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I bought 4x Thoughtseize and everything was perfect! Thanks again :D Aquila Noctis
Great to deal with!!! Daggertooth
He sent the funds fast and efficiently. A+ Daggertooth
Top notch seller! Trust him long time! user-4722645
LARGE order = Perfect, Mint and super fast! A++ RUBRDUX
Fast shipping, Mint cards. A++ RUBRDUX
Fast and Simple, best person I have bought my cards from yet System_X
Fantastic! Very fast and Efficient! PurpleD
Second time we've done business. Always a pleasure! Night Terror
Cards came perfect, thanks bro - great seller. JayC
Always a good time, no hangover. Cheers, r_e! rianalnn
smooth deal Stormscape Master
Nicest guy I have ever dealt with, All hail the mighty R_E System_X
Everything went smoothly, traded on MTGNews awhile ago. svalbard
woohoo! Bonus'! MTGS_User579
My check took 10 days to arrive. 3 days later, I received my cards... :) user-11090689
It was a great-flowing deal on MTGnews, and besides, it's r_e! Claymore
Excellent buyer. Highly reccomended. Sakabatou
Huge Sell. Excelent. Would definantly deal with him again. Feyd_Ruin
Great trade! Hope those 2 FNM Rancor help you out :) MTGS_User579
Great stuff! Got everything I wanted at a great deal! Thanks R_E! MTGS_User579
My Legends UwDreams + throw-ins for Portal/APAC Guay + Legends + heaps throw-ins rianalnn
Excellent! Cards in perfect condition and very fast. user-11091557
Cards in perfect condition. Highly recommended. user-11091557
An early trade, always good. benwalden