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  • posted a message on Knight of Autumn
    oh no it's a RARE

    completely failed to notice that on first glance. Guess i'd better do a couple of cheeky preorders for this guy. seems like a shoe-in for company decks in modern.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from Zalmon »
    Thoughts on Mission Briefing from the new set? Spoiler for it came out today. (

    It’s basically a snapcaster mage with upside (just not a creature)

    Feel like it’s everything we want: card selection, instant speed, a way to recur our spells, low cmc.

    It's interesting, no doubt. The card selection is the main consideration here, as that's the only reason you'd ever run it over the full fat version of snappy.

    So as a combo deck that relies on the combat step to win and does occasionally need to block a creature or two to survive, how highly do we value that Surveil 2 over a 2/1 body?

    That's a tough question. Notably, this spell can't sit in front of a Jace to protect your engine, and can't be bounced and re-bought with Cryptic. It also doesn't help you shorten your clock when you're swinging in with a 6/6 land by adding an extra two power and it isn't an ambush viper.

    But, it does 'dig' a couple of cards deep. Sort of... It doesn't help you dig for dictates or land, but it digs for warps. That's not nothing. In fact that extra dig could and would occasionally win games. The real question is: would you win more games from that slight extra dig than you would lose from not having access to our trusty 2/1 flash blocker or attacker?

    I think the answer will be mostly matchup dependant. The metagame will lead us towards a changeable answer. I'm inclined to suggest that the main weakness of the deck is the early game and aggro decks. The late game tends to end in our favour. For that reason alone, the flash blocker is going to be relevant more often than the extra little bit of dig, in terms of games won and lost.

    Verdict: close but no cigar. Maybe a budget alternative but let's not kid ourselves, we aren't in the business for strengthening our late-game. We ARE the late-game. Good ol' fashioned snappy ambushes goblin guides all day long and this new spell doesn't. Therefore, it doesn't make the cut.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Guys, remand is good again.

    Not in every matchup (ahem, humans), but take a wider look across the meta and it's got a better base now than it has done for quite a while. Affinity is basically dead and has been replaced by a deck swarming with two-drops. KCI can be remanded just fine. Tron is obviously great.

    In fairness my current list isn't running any at all (I'm jamming four Opt instead, with terminus in the sideboard) but if there was ever a time, it's probably now... For about two weeks probably hahaha
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    Buckle up guys. For the first time in quite a while I think remand is actually good in the metagame.

    Time to fire up RUG again for a few weeks at least.
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  • posted a message on Assassin's Trophy
    Quote from Colt47 »
    Definitely a card to wait until the set releases to pick up. The pre-order price is already inflated beyond belief right now and I doubt it can hold that much if walking ballista could only hold around 15 dollars.

    yeah i'm torn. i need the card for events if i'm going to play some jund.... but that price ugh
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  • posted a message on Assassin's Trophy

    I'm fairly certain Jund gets a massive shot in the arm from this in modern.

    What's more, I think Tron might actually take a fatal hit from this spell. Not in terms of FNM play but at the GP level I'd guess Tron suffers a significant dip because of this spell's presence in the meta.

    We'll have to wait and see. I've already ducked out of playing Tron for my seat in a unified modern trio, on account of this card. Let's hope it's not too severe a beating.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Gx Tron
    Well... I ran Tron at a pptq last weekend and was planning on running it this weekend at another one.

    However, the printing of assassin's trophy has me feeling like the heyday of Tron is probably over. I'm testing for a GP in December and if I can't guarantee a decent midrange matchup I don't really know why I'm playing the deck. Sorry for jumping ship but I think that's what I'm gonna do for a couple of months just to see how it shakes out. I don't want to put in weeks of testing for a deck that might almost disappear overnight.
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  • posted a message on GWx Vizier Company
    Interesting to see bugler crop up here.

    I like how you can coco in a bugler and see ten cards deep for 4 mana. That's sweet.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Masterpieces
    Quote from Colt47 »

    My suggestion is to simply not worry about it and let it go.

    I think the art looks cheap and the card layout is lackluster

    well, based on that comment of course you'd suggest I/we just let it go.

    what if maybe, as a global customer and not a US resident, you'll permit me to feel a little frustration that there are cool products being made which I can't have access to.

    if my action is to politely fill out a survey or whatever, that's a legitimate and sensible response. Telling me to 'let it go', on the other hand, is not a legitimate response, when you clearly indicated you have no interest in the product and didn't address the global issue at all. You're just imposing your own subjective, dismissive view on something which happens to be a genuine issue for those people who want to appreciate MTG outside of the US.

    trying to justify your comment on the basis of padding WotC's bottom line doesn't work either, because if that was the case, they'd make this product available globally and tap into a wider market.

    and lastly, no. for your information i wouldn't "buy this product anyway because it's unique" oh arbiter of all things artistic. It has value beyond just being a tradeable rare commodity, and I happen to really appreciate the borderless, colourful art and the excellent renditions of Elspeth, Liliana and Teferi. Just because you're not a fan doesn't mean you get to debase everyone else's appreciation for something to 'meh, it's rare so people gonna buy it'. That's really not cool, borderline insulting even.
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Quote from Grim_Flayer »

    What are people’s thoughts on Ancestral Vision outside of the As Foretold shell—just as a pure value card?

    in my builds it's entirely replaced howling mine as the non-dictate draw engine.

    I'm currently running 3, just because space is tight. If i could run 4 i'd consider it.

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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Masterpieces
    love the extended-art style on these. Especially love Liliana.

    as someone who lives outside of the US, i'm not so impressed with the distribution model they've chosen. I'm wondering why these lovely alt-art pre-existing cards couldn't have been the buy a box promos, instead of weird mechanically-unique stuff like the big wurm and nexus of fate.

    that said, the SDCC promos are the closest analogue and evidence seems to indicate that they were a money spinner in the past. So it makes sense for them to take ownership of that sort of thing for themselves. it still stings a bit though, because it's such a gorgeous product that i'll never get to own (at a reasonable price anyway - secondary market for this is gonna be dumb)
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  • posted a message on Taking Turns
    Y'all still considering a red splash for pyroclasm in this humans meta?

    I'm loving my UR list and haven't changed it much in a while. I dropped search for azcanta completely, and have dropped down from 3 to 2 Cryptic. I may go back to three at some point but I'm trying to lower my curve a bit.

    Still running 2 Jace but may drop to one. Currently running one snapcaster mage but may go to 2. Additionally I'm running ancestral vision as my 'howling mine' equivalents (3 or 4 of them) and enjoying the card.

    In this creature heavy meta I might start running maindeck thing in the ice. Did it before and it was great. Could work out.
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  • posted a message on August 20th, 2018 Banned and Restricted Announcement (No Changes)
    No changes is fine. Not lame.

    No bans were needed. Categorically so.

    Unbans would be nice, no arguments from me at all. However, we don't *need* an unban.

    Overall I'm happy to maintain the status quo right now. There's been enough shifting around in the metagame just from set releases, with new decks cropping up or reappearing seemingly from nowhere. Modern is in constant flux and it's really exciting right now because of it.

    I mean, a couple of weeks ago, jeskai was the best deck (!?) and humans was getting beaten up. Then mardu pyromancer was on top for a short while, now humans is back with the BUGLERRRRRRR and jeskai has stepped aside to reveal UW which seems like a monster. Oh and out of nowhere Vengevine just turns up; hey Vengy how you been?

    It's great. Nothing's dominant and while I think we probably all agree humans is the best deck, it's just a pile of creatures so we must be doing something right!

    (oh and the rando combo decks like KCI are doing OK but mainly getting smashed to pieces so apparently this will please the part of the community who like to vent about that particular sub-type of deck)

    Generally were in a good spot!
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  • posted a message on Spellslinger Starter Kit
    this seems good.

    I'm guessing most of the commenters/lurkers here aren't old enough (or haven't been playing long enough) to remember the original 'on rails' Magic starter kit. They tried it a couple of times, and Portal was probably the most successful version of this.

    It was fantastic. the first game you play, you don't shuffle. It walks you through a game step by step. Perfect! Then of course, you shuffle up and play a more variable game, and then later you can add more cards of your own choosing to create a personal deck.

    can't think of a better way to start really. MTG is a complex game, and this sort of product is a sorely needed piece of the puzzle that was absent for a long time.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] RUG Scapeshift
    so I guess i'm being pulled back into this archetype

    i'm cool with that.

    bear in mind, while I played this deck weekly for a long time, and really racked up an intuitive and deep understanding of the deck (contextual to the time), things have definitely changed. Modern is a fluid and churning format (no matter what the doomsayers want you to believe i.e. this deck is good therefore I assume it will be good forever therefore BAN IT AAGHHH). Nothing stays on top for long and as such, today's format is a world away from when I last jammed my beloved RUG scapeshift deck at a proper tournament.

    however - I still play Modern as my main format, and I still retain the majority of that intuitive 'feel' for the deck. With those two halves I reckon I could make some worthwhile assumptions about RUG's place in the current format, but I have to be explicit when I say this isn't backed up by actually playing the deck. I've been playing a mix of Vizier Collected Company, KCI, Tron, Humans, Jund, Kiki-Chord, GW Value Town and not very much snapcaster mage.

    but! i'm happy to help. RUG is my baby, and the first Modern deck that I 'got good' with.

    few initial observations:

    maindeck anger of the gods is something this deck (and few other decks) are able to run without embarrassment. Right now, this is awesome and goes a long way towards making Humans, Vengevine and a variety of other decks winnable matchups.

    lightning bolt is still good. again, makes the deck baseline playable by its sheer existence. Scapeshift (in this guise at least) isn't a simple 'race you' deck and needs those ways to disrupt and pick apart an opponent.

    that said:
    roast - yeah i'd run 1 maindeck. diversity to get around meddling mage, plus it smashes gurmag anglers and other larger creatures in the face. Replace this card with flame slash if you feel like it works better. either is OK as a one-of.

    sweltering sun - i'm less high on this card. maybe a split with anger is OK (certainly good at avoiding the 'meddling mage tax'), but the exile clause from anger is so important right now I think Anger is superior. another month, another metagame, that could change. Right now the cycling isn't worth those lost % points against graveyard-y decks.

    primeval titan - (note: only really relevant to lists running prismatic omen) i've flip-flopped between 0 and 3 of these in my RUG decks, and i'm still not convinced of a correct number. My reasoning for including any at all is as follows: The main reason for losing with this deck is by stabilising comfortably against an opponent, then failing to draw one of your important 4 Scapeshifts. Over all the years of running this archetype, those are the matches that stick out in my mind. Perhaps that's unfair or i'm over-prioritising those experiences, but at the very least, it's a common thread. The answer (it seemed at the time) was to increase the number of pseudo-scapeshifts in the deck, and the bonus of running prime time is that it can block, is insane against decks like Mardu/Humans (oh and it doesn't lose to negate). Trample is a thing, guys, but don't touch this card unless you're running Omen.

    in the past, I ran a full playset of peer through depths and a full playset of serum visions. Both of those cards are wrong.
    sleight of hand is the superior card for digging to what you need on a critical turn, and isn't disrupted by all the shuffle effects (as the scry from visions would be). Peer was actually good, and I could see again running one or two of these, but eventually I settled on one or two (no more) worldly counsel. Bear in mind that this was for a build wielding prismatic omen and it begins to make sense. even without Omen, W-Counsel is essentially a 'dig 3' card (island, forest, mountain). The major advantage of this card over peer is its scaleability and the ability to hit lands when you need them (which peer cannot). A sensible alternative tried for quite some time by the competitive RUG players a few years ago was telling time and similarly, it can hit lands. I was always underwhelmed by this card though. don't overload on cantrips that cost more than U though.

    ramp spells - ehhh... for the longest time I ran 8. i'm actually coming round to going up to 9 or 10. (for the record, 4 steve, 4 search for tomorrow and 1-2 farseek, the farseeks being the cards I wasn't previously running). 9 of these effects seems like a reasonable compromise.

    prismatic omen - EEEHHHHHHHHH jeez I don't even know anymore. I want to run this card. it's often the most powerful card in the deck. it lets you grind out matchups you've got no business winning, but it also eats up 3+ slots in the maindeck and might actually have a negative effect on your overall percentages against the field (despite feeling supremely powerful when it works). On the plus side, it sort of replaces Farseek as a pseudo ramp spell, so it's not too bad in its deck footprint. If you're desperate to run this card, your manabase needs to go up from 23 lands (which used to be the standard) to 25, to accomodate 2 extra valakuts (full four). Overall you're looking at 5x total slots eaten up in the maindeck to accomodate Prismatic Omen, 3x omen and 2x extra lands. It opens you up to running primeval titan and it actually being an on-the-spot win in many situations, which isn't actually that bad at all.

    let's dive into what i'd probably play right now - full disclosure this is what i'd call a testing list and the entire point would be to try things and see if they work, cutting or adding cards as necessary to suit a meta. Let's say for the sake of argument that i'd like to try a list with Omen. This could actually be incorrect and what we want is a list without. I've got no horse in this race, I'm just hoping to help anyone interested in knowing what I think.

    the sideboard is a mish-mash but it's not horrible. you could go a number of ways from vendilion clique to carnage tyrant and i would recommend some number of uncounterable control-beating cards. What's important is that you don't play straight into a pile of ghost quarters boseiju, who shelters all style, or into a terminus with your one fatty. still - keeping in removal against this deck is kinda odd.... who knows. stranger things have happened.

    engineered explosives is a great choice and leyline of sanctity actually isn't horrible either. I've not personally tried leylines but no harm in trying.

    graveyard hate is slim. unsure of what to suggest beyond the standard relic of progenitus.

    hope this is helpful. As before - this is a testing off-the-cuff list with a bunch of competing ideas and over time this would naturally get refined. I'm hoping you'll be able to see this and try refining it for yourself and not take this as some sort of gospel list to play verbatim. What's most important though is you understand why you're changing things before you actually do. No point in just jamming in a pet card unless there's a good reason.
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