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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Quote from Sene »
    Heya Promatim, good to see you. Nice that you haven't completely forgotten your old stomping grounds yet Wink

    I understand where you're coming from re: Limited these days. We've just got to accept that we're dinosaurs at this point and that Limited Magic has moved on. Perhaps not to our liking, but perhaps for the best of the game overall. I don't know. It's longer and longer between the sets I actually enjoy. Khans was fine, but I didn't think it was great, and all the sets surrounding it (Theros block, M15, Fate Reforged, Dragons of Tarkir, Magic Origins) have been bummers for me Limited-wise. I still have hope for Return to Zendikar, and I am excited for it.

    But instead of taking a break from the game, like you have, I've turned to the enemy (constructed). I wouldn't say I play a lot, but I play pretty much every competitive constructed format (Vintage, Legacy, Modern, Standard) every now and then, and I've been enjoying it. Constructed is a lot more fun when you just play when you want to, and what you want. I'm currently pondering attending GP Prague next year (Legacy), which would be my first trip to a constructed GP in eight years. More important than the actual game, however, is having a couple of close friends who are excited about constructed, and bringing me along to various tournaments. The three of us have, as a result, dominated the local scene for a while. Most of the time, all three of us are in the top eight of any given tournament, with one of us ending up taking it down. The WMCQ last week was no exception, with me facing one of said friends in the final (and him earning the invite in the end). It's fun to play with friends, and it's fun to feel like you're doing something right.

    Speaking of doing something right, what's up with Tahn's recent resurgence? This weekend he almost took down GP Prague, and he's already crushed some tournaments earlier this year. It's pretty sweet to see.

    Yep, still alive! And Tahn's stuff has been quite cool to see. Right now, I just can't financially justify Limited, which is kind of a shame, because Battle for Zendikar actually looks pretty neat.

    Ah well, I REALLY like Cube and EDH, and I've been having fun setting records in a small speedrun community (Terraria), so that's been a blast.

    Re:Bateleur - Noted! I'll definitely look for you on one or two of those nifty social media platforms. Hope making games is going well.

    Quote from Cardoc »
    Hey guys, I hop in to say hello and see whose still around and all the recent posts are talking about how nobody is here anymore (or at least as much as we all were when Promatim first formed the clan a few years back)! Kind of ironic. My personal involvement on the forums has been extremely minimal lately, mostly due to the fact that I can't access the site from work and find myself too busy for lengthy forum posts at home these days.

    But I still think of you guys all the time and I still play! Still limited exclusively and still almost exclusively online.

    However! My real reason for checking in here today was to see if anyone is planning on being at GP Madison this weekend? As you may or may not recall Madison is my home town and I'd be very excited to meet any of you. I'll be playing in the main event (a limited GP in my home town, wouldn't miss it for almost anything!) Let me know if anyone is going to be there, please!

    Haha, yeah, you did kinda walk in on us all reminiscing about how we're never here. XD

    I like to check on the clan now and then, just to see how things are going. It's been since... whatever came before Theros, that I really, really followed Magic. I never thought I'd go on this long of a break again, and I feel kind of filthy. :p

    As soon as I have some spare cash, I'm hopping back on the limited train.

    Edit: And I'm a bit far from Madison, but if I'm ever by that way visiting my cousins, I'll look you up!
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  • posted a message on Draft changes starting with Oath of the Gatewatch
    I'm... kind of okay with this, if for no other reason than to make the small set environment feel unique from the large set environment. So many winter formats I've played (Inn-Inn-DA comes to mind) just felt like watered-down versions of the fall format.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Quote from bateleur »

    So, I'm not really around on Salvation anymore. This is basically a side effect of not playing Magic anymore. I still like the game, but WotC and I seem to have a difference of opinion concerning what it should be. Who knows, maybe one day I'll return to it?

    Thought I might as well say goodbye properly (I considered writing an article about where I feel Magic's gone wrong, but I suspect it wouldn't serve any purpose). In the meantime, if anyone ever wants to get in touch for whatever reason I can be reached on email (dom@heffalumps.org), FaceBook (Dom Camus) or G+ (Dom Camus).

    Thanks for the good times. Magic players are awesome people. Smileup



    I'd read that article! A lot of my friends are suuuuuper psyched about the new premium mythics, talking about ordering cases of Zendikar, etc., but something just feels... off, to me. I like Magic for the fun of 2-for-1ing with a cool sorcery, or outthinking my opponent. I can't tell if it's just sour grapes about having spent thousands on Magic and not wanting to keep re-investing, but it feels strange to see Magic become all about blinged-out decks and which creature is going to be the next Goyf.

    I'll definitely miss your contributions. If you have a twitter or blog or something, I'd surely check it out. (If you want want to publicly share something like that, feel free to PM me.)

    Quote from Ulfsaar »
    I don't think anyone here plays as much as they used to. I pretty much only play limited and only do constructed when I can find quirky decks (I like the Rally/Collected Company list in standard, but the rest of the format has been very boring, and elves looks like something I could get behind in modern). Good luck in life, bateleur, and perhaps we will hear from you again if you have a change of heart. Smile

    In other news, prepping for GP Detroit (team sealed) with my team with mock pools and build phases. We pulled a sick GB elf deck with double Shaman of the Pack, double Gnarlroot Trapper, and double Sylvan Messenger, aaand triple Yeva's Forcemage. In the second pool, we got a sweet UG stall deck with The Great Aurora and Gaea's Revenge with Sphinx's Tutelage as an alternate wincon. Cool

    Yeah, I still cube and play EDH very occasionally, and sometimes I teach people Magic, but... I'm more-or-less on a break from the game, until I get really in the mood to play limited again. Khans should've been the ideal get-back-in-there set for me, but nothing has clicked.

    For Limited, it's reeeeally hard for me to care about a draft format, unless I care a LOT. I want to be an expert. I want to have strong opinions. If I can't be fully devoted to a game, then I tend to lose interest.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Quote from Sene »
    Back from GP Florence. It was a great trip, though the Magic-playing part didn't go particularly well. It served as a blunt reminder of how incredibly awful I've become (and to an extent, have always been) at Magic, and I definitely didn't deserve to win any more than the little I did. But the other team from our house made the top 4, and as always it was fantastic to see my friends doing well. In any case, these trips have become less about Magic and more about everything else surrounding the event (sightseeing, food, meeting old friends, talking), and in that regard the trip certainly delivered. Looking forward to the next one!

    I know exactly how you feel. I have hardly touched magic since Fate Reforged, and lately played a bunch with some visiting friends. I was so, so rusty. Complicated board states that would've been nothing two years ago caused me to make misplays. Ah well, it happens.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    See, I got back into magic after an eight year break during Conflux. So, I have a weird love for triple Conflux (first draft ever), triple ARB, and just about any combination of Shards block.

    Triple ARB was a lot less fun than I remembered, but it's honestly a pleasure just to draft a format that I know the ins and outs of.

    Triple ROE is probably my second favorite format of all time (first being Innistrad, I know I missed the golden age of limited, RGD through TFP, oh well) so I would've loved to do that. I'll have to start paying more attention.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Quote from Sene »
    Risking a warning for necroing by posting to this thread trololololol

    Man, I've played so little Magic lately... I did do a couple triple ARB phantom drafts. Had some trouble, kind of bad at the new client... declined to cascade once, and it cost me a game in an intense jund mirror.

    Had fun with ARB, though. It was nice to sling cards again.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Quote from Hardened »
    Ha ha ha ha ha, I found your secret club for weirdos!!! Also, I want in.

    I had my second favorite limited combo of all time at the FRF prerelease; Qarsi High Priest, Orc Sureshot, Marang River Prowler. I think Orc Sureshot will probably end up being my highest non-rare pick in this format.

    Welcome Hardened! Added!

    Also, I haven't checked this thread in a while, has anyone else tried to join?
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  • posted a message on Is it possible to create an account with the intent to gift it to someone?
    So, a close friend is getting back into Magic, and has expressed interest in MTGO. She's pretty broke, so I've talked about making her an account so we can play some casual Pauper. I figure if I invest 10 tix and some time into an account, I can build her two or three simple pauper decks, and then I can play vs her. I really love deck-building and shopping for other people, so it sounds fun to make her an account.

    However, I've heard of people getting in big trouble for "selling" their old accounts. I myself have been away from MTGO for a while - is this still a thing? Where is the line? Is there a way I can make my friend an account and hand it over to her?

    If not, I guess I could buy 10 dollars worth of pauper staples on my account and then pass them along.


    Edit: The TOS is not terribly long, but the only really relevant thing I can see is.

    "Wizards does not recognize any purported transfers or sales of Digital Objects, event tickets or other virtual assets outside of the Software. Accordingly, you are strictly prohibited from selling, gifting (except as permitted herein) or exchanging Digital Objects, event tickets or other virtual Game items for currency or other value outside of the Game."

    I really don't get the "except as permitted herein" part. That's the end of the section, and nothing else really comes back around to when it is/isn't okay to gift people things.

    My takeaway is that my friend definitely needs to sign up for her account, and I can _probably_ gift her cards. I think I'm correct in this?
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Also, as much as a fan of Star Trek as I am... is anyone else getting a little nervous about the amount of yelling that is probably going to be happening around them at the prerelease?
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    I'm worried that it's going to be hard to get 23 playables in this set, with all the fixing running around. My plan for this set was to start off drafting 2 color decks, but now it looks like getting forced into 3 is going to happen a lot.

    What do you guys think of the set so far? Too early to ask for drafting advice?

    The new MODO client... while I don't think it's as bad as other people, Hearthstone has really showed how huge Magic could be if only Magic Online was attractive, high-performance, and easy.


    Edit: A thing I'd rather have over the Banners? Enemy-colored borderposts. Maybe later in the set.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Remember Deathrite Shaman existed fairly recently. I don't think they're too shy about printing 1 cmc mana dorks with a high power level.

    I'm also not super pleased with RUG guy. He definitely isn't making my "add to Maelstrom Wanderer" EDH hunt, which I go through every set. I'm assuming that I'll get some interesting cards, this being a wedge block, but I've yet to see anything good enough.

    I like the idea of unmorphing him and going nuts, but the turn three investment is too much, just for a turn 4 ritual. I'd rather play Lotus Cobra, which is currently also on the outside of the deck looking in.

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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    How do you feel about the accusation that block formats tend to only be solved by pro teams? I've seen people post things like, "none of my friends play block, how can I expect to seriously test it compared to Channel Fireball?"

    I guess there's always MODO, but that's definitely not going as deep as renting a beach house and playing block for two weeks.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Quote from Puddle Jumper »
    Quote from smellyrebel »
    I like full, 8 set standards.

    There are two arguments here, that I see. The first being that 8 sets gives more opportunity for innovation, and a balanced experience, and the second being that it gives cards more lasting value.

    To the first, I don't really see that it bears out. 3rd sets rarely have much to offer except refinements to the decks that are already the best, which narrows the metagame more often than anything.

    To the second, I see the point. We'll have to see whether that affects enthusiasm for picking up new cards by much. Hopefully people's new excitement over the format rotating twice as often will make up for a lack of excitement about the shortened lifespan of their purchase.

    I am a little worried about Block as a format. I don't think two sets is really enough to keep supporting it as an interesting experience. 3 was already pretty few.

    I agree with most of what you said, especially being worried about block.

    As for third sets not affecting standard much, I at least partially disagree...

    I mean, you aren't going to see too many people switching decks right before rotation, but Bloodbraid Elf was an incredibly powerful card for Jund and 5CC. Two other heavy hitters are Splinter Twin and Birthing Pod.

    Tarmogoyf, Eldrazi Conscription (and the Eldrazi), Batterskull, Coalition Relic, Aetherling, lands in many cases, Bonfire/Entreat/Miracles... Tamiyo and Gideon.

    I feel like third sets tend to really swing things in control's favor. They push midrange decks into aggro/control variants, and often enable random metagame control decks to find the bomb, removal, land, or combo piece they were missing. Maybe they are a few factors in this - not just the availability of the third set, but also the "settling" of the format, but I feel like third sets have had their impact in more than a few standard formats.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    Regarding white - hasn't it been kind of the nuts in a lot of limited environments, in the last 3-4 years? It certainly feels that way.

    Also, how come whenever I start building a Modern deck, it turns into "I'll use Simic Guildmage to slide Genju of the Realm across all my lands and make an army of 8/12's..." What's wrong with me.
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  • posted a message on [Limited] We'll miss you, Birthing Pod.
    I'm absolutely fine with a change like this.

    I do love the feeling of a full-set block, holding those varicolored packs. The idea of a complete block, of one pack per set being the fullest realization of a draft format, always appealed to me. But it was only ever an idea.

    When was the last time a full set outshone a triple fall set? RGD? Maybe TPF, but I'd argue that triple Tsp is just as fun. My favorite formats have been triple Innistrad and triple ROE, so no great loss here.

    I'd say that this is bad for reprints, but... it might not be. Time will tell. Right now the thing we're most hurting for are Fetchland reprints, and those could certainly come in a block. In fact, I'd expect them to come from a block way more than from a Core Set. At the end of the day, reprints and magic-finance aren't my priority.

    I have to say, I'm really excited, surprisingly excited.

    It's too early to tell, but I might even play standard again.


    Edit: Also MaRo's huge article on the change was adorable. Pages of "oh god please don't hate me... I promise I have the best intentions..." So cautious.
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