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  • posted a message on The Final Ex-Admin Walks Into a Bar...

    Welcome Cat..... Khurath! I'll have to get used to not calling you by your first name, or your MTGnews handle. Khurath. Use it three times, and it's yours!


    Welcome to Salvation. They've been great, here.
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  • posted a message on Greetings from another MTGnews casualty
    Welcome, Jeff. Thanks for checking the place out. There's a lot in store here, and it's happening at quite a pace.

    Plus, people here know the truth, and that's a BIG plus for me. I'm also not banned here, which is really nice as well. :p
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Some images
    Quote from Lothireand of Darkhaven »
    Could that green kami be the 2GG 5/5 trample?

    No, I don't think so. The 5/5 trample guy is a legend, and he's called Something of the Something Fist. (My memory isn't as good as I would like... I only glanced at the name once and now my PMs are un-viewable because I'm banned.) Also the 5/5 wasn't a spirit if I recall correctly. The blob definitely is.
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  • posted a message on How about a blanket and a cup of soup?
    Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry happy to see you, Hunter.

    Now get to work in the Mill and crack that code! :rocket:
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  • posted a message on [The Called] Movin' On Up!
    rianalln, I think you can be the 12th member, because Cyan79 is out. (He's not only not coming here, and not only staying at MTGnews, but he's becoming ADMINSTRATOR on Raa's team of dark mages! Since many of us are banned at MTGnews, this is our home for now.)

    I'm glad to have a place to post. We don't want our Clan to die off. We need to make sure someone who still has an active account on News puts the link to this one in their sigs, and then posts in the clan thread pointing out the link. (Don't link directly in a post, you could get in trouble.)
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  • posted a message on CARD TAGS!!! - Update: Apostrophes Work!

    This is something Raa took away from MTGnews and it's good to see it again.

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  • posted a message on Yep, I got banned twice on 'news.
    Yeah Seds, glad you're here. Viva La Called! Smile

    As for people posting info I give them onto MTGnews, what can ya do about it? Nothing. To people online, there is loyalty, but it lasts until they see you're not around. They'll make a promise and break it just as fast. But it's info, and I'm glad it's being shared around. I have no love for Scott or Greg, but the information is free. Share it around. I just won't be posting any of it to MTGnews myself, that's all. The community is what matters. We're among friends now.
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  • posted a message on Remember me?
    Wow, this topic is moving quickly, no?

    I have a confession. I may be here just for three reasons, none of which you're probably excited about.

    1) To piss off Raa and Scott and draw away a few more hundred loyal MTGnews members.
    2) Somewhere to get the truth out about what happened, because my MTGnews account is locked, and all relevant threads and posts have been removed.
    3) So I have somewhere I can point people when they ask me where I'm at right now.

    It won't be a long term thing. Hopefully this site, or another like it, or a combination, will emerge with a large portion of our proud community and shake off the old shackles and start fresh. All we really need is ourselves.

    I won't likely be able to get any information for a while, if any. Many of my contacts were either MTGnews loyal, or only trusted me there because they knew me there. That said, if I do get info, I will likely share it. Just please don't keep asking me for it. I have a few cards, but they're in my PM inbox at MTGnews, which is locked, and thus I can't share them. I may remember one of them though, let me think.


    Something Glasskite - 4UU
    Creature - Spirit Whatever (U)
    Counter the first spell or ability that targets Something each turn.

    I glanced over this info (from a trusted source) once, and while I do have a partial photographic memory, don't sue me if there's a bit of a mistake in the wording. And avoid carrying it over to MTGnews please. If they're not letting me post there, I'd rather they not get the info first.

    Some of my sources know me from email (drutter(at)hotmail.com) and they may contact me, I don't know. Some know me on AIM and we'll see what happens in the next few days.

    Thanks for the wellwishes and stuff :smile01:
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  • posted a message on Remember me?
    Saw a post in a signature on MTGnews and decided to pop in to say hello. Smile
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