddle, or Challenger Troll?
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  • posted a message on [TBD} Mtg instagram - Dalakos crafter of wonders (already leaked earlier)
    I really like this guy. I get why he's boring to some, but I think he could be a valuable utility legend in EDH for a UR or WUR equipment focused deck. I was thinking about him as the commander, but I think he's better in the 99 of a deck that adds white for more utility. Especially in an Elsha of the Infinite build with Leonin Shikari. He isn't flashy, but the artifact ramp is good and giving flying and haste to equipped creatures is going to be consequential often in decks designed around equipment which is where he'll be most at home.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Temple of Forgotten gods
    Also, it doesn't make any sense to be an atheist when you actually get to interact with gods

    I dunno, sometimes coming face to face with a deity can be disillusioning enough to make belief in them impossible. It was actually that line that made me think it could be real for a half a sec until I realized it was a Stephen Roberts quote.

    Props to him using Theros slush art though lol I always wanted that art to appear on a Theros land though Frown

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