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    posted a message on Disscussion about WotC's Spoiler Policy thread
    Quote from Wildfire393 »
    Wizards spoiler policy, as of now, appears to be this:

    Release a handful of cards four weeks out from release
    Spoiler articles on Mothership and spoiler cards on partner sites three weeks and two weeks out from release
    Full spoiler released two Fridays before release
    Unofficial spoilers are terrible, awful, no good, very bad

    I like how it used to be:
    MTGN (and later for a short time, MTGS) posts the entire spoiler 6 weeks before the release, after about 2 months of slowly discovering new cards, piecing together hints, and trying to figure out if "leaks" are legit or fakes. A lot of hype built up and the community was huge and strong. Smile
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    posted a message on Discussion Thread for 'the Gay Kings' MTGS Response
    I too feel this moderation was in very bad taste. To stifle the use of the word gay as an attack on other members is great - in fact, I was the person who started that rule, about a decade ago.
    But to stifle (and punish) the use of the word gay when that is EXACTLY the correct description of the characters on the Magic card in question? That's homophobic!
    I was punished in the "kings" thread for making a play on words using the word "butt", based on the creature having 8 toughness (commonly referred to as "butt"). A moderator claimed I had made a flame attack. Against who, a Magic card? All gay people? Of course not. The creature depicts gay men, and that's awesome. My brother would LOVE that card. And no, that's not a flame attack against my brother.
    We should mature a little. It's 2016 and it's okay to be gay. It's even okay to correctly point out that a Magic character is gay, or use the word "butt". There's literally no harm to anyone.
    The harm is when overzealous moderators stifle discussion and then attempt to cover up their poor decision by claiming "it's better to overmoderate than undermoderate". In this case, it was hurtful and wrong to moderate. An apology to the affected members (and the gay community) should be made.
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    posted a message on Mothership spoilers 10/26 Ludevic, Kyanios and Tiro and more
    Wow, 2/8.... those two guys are all about the butt.
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    posted a message on Primeval Protector
    Quote from prof_shine »
    It's large!

    But not necessarily in charge. Frown

    10/10s are fun, but that mana cost isn't. If your opponent has enough creatures to make this castable, he's going to have enough creatures to chump block it. Booo.
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    posted a message on Oath of Druids Reprint
    Wow, that's an .... unfortunate..... wording. Talk about counter-intuitive. That much text on a card normally makes a person want to skim it for a second, give up, and toss the card aside.
    But hey, it's Oath of Druids, it can be fun and playable! Not that it's going for more than $5 lately. And with reprint, that's going way down.
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    posted a message on New Japanese Cardstock 100% Recyclable; Stiffer Than Other Printings
    Uncool, really uncool. Cards made with different stock have been a no-no since day 1, for good reason. This is potentially disastrous, and had better not set precedent for future printings. I hope they make this a one-of mistake.
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    posted a message on Cathartic Reunion
    It's good, but poor players won't realize that just having bigger numbers doesn't make a spell better in all cases. For example:

    As an additional cost to cast Cathartic Reunion, discard four cards.
    Draw five cards.

    You don't always have a hand full of cards.

    Hex comes to mind.
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    posted a message on Tree of Perdition Magic Mics spoiler
    Into the Maw of Hell it goes.
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    posted a message on Brisela, the Voice of Nightmares
    So your creatures transform into bigger creatures at end of turn if you've got the right ones? Fun.
    Will there be creatures that need more than 2 in order to transform? 4 seems like an interesting number to try. Top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left! Thumbs Up
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    posted a message on 3/22 Mothership spoils: Red mythic angel, Avacyn's Judgment, All tokens, clues & emblems
    Quote from ForPortal »

    And on top of that: Thundermaw Hellkite taps most things that can block it on the turn it enters play, and wipes out any chump blockers among them. Meaning that the dragon is much more likely to actually connect with your opponent's face as well as helping your other creatures hit face. Thundermaw Hellkite might be a bit too good for its price, but there's a much bigger gap between it and the new angel than there should be.

    For sure. It's just too similar to the Dragon (and other rare/mythic red hasty fliers in recent years), and too inferior. If it was at least interesting or unique, it wouldn't feel like such a ripoff. The 9 is cool, you don't see a lot of 9s, but as Shania Twain once said, "That Don't Impress Me Much!" Besides, it comes at the cost of a clunky drawback making it twice as easy to kill, so it's nearly meaningless. The other drawback just adds insult to injury.
    The 9 toughness isn't even useful for blocking, because in that case it's really a 4.5 toughness. Also, how many hasty fliers (that don't have vigilance) block? If you're playing it as a blocker you're already in trouble.
    But it's a red mythic angel with creepy art.... casual demand for it might keep its price off the floor.
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