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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from login »
    Wow, people are so hurt by this, basically the equivalent of 10 years old arguing over which is the better console. You remind me of the bullies which used to mock other kids because of their hobbies.

    I think that's quite the overstatement. There are people who don't enjoy this fairly radical change to the game (and for many reasons, some may think it breaks immersion, some may see it as a jump the shark moment, whatever the individual perception is) and won't engage with it. And others are excited by the possibilities and the change won't really impact how they interact with the game. No one's hurt, no one's bullying.

    At worst, this is equivalent of arguing about whether one can/should skip the Edward Norton Hulk movie or Thor: the Dark World in an MCU rewatch. There's discussion on the merits, and ultimately most people will just quietly do what's best/fun for them and only a tiny number of maladjusted people will take it seriously enough to make bigger issue of it.
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    While I hear a lot of people talking about "My playgroup will definitely do X" or "I don't think anyone at my LGS will allow Y", I haven't heard anyone discuss the real problem.

    What happens when you are the only one who cares?

    When people can gather to play once more and four people gather to play a game, what do you do when one player only has their Gandalf meme deck and the other two players don't care enough to force the other person out or to pressure you to stay? Do you personally force them out of the game because you want to have fun and refuse to play against those cards? Do you just walk away from the possibility of playing because you refuse to fight Gandalf? While people are ultimately only responsible for their own enjoyment, neither of these approaches really paints someone in a good light. Likewise, keep in mind that 40k or LotR cards could be used in the 99 and not all decks with UB cards are going to be immediately obvious. Are people going to sit down with strangers and tell the rest of the group "The moment any of you play a UB card, I am scooping and heading out".

    Dude, if someone can't walk away without being a weird, standoffish dick about it, they probably don't have the most stable place in that group to begin with. And yes, that's what one would do if everyone else in the group is cool with something that you're not, just as in most other things in life. And this game.

    I'm really confused by this. How are all of you interacting with people where walking away respectfully from something you don't want to be a part of is so outlandish a concept?
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  • posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from Flisch »

    Quote from wallycaine »
    Basically this. Nobody's going to force you to put those cards in your deck. But if you are preventing other people from playing with you because they picked up a card with a particular creative treatment, then yeah, that's 100% gatekeeping. You can certainly chose to own that, but that's what you're doing.

    You're using a really messed up definition of gatekeeping. Gatekeeping is preventing someone from doing or entering a certain activity or group. By not playing with a person for whatever reason I am not gatekeeping. In fact, if anything, I am keeping myself out of an activity. They are still free to play with whoever they want. They simply have to find a person to agree to play the game the way they want.

    Is it gatekeeping when a person comes to the store and wants to play a draft of a certain set and people say "nah, we don't draft" or "nah, we'd rather play <another set>". No, it really isn't and I don't know what to tell people who think that that person is entitled to playing with anyone. I am not anyone's plaything and claiming I am gatekeeping and keeping players from playing, because I am not interested in playing a certain format is really disgusting. What is wrong with you.

    This. I have a particular vibe I'm after when I play, and I don't play games that just aren't fun to me. I don't play competitive, I don't typically play against people who spend thousands on the best cards and that's all they talk about, etc. That's not gatekeeping, it's just me understanding what I find fun and not engaging with things that ruin that fun for me. In playgroups when stuff like that comes up, I just walk away and do something else. Get a drink, eat a snack, make a trade, check my phone ... whatever. Exactly like Arena games I concede on turn two when I see what the other player is doing and it's just going to be an irritating experience (but, if I'm being honest, playing with most MtG players is an irritating experience). These idiotic brand concepts are the same thing, people can play them all they want, just not with me.

    Calling that gatekeeping is laughable.

    So...I'm done, at least for now.

    I've thought it through and I'm taking a break from the game and from the lore for a while.

    We'll see how long it lasts as my investment in the game is pretty ingrained by now, but I can't help thinking that I possibly care about and prioritize Magic's setting and storyline at a deeper level than the staff (or at least the upper management) at WotC.

    And that's not healthy.

    There are loads of other franchises, series, and fandoms that do just as good, if not better jobs at developing engaging and consistent narratives.

    Simply put: This game is not for me.

    Absolutely this. I've taken extensive breaks from the game more than a few times, which has typically refreshed my interest when I eventually wander back after whatever drove me off to begin with peters out. I'm going to give it to Strixhaven previews. Kaldheim didn't interest me at all, but I think Strixhaven could be more appealing so I want to see.
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  • posted a message on New Secret Lair Cards
    These arts are really great. I love the style of the Kaya art, it may not be typical to MtG, but that's what these products are for and I think this is a great depiction of Kaya. I adore the Teferi art as well, I love the wholesome simplicity of Teferi with his loving family. It's something particularly unique to Teferi in the storyline, and I like that that aspect of his character has been getting more focus in the past couple years. Plus, I think it's deceptively empowering to see a black man depicted as a warm, strong father since black men have a history of being depicted as anything but in pop culture.

    That Cultivate art, though. What a gorgeous composition to match a really powerful piece of flavor text about resiliency and cultivating a brighter future from present struggles. Well done.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Black is Magic
    How many units do they typically sell with each drop? I'm curious how much this could potentially raise for Black Girls Code (I run a charity so I'm always interested in fundraising capacities, though obviously WotC isn't ding a Secret Lair for me hahaha).
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Black is Magic
    Wait, WotC is doing a great thing for Black girls, and your first thought was "what about me?" Yikes.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair: Black is Magic
    Quote from Werewolf_Rawr »
    So much woke in Magic: the Gathering where escapism should be at it's peak. Glad to see so many woke people on this forum too. Glad y'all have a place to remind everyone how with it you are. Product is 100% pandering. Could've released this at any time - but it wasn't, it was done now. And that's why it's off. It has nothing to do with the product itself and some of you can't see that. That being said, this is nothing to be surprised about from WOTC.

    ... it's Black History Month, isn't that the exact right time to do this product? Why is it off to do a product that acknowledges that and raises money for a charity relating to Black girls during Black History Month?
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from ChariSays »

    So you're saying that there was in fact at least one conspiracy discussed here? Hmmmm

    I'm saying that using the unrealistic theory of MTGS' resident conspiracy theorist (no offense, CSJ, but you did once claim that we need to get more concerned about EMPs) isn't solid ground to build much of an argument. Much ado about nothing, as I said.

    I don't think all of the other posters here are doing that. I do believe that there is a vocal minority of the community that tends towards that, though.

    If you say so, I don't really see it. If anything, you and Cranky seems to be the vocal minority behaving in tiresome ways. I'm honestly unsure what you're hoping to achieve here, it just seems like you're trolling at this point.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from ChariSays »

    I mean, the page before this one (page 10) has multiple posts accusing WotC of bribing the RC but hey, I guess it isn't a conspiracy when it validates you.

    It was a couple posts from a regular poster with a history of unsubstantiated and we'll say dubious theories, a post or two explaining why that was unlikely, and one saying that the RC could theoretically profit from the corporation in other ways if such a thing were going on. Much ado about nothing, my dude. You're just making it into a bigger thing than it is because it validates your position.

    The entitled people are the ones making claims that they deserve easy and i.mediate access in the form they want it, and are used to it, to whichever cards they want. They they are entitled to decide what is and isn't magic. That they know how Magic is supposed to be enjoyed,and that others shouldn't be allowed to enjoy it that way.

    That's what you think other posters here are doing? Weird
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair x The Walking Dead
    Quote from Cranky »

    While that would be dreamy, it would be suicide for WotC. My friends and I are discussing this in group chat, and we've all realized that Magic is in contention for the most toxic playerbase in gaming. And we say that knowing Smash has a pedophile problem and 40k has a Nazi problem.

    Really? Really?

    I know that's likely hyperbole, but I think it reveals more about you and your friends than it does the toxicity of the MTG playerbase.
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  • posted a message on [Admin] bobthefunny's Strategic Chalkboard
    Quote from bobthefunny »

    I joined this site to discuss Magic. I joined it to discuss Commander. I joined the moderator team to help improve the goals of facilitating that kind of discussion. For the last THREE MONTHS, 95% of my interaction and duties on this site have been entirely non-magic related. I'm frankly getting sick and tired of this. Everywhere else, I seem to be able to find people who are able to hold a conversation on a topic without needing to proselytize. Conversations in which if a person says "Hey, I don't want to hold this discussion here, can we let it drop," the other person respects it. Or even following simple rules and requests for use of a facility or services. When the people who collect the garbage in my neighborhood arrive in the early morning with their trucks, no one seems to need to quiz them about their political allegiance.

    Careful, your slip is showing.

    I'm willing to bet that you don't go to a Walmart, or a Target, or even a McDonald's to shout at people about your views on this.

    Well, no, and that's a bit of a strawman. I don't do that, I doubt anyone here does. Speaking for myself, however, when I'm in a public space (like a forum) and I witness ignorant comments or bigoted behavior I will (if safe) say something. And, in my experience, the reverse is also true and I've been in public and have had bigoted things said to me (usually for being ~*~TOO GAY~*~ but sometimes for other social justice/progressive statements). Being in public and never experiencing socio-political issues in everyday places is completely foreign to me.

    The point I'm trying to make, though, is that the behavior I'm describing, people in public spaces responding to socio-political cues from others, is exactly what was transpiring on the forums. And it's probably going to keep happening because humans have opinions and there will always be organic moments when those opinions are shared in public.

    * * *

    For me, though, I'm going to take your advice and I'm going to go. I'll probably lurk and hibernate, see if the site changes again, but this clearly isn't the place for me anymore.

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  • posted a message on [Admin] bobthefunny's Strategic Chalkboard
    Quote from Banned1 »
    I'm going to direct this one at bob, for obvious reasons (apart from the fact that this is his thread):

    Is there a way that we can connect or converse more directly with the site owners? I would like to know why your site admins seem to think it's okay to casually use the word 'lynch' in the current political climate. See this post: https://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/community-forums/mafia/817898-voldemorts-throne-room-mafia-game-over-town-win?comment=4901

    Given that lynch is a word with very heavy racial overtones, and that we're currently suffering from societal issues around extrajudicial killings, it doesn't strike me that this is acceptable discourse. Perhaps there is some context that I'm unaware of; it doesn't matter. This was discovered by way of a site admin's profile and viewing their most recent posts, and if there's something buried in that thread to explain it, I don't see how any casual observer would bother to sift through ~5,000 posts for an explanation. I wouldn't hesitate to report a random poster for using such language, I certainly don't see how the site owners can lay claim to promoting a 'neutral' atmosphere here at MTGS when even their own admins exercise poor judgment in conversation.

    Given the discourse that has already transpired in this very thread (for whatever that's worth), it would only serve to validate the impression that MTGS has an alt-right bias if shadowlancerx were allowed to maintain their current level of power and authority. I respectfully urge that the wolf be removed from the sheep. Thank you.

    For what it's worth, a 'lynch' in mafia-style games refers to the elimination of a player based on group vote. It's literally a game term for mob 'violence', and it's been used on these forums as long as I've been around on the site (likely back to the 'News days).

    Though, for the sake of fairness, I know some mafia communities are moving away from that term for obvious reasons.

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  • posted a message on Utility vs synergy in Commander?
    Depends on your playgroup, I think.

    Mine is really wholesome and not so doggedly competitive so there's a feeling of enjoying seeing other players' decks do their thing, so to speak. That, plus we're all largely budget players, means that we can all get away with more synergistic cards that may not provide the best utility for the cost. And we can get away with decks that aren't as finely tuned so there's less stress about utility.

    I'm a bigger fan of being on theme, but I'm also not competitive at all and get more enjoyment out of doing fun things than actually winning. And one of our players has the most fun slowing games down and helping underdogs win (or at least not lose). So my situation is a bit different.

    At the end of the day, though, the game supports an array of approaches. I say do you, have fun, and don't worry about what's most ideal or 'right'.
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  • posted a message on Commander Legend Spoiler Season starts on the 12th of October
    Quote from Dontrike »

    I pretty much only buy singles (minus some packs and a bundle of a set), skip collectors/VIP boosters, Masters sets, and Secret Lairs and it's getting me bogged down.

    Same. The only sealed products I buy are Commander decks and the odd booster box when I want to treat my staff to a draft night, and I feel ver (as you put it) bogged down.

    I maintain 12-15 EDH decks at any time and I usually build one or two new decks when a set releases depending on set themes and interesting/affordable commanders (along with, of course, rebuilding/refining existing decks to include new cards). And I haven't built a new deck since Commander 2019 and there are a ton of interesting commanders and themes that I probably just won't catch up on when in prior years, I likely would have.

    That's not entirely on WotC, part of it is the pandemic and part of it was my work situation in the months before the pandemic. And I'm not sharing that for the sake of being negative on the internet (:rollout:), it's just the reality of the situation for me at the moment. The perceived barrage of new products makes catching up feel more overwhelming and expensive, and decreases my desire to do so.

    Earlier this year when they announced Jumpstart was being pushed back a bit I sat there and though "What's Jumpstart" because there were so many products that I couldn't keep them straight. Considering how rare the packs are, I've only been able to acquire two of them, I practically forget the set even exists still thanks to the printing so far behind.

    Hahaha, same.
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  • posted a message on Modal DFC 2-Color Lands
    Sage could easily be a 2/2 at that price. Even 2/3 or 3/1 wouldn't be out of the question. At 1GW, it can be 2/1 as it's a 'worse' Reclamation Sage where the ability to play it as a dual instead justifies it.

    It's a worthwhile exploration of MDFCs. I like that it's a dual to fix you if you didn't draw into one of your colors, and it's a decent spell if you're good on mana. It's also a really neat way of bolstering a multicolor set's number of multicolor cards while also providing the manabase decks in Limited require in that environment.
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